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Ravens Rags? OK, we'll work on the name ...

Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave their Terrible Towels. Baltimore fans wave their ... Ravens Rags? Um, maybe we can come up with a better name.

By now you know the Ravens will be handing out purple-and-white rally towels, more than 71,000 of them, at Sunday night's game against the Steelers at M&T Bank Stadium.

Why is this being done? Out of the goodness of the team's heart? Because internal polling reveals Ravens fans have clamored for years to wave small pieces of brightly-colored cloth at football games?

Not exactly. It's because the game is being nationally-televised.

"We want there to be a sea of purple and white, so the national audience can witness Baltimore's excitement and dedication to its team," said Mark Brudett, the team's vice-president of corporate sales and partnerships.

Well, OK, no problem.

Sure, a win over arch-rival Pittsburgh would get the fans more fired up than any rally towels ever could. Some fans would settle for just seeing the offense come alive at this point. 

But at least the towels promote a good cause. No, we're not talking about Under Armour, which will have its logo and slogan ("Protect This House") on the towels.

We're talking about the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps injured and wounded service members, which will also have its emblem prominently displayed.

Rally Rags? Rags of Doom?

OK, we'll keep working on the name.

Got a name for the Ravens' version of the "Terrible Towels." Post it as a comment below.


Threads of Dread.

Yeah, that's the way to show up your rival... copy the idea that the nation knows started with them (only without the stadium giveaway).

This one's already taken...but it's probably not officially licensed by the NFL so who knows?

P.S. Only little girls wave flags at football games.

purple propaganda

Ravens fans don't need pathetic little under armour billboards to wave. We need noise, we need monster hits and we need touchdowns.

I like Threads of Dread. I would also suggest something that plays off the "Nest" concept.

Copy Cat Cloths

This just reeks of being like the Steelers. It's a bad idea

(cont from earlier post)

Its a bad idea but with good intentions. The team should put the Wounded Warrior emblem on the field so it would be seen more and have a greater impact.


As much as i despise the Steelers we should not wave rags. The rags are their schtick. It makes us look like we're biting.


how about the purple crying towel after we beat you in your own house. the steelers own prime time games . look it up.cant you come up with your own idea you have to copy off of us. GO STEELERS

How about Loser Hankies? Go Steelers!

Copycat Cloth!

Crusher Cloth
Rah Rah Rag


No towels...rags...cloths...nothing. No real Ravens fan would be caught dead waving a towel.

Terrible Towels? Rally Rags? Let's try a bit more creativity.
How about...Raven Cloths (pronounced Claws)

The only way you could make a bad season worse is to have a stadium of grown Baltimore fans waveing cheap towels. It's a cheap commerical ploy. Don't even try to throw in the Wounded Warriors. Having the government using these kids is enough. Towels, what a fu*k*ng joke. Wave towels Sunday and I am changing the channel to HBO. Philly and Pittsburgh wave towels and look stupid doing it. Please let the Baltimore fans hold on to the little class it has left. We were the king of class in the '60's 70's and well into the '80's. Irrsay, Tagliabue, Angelos and the likes of Ray Ray have done enough to destroy our diginity. Lets play football and cheer like we want. Not be lead around by commerical crap.


Talon Tissues?

How about purple haze?

Swagger Swab

Why would we adopt the behavior of our most hated fan base?

Should the Orioles put pinstripes on their uniforms? Should Terps fans wiggle their at opposing players during out of bounds plays at the Comcast Center?

Our teams have their own identities. There's no need to adopt those of our enemies. If there are thousands of Steelers fans at M&T, so be it. Rather than trying to hide the gold towels, the organization should be focused on giving Steelers' fans little reason to wave them.

Flacco Flags, Steeler Wipes, Hell Hankies, Raven Rags, Protect this House Hankies, Champ Cloth, Purple Pride Towel

Crying Towels - Since thats all you Raven fans do is cry about calls.

Or maybe they aren't towels at all. Maybe they're not meant to be waved with pride. They are more likely meant to be worn as blindfolds, so they fans can't see how pitiful the Ravens offense is, or how badly the Ravens get out-coached every game.

Why copy what other teams do (especially your #1 rival). Be original.

Cry Ravens, Cry!
Just Cry Baby!
Bawl-some-more Ravens!

Colts > Ravens
Indianapolis > B'more

You could call them
ratbird hankies...
or Pittsburgh wannabe towels...
or just call them what they are... plain old cryin' rags to wipe up all those ratbird tears after yet season down the tubes.


how about "terrible idea?" The skins did the same thing last year. Is that really an organization to follow?


Ha ha I like threads of dread

Steel Dusters, Ravens Wipes


the Raven Wipe


the Purple Wipe

How about the "since we can't come up with anything more original, we're just gonna copy Pittsburgh's terrible towel concept...rag"

The Purple Curtain

Yeah how about Stupid Terrible Towel Wannabe! Nobody wants or cares about the towel. The Ravens need to come up with their own ideas and not what the squeelers are into, come on.

I would much rather they pass out lighter fluid and purple and black lighters to ignite the Terrible Hankies.

Or better yet, how about a small can of hairspray to go with the purple and black lighters = instant flame thrower to take out any Terrible Hanky in sight.

LAME. Steelers fans, and their stupid towels, are annoying. Why would we want to EMULATE them? The best way to drown them out is to beat them and not give them a reason to wave their little rags. Very disappointing.

This is a joke. I am a season ticket holder since the beginning and If you want to show a "sea of purple", then at least give out pom poms, not copy cat butt towel. They are lame in S%#ttsburgh and would be any other place they are waved. Money driven at best. And for all you Pukesburgh fans please call the following number for a special message 800.328.7448...

I hate this idea

It's one thing to donate money one time,one game out of the season,but what are the Ravens brass thinking about imitating a rag waving contest while we're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers!!on national tv!? I better see every member of the Raven's admin holding and waving the damn rag after purple tds. and what's wrong with the crowd passion we have,now?What an insult........

Didn't the Ravens fans have Purple Power towels at one point? That's a good name.

This is a horrible idea... we cant even win and now we want to copy our rivals... come on, look Bisciotti i know you said we want to be like the steelers and win, i missed the part where you said and wave towels just like they do. Whats next yellow and black jerseys. A ravens logo on one side of the helmet?? I shoot i just gave him another idea.

Why not Lenore's drawers.

Worst idea I've ever heard

Baltimore Butt Wiper

Lenore's drawers (like in underpants).


Here We Go Steelers...Here We GO!

"Snot Rags of Surrender"

The 12th man should not be waving towels. They should be making noise!!!


Purple Power Towels!

Apparently, Keith Mills and the gang at WBAL are looking for a name for the Ravens' purple version of "the Terrible Towel." In the words of John Belushi, I have given this a LOT of thought and it's a no-brainer: "the Wicked Wipe" to wipe the tears from Steelers' fans eyes as Flacco and the Ravens roll down the field.

Oh, and were there tears at the end as Paul KRUGER, our hero of the evening, pulled in that interception! They need to try Kruger out at tight end. Man, did he move after picking that off. Memories of Baltimore Colts great Mike Curtis...

I'm sorry but I can't hellp bring up that the predecessor of the Terrible Towel was in fact - Colts fans waving their white hankerchefs at the Outdoor Insane Asylum (aka Memorial Stadium) in the 50's and 60's at Baltimore.

This practice was copied by Dolphins fans in the early 70's and inspired Myron Cope's idea to actually invent an actual item for the fans to wave at the games. I agree with everyone that we are copying the Pittsburgh idea but actually - they copied our idea first. Let's just set the record straight.

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