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The newest Ravens cheerleader?

Was that wild or what, seeing John Harbaugh wind-milling his arms and screaming for the crowd to make noise in the fourth quarter of the Ravens' 30-7 win over the Broncos Sunday?

I write about it in today's column in the Baltimore Sun. He's a pretty intense guy and it was wonderful to see. But the fact is, that was uncharacteristic behavior for the Ravens coach, whose laser-like focus is usually riveted on the game and little else.

On the other hand, Harbaugh's predecessor, Brian Billick, was a wild man when it came to cheerleading at Ravens home games. He did it all the time. And, brother, you haven't lived until you've seen a 6-foot-5, 50-something guy with thinning hair, dark shades and a black Ravens trench coat punching the heavens with his fists and imploring the M&T Bank Stadium crowd to get fired up.

Think "The Matrix" meets "The Replacements" and you have some idea of what it looked like.


I don't look at it that Harbaugh was cheerleading, but more likely coaching the fans when to bring the noise.

Frankly, I preferred Hedi Klum in here Raven costume. Wish I had a link.

Harbs is a distant 2nd.

He told them to do it.

After instruction from Harbs, the raven PR guy ran over to the camera crew as that drive started, next thing you know Harbs is on the big screen telling people to get up.

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