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Who makes the playoffs: Ravens, Steelers, none or both?

Remind my not to invite Las Vegas oddsmakers to the bar anytime soon. It’s amazing how accurate some of those spreads can be.

Indianapolis was favored by 1 point in Baltimore on Sunday. I saw it at 1.5 in some places. And the Colts won by 2. That’s scary good.

It really wasn’t a surprise that Sunday’s game was close, and that the Ravens dropped it to the only undefeated team in the NFL.

No one in the bar this weekend, however, expected such a low-scoring affair. Only Christian (28-27) had the Colts winning by two or fewer. He gets a drink chip. Woody wins the free bar tab for the week with his 20-17 Colts victory, which he said would be won on a Matt Stover field goal.

Basically, he was right, so drink up Woody.

Incidentally, no one had Billy Cundiff making five field goals – or missing a sixth. And no one had Flacco and Co. failing to get into the end zone.

If you want a bright side – and I am not exactly Mr. Silver Lining – here is one: The rest of the AFC isn’t exactly tearing it up. If the Titans can beat the Texans Monday night, there will be only seven teams over .500 in the conference.

Six make the playoffs, and the Ravens are really just a game out of the wild card. Another shot of optimism (it’s rum, tequila and orange Shasta) for you: At least the Ravens didn’t lose to the Chiefs.

Somehow the Steelers are 6-4 after losing in Kansas City. That sets up an intriguing matchup next Sunday night in Charm City between the Steelers and Ravens. The two teams that were in the AFC title game last season are now fighting for their playoff lives.

Yeah, I am talking playoffs.

Daily Think Special: Who makes the playoffs: Ravens, Steelers, none or both?


Basically, the Ravens have to win 5 out of their last six (including one game against the Steelers) in order to have a shot at the playoffs. I have trouble seeing us beating Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, so unless we win next week, you can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

PLAYOFFS, PLAYOFFS, are you nuts.

I just want to see a touchdown.

This looks likes Billicks team. Great between the 20's then field goals. Flacco looks so lost out there for some reason.

10 and 6 won't get them in the playoffs.

I would be shocked. They need to run the table.

Playoffs don't matter, we can't beat decent teams anyway. We're pretenders if anything. So tired of being better than average but never dominate or elite. Always just enough to make good teams squirm but never enough to win. Losses at MN, NE and now this, just tired of it.

The Ravens have a really tough road ahead and I do not think they will make the playoffs. It seems the only real brught spot on the offens has bee Ray Rice , Joe Flacco seems to be regressin and Cameron's play calling has gone backwards it seem as of late. The bright spot is the defense has played better lately. Pittsburgh will make it as long as Big Ben stays healthy. If the Ravens win 5 of 6 they will still not make it and I don't think they will win 5 more games, nit I do hope I am wrong. Let's just hope for the best, you just never know in the NFL!

Painful weekend all around. Terps and Ravens, had the game there to win but didn't close it out. To say I'm bummed is putting it mildly.

Ravens, no. Steelers, maybe. Though it would be nice to rip off six in a row to make it in, I don't see it happening. The team has become too inconsistent, not playing smart and efficient football, not closing the deal when they need to.

Come on, Ravens. Prove me wrong.

Rothlisberger injury status will influence who wins next week. Rice is being used too much running between the tackles; he needs off tackle or short pass space to motor!!!!!!

Ravens finish 10-6 but will it make playoffs? 50/50

i think the actual problem is the fact that the players are talking about the playoffs right now...Mason said today" we've got to win every game from here out to make the playoffs." How about winning one game against a good team first? hopefully we can win next week or else....

Playoffs for the Ravens? We've gone from not scoreing a touchdown in the 1st half to not scoreing a touchdown in the entire game. So much for practice. Coaching here is worse than at Notre Dame. I called the interception by Flacco 10 seconds before he threw it, and called the latural for a fumble by Reed before the punt. That's how predictably bad they have become. As far as Nagta's stupid and trully bad sportsmanship play, well we have just come to expect such plays (re: Lewis) that cost us games. We are a mess and heading the wrong way. I've never seen a coaching staff accomplish so much 1 year and fall flat on their face the next. Two time outs used in 1 second at the end of a game. Please that's not football. Playoff teams don't play like that. Steelers, yeah they still have a good chance to make the playoffs and be productive. Sure I'll be watching and rooting for the Ravens next week, because you never know, and it's not over til it's over. But today the Kolts were there to be had. With any proper coaching we win by 14.

The Ravens are not a good team. They have no business being in the playoffs. Wake up Ravens fans, we were lucky last year, we have along way to go before we will contend for the Super Bowl. Good teams find a way to win. The Ravens have found 5 different ways to lose games and Harbaugh is part of the problem. This team plays with no passion and we will be lucky to finish 8-8. THIS IS A BAD TEAM!

I would agree that the AFC is looking more like the NFC of recent past, whereby a 9 and 7 record was good enough for a sixth seed. A 10 and 6 record might be just good enough for the sixth seed in this year's AFC. However, I do believe the Ravens will have to beat the Steelers twice given that we already have four AFC loses.

Last year the Ravens made the playoffs because they had a better conference record than New England. This year the Ravens just might be the odd man out, and who knows, maybe splitting with Pittsburgh will keep both teams out of the playoffs.

Meanwhile Marvin Lewis and the Bengals have the second best record in the AFC. I'm not sure many saw that one coming. But, hey, Cincy just lost to Oakland so maybe no team in the AFC wants to play in January. Except of course Indianapolis and New England.

One of them will...if one sweeps the other. If they split the head-to-head, neither will and I honestlythink that will happen. Denver & SD will get in out in the weak west.

Why did we run MaGahee? Why? I swore I saw Billick in the coaching booth today calling plays....

If the Ravens are going to the playoffs, next Sunday against the Steelers is a MUST WIN!!! They also can't lose more than once for the rest of the season. Can they make the playoffs? 10-6 is still realistic, running the table is not. They just have to hope that a 10-6 record is good enough this year.

After looking at the overall stats the Ravens have the fourth best overall Defense and the eleventh overall Offense. In fact, their stats are better than any other team that is 6 and 4 or 5 and 5 in either the AFC or NFC. The Ravens have a net positive difference between points for and points against of 66. The only other teams with better net differences are; New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots. Two of those teams are 10 and 0, one is 9 and 1 and one is 7 and 3.

It would be interesting to hear the Ravens coaching staff explain how the Ravens could be so good yet so bad where it counts. Maybe being the most penalized team in the NFL has something to do with it. As Agent 86 would say “missed it by that much”. Or perhaps it's the other guys fault. Excuse me while I head butt you or put my elbow in your back or perhaps the head coach cussing out one of the refs.

Enforcing discipline is the responsibility of the coaching staff.

We need a new offensive co-ordinator. Who calls a pass play in the middle of the field when you only need three points to go ahead. We need a big fullback and run the three backs that worked so well last year. Who runs three plays right up the middle from the one, get some creativity.

Don't forget the Jags are also 6 and 4 and at this time the confrence tie breaker does not favor the Ravens.

When Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator the Ravens would use either the Goose or Sam Adams (both Defensive Tackles)on short goal line offensive runs. Jamal Lewis would follow one of these big guys right into the endzone. Perhaps the Ravens should think about using Haloti Ngata as an offensive guard in short and goal situations. Ngata's film tape of him playing rugby was very impressive as he could move down the field with three players hanging on him.

Chances of making playoffs
Ravens 10%

We all know that Pittsburgh will make it to the playoffs. A good QB will overshadow other weaknesses. Flacco just isn't there. He's got to be a smarter QB.

NO WAY. The Ravens have to beat the Steelers at least once, the re-invigorated Packers, AND the Bears who are playing like they have something to lose? NO WAY. No how. Not happening.

Let's think for a minute; who have we lost to? New England, Minnesota, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati twice. Who have we beaten? Cleveland twice, Kansas City, San Diego and Denver. We had three easy games against Cleveland and Denver, other than that our schedule has been relentless. Pittsburgh plays Miami and Tennessee instead of New England and Indianapolis, and they are only one game ahead of us (they haven't even played Miami yet, that's their last game). They just lost to KC, and the Bengals just lost to Oakland. We don't have any BAD losses, just close losses to good teams. We're still a good team, the Ravens will come together even if it's not this year. I still believe we have a chance to make the playoffs, we need to beat the Steelers next week.

It can not be said that either of these teams will make the playoffs, even with the Bengals losing to the Raiders, both were swept by the Bengals. While no team has really stepped up to make their full claim to a wildcard spot the Steelers are reeling with 2 QB issues and the Ravens well.... have fallen on hard times but Harbaugh should be used to that, don't the Eagles teams fall in November to only come up big in December and back door themselves into a playoff spot. I really think that the Ravens have more upside to making the postseason and really do not think that the Steelers will make the playoffs. There are still a lot of games to play but the Ravens can catch the Steelers and beat them out for the Wildcard. Face it the division is Cincinnati's to lose.

Steelers will make the playoffs, and I expect them to come into town and beat us next week. This is not a good football team we have guys. And it starts with the head coach. He has not gotten them ready to play this season. When a team is this inconsistent it comes down to the coaching in my mind. The Harbaugh Ravens look like they've had their wings clipped. No focus, no discipline, and no will to win. They couldn't score on 1st and goal from the 1. Thats desire. Thats heart. Harbaugh does not get this team ready to play. And on top of that he might be the worst in-game coach I've ever seen. Horrible time management week in and week out. He won last year with Billick's team, and I believe Billick would have beaten Pittsburgh in the Championship game last year. Hell, Harbaugh can't even do what he does best. He's a special teams coach! We have Carr who can't hold on to the ball, we have a safety laterally balls and he couldn't tell if Haushcka was good or not! I hope the Ravens not only lose to the Steelers, but to the Lions at home and finish 7-9. Maybe that way we can get a coach who knows what the hell he's doing.


The Ravens did not lose to the only undefeated team in the NFL.

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