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Prediction Thursday/Friday: Ravens-Raiders

It almost seems like a shame to shut the doors on Friday.

It has been one heck of a busy week at Connolly’s, thanks, in part, to the Ravens and their rabid/disgruntled fans.

The bottom line is if you like drama, Sunday should provide you with plenty. If the Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders – and they should – then we can unabashedly talk playoffs (Playoffs????) next week.

If not, then I’m sure I’ll be talking some of you off the second-floor bathroom ledge. That’s part of a good barkeep’s responsibilities along with tapping kegs and doling out charm to the more attractive female customers (the last one is not applicable in this joint).

Anyway, we will be dark on New Year’s Day and the weekend, and hopefully we’ll resume with the same fervor on Monday.

Please have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Now, to the last Prediction Friday (which is, again, Prediction Thursday) of the NFL’s regular season: I don’t see the Ravens losing this one.

The pattern has been set. The Ravens beat bad teams and lose to good teams – or at least ones with proficient quarterbacks.

That means the Raiders shouldn’t be a huge problem. Although it’s never easy to play there – I covered the AFC Championship in the Coliseum in 2001, and it really is a madhouse.

My thought: Ravens 24, Raiders 10.

Ray Rice is the hero as he runs for 150 yards and two TDs.

Your turn. Make it a good one (predict the score and the game’s hero). It could be, gulp, the last one of the season.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Thursday/Friday: Ravens-Raiders.


Ravens 31 Raiders 10

Dan--When Roethlisberger was intercepted by Zbikowski with 1:36 remaining in the fourth quarter, I thought, man, I was only off by one second in my prediction. But, wait a second, it was Zbikowski who nabbed the pass, not Suggs. And, most importantly, as we know, it didn't count because of the call on Walker. And it did not cement a victory for Baltimore.

Never mind.


Ray Rice runs for 154 yards and one TD. Le'Ron McClain blasts in from 2 yards out. Flacco fires 3 TD passes (Mason, Heap, and Williams). Billy Berue Cundiff kicks a 33-yarder.

Oh, and Sebastian Janikowski's 66-yard field goal attempt lands on the cross bar, rises tantalizingly and then falls to the ground: no good.

Happy New Year!

Ravens 30

Raiders 7

Derek Mason hauls in 2 touchdowns in putting up over 100 yards receiving on the day.

Ravens are 0 - 4 all time on the road for the regular season finale. OUCH

Ravens hang on, 20 - 16

Flacco - 18/26 2 TD's. 30-17 Ravens

If you think the Ravens have a good organization, wait and see what next year brings... enjoy the mediocrity. Ravens 41-10 on Sunday

24-13, Raiders might give us an early scare, but we close out and dominate the second half

The Raiders know that a win by them helps the team they hate the most...DENVER! Even the Redskins beat Oakland at the Coliseum.

Ravens 27
Raders 10

Ravens 27.Raiders 6.Unless we have the same officiating crew,then it might be a litle closer.And to anyone who thinks the officiating did not have an effect on last week's game,you're crazy.I rewatched the game and saw about ten plays where Ravens defense basically got tackled and no yellow hankie to be seen anywhere except in the stands.It's absurd that the officiating in a lot of NFL games stinks this bad,not just the Ravens.And to not know that there is no illegal contact rule once the QB has scrambled out of the pocket is just plain ludicrous.Did we make some stupid plays and mistakes?Absolutely.In spite of that we were still in position to tie or win were it not for that last pathetic call.And if the Ravens aren't a playoff team,what does that make the Stealers,who needed help from the officials for the second game in a row just to keep thier slim playoff hopes alive?

Raiders in a shocker 23-17.

Don't forget one thing purple Kool Aiders, the Raiders did something the Ravens never do: beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Harbaugh uses all timeouts in the first five minutes of each half (as usual); Frank Walker commits several interference penalties (as usual); T Fatso Fizzle Suggs misses many tackles and gets beat on a consistent basis (as usual); more holding penalties by the offensive line (as usual): Ravens blame the refs for the loss (as usual).

If Gradkowski (sp?) was still in there, I'd have some concern. But, Frye, or even Russell, should make the DBs look very good this week. If the D Line plugs the run early, this should be another one like the Bears and Lions.

I see this as a quick jump to score and a win. 31-6.McGehee is the hero in this one with 100 plus yards rushing and 60 plus receiving and 3 scores. Mase gets the first score for a better looking smile. If the raiders jump out with the 1st two playoffs.

Happy New Year everyone....let me buy CSB Jack a Dos Equis and let me get wayne one of those girlie drinks, an appletini or something.

Balt - 34
Oak - 16

Unless Stabler, Branch, the Stork, and Casper come out of retirement, this isn't even as close as the spread I laid out above.

Player of the game is Rice. 2 TD's (as you say) and 157 in all-purpose yards. All is well in Ravens land.

Ravens 31, Raiders 13. Rice is the Hero with 100+ yards rushing, but Mason gets revenge for last week with 100+ receiving yards, and 2 TD's. Go Ravens!!

The Ravens will have another one of those games where we say this is the team that we'd hope we would see every week. Few penalties, the air game is hot. Flacco throws for 300+ yards 3 TD's, to include Mason, Heap and Rice.
Rice has a great day 100+ running and 75+ from the air.
Late scores from Oakland make it look closer then it really was. Final Ravens 31 Oakland 23


Happy New Year, Dan and patrons! Even the Raider guys who stumble in here this weekend. Thanks for the beer, Rob K, and Dan, put his next one on my tab, since you know I'm not going to pay it anyway. Barry, you don't know how close you were to being locked in the back for a week.

Ravens - 27
Raiders - 6

Mason redeems himself, sort of, with one long TD catch and run. Rice scores on the long run that McGahee was denied last week. And Flacco has a near flawless game with 2 TD passes and no INT.

Dan, what's the scoop with no ladies in here? I don't think your sister even comes in here any more. That's something to work on for 2010. Any self-respecting sports bar needs to have some busty waitresses and/or planted customers to keep the drinks flowing and the guys coming back. Particularly when the drinks get weak and the beer a little flat.

Barkeep's Reply: I have tried, Jack. But I've been told the motley crew of regulars in here scares off the ladies. Don't know who they are talking about specifically. My sis still sticks her head in here every now and then, but not enough. Happy New Year's to all of you. Thanks for a great 2009.

My wife pokes her nose in here from time-to-time but remember that episode from Seinfeld where George discusses his two world's colliding, relationship George and fun George? I told her to scram.

Like I said in a previous post Ravens 37-10. They go through the playoffs to the Super Bowl( like they did in 2001). I look foward to all the Ravens fans( who can afford tickets) going down I-95 to Miami (Land Shark Stadium). GO RAVENS

pour me a cold oly, that's
a washington brew for you
beer fans......

this one will be a little
closer than one might think,

john madden shows up from
his danville home and gives a
pregame speech to the rrraiders...

ken stabler somehow stumbles
onto the field after suiting up
and his alcohol induced haze
scores a touchdown to
fred biletnikoff.....

ted hendricks forgets he played
for both the old colts and raiders and wears a blue and
silver uniform on the field...

anyways ravens 20-17, the
ravens make the playoffs.

playoffs, what do you mean
playoffs... jim mora....

The ravens should be focused and ready to play and give a solid effort. I look for Ray Rice to go 100/50 with 2 td's and look for Todd Heap to continue TD festival with one. We all know what happens when mighty joe cool locks in on a wide receiver. He lives and dies with him and this couldn't be a better time to fall in love with Heeeeeeeeeeeap. The defense steps up with a pick 6 and cundiff adds one to make the final 31-10 Ravens...........

Mason will be shut down by one of the top 3 corners in the league. However, both Rice and Mcgahee will have over 100 and Ravens win 31-17

GHOST TO THE POST........except this tight ends name is HEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAP. 100+ yards receiving and rice rushes for 100 and scores 2.....cundiff adds one and the ravens sit their starters with 10 minutes to go in fourth so that we can be ready to kick Whoevers @#% we play next week......ravens 31 raiders 10

I see the players being eager to erase the whole stigma of the Pitt loss asap.They can smile all they want after the offense penetrates the Raiders defense with mostly points on the board all game long. I envision Balto. 27,Oak. 10.Players tease the media that they're not allowed to smile anymore because the fans don't like it. Bah! Humbug! says Mason.

Ravens 34, Raiders 13....Flacco will have a good game (22-31, 278 yds, 2 TD and 1 INT)...Rice goes 23 carries for 109 yds and catches 5 balls for another 38...with 1 TD...and in this game, they will be better on the penalty front (4 for 25 yds)

i've been up and down on this game since monday... Ravens make to many mistakes.. hurt themselves alot.. especially in the second half late.. I think the Raiders will try and isolate Frank Walker on the outside knowing it's either gonna be a PI penalty or a Touchdown. in which the Ravens will make them one deminsional.. edge Oakland!
Ravens have to score early.. they don't this game is over! it will alot closer than you think and could go either way.. but again i go back tot hat late penalty issue!
Ravens 27
Raiders 31
penalties bite them in the butt again!

Finish strong Oakland. After the game this is your wish list:

Fire= Tom Cable
Trade for= Micheal Vick
Draft= Golden Tate***, Marshawn Gilyard
draft/sign: Veteran DBs
Cut: Russell
Hire: Jon Gruden AGAIN!! or Bill Cowher
Lineman: Improve!

I believe there is a carry-over from our game against the Steelers. Raiders 17
Ravens 13.

Harbaugh rests Flacco, Rice, McGahee, and the whole offensive line. Smith doesn't play because he wants to be traded. Coach also gives the whole 1st string defense the day off. Now we are assured of no stupid penalties. With this strategy we win 34-13 and go on the the play-offs. Who says Coach Harbaugh isn't smart?

Drinks for everyone, Dan. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ravens 49, Raiders 17

Rice 100+ yards rushing, 100+ receiving, and a TD both ways.

Flacco 250+ YD and 3 TDs in about 3 quarters of play

McGehee with 100+ yards and 2 TDs

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