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Which free agent/trade chip is most likely to become an Oriole in 2010?

Friday is the start of free agency in Major League Baseball.

It’s also NFL Prediction Friday at the bar, and I can’t break tradition, unless, of course, I am off and am too lazy to file a blog entry.

And that’s not the case this week. So we’ll do our Ravens predictions – as usual – on Friday. Today, we are talking baseball.

The Orioles need more talent, we all understand that. And they have some money to spend; besides a couple option buyouts, they are not on the hook in 2010 to pay anyone who has already been cut or traded. That, in itself, is refreshing.

But just because they have money to spend, that doesn’t mean the most coveted free agents – guys such as Matt Holliday and John Lackey – are coming here. In fact, they are not. Those guys will get beaucoup bucks from current contenders. And the Orioles won’t – and probably can’t – outspend the biggest boys on the block.

They will, however, be in the mix for a lot of second-tier (and third-tier) free agents. And, given the economy, they may be able to have their pick of that litter. My guess is this winter they end up with a first baseman and third baseman through free agency as well as at least one starting pitcher and possibly a late-inning reliever. And here’s betting none gets more than a two-year deal with an option.

I don’t know exactly whom the Orioles will land, but I have my guesses. And I am sure you do, too.

Beat writer Jeff Zrebiec and I have played an offseason game for years in which we go three to five rounds deep and draft the most likely players to become Orioles for the upcoming season. Last year Jeff’s first pick was Cesar Izturis. I had Mark Hendrickson and Ty Wigginton in my stable. So we are pretty good at this.

I want you in this year. If you had to bet the house on one Major League player – a free agent or a trade chip -- that will end up on the Orioles for 2010, who would it be?

This isn’t who you want – we’ll have plenty of time for that – but who you expect to be running down that orange carpet in April. The free agent or trade target you look at and say, “Yep, he’s an Oriole in 2010.”

Here’s my first-round draft pick: Third baseman Pedro Feliz.

Now it is your turn.

Daily Think Special: Which free agent/trade chip is most likely to become an Oriole in 2010?


Erik Bedard. He still loves Baltimore. Great number one pitcher for the O's. With a 5 man rotation he gets more rest than he did in Seattle. It's a great fit. It's just what the o's need.

Billy Wagner as the new closer, Hank Blalock at first/DH.

I'll agree on Pedro Feliz. It makes sense to sign a guy with a solid glove, though I wonder then about Trembley's comments about a "corner infielder with power".

Seeing as McPhail will not own up to the fact that this lineup desperately needs a true cleanup hitter, I would assume we'll go with a predictably useless bat to continue this never-ending rebuilding process.

Pedro Feliz it is!

I'm going to go out on an injury-shortened limb here and say Joe Crede. I also think Troy Glaus would be an excellent choice, provided that he is not offered arbitration and the type 'A' status won't hurt our draft.

I don't think we will offer enough to make Beltre happy. And though I like Pedro Feliz's defense, his offense leaves much to be desired. Yes our young players will hopefully be more productive this year, but Feliz will put up Melvin Mora '09-like-numbers (though won't cost as much).

Eric Bedard will be our big signing. No big name for third and no righthanded power bat. Just more from the minors and some old retreads. Melvin may even be back if he would take the major league minimum.

Definetly LaRoche. He is a perfect fit and would come fairly reasonable. 2 years.

Aubrey Huff will be back for 1 year,Pedro Feliz 2 years.

Hate to ruin this string right at the beginning but 2010 season is a wash no matter which four 2nd or 3rd tier players are added at 1B, 3B, SP and RP. The only chance (slim chance) at success in this division would be to add both a 140 RBI monster and a Cy Young candidate to the roster. The "stars" of this club - Markakis, Roberts and recently Jones - are borderline 1st tier compliment players. They can add to an offense well but not really carry one long term. I would be most excited if Mussina made a comeback bid with the O's. Anyway sorry for the downer - I'm off to follow the Ravens for a few more games...

I wouldn’t mind Beltre, LaRoche or even Delgado in the lineup. As for pitchers, I would like to see them make a run at Sheets, Harden or Bedard to start. I don‘t think a huge trade for Gonzalez or Fielder is going to go through and I’m fine with that.

I hate to say it, but no free agents are likely to become an Oriole.
McPhail will trade Luke Scott because he's the only trade chip that any team would take. He will be traded for a relief pitcher. Mark my words!!

Third baseman C. Figons

Erik Bedard

I'd suggest to Andy McPhail that we need to acquire a stop gap 3rd Baseman and a reliable closer. Until Josh Bell can assume the position at the big league Roger "Torn" Dorn available? In regards to the bout Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn? Those are my thoughts.....WHY NOT!!!!

I would like Bedard and Haren, Delgado and Beltre and I think we would ready to compete for .500.

I belive the O's will trade for Dan Uggla and move him to 3rd.

We all know they need a starting pitcher. I'd like to see a guy like Bedard back in Baltimore if the price is right (unlikely).

What about a guy like Joel Pineiro, or an incentive-laden deal for, say, Carl Pavano?

My first pick is Kelvin Escobar. Cant see Bedard coming back to Baltimore, I would love to have him back though.

hi , juan marko from maracaibo, venezuela, troy glaus is my first pick , rh power hitter good defense and not expensive, but he is a type "a" free agent , maybe the hurdle

My first guess is Feliz as well since he's older, experienced, has won, and can probably be a 1-2 year short-term guy until Bell is ready. And I think he would be a good fit as well b/c the price shouldn't be too high. I wouldn't get Figgins or Beltre b/c I don't see them as a long-term solution, plus the price would be a lot higher. Let Feliz pave the way for Bell. Plus, we have Wiggy as insurance.

And for pitching- although I would like to have Lackey, I think there is a better chance that we bring Bedard back. On this issue, I'm torn. On one level, Bedard may be had for a bargain and, WHEN HEALTHY, can be a very good pitcher. Plus, it would make that incredible trade come around full circle: getting Bedard BACK after fleecing the Mariners. However, there is the obvious question of Bedard's durability and desire to be here.

I know a lot of our fans want us to spend a lot this off-season, but I still think we should stay the course w/stop-gap players to pave the way for the young guys and ride out a little more pain. THEN be prepared for a splash in 2011!
I would like to see us make a strong push for Prince Fielder AND Roy Halladay next off-season.

Once again, so glad MacPhail will be able to asses these things best and that we have him calling the shots.

My choice is Feliz so we'll agree that he's the most likely addition.

Troy Glaus would be a great fit and can be used at 3B, 1B or DH as a cleanup/power bat. The other shopping I would do would be to add a SP, long reliever and a closer. Of this FA group, I'd go after Billy Wagner, Ben Sheets, Kelvim Escobar, Luis Ayala and R.A. Dickey.

I see Garret Atkins at 3B.

Beltre is out of PGA's price range so Feliz it is. I think they might take a leap at Delgado at 1st for a 1-2 year deal IF he can't find greener pastures elsewhere.

As nice a fit Bedard woudl be, he has no desire to be an ace. He likes to pitch at the back end of a rotation and pitch his 6 innings.....

they will sign the no named
oriole... a bird that will
wallow in being satisfied with
playing .500 or less baseball..

an owner that will insist to
the fans he is doing everything
to win, but shows little to
back this up.....

a manager that will let
fundamental baseball and the
oriole way become a faint faint
memory.... base runners being
thrown out, era's through
the roof, bullpens blown up...

the no named oriole will
be gone, free agent to some
other team who will pay him some

How about Mark DeRosa? In addition to 3B and 1B, there's also an opening at DH (or at least a strong incentive to get Luke Scott some competition, assuming he doesn't get traded). And according to today's story on roster moves, it looks like the Os believe Bell, Snyder, and Hughes aren't too far away from contributing at the corner infield/DH spots.

Barkeep's Reply: DC, this is just a prediction, but I think DeRosa may end up being one of the Top 5 most coveted free agents of this market. His versatility and attitude make him a fit for almost everyone. And so the Orioles would have to be in a bidding war for him. And I dont see that happening.

2010 Orioles Line-up

1. Figgins - 3rd
2. Roberts - 2nd
3. Jones - CF
4. Markakis - RF
5. Huff - 1B
6. Uggla -SS
7. Scott - DH
8. Weiters - C
9.Reimold - LF

1. Bedard - L
2. Harden - R
3. Matusz - L
4. Guthrie - R
5. Tillman - R



Jeff Conine

I could take the easy way out and say Chad Moeller but I won't. We know closer is on their list and there are lots of possibilities, but they won't sign someone that costs them a draft pick, not at that position. Wagner is intriguing if he is not offered arbitration, but he still could be sought after heavily in that case. I think they sign Putz and try to get him back to his glory days of two years ago.

Besides, think of the potential for regular reports by Schmuck on the performance of Putz.

Feliz would be a horrible option. He's a pitcher at the plate. Can't hit anything. We don't need more holes in the lineup. We need more production. If you can get one for a decent price, I wouldn't mind Uggla or Cantu. I think you get Bedard if he isn't asking too much, or Ben Sheets. Pavano might be a guy to go after for the bullpen. 1B is going to be Wigginton. That's a give. They could of course spend the big bucks, get a Jason Bay, and move Reimold to 1st. If they get that kind of production then they could afford a pitcher like Feliz at 3B.

First of all, how does anyone know that Bell and Snyder are long term answers? The Phillie 3rd basemen is a great fielder which is exactly what our young pitchers need. I have a feeling that the bullpen will be "OK" but an established #1 Starting pitcher would be great...Get Bedard.

Obviously the O's are going for a stop-gap at 3rd, but do you see them going after a guy with a little more offensive upside such as Glaus or Atkins (assuming he is non-tendered today)? Even though Feliz has a pretty decent glove, he doesn't really have the offensive skills this team needs.

I'm pretty sure they will sign someone who will produce the identical statistics of any number of our guys in AAA. It's safe to say Bell or Snyder could come in and hit .240 and draw 40 to 50 walks with 15 HRs. So instead to giving one of them a chance, they will instead give PEDRO FELIZ $4mill X 2 years to hit .225 and draw 30 walks and hit 20 homers. Bad economics for a small market club.
Hey PA! Save your money to pay loyal O's (ask Bedard if he wants to return) and let the young guys play.


that is the most unlikely prediction i've ever seen...

uggla at short...

Erik Bedard. We need him badly!

Just for the record, Pedro Feliz is the only third baseman in the free agent pool who is a step backward from Melvin Mora. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

Mark Hendrickson would be the most likely

Laroche. He's the only 1B on the list who would be an upgrade over the present choices.

1.) Roberts
2.) Jones
3.) Markakis
4.) LaRoche
5.) Uggla
6.) Wieters
7.) Reimold
8.) Wiggington
9.) Izturis

1.) Bedard
2.) Guthrie
3.) Matusz
4.) Bergesen
5.) Tillman

CL - M. Gonzalez

Probably Cal Ripken, followed by Brooks Robinson. That would fill the stands.

DC.. Uggala at short? The guy is a lousy at second, why would anyone put him at short?

Carlos Delgado-1st Base
Adrian Beltre- 3rd Base
Justin Duchscherer-Starting Pitcher
Marlon Byrd- Outfielder
Billy Wagner- Closer
Erik Bedard- Starting Pitcher
Trade Luke Scott and Guthrie, Riemold as the DH
The Orioles find their power at first and third, sign two former ace pitchers, help the bullpen, and keep Riemold healthy
1) Roberts
2) Markakis
3) Jones
4) Delgado
5) Bryd
6) Beltre
7) Wieters
8) Riemold
9) Izturis
* potential 20 home run hitters from 2-7
1) Duchscherer
2) Bedard
3) Bergesen
4) Matusz
5) Tillman
CL Wagner, SU Koji, SU JJ, MRP Henderickson, MRP Baez, MRP Hernadez, LR Berken(or Bass)

Trade Pie, Erbe, Arrieta, etc., for Adrian Gonzalez. Then pay for Bedard and Beltre, all with 2 yr options. I'll pay to see that, not Uggla and Feliz !! We need some power and one more vet starter, putting Koji in the pen.

We the fans get the joy of the year now, we get to bask in the "who will we get this year" just in time for Christmas like kids with toys. No matter how good we were we will receive coal. Sad thing is this is the best time of the year as an Oriole fan because they are not losing now and we can fantasize about what could be. Last year was the year to get serious, with all the talent and names that there were. Wasn't the plan to try and compete in 2010, and you actually see this happening? Everyone wants a 3rd baseman that is a stopgap till Bell gets here. DO we even know if he will be a Major league ball player that is worth the wait? SO lets get a 3rd baseman that is worth it and can stay, if Bell is that good we can take care of that when the time comes. Lets see what our beloved administration does, with those moves you will see how serious they really are. There are only 3 teams in the League that are worse than us so we really don't have much farther to go to hit rock bottom.

Most likely - Wagner or Bedard.

Most needed - Lackey

My pick - Nick Johnson

Can anyone say for sure that Bedard wants to come back here? I thought that he was a chronic malcontent no matter where he was. If he has mended his ways, it might be worth taking a chance on him. But we need a clubhouse cancer like we need Albert Belle back here.

No reason to block the path of prospects Josh Bell, Brandon Snyder and Brandon Waring to the Orioles. We need a number one starter.
Bedard is the best fit for the rotation. We don't need him long term unless he shows us he can stay healthy. He doesn't want to sign a long term dealt for the money he is worth based on recent injury history. An incentive ladden deal for 1 or 2 years with triggers for wins, ERA and innings is his best chance to make the money he is worth when healthy and prove he is worth a big long term investment. It's a win win for both parties. Bedard is a better fit in our rotation then the big names that have been thrown around because Matusz is our only lefty besides Troy Patton, who seemed to struggle coming back from surgery at Bowie/Norfolk. None of the starting five would give teams the same look. I felt at times Berken, Bergenson and Hernandez were the same type of pitchers and guys got comfortable in the box against them during a series. Bedard (lefty) comes at you with power. Switch to a righty in Bergesen who comes at you with a nasty sinker. Switch back to a lefty in Matusz who can get all his pitches over and change speeds to keep hitters off balance. Switch back to a righthander in Tillman who is a power pitcher can get you out with with a nasty curve or high heat. Finish with Guthrie who has been good in the past and maybe has a comeback year facing other teams 5th starters. Opponents get a totally different look every night. One year with Bedard as our ace would give all the young guys in the majors and the minors another year to grow. Hopefully another clear cut #1 will emerge.

Most of the free agents this year are crap. If were not trading for Fielder no reason to spend.We signed Wiggy to take over for Mora at third and he is the perfect stop gap till Josh Bell is ready. Michael Aubrey showed me an above average glove at 1st and while he won't hit 30 homers he is selective, has some power and a sweet stroke. Brandon Snyder torched AA, Stuggle initially at AAA but came on at the end of the year. Then Snyder torched the Arizona Fall League. I think a platoon of Aubrey from the left and Snyder from the right at 1st base would allow us to get another right handed bat in the lineup against left handed pitching and we may just find a player.
Remember our young guys never played together very long this year. By the time Wieters, Tillman and Matusz got comfortable Bergesen, Jones and Reimold weren't the same. Reimolds foot wasn't right for months. He stopped hitting for power and his defense suffered. Pitchers found a weak spot inside on Jones and he slumped till the ankle sprain ended his season. Hopefully he comes back healthy and makes the adjustments needed to hit the way we know he can. Bergesen was pitching lights out till the line drive off his shin ended a rookie of the year campaign with 2 months to go. Get all these young guys healthy and a #1 starter and #4 hitter may emerge. If not we may have a better crop of Free Agents next year. One position player who could make us better is Figgins. I think we need a power hitting 1st baseman more and I don't want to block Josh Bell path to the majors but a 2 year deal for Figgins might be a good fit. Move Wiggy into the platoon at first with Michael Aubrey and leave Snyder at Norfolk. Figgins would move everyone back a spot in the batting order. The 3 thru 6 would be some combinatin of Jones, Markakis, Reimold, Wieters and a true #4 may emerge. That lineup would present alot of problems for other teams. It would have alot of speed with Figgins, Roberts, Jones at the top and Izturis at the bottom. Markakis and Reimold can run as well. We have plenty of power, we need to hit better with runners in scoring position and will be fine. Don't need to spend this year on a big bat. There isn't one out there that fits our needs and we would have to sign someone that doesn't fit long term. People will say Angelos or Andy won't spend the money needed to compete but why spend foolishly. Bedard and Figgins, while cheaper, fit our needs better.

Wagner if he's not offered arbitration. Otherwise I'm gonna say Beltre AM values defense and while he can't hit, he's friends with Izturis and maybe would consider here.

I hope we don't get Bedard he's soft and seem to not care. I wouldn't mind signing Ruben Gotay he can maybe double at DH and 3B and occasionally 2nd, and will be way cheaper than any major leaguers. I don't see us signing a 1b

Pedro Feliz, too easy of a pick. Bedard, Glaus, and Branyon.

Pedro Feliz, too easy of a pick. Bedard, Glaus, and Branyon.

It would be awesome to have Joe Crede step into third base. He is Gold Glove caliber and his bat has occasional power. Erik Bedard will be back for sure, and its amazing that he will because of the players we got in return for him.

I think the addition of
Figgins at 3rd would give us 2 leadoff hitters.At 1st we still have Michael Aubrey who did a good job and he can hit.Our starting pitchers(rookies)can get 2 quick strikes but have problems putting them away..We need a high calliber starter to teach them..and get some bullpen help even if its the rookies who couldnt be starters,maybe they are beter suited for the pen

The biggest problem with any of the players that I would like the Orioles to sign; will most likely sign with a better club.

Randy Johnson ;)

I think the Orioles management will eventually land a reliever and a starter/reliever from the second or third tier of available free agents. I do not think they wiil sign a type A or B free agent from another club.

Let's not kid ourselves here. Nobody is coming to Baltimore as a FA unless February approaches and there is a guy out there who is willing to take a below market salary to play on a non-performing team.

I certainly do not consider myself to be an Andy MacPhail critic, but when I saw the headline about how the Orioles will be spenders in the FA Market this year, I could not help but getting a feeling of deja vu...I heard it about last year.

I will be more than happy to eat my words if the Orioles do happen to make a big splash, but I do not believe it is going to happen.

It makes no sense to sign Pedro Feliz. He is the same type player as Mora!!! If thats what we are looking for than bring back a loyal Oriole. Melvin Mora. But seriously, We should go all in on Matt Holliday and one of the high risk, high reward pitchers. Its the only way we can compete down the road. We have no real power threat anywhere in the orginization.

Barkeep's Reply: Matt Holliday isn't coming here. Not for all the Natty Boh in China (We are serving mixed metaphors at the bar tonight). The Orioles are too far down on the food chain to lure the absolute top free agents here. Even if the Orioles offered $10 million than the next suitor, that suitor likely can offer an instant contender. Orioles will lose that battle.

Harden. He's an ex-Cub. That's what Macphail seems to like!

If they were smart, and we know that's not the case, they go find Frank Robinson.

How does anyone figure that Adrian Beltre is in any way better for the Orioles in 2010 at third base than Melvin Mora would be ?
Here's a guy who has fallen way off in production,while becoming older in the process...... the very same complaints that have been stated about Mora.
At least with Mora we have a loyal Oriole who is just as likely as Beltre to bounce back with a solid year.
Same thing with Figgins.
Figgins is a good player, but his power numbers resemble a struggling Mora.
How is he a better option ? We already have a great leadoff hitter (Roberts) and also a good light-hitting base-stealer at shortstop (Izturis). With Josh Bell a year or less away, how is Figgins a better option than Mora ?
As for Adam LaRoche, you've got to be kidding. What a waste of time and money he would be.
We'd better give Michael Aubrey a good look at 1B. Brandon Snyder's development awaits as well.
Either of these guys are better options than LaRoche.
There is only one guy I would go after aggressively...... ERIK BEDARD.
Erik would round out our staff very nicely and take the pressure off of Guthrie.
Now that's a good starting five.

I would really like to see LaRoche play 1st base here. He was considered in a trade a couple of years ago and I think he would fit in very well in our line-up.

Garrett Atkins - Huge upside and only 29 years old. I would love to see him at 3B next year and for many more to come. If Bell comes up and does good then we have trade chips. Atkins wont happen until Dec when the Rockies release him, but they will try to get something via trade for him first. But I think AM will wait this out and just sign him.

Same old crap , you can't compete with second and third tier players and thats what we are after........................same old crap...........................

This is the year to get Lackey or Holliday if the O's really want to show the fans they are for real , I don't see it happening so all we get is the same old crap..........................

My opinion is that Feliz is almost a lock, Garland at SP is semi-certain as a guy who slightly increased his value last year with numbers around and above his career norms, and there will be more than just 2 free agents signed. I would prefer LaRoche if I could choose only one offensive player, and a properly valued starter like Marquis or Washburn over a pricey one like Lackey or injury prone one like Harden or Bedard if I could choose a starting arm. Pretty much in agreement with posters who say 2010 will be a rough year, but it's not because Jones, Markakis, etc. aren't talented enough, it's more because as the core of the team forms, guys are in the early stages of their careers and nearing thier developmental peaks. I will watch 2010 closely for these young guys expanding their games for a legit push in 2011, a thought I've had for a while.

I've been an Oriole fan since 1979--30 years--and I've seen alot of pitchers hurl for Baltimore...Steve Stone's 25 game season...Scott McGregor's 20 win season...Flanagan's Cy Young performance...but I NEVER saw an Oriole pitcher more dominant than Erik Bedard in his last season here. Didn't he have something like 10 straight wins? I saw Bedard pitch in the minors, watched the ball "fall off the table" and wondered who is THIS guy?? If the docs say he's physically sound, if there is ANY way to bring this guy back to Baltimore, DO IT. Lefty 90+ mph strike machines are a rare and many splendored thing. He wasn't a malcontent, just your typical lefthanded eccentric. No way he's in Albert Belle's league in that respect! Sign Bedard, watch him rack up the wins and watch Seattle fans cringe til they damage internal organs...

Erik Bedard, Pedro Feliz, Carlos Delgado, and Mike Gonzalez. Dan, awaiting your other pics.

Barkeep's Reply: Sudhir, don't want to give away too many hunches, but I'd probably draft Bedard in the second round of our free-agent game. And I have one or two educated guesses on relievers, too.

i see huff coming

i seriously hope that they don't get feliz or uggla lets im sick of .230 guys that are suppose to hit 30 hr's and hit 15(aka miguel tejada)

Bring Beltre to 3rd....Blaylock to 1st..and Wagner to close....that threesome and the continued improved play of our young players gives us a good shot at a wildcard spot.

Delgado 1b/DH
Xavier Nady DH/1b
Wiggy gets traded along with Luke Scott

No FA wants to play in Bmore.
Aubrey Huff doesn't like Baltimore the City, but liked his team mates. If they beg and add a year, he may come back......


Who in the world would want to play for the Orioles?

The Orioles will as usual be hard pressed to contend with the Yankees and Boston.
They have all the money and we don't. As long as baseball allows this to continue the low market teams will struggle. I would love to see a level playing field. How can teams contend against $260 million payroll?
I am an Orioles fan since I was a kid. I would listen to the games on a transistor radio. We had players like Gus Triandos and I loved to hate the Yankees then. I just want a team that can compete. We just need to win 8 or 9 against the Yankees and Boston and I would be satisfied. We can't continue to win 3 or 4 games out of 18 each year.
No big name players want to play for the Orioles when they can go to NY or Boston get money and play postseason.
I love the game but it's just not a level field anymore.

Oriole fan for life, win or lose. Perhaps one day we will contend.
We will sing the second tier players and get beat by the Yanks and Sox as always. Hope burns eternal.

Get Bedard to be the ace. Move Koji to the closer role as he was in Japan before coming here. Then you sign Glaus and Delgado with incentive laden contracts. Both have the potential to hit over 30 HR's if healthy. Since they are veterans, you could sign them short term. If any of the prospects are ready, you can still trade those veterans to a contender and get some prospects out of the deal.

1. Roberts 2nd
2. Markakis RF
3. Jones CF (can't bunt)
4. Delgado 1B
5. Glaus 3B
6. Weiters C
7. Reimold LF
8. Scott DH
9. Izturis SS

I would even consider moving Reimold to DH and putting Pie in LF. Scott could then be traded or platooned.

1. Bedard
2. Bergensen
3. Guthrie
4. Matusz
5. Tillman

You still have Erbe who could be called up if he continues to be lights out in the minors if any of the SP are injured.

1. Bass
2. Hendrickson
3. Hernandez
4. Meredith
5. Mickolio
7. JJ
8. Koji

There are plenty of options in the bullpen already. There is not a real need to sign a big FA for the bullpen. If the SP can't go deep into games, it won't matter who is in the bullpen. JJ proved he can't be relied upon as a closer.

Please, just say no to Uggla and Feliz. We are hoping to improve our bats not make them worse. My choices would be Pavano and Figgins. Figgins does not have a big bat but hits for average and runs like crazy.
Pavano has bounced back and is not going to be insanely expensive. And as for Bedard, why was he a bust in Seattle? Because he is ALWAYS hurt. He is not going to get healthier as he ages. And he has a primadonna attitude as well. Yes he pitches well when he isn't on the DL, but that is often enough to make him worth the price.

I'm going with Wagner. I think we got Bedard's best last time around and it would be an injury-filled mistake to resign him especially for the money he will want.

i would like to see either jon garland or branden looper for starters.wouldn't mind hank blalock or even migel tejada for third and first .and billy wagner to close we have ennough of relievers i feel if we get wagner or another closer.nice to see a big trade trade though for a bat

Gotta say no to Bedard even with his obvious talent. They need a number 1 or 2 that can also lead this young pitching staff in work ethic. If they could talk him into coming to the O's - my vote would be Joel Pinero.

Then trade about 4 guys to the Brewers for Fielder, add another closer and let's play ball!!

That's EASY. the pitcher with the bum shoulder, or elbow, or back.

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