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Are the Ravens peaking?

I was hoping for the holiday spirit from you people. Or at least some understanding that it is a down economy.

But you guys are too good.

The Ravens beat the Bears 31-7 on Sunday in impressive fashion.

And we had one guy (Dave) predict a 31-6 victory and another (Jeff O.) predict 30-7. Since neither predicted Joe Flacco would be the star of the game with four TDs, this one sits at a tie.

So both of you get the free bar tab this week -- and I take out a second mortgage (you should see the receipts from the last time Jeff O. won).

OK, the Ravens did what they had to do the past two weeks, pummeling teams they absolutely had to beat. Now, if they win their next two, they are in the playoffs, guaranteed.

The big one comes up this weekend, of course. In Pittsburgh against the Steelers, and the Steelers still have something to play for besides pure hatred of the Ravens. We’ll talk about that one as the week progresses.

Still. if the Ravens win, they’ll have to earn it.

I listened to several national TV types after the Bears game and they were praising the Ravens, saying, in full TV cliché, that they are “clicking on all cylinders.” That the defense, running game and Flacco are “peaking at the right time.”

I am sure some of you believe that. By nature, I am skeptical. And the Ravens’ so-called peak came against the Lions and Bears. That previous loss to the Packers was anything but a “peak” show. So I am more inclined to believe that the competition is what has led the Ravens to look like they are playing their best football, and not reality.

To me, the test comes in Pittsburgh. I’ll change my mind if they win by 20 there. I could be wrong here. I’ve never claimed to be Mr. Football. So are the TV talking heads right?

Daily Think Special: Are the Ravens peaking right now?


I'm with you on this. These were the Lions and Bears, two teams that the Ravens should beat. Even with the recent struggles of the Steelers, I think a Raven victory will validate their status of a legimate playoff team.

No. Yeaterday we beat a bad team with nothing to play for after a crummy plane ride. Like i said last week our play-off hopes go through Pittsburgh. After yesterdays Steelers unreal, but again and again they do it, winning touchdown at the last second. This hurts me to say this but the World Champs with out of nowhere new play-off hopes will be unbeatable at home next week. The Steelers are tougher, smarter, and simplely a better all around team. That said; GO RAVENS! Prove me wrong, make me very happy.

First off.....I want to buy a beer for Roy Howell....has he been in today?

OK, to answer your question, I too am skeptical. They whipped the Lions and Bears, which is exactly what they should've done. I will give them credit in that they are playing much better defense. Causing TO's and putting more pressure on the QB was lacking the first half of the season. We lose Webb and that will really hurt on sunday, especially if Ed Reed can't play.

Roy? Roy, you in here?

Thanks for a 2nd bar tab. I'll have the "regular", LOL.

I'm with you .. its the competition. We've played a lot of teams tough, but other than SD early in the season, we've come up short. A win in Pittsburgh would prove that all cylinders are clicking.

They could be peaking even though the level of competition has something to do with the scores the last two weeks. I certainly hope the Ravens are peaking now. My biggest concern is the number of guys they keep losing to injuries. But I'll take the games without any sense of drama in the fourth quarter as a way to save some energy for the Steelers. And don't overlook that last game against the Raiders either.

Man, I'd like to have back any one of those games they coulda, shoulda, woulda won earlier in the season.

They're not going to win by 20 in Pittsburgh. Webb going down to injury is a huge blow to the secondary, which looked five times better when he started playing.I'm not saying that a win is unlikely and the Ravens could still get in at 9-7 cause I don't think Denver is beating Philly next week. However, I do feel that Webb going down could hurt making any potential noise in the postseason and it might keep us from winning Sunday. Our offense will likely be counted on to win the game, they can move the ball against that defense and the Steelers will do so as well.

I'm more worried now about the game then I was before Webb going out. But I do think the Ravens will likely still make it into the playoffs, I think they'll beat Oakland, I just don't think they'll make much noise once they get in.

Let us not forget they looked like crap a few weeks ago against Cleveland before the Browns started to "peak." I think that good teams beat the Bears 31-7 and the Lions 48-3, and teams that aren't so good beat the Lions by seven (see Arizona Cardinals.) Relax, they're playing good ball.

It is very hard to tell if the team is peaking or not, yes they took care of business against to very poor football teams, but for us to know if they are peaking they will have to beat a good team like the Steelers. Don't let the losses compliled by the Steelers to lull anyone to sleep , they are still a very good , tough football team and one the Ravens always have trouble with , especially in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. Ask after Sunday and we will know for sure!

This year, it's all about the cornerbacks.

Thus, I am scared.


Peaking? Riding the wave? Hving good mojo? Football really needs a better expression. Earl Weaver used to say that "momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher." But since, barring injury, most of the key players (QB, etc.) play all the games, there is no comparable situation in the NFL. So, for a possible topic, how about: New expressions for a team playing the way it needs to at the critical time of the season.

I'll start with this one:

"Playin' in HD"

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