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What must the Ravens do to have a successful second half?

OK, I think we can all admit this now.

The Bengals are a lot better than we thought. Even better than they looked last time around. There were only five bar patrons this weekend that predicted a Bengals win.

CB, Mike B., Steven and Rich all get a free drink chip for picking the right winner. And T.J. gets a free drink tab all week for his guess: 24-13 Bengals. It was the closest to the 17-7 outcome.

Here comes the tough part. I’m not really sure what to say here about Sunday’s loss. They simply looked like an overmatched team.

The Ravens have dropped to 4-4 and don’t have an easy road ahead. They have to play the Pittsburgh Steelers twice, as well as the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

They do face a trifecta of bad teams – and must wins – against Cleveland, Detroit and Oakland.

So they need to win those, at least split with the Steelers and then win two of three against the Colts, Bears and Packers to get to 10-6.

It can be done. But the Bengals are in the driver’s seat and the Steelers are riding shotgun. So the Ravens have to excel in the second half to make it to the playoffs.

There’s definitely a lot of season left. But even the most optimistic Ravens fans have to be disappointed in the first half. The question is can they do enough to make the playoffs?

Or maybe the real question is what must they do on the field to make the playoffs?

Daily Think Special: What must the Ravens do to have a successful second half?


Win the four must wins -- CLE, DET, CHI, OAK. Go 2-2 in the "big" games -- IND, PIT, GB, PIT....equals 10-6 and a wildcard. Not unrealistic. Just need to be consistent with best effort every single week.

There is nothing that we can do. The Ravens are a Jeckyl and Hyde team, and those types of teams never make the playoffs. The one thing you need in the NFL is consistency, and the Ravens don't have it; not on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. With the lack of a pass rush, terrible secondary play, and an inconsistent Joe Flacco, the Ravens are headed to an 8-8 finish, and that is where they belong.

Plain and simple .... the offense and defense have to play like the game against the Broncos to be successful the rest of the season. Defense was horrible today it was almost like Palmer and Ochecinco were having fun the first quarter. Anyways I'm still hopeful that we'll make the playoff. Go Ravens!


i am a die hard ravens fan but we need two new corners the corners we got are not physical enough i also think we need too start lardarius webb look what he had six tackles and the wide reciever had no yard after the catch he is very physical he not scared to tackle like domonique foxworth or fabian washington are he tackles running backs too did u see how he flipped cedric benson

Get Matison help. He's overwhelmed.

Bench Pryce. Release most of the secondary, give the young guys a chance.

Forget the playoffs and admit it's re-building season. Seriously, they'll be lucky to have a winning record.

The whole organization needs to focus on why the Ravens are 4-4 and we have'nt played Burgh that beat us 3x last year! Cam and the O should be taking the lead in games since the D is getting beat, but now it looks like we're an ordinary team for the rest of the year.So much for our high expectations and planning around a Ravens game on Sundays.If playing to win to be eligible for playoffs is'nt a high priority for the team with the talent we have then it's not worth my time even being in this bar with you,Dan.Your company is appreciated,my man,don't get me wrong!

Barkeep's Reply: No offense taken. But drowning sorrows is also part of the deal here (see Orioles fans for confirmation).

Ladarius Webb has to become our #1 CB....he played very well this week when he took over for Washington....

I think the year is already lost- it isn't just the record, but rather the difficulty of fixing what's wrong with this team. It stems from an incredibly weak secondary- Foxworth is no #1 corner and none of the other CBs should even be on an NFL roster. Landry has not made us forget about Leonard. Reed is good but more of a freelancer by nature, he is not at his best simply backing up the inept CBs within a more conservative secondary scheme but rather in ballhawking all over the field.

So I would conclude we cannot do anything about the talent issues in the secondary (shame on Ozzie and company for not recognizing this and finding a better solution- it was a known problem and a growing one, and the lack of a true #1 CB is very possibly what separates a 4-4 Ravens team from possibly being undefeated). The only solutions to overcome this that I can think of are:
1) control the ball more on offense, especially in the first half of games. The Ravens offense always seems to start slow, not using any clock and giving the ball to the other team's offense time and time again. Rather than "taking what they give us" and passing out of the gates why not use our star RB and young aggressive line to establish the running game? Or at least use more short passes to keep the ball moving and dominate the clock?
2) On defense, we need to generate more pressure with our front four, and mix up blitzes to keep the QB off-guard. This is not a defense that can afford to play straight-up against top QBs- we need to force the action and not give other teams time to exploit the weak secondary.

I know this is easier said than done, but I think we need to think more creatively about how we can cover for our weak secondary. It is clear that ignoring the problem is not making it go away.

Petition the commissioner to change the schedule. Bribe him with some Oriole's tickets.

When is Terrell Suggs going to earn a dime of his new contract? Answer me that Mr. Bar dude and perhaps you will have your second half answer.

Barkeep (dude)'s Reply: Excellent, excellent point.

Play Webb more -- at corner and ko/punt returns. Bench Washington. Bench Carr. Find a new reliable kicker. We've seen enough of the current guy. At the end of the season, look to replace Mattison as DC. He's simply out of his league. Defense needs overhaul. Offense needs a big reliable receiver. Harbaugh needs to step up as a HC. Heard enough about what great determination this team has and how things are fixable. No they aren't. Not with the current cast of characters. From Super Bowl aspirations to 8-8 at best and no playoffs.

I think Lardarius Webb needs to start on defense. And I believe Mattison and Hauschka have to go, and one of the other corners has to step up. Tackles need to be made, even Ed Reed has been missing them.

Webb needs to be a starting CB, move Fabian to the slot

Kruger needs to active and playing at least on passing situations

They need a NFL caliber kicker

Either get D-Williams on the field or cut him and sign another WR that you are willing to play

Nothing against Ray Rice but they need to go back to 3 pronged approach. and RUN FIRST - PASS SECOND

Lastly they need to do something about Thuggs and his lack of effort. Maybe he needs to be a healthy inactive next week to get the message

The secondary is weak in downfield situations and Cam lost his mind trying to open up the offense against great teams with Mason, Clayton, and Heap. They are easy handling for a good secondary.

Clayton is a free agent, so is Mason. Who is shopping for them?

2008-Ball control with Mclean and Neal is 2x more effective than cam's 3 and out, 3 and out trying to throw on first down. Time of possession helps cure the fact that foxworth, carr, and washington will get burned, and as we saw, the great Ed Reed is no longer a consistent tackler. The secondary is good for -21 points on any given sunday against elite QB's.

Rebuilding the kicking position-bad timing. Should have waited another year. Need those points when you have to score 30 to win.

Cost of losing Rolle, Leonard, Stover, and change of offensive philosophy has cost us two wins.

the question begs the question what is success? 500? this year is a bust. mr biscotti has to make some major changes on defense including coaching changes and build an offense around from joeF. this O line is awful.

Find a new kicker.
Give the ball to Ray Rice.

LOOK TO THE FRONT OFFICE! Count the mistakes made:

The biggest mistake this season was given the big money to T FIZZLE Suggs. Bottom line, the guy stinks and wasn't worth the contract. Bart Scott deserved the money and he should have stayed with the Ravens. Ray Lewis is OLD and it shows. The contract extension he got was a joke too. It's a shame that the organization refuses to admit his best days are long long long behind him. Signing Foxworth was another huge blunder. He's mediocre at best. Chris Carr? Don't get me started. I only see two more wins the second half, the Browns and the Lions. Peyton Manning has got to be salivating about throwing against the Ravens and their horrid secondary. Same thing with Ben Roethlisberger. I said BEFORE the season started the Ravens would go 6-10 and was ridiculed. I'll just say the odds of my prediction coming to fruition are greater than the 13-3, 12-4 picks by most purple kool aid drinkers. Another thing...say every other team falls on their arses and the Ravens finish at 10-6. What makes you think 10-6 will make the playoffs? Didn't the Patriots go 11-5 last season and didn't make it? Look at the bright side, pitchers and catchers report in 12 weeks.

they can start by signing a reliable kicker and forget about those supposed deep kickoffs we're getting now.

I predicted early in the year the Ravens would be 8-8 or 9-7 at best, there was an outside chance in my mind that even if they lost today but played solid football while losing to a better team I thought they could still go 10-6 with some breaks, but that will never happen now, this team is regressing instead of progressing. Mike Preston was right and I was wrong, the Broncos were soft and that is why the Ravens beat them so handily. I believe the Ravens are also soft, they cannot tackle, they are being dominated at the line on both sides, and They look confused more often than not. The rst of the year will be a long year, a lot of retooling needs to be done. The Ravens need a legitimate D'cordinator and thay have too many mediocre plaeyers,particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Let us not forgot , in all sports you still win championships with defense , and we do not have one! Now I have to figure out what to do on Sundays again!

Mattison has to go. Consistent message from fans. If Harbaugh does not understand that then he needs to go to. Steve Biscotti and Ozzie need to overhaul the defense. Ladarius is good but need a new safety and two more corners. Front four is awful. Offense need recievers. Major problems for us.

I think we also suffing for one: not making the trade we should Bouldin. Not making that trade hurt. 2.the pick we got at 1st rd was awesome despite having Hakeem Nix sitting there but then why pick Krueger and not play him. Then just sitting Willis Magahee? I get this, who's got the hot hand but what ever happen the big back to eat up yards. I mean Willis is not even in the games, he got off to 7 TD start given the opponets one weapon to think about. Willis is not even in games now, I mean how do we know if he got the hot hand if he not even in the equation. Rice is nice, but two Consistantly used backs can go a long way. Whats wrong with going back to the 4-3 and rushing tthe passer? One more point from someone who is not an expert, but when the secondary can stop making penalties instead of plays then maybe they will look a little better.

Bengals looked exactly like the team that kicked our butts the first time. Without 2 dropped TD passes in the former contest, the score would have better reflected their domination.

And, that domination has been most evident in the line play. Old adage, but true, that the game is won or lost in the trenches. All the other comments about secondary, kicking, coaching, receiving,etc, are true, but without the basic strengths up front, forget it. The line play makes every other part look better...or worse. Don't think the talent required is there on either side this year.

(Oh, and baseball is pitching and defense...see O's.)

It's one thing when you are good(last year's team), but even last year's team did not win the big games. Until they can beat the varsity AFC teams(PITT, NE, INDY), stop celebrating after a basic play and use that energy to catch, block and tackle. Maybe then they will start closing the gap that the big boys have on them. This ain't horseshoes so almost winning(NE,MINN)ain't worth squat!!!

the raven s flat out suck there gonna suck until they get a DC and get rid of the great oz im from md org. now im embassed to say so good luck to ya all

The ravens must run the football start lardarious webb put lj smith in for gods sake we have a tune up game next week for indy if we can beat cle det chi oak and win 2 out of the four against ind gb 2 pitt game thats 10-6 and we have the tiebreaker with sd and hou jac nyj will fall off thats good enough for the 6 seed and a matchup with most likely cin i know thats looking far ahead but something to think about. gotta take care of the teams we should beat.

Where to begin. Harb cost us by trying to save one roster spot and not resigning Stover. Both of those kicks our kicker missed were cupcakes by NFL standards. Somebody get Vanderjact phone number please!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly why pass so often on offense when you know your defensive secondary cant stop anyone. Defensive was on the field forever, finally make them punt and first play is a pick by Flacco. Flacco also needs to be more consistent, he is overthrowing receivers, bad footwork, and poor reads downfield. His knack was suppose to be the long ball but im more often than not seeing him underthrow deep receivers. Our top offensive players Heap, Mason, Rice, and Clayton are all easy covers for any top tier defense. (with the exception of Rice) It was hard to watch this game. It was like watching a family member get there butts kicked. Total domination. And if that kicker still has a job by morning. Ozzies should go.

As a Stillers fan, I hate seeing the Bengals at the top of the heap.
Why Henry and not Ochodumbdumb?

Here is my worry: I don't think a 10-6 record will get us in this year...wild card(s) will be 11-5. (And remember, NE couldn't even qualify with that last year)!

Let's all chip in and get Dominique Foxworthless some decent shoes. On the rare occasion he's in the same zip code as the man he's SUPPOSED to be covering, he slips and falls down, as he did on Ochostinko's first two catches. So, let's recap. Foxworthless can't cover, draws a record-setting number of pass interference and illegal contact penalties, and when he finally does get near a receiver, he falls on his butt. $28 million??? Hello, Oz. I don't think so.

Why worry. The league higher up will keep instructing the refs to keep their presure on the Ravens. Best case, better draft picks next year. The only thing left for this season is to spoil the Steelers season, and that will have to be enough. Of course we are still a looong shot for a wild card. But I wouldn't bet on that one. Like I said before the refs are not just making bad calls, they are plain and simple CHEATING. On top of all that we are still a team worth watching and cheering even as bad as we have played since the Pats fiasco. The Pats put egg on the face of the league and the league takes it out on the Ravens. Go figure.

Webb should start. Sit Foxworth. Opposing teams are keying in on him and he's not coming through.

Don't let Carr return kicks anymore. He's horrible. Let Webb return kicks more. He's explosive.

If we could somehow trade for a CB that would be ideal, but I'm not sure that's possible.

...that's a start

Again as i've said before .. this team wouldn't win much and i'm right.. 6-10 at best.. i do agree with some of you.. DC is out of his league.. that alone is messing up the defense.. and secondly the kicker is also out of his league.. short kickoffs and missed FG... those things can't happen.. and to keep saying we are gonna fix it.. if it's not fixed by now it never will be! PERIOD! IE: look at the last 12 years the Orioles have so called FIXED IT!

The only good to come out of it is we broke that criminals arm

It all starts with GM Newsome..He hasn't brought anyone in here to help this team....Most of the coaching staff needs to be replaced in the off season...well before the draft and free agency start !..Let the coach draft..not Newsome..Newsome like to draft "the best player on our board"..Its dosen't work when you have needs at other position...Newsome should have resigned the "Key Players " we lost this past spring to the Jets !...they could play !

all of yall are wrong. The bes thing the ravens can do this year is start watching college football for draft pics. Listen carefully Raven fans SEASON IS OVER! loosing twice to the bengals and getting mugged by the officials in close games wont cut it. Here a suggestion, start watching B-ball. Maybe the Wizards have a shot. Corners cant stay on there feet or cover a hotdog with mustard. Ray needs to retire. Suggs needs to get over himself and earn his freaking money. The recievers need a case of Red Bull before the game to get open. Face facts this isnt the Ravens year. Put some back ups in to get experince. Seasons over!

Suggs and Johnston need to play DE. They do not have the speed to be linebackers. They cannot cover. Our DT's are weak. The whole defensive look to be clueless. Maybe its time for a new DC. Why were the DB's playing so far off the receivers.

They have to prepare for every game and every team. They pounded their chest all week about beating the Broncos and came out flat against the Bengals. Coach Harbaugh's statement the Bengals went "against their tendencies". They were prepared we weren't . They played like the Bengals I saw before with less mistakes,same game plan.The Ravens looked like they planned to win by showing up.Throw at Chris Carr was their answer that has to be fixed.

Unless Joe Flacco improves his release-time, there's nothing the Ravens can do to have a better 2nd half.
It should be hike..1,2,3,pass. Instead, its hike,..1,2,3,4,5,6,7 pass to an unopen receiver. Receivers aren't good at getting open and Flacco isn't good at threading the needle.

Have a successful first half , like all the other teams we have lost to and you won't need to have to play catch up. What king of offensive coaching strategy do we have here? We play most of the first half of our games to lose. Timid efforts, no dynamic play calling at all in the first half of most of our games. Playing "come from behind" almost every game is not good for the players "pysche"!

I don't understand all of this "10-6 guarantees a playoff" talk for the Ravens. As far as the AFC wildcard, the real sluggers are Cincy vs Pittsburgh, whoever doesn't win the division, IMHO.

On various boards I've been making this point: if the Ravens didn't beat Cincy the second time, they were screwed. They have three "easy" games left, yes, but five "Oh my God" games (GB is kind of questionable, but they're a physical team, and against physical teams, the Ravens have been owned).

Cincy has four 'easy' gamves in the next half(CLE,KC,DET,OAK) 2 where they are 'maybes' (NYJ & SD) and two "meh" (PIT, MIN).

Pittsburgh has 3 'easy' games (CLE, MIA, OAK), 3 where they are favored (BAL, BAL, GB), and one 'meh' (CIN).

It's uphill for the Ravens from here.

Move Fabian to the nickle back. Use Carr as little as possible in coverage. Play blitzing defense from the first possession. Try, just try, to use D. Williams speed and size. Bump Clayton to third receiver. STOP THE FREAKING STUPID PENALTIES! The pass interferences by Landry and Washington were completely unnecessary.

Please bench Fabian Washington. Every quaterback in the league knows their receivers can beat him. At the very least, they know they'll get a free 15 yards because of pass interference. Washington simply can't cover. He practically rides the receivers down the field! Too bad Chris McAlister is in Harbaugh's dog house. A good corner watching the Ravens lose from his couch at home, all because he got on Harbaugh's bad side. Harbaugh has a bad old case of the Billicks. He would rather be right than successful. Well, if this sort of coaching philosophy continues, he'll find himself back to coaching special teams.

While the Ravnes beat a good Broncos team it was not a division game. No matter the team record they all play up because you do not want to loose to a division opponent. the Ravens have several issues, but so do all the other teams. They need to learn to play with more intensity and swagger. You can bump your chest all you want but if you do not put the fear into every receiver that when they catch that ball they will not be able to get up, you lose something. Not that I am promoting anyone to get hurt, football is a physical game and if you do not play it with that physical swagger no one is going to be scared of you and if there is no fear in your opponent there is no win for you.

Even if we had let Suggs go and would have given the money to Scott, we'd still be whining about the lack of productivity where Suggs used to play just like we are now when he's here and sleepwalking. Special things happened last year, they are not happening this year. The Ravens seem to be on track every other year and stink in odd years. This is just not our year. Not to complain, but we seem to get every call against us even if we gingerly brush up against someone while the other teams can manhandle, hold, and touch after 5 yards and get away with it. Right before the failed FG attempt yesterday, Mason was held in the EZ, no questions asked, right in front of a ref and there was no call??!! If you can't touch an O player after 5 yards that should be good for the Ravens players too right?? We'd have been set at the one, scored a TD, saved Haushka the embarassement and maybe had a different outcome. Who knows. Nothing seems to go right. Got to stop falling so far behind, so early on the road

Draft more players from Delaware.

We can't improve until next year. We need to draft all secondary and WRs over 6'2".

When you have a good team with pro bowl caliber players and the team is inconsitent or as the Ravens do, continue to play catch up due to slow starts, you have to question how will this team is prepared for the games. This points to the coaching staff. Very little adjustments are made during the game and the teamed is coached with one objective . "Live or die with the origianl game plan" it has been 50/50 so far this year! Owner need to look at the coaching and apply some pressure before it is too late!

To do better in the second half of games, the offense needs to hold the ball more in the first half - the defense gets gassed when it's on the field too long. Second half of the season? Let's start with discipline on the OL ( no false starts or late/illegal blocks, less holding) and ST (we concede punt returns already w/ Carr; don't add illegal blocks/personal fouls). Not much can be done about the secondary: except to start Webb and and hope for more pass rush. I guess we should choose either A. getting burned by soft coverage to avoid illegal contact or, B. just going along with the refs and taking the interference calls, and stick with the choice, Yesterday both at the same time was too much. Hauschka was and will be the corporate decision. Don't Let the big missed FGs obscure that kickoffs have impoved.

The law of averages might tip a close game our way against Pitts., Green Bay or even indy, but I think we'll have to define success as 8-8 in 2009 ( which, if offered to you in 8/2008 as a lock for a 2nd year coach & and 2nd year IAA QB, alot of you might have signed on)

Wow...the place is packed and loud it should be. Pony me up a Rolling Rock instead of my normal Dos Equis. I gotta shake things up a bit, just like the Ravens. Here's my take on 2nd half changes:

1. The obvious - Webb starts at CB, move Fabian to the slot. Make Webb your primary corner, regardless oif what side the ball is on.

2. Start Edwards and bench Pryce. Pryce is finished.

3. Give Suggs the Adalius Thomas treatment. Make him inactive for the Cleveland game and start someone in his place with a little pride.

4. Switch Oher and Gaither for good. Jared would make a fine RT but he's not the big money, high talent LT we need for the next decade. That guy is named Oher.

5. Haushka...2 strikes....and your out. Can't afford a 3rd strike. I'm sorry, but this is a playoff caliber team and we need a kicker who can kick pressure-packed field goals, not 37 yarders when we have a 17 point lead.

We sort of control our own destiny here....if we beatthe Steelers twice and Browns we will finish 4-2 in our division. Then we need to win 2 more to finish 10-6. Still might not get us in but at this point, 10-6 sounds good.

The first thing I would do is move Ed Reed to CB and put Webb at the other side. Take Landry out and put in Zbikowski and Nakamura. Take Trevor Price out and put in Kruger. On offense I would get Demetrius Williams on the field. He is a playmaker. He needs to be in the game. He is the only big receiver and deep threat. LeRon has not been able to fill the shoes of Lorenzo so I would go with a single back set and use LaRon as the 2nd RB. The Ravens running game has been non-existant. They need to find a way to control the clock to keep their defense off the field for as long as possible.

Stillers fan here... just wanted to say that it bums me seeing so many of you dump on your team to the point of not wanting to even watch them any longer on Sundays. It stings having expectations let down, but don't stop supporting your team, jeeze! NFL football is full of changing variables all season long that ebb and flow all teams chances of winning or losing. You never know when things will get worse for those on top or better for those on bottom. The Black & Gold won the Superbowl in 2006 as a 6th seed! Keep your spirits alive, we have two games that I know all Steelers fans are dying to get to with your Ravens soon! Good luck with the rest of the season.

play four quarters of football.

The Bengals aren't better than I thought they were. The Ravens are far worst than I thought they were. The Bengals scored 17 points in each outing. If your organization goes into any stadium in any city unprepared to put up at least 17 points, your wasting a lot of peoples time. At what point do we begin to look at the head coach?

Play Off's? Play Off's? We can't beat any QB who can pick apart our weaknesses,Brady, Manning, Favre, Rothlessberger, Palmer. They will and have exploited our (DB's) For those that don't know Ed Reed as had a Pinched nerve in his neck for 2 years now. This isn't news. Our problem is our DB's are BAD!!!

Bring in Bill Cowher. Ravens play with no passion, no defense, no discipline, no special teams. What’s Harbaugh doing? Another one hit wonder. Someone wake-up Ozzie and go get the “chin”. At least Cowher has some pride.

GOD, I hate the Steelers...

The league GAVE them the Super Bowl last year and it looks like they are gonna give it to them again. The NFL is a joke.

The Steelers Suck so bad, but they get ALL the calls and ALL the freindly spots. Seriously, there isn't 1 player on that crappy team over a Raven.

The only thing the Steelers have thats better than the Ravens, is their Defensive Coach.

Ben Worthlessberger is a Joe Flacco wannabe.

Running backs please, their 3 runningbacks wouldn't even make the Ravens practice squad.

Receivers are close to ours, which doesn't say much. Hines ward is a dirty player who is now fat, slow and just old.

O-Line - the Steelers O-line is a joke, leads the NFL in sacks allowed(nuff said).

Defense is similar to our with less speed, size or heart. The Steelers just have a better scheme thats all. They are cheap shot artists who never get called for penalties. Any other defense in the league would be able to cause havoc, if you let them just do whatever the hell they want and not penalize them.

Troy would make a good back-up on our defense. But he is waaaaay overated. He cheats, never gets flagged and gambles way to much in coverage. He has cost the Steelers way to many games with his jumping routes and getting burned.

Obama needs to order an investigation into the NFL. The need to explain why they gift wrap victories along with Super Bowls for the Steelers and screw the Ravens over in any game that is close.

I just needed to get these facts off my chest after watching that crappy game lastnight. The NFL commish must have put a call in at halftime. The refs gave the game to the Steelers after they got the call at halftime.

Steelers SUCK!!!

Ravens are the best sports franchise EVER!!

Making the playoffs will be tough, we would need a lot of help to claim a Wildcard.
We only have 3 tough game left. (Steelers X2 and the Colts)

The problem would be what to do if we backed into the playoffs. Our problems are not simple fixes. Sure we claim to have a 3 headed monster on Offense. And we claim that Flacco is the franchise QB we have all dreamed of. And we can say switching around our secondary will help them cover receivers for 5 seconds.

But, doesn't make any of it true. The truth is our Offense is pitiful. If our Offense could score more than once a game, we would have more wins. The 17-7 loss to the Bungles wasn't that bad of a defensive effort. The problem is our offense is so 1 dimensional that we could only score once(with bad kicking).
I blame the coaches 1st and then Flacco for our non-existent offense.

More rushes = more time of possession = less time for the defense on the field.

Averages for Ravens's 4 wins:

No. of rushes = 34
No. pass plays = 33
Time of possession = 33:21
Points scored = 33
Points given up = 15

Averages for Ravens's 4 losses:

No. of rushes = 17
No. pass plays = 38
Time of possession = 24:00
Points scored = 18
Points given up = 24

Granted, there are all sorts of other factors in play (home field advantage, quality of opponent), but there certainly seems to be a link between these five variables and whether we win or lose.

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