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What or who in the sporting world are you thankful for?

We’ll go a little lighter this Wednesday. Or maybe we’ll get deep and thoughtful. I guess it all depends on where you people want to take it.

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest bar days in the country. I am not exactly sure why, but it’s an excuse to drink on a Wednesday evening, I guess.

I am thinking this bar won’t be jammed, though, since many stop by here to get away from work for a few minutes. But, let’s face it, half of America doesn’t show up for work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Still, Connolly’s doors are open now (though they’ll close Thursday and re-open Friday morning for Prediction Friday.)

And I want to know what (or who) in the sporting world you are thankful for this year.

Maybe you are thankful that the baseball season is over, so you don’t have to watch the Orioles lose again.

Maybe you are thankful that college basketball has started up, giving you a little bit of hope for a cold winter and spring.

Maybe you are thankful that the Ravens are in the Cleveland Browns division.

I’m going to get sappy for a second here. I am thankful that sports – no matter the heartbreak it continually delivers – will occasionally offer that moment of redemption or triumph that is nearly impossible to receive anywhere else.

Case in point: With three minutes left in his final game of the season, my 10-year-old son scored the first goal of his five-year soccer career on Saturday. The goal tied the game and two minutes later his teammate scored to seal the win. And my son finally felt what it was like to score a goal in a game after all those years of practices and drills.

He may never score one again. But it doesn’t matter. That was his moment. And I was there to share it (actually, I had to fill in as the referee and couldn’t show any emotion initially when the ball hit the net. Later, Alex was asked about my reaction and he said, “He smiled a little with his mouth, but his eyes were smiling really big.”)

So I guess I am thankful that I could witness such a cool sporting moment for my son.

And now I am hopeful you guys have much funnier, less sappy responses to share.

Daily Think Special: What in the sporting world are you thankful for?


This year I'd like to thank the high school coaches who stay after their teaching day and coach the kids in their respective sports.I especially think of the ones that coach to win but don't get too bent out of shape when they lose because high school lessons are more learned when you handle defeats the proper way with sportsmanship added in.Anyway,girls and boys coaches-have a nice turkey day!

Rafa and Roger - blood and guts, grit and courage on the court. Wonderful displays of athletic ability and selflessness

Lorena Ochoa - humble and refined but with guts and grace she tempers a great golf game

Joe Flacco - love his cool under pressure, unflappable, gun for an arm, a work in progress

Bret Favre - hate to love him but am still amazed at how he gets it done. He's every aging pro's man

Cal Ripken - even in retirement he is cool, tempered and a person to admire for all he does for the game

Ted Marchibroda - yeah he's with the hated Colts but how can you deny his worth to Payton? Another old guy who gets it

Michele Wie - finally gets it done. Will we see more of her ability and maturity? Stay tuned

And finally, any athlete who flips the ball to the ref after a TD, who doesn't exult after a sack or slam dunk, and who shakes the hand of an opponent after the contest.

Dan Connolly.

Good for you and your son Dan. My son was/is always teh overachiever and it got frustrating at times when he realized all the ahrd work didn't mean anything......until something good happened.

I'm thankful for a lot.....thankful the last Terps football game is saturday. Thankful that V Putin is back. But most of all, I'm thankful that Matt Wieters will be an Oriole for at least 5-6 more years. Good things......stay thirsty my friends.

Brad Bergeson. Without Brad im not sure where the Orioles would of been in the win column this year. Just imagine if we had another Berken or kept Mark Herdrickson in the rotation. It would of been ugly.

I thankful for sports in many ways but the one that really comes to mind is the times I have been able to coach. I have been fortunate to have been a part of many peoples lives by trying to show their kids how to play soccer and how to play as a team. Sometimes I might be hard but those kids bring you back to earth when you see them playing and smiling no matter what the score is. These kids, over the past 3 years have really taught me to be thankful that even as an adult you can learn from kids, just watch and listen and you will see.
Also I happen to be thankful that the NFL season is in full swing, not a better sport out there. What other sport has mini car crashes for 60 minutes every Sunday for 4-5 months out of the year. Love to see them put it all on the line and play and game that most love to watch.

No post in these parts regarding Abe Polin passing?

I'm thankful for my beloved RAVENS! Good or bad, win or lose, it's a lot more fun with them in the NFL!!! Special thank you to #5. GO FLACCO!!

My son, who works hard at swim practice every day and shows how it pays off at every swim meet. He's my hero.

Very thankful that Jack or Brummie Oriole haven't posted anything posted anything (as of this posting) on Connally's Corner Sports Bar.

Sportswise I'm thankful for Crystal Palace Baltimore, who just became a member of the new North American Soccer League ( ). GO PALACE!

Dan--I'm thankful that I have you, Pete, and Roch and many devoted fans to share my thoughts with.

Have a peaceful, relaxing Thanksgiving.

thankful for brooks robinson.

he is getting a little up
in the years, but i can
still flash back to his
great play in the 70 ws....

two plays the hard grounder
past 3b into the outfield, in
one motion he stabs it and
throws to powell in a flash..

the second a smash by johnny
bench, the ball is a blur.
tobinson dives to his left and
holds his glove up with
the ball nestled inside...

the greatest 3b of all time,
and the kindest, nicest individual whoever wore
a sports uniform.....

I'm thankful the Orioles' season is over.

I guess I'm in one of those sentimental moods this morning. Since I didn't make it in while the bar was open on Wednesday I'll have to write my notes on a piece of paper and slip it under the door.

As you and others have mentioned I am thankful for how sports provides a framework for fathers to share with their sons (and daughters) - the concepts of teamwork, working to improve, dealing with winning and with losing, and just the time spent together. I'll forever treasure listening to Colts and Orioles games on the radio with my dad, then going out and pretending to be Johnny U or Brooks. And being able to coach my sons through t-ball and Little League. Nobody can take away the memories from my senior year baseball season in high school, or the summer league team when we were a new team in the league, with mostly younger players, and we swept to the championship. Wearing our soccer jerseys through the hall on game days. The whole school getting out early on days we hosted big track meets. Tailgating at Terps football games, even in crappy seasons like this one.

And I am thankful for a place like Connolly's where we can get together to talk about sports and life, share a few laughs and drinks, and even deal with the occasional Yankee or Steeler fan who wanders in here. Blessings to the barkeep and all the patrons.

I'm thankful for all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line fighting for our freedoms. Bottom line; without their sacrifices there wouldn't be any sports to write, cheer, talk, or argue about. On this Thanksgiving Day, please spare a thought for those who gave up their lives so we can remain free, and for those currently fighting. We owe everything we have to them. God bless them all, and their families. Happy Thanksgiving.

In sports, Brooks Robinson. His skills at third base might never be seen again; his graciousness, his kindness are cherished legacies that he gives us, that we can embrace. Did he love the game? Just look at the photo from the final game of the 1966 World Series when the Orioles swept the Dodgers -- Brooks is running toward Dave McNally and Andy Etchebarren and leaping like a joyous child, smiling. I am also thankful for anyone who shows up, puts on the uniform of our country, and serves. Them and Brooksie.

Boston, NY, and Toronto are all thankful for Peter Angelos & the Orioles. Peter allows all those teams a much better chance to acquire all the good free agents...and, without the Orioles some other team would have to be in last place.

Dan, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the patrons of the Corner Sports Bar. Thanks for your always lively blog.

There are many things for which to be thankful, some of them mentioned already. Certainly, the Orioles' rookies this season (including Brian Matusz, who techincally wasn't a rookie because he didn't pitch enough innings) fall into that category, because they give O's fans so much hope for the future. It was the best crop of youngsters to come up with the team for many years--certainly for this decade.

I would have to say that I am most thankful to have Joe Flacco as a qb for the Ravens. We've been looking for a leader like him for a LONG time. I may not be from Maryland but I've been a Ravens fan for awhile. Heck with players like Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs how can you not be? With Joe's cool demenor and strong arm I believe this team can make it to the top. We all have good and bad days and I'm sure he's making an effort to correct his mistakes.Also not to mention I think he's drop dead gorgeous haha! Anyway, yea I'd have to say I'm most grateful to see Joe in the NFL.

Swim coach: Arthur "Reds" Hucht

Tennis coaches: Don Candy, Jeff Lamborne, and Mickey Pardew

Orthopedist: Dr. Michael Jacobs

Us female pole vaulter Allison Stokke. I and all of America should be thankful and so very very proud.

I am thankful I don't live in your sports area. Orioles, Terps, Redskins, Wizards, Nats. It must suck to live up there!!!

I love Ravens football but really admire Navy football. They play a tough schedule and find ways to win year after year.

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