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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Bears

I’ve got to admit I had a whole lot of fun talking baseball the past two days.

As someone who has covered this Orioles’ team for a better part of the decade, anything that can get you guys fired up – even when it happens in the offseason -- is worth it for me.

But, alas, we’re going back to football today (incidentally, that was the first time in blogosphere history that alas and football were used in the same sentence).

It is Prediction Friday. And Sunday’s game is a key one for the Ravens, as all of the remaining ones are. It’s the Ravens last game at home this season, and I see no way the Chicago Bears win this one.

I say 23-7 Ravens, and I’ll go with Connolly’s favorite, Ray Rice, as the hero of the game. I also predict one TD for the Ravens’ defense.

Now it is your turn. I want your predictions for the score and player of the game. You only have three more chances, including this one, to get the famed (and fake) Connolly’s free bar tab. That’s resume-worthy stuff.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Bears


Ravens 31
Bears 13

Cutler will go wild with the INTs because the secondary is playing better and the Bears won't be able to stop the return of the 3-headed monster.

this is a tough one to call... the Ravens have done that win one lose one syndrome... they show up one week the fud the next... since they show'd up last week i say they fud this week... the offense slow start and by the time they show up it will be to late.. the defense has problems IE the secondary again..
Bears 27
Ravens 14

Why aren't the Ravens planning an official 50th Anniversary celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the 1959 World Championship. I called the Ravens PR office today and they had no clue about Baltimore's 2nd NFL World Championship. I find it disgusting that the Ravens are not officially celebrating this event.

This one follows last weeks script.
RAVENS 41 Bears 7

Chicago will feel at home in our weather;first half might be tenuous for awhile.The Birds should roll these guys eventually, 27-13.

Ravens 31-6.I also see a pic six. Player of the game Sunday could be Jarrett Johnson.


I'm gonna go for my second free bar tab of the season. Predict the Ravens win 30-7. Have to agree that Ray Rice has a monster game, but with Cutler throwing for the Bears, well, maybe Webb is due .. he's been filling in nicely, and he gets a pick-6.

Maybe Billick can use the word "banshee" a time or two during his call of the game.

Now, if only the O's would ever have a game near the end of the season with playoff talk involved ..

Hey Bond Brady, it just might have something to do with the fact that they don't want to get sued. Remember what happened with the Baltimore "CFLs" before they were named the Stallions?

I think the Bears will be a little tougher than the Lions. Good thing they don't face the Tigers next.

Ravens 30
Bears 10

I also think Rice will have a big game. Defense comes up with some big plays and possibly a pick six as Dave said.

anybody seen a Roy Howell in here?

OK...gimme a Dos Equis and a hot pastrami on rye. Sorry to spoil your winnin Jeff O., but I'm going to get the free tab this time.

Baltimore 27
Chicago 9

Close game for 1.5 quarters and then we grind it out. Curious to see what the attendance will be if we get dumped on with snow. Me? I'm hunkering down in the poker room in the back. I think some of the younger guys in here ought to volunteer to clear the snow....

Ravens 31 Da Bears 24 - Cutler lights up the corners until a late int kills a rally.

Ravens 24 Bears 3. Total domination by the D and the 3 headed running game rushes for over 200 yards.

We certainally have had our excuses, along with many ups and downs. Well now the ball is in our court. It's football plain and simple. The road to the play-offs goes through Pittsburgh. Yes we will beat the Bears (29-17), but the Steelers season has been reduced to beating us. Screwing up our season. We have this oppertunity so we better get good and tough and beat the hell out of them. Not put on the weak performance that we put out a couple weeks ago against the much weakened Steelers.

The Ravens have finally gotten some momentum so watch then steam roll the Bears . Ray Rice should have another great day along with the rest of the team . Ravens 38

Ravens have not lost to a team with a losing record since they fell to the previously winless Dolphins almost exactly 2 years ago.

Ravens 31
Bears 10

Ravens 8
Bears 3

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