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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Packers

This is the last day in the bar for a week. But I refuse to disappoint our loyal customers.

I simply can’t shut down the bar on Prediction Friday. And this is a particularly interesting one.

Before I get into my Ravens-Packers thoughts, I want to thank those who have wished me a happy birthday and welcomed me to the “40 and over” club. As one friend emailed me, it certainly is better than the alternative.

One final programming note: The bar will be dark until Monday, Dec. 14 or Tuesday, Dec. 15. I’ll review this week’s predictions then.

Now to my thoughts on Monday night in Wisconsin.

I would like to pick the Ravens; that certainly makes it easier around here. I know they are playing with their backs against wall, and that certainly helps. But I just don’t like the Ravens in a game in which the opposition has a quality quarterback.

And I think Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QBs in the NFL. If he’s not yet, he is certainly on his way. I am not saying Green Bay blows out the Ravens. I think the Packers will have trouble running the ball and will be forced to be one-dimensional. I also think the Ravens will score some points against Green Bay’s defense.

Ultimately, I say it is a close game, 28-24 Packers. And Rodgers is the player of the game with three TDs thrown.

I know, how dare I?

Give me your thoughts, a final score and a hero of the game.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Packers


As noted previously, I'm not going to pick against the Ravens. So this week it's Ravens 30, Packers 28. Heroes are Flacco, Rice, Reed, and Cundiff.

Enjoy your vacation, Dan. You know if you left the keys with some of us other Over 40 Club members we'd take good care of the place. You wouldn't make any money but at least we could keep the drinks flowing. See you when you get back!

Packers by 7. I am going to the game and am thinking it won't be like a Ravens game weatherwise.

Green Bay--20

Ray Lewis and Jarret Johnson apply pressure to Aaron Rodgers; his fumbles for the season jump from 8 to 11.

Ray Rice is the offensive star, catching a 22-yard touchdown pass and rushing for 87 yards, including a 17-yard TD run.

Mark Clayton (33 yarder) and Derrick Mason (7 yarder) haul in the other TD passes. Todd Heap hauls in 6 for 59 yards.

Billy Barou Cundiff hits from 27 and 32 yards out.

Happy Birthday to you and your wife, Dan!

23-20 Ravens in OT in this and every other games this year including the Superbowl.

Just kidding. 27-23 Ravens. D comes up big on final drive with an interception. McGahee gets 2 TDs.

Ravens win 23-17. Ladarius Webb is the player of the game with a pick and a crucial kickoff return for a TD.

The few stats that I've seen about us and the Packers don't look so hot for us. That said, I have to pick like a Raven, 27-23 Ravens. HER=RAH we are back in the saddle again.

Ravens 17 Packers 16. The ravens run and pound the Pack but Chris Carr of all people runs a short punt back for 6 and Cundiff knocks in the game winner. Rogers reverts to playing on his back as the Ravens pass rush breaks out.

enjoy the respite

Dan,can I buy you a white russian in the spirit of the holidays?This Mon. night,the Ravens need to muster a real pass rush on Rodgers or that guy may be throwing darts at our mediocre secondary and produce a track meet on national tv.On the other side,Joe Cool has to play confident,even in tough situations,to give this team his leadership;no time,now,for bewildered looks under the helmet.It's crunch time,the season is becoming longer,and here's where the real men step in to lead their teams.Right now,Dan,I'm feeling the Packers in a nipper,24-23;home field and ref advantage.

Hey Dan, Happy Birthday and welcome to the elite 40 club...I'm still disappointed for being over looked with my Ravens Steelers prediction of 20-16 Ravens win which I predicted Mason catching a TD pass, McGahee rushing for a TD and Dixon giving us a run for the money...but that is really that is okay...I will just get this one right too.

Ravens 23
Packers 21

Rice TD pass, defense scores another and cundiff hits 3 FG.

To say that Rodgers is on his way to being the best might be a stretch. A good QB yes, but unless he starts eliminating some of those sacks and hits he will not be around long enough to see if he can get to be considered among the best. In this game I really do not like either team but i really like the Ravens more, not sure why, but I think they will pull out a close one and it will be 17-14 with cundiff kicking the last field go with about 3 minutes to go. The game will be iced with the Ravens D causing a Turnover and then they will be able to to just sit on the ball. I think with Rice and his ability to run and run over people that this will really be his game to just knock heads and control the play.


Haven't heard one word about the old Colts/Packers rivalry. I remember my Dad telling me about the controversial "field goal" that denied the Colts the NFL Championship in 1965-66 and required a change to the design of the uprights.


Let's see the suddenly feared Packers and highly esteemed Rodgers beat the Browns twice, Lions once, San Fran, oooh the Rams! Please, were going to beat the heck out of them in a nasty game suited for our team.

Before you anoint Rodgers to the NFL Elite, let's take a look at the Packers' wins this year.
Lions (TWICE)

Anyone on that list that really scares opponents this year? Hell, no! Stop overrating the Packers. Stop overrating Rodgers. He still makes big mistakes in big games. And that 17 they put up against the Cowboys, very unimpressive.

Ravens win 24 to 10

The Ravens have only lost to first place teams this season, which bodes well for Monday Night. I predict the Ravens win by the final score of 24 to 17 -- Ray Rice is the player of the game and the secondary comes up big in the 4th quarter.

Ravens 26
Slackers 23

OK, get ready for the Suggs package this week. With the cold weather and wind blowing, Troy will be the hero.

Packers: 31
Ravens: 20

Woodson is the hero.


A first quarter injury to our best player (Ray Rice - torn ACL) dooms the Ravens to a 34 - 10 loss.

Ravens have no shot this week. The Ravens Defense is way overrated. It atruggled against Dennis Dixon. The kicking game for the Ravens is garbage. In Green Bay you need a solid kicking game to even have a chance. Flacco looks like a second year QB. RaY The Killa Lewis is so old and slow. You have Ray Rice and thats about it. Packers 31 Ravens 6.



Packers 24
Ravens 13
Ray Lewis blames the officiating.

Two-headed monster, change up give Rice some rest this week, give Mcclain 25 carries. Let mason clear out the underneath so Heap can make 7 or 8 catches for 100 yds. Come on Cam use some imagination. Start Jameel McClain, deactivate Gooden bring back Antawn Barnes. Give Foxworth some help please he definitely needs it especially against Aaron Rogers. Ravens 30 Packers 17.

Ravens 27 Pack 23, Ray Rice breaks a long run for a TD with less than 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Ravens D stops the Packers and forces a turnover with less than a minute left in the game.

Go Ravens !!

I have no feel for this game & don't know what to really expect. My gut told me OT victory last week, but if I would have know Roethlisberger wasn't playing I would have predicted a bigger victory. Having said that, 23-20 Packers okay Ravens but only because I'm being a homer. Hero of the game: Ray Rice again, he's a beast!

Highs in the 20's, good chance of snow. Hostile, night crowd of cheeseheads. Smells of bratwurst and beer fill the air. Illiterate Packer fans can't even REED, Ravens pile a HEAP of RICE on the field, give the Pack some serious FLACCO, defenders simply refuse to LEWIS, weaving a WEBB of intrigue throughout the Badger state, and Baltimore emerges with a 23-14 win.

Short week for the Ravens. 3 additional days of rest for the Packers. If Rice is not a good, sure-footed, cold-weather running back, the Packers win easily. If Rice has a 100-yard day, it's close.

Packers 24, Ravens 20.

Player of the game: Charles Woodson

Packers win in a can all go to bed by halftime when Baltimore is down by 24....

Here we go, Dan. The purple kool-aid makes me say Ravens 24, Packers 17. Lardarius Webb is the hero, and he's ready to be!

Have a great vacation!

For bryanintowson: Ah, Colts-Packers, 3 years in a row, tough hard fought games. The Colts win, Baltimore is title town. They came close with Tom Matte, Mr Garbage Can, as QB filling in for Johnny U and Gary Cuazzo and Jim Ward (1967). Of course the reason goalposts are so high is because of the "blown" call on the field goal by the Packers to give them a 13-10 win. Those were great games in the fog and dusk of Memorial Stadium. No grass on the field, dirty uniforms, Matte with the first wristlet with plays on them, what a defense. Everybody remebers the O but the defense was also something special with great hall of famers and top quality fill ins. That field goal was debated ad infinitum in Baltimore. It was heart breaking. But you can't keep the game so close that the Ref can decide, you will almost always lose.

want to hear a funny concept... ?
how about the packers hit a wall. --yes in their own stadium, precious lambeau, etc etc. the ravens build a nice lead early and actually hold on to win a game that could've been a rout.
my most daring prediction to date.
ravens 28 - packers 19+

CSB Jack..... i have a spare set of keys so don't worry. What Dan doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

Balimore - 27
Green Bay - 26

I predict an ugly game but a win is a win. Hero.......Cundiff.

Ravens by 4.



30-18 Ravens.
Performers - L Webb, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, McGahee, and not the least RAY RICE.

I don't know how but Ravens prevail 16-14 on the frozen tundra. Mcgahee and Rice the stand out players.

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