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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Steelers

We have made it to Prediction Friday.

We’re five pounds heavier and still have cranberry sauce on our collective collars, but we are back and the doors are open.

We’re actually making another turkey tonight at the Connolly household, because we just can’t get enough (and we still have out-of-town guests for two more days).

I was going to call this dive “Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar and Bed and Breakfast,” but that is just too long to put on a sign and business cards.

But, yeah, in case you were wondering, my family and I hammered the Thanksgiving spread like we were Calvert Hall devouring Loyola (Sorry Dons fans, but just had to shed impartiality for a moment. It’s the first time since this joint has been open that I’ve been able to puff out my chest about my alma mater the day after the Turkey Bowl. So congrats to coach Donald Davis and his boys for making the world right again. And a quick aside: 90 years of playing a high school football game. That’s impressive.)

We’re sticking with football, and the one we are discussing likely won’t be a blowout.

Big Ben is expected to play Sunday night for the Steelers, who have dropped two straight and are seemingly desperate. But I can’t imagine they are as desperate as the Ravens, who need this win or can relinquish any faint hope of the playoffs.

And for that reason – and because it is in Baltimore – I am going with the Ravens to beat their ultimate rival, 17-14. Don’t get me wrong, the Ravens are flawed in several areas, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they lost to the Steelers. And it would be surprising if the defending Super Bowl champs lost three in a row.

But I’m going with the totally desperate team at home versus the pretty desperate team on the road.

As for the star of the game, I am predicting a two TD performance from Derrick Mason. I like Mason’s ability to step it up when the Ravens needed it most.

I want your predictions, both the final score and the hero of the game. As always, Steelers fans are welcome to come in, grab a seat, make a prediction and buy the $6 Iron City cans we have in the back fridge (I’m a hospitable barkeep, but I can’t make it too comfortable for yins. There has to be some gouging). Just keep it clean, people.

Closest to the prediction gets a free (and fake) bar tab for the week.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Steelers


After the near win at home last week, I feel confident predicting a Ravens win this week & ending this miserable 3gm losing streak to the steelers. I feel bad I have a steeler on my fantasy team & am conflicted about starting the player who cannot be named against a suspect secondary.

23-20 OT Ravens.

Hero of the game: R. Rice

Unfortunately Mike Preston is dead on about the Ravens. They are what we see, a mediocre team. Good teams find ways to win football games and the Ravens keep finding ways too lose. The Steelers will win this one by a score of 17 - 10 because the Ravens will have a big day on offense and manage to score 1 TD.This is the game that knocks us completley out of the playoff picture!

Desparate times indeed...

Steelers - 23
Ravens - 24

Hero Webb
Kick return for TD and gets his 1st career pick that sets up the eventual game winning kick.

In a squeaker Baltimore wins 20-17 on a game winning field goal late in the 4th quarter. The D will hold and there is no way Ray will let them beat them in our own house.

Joe Flacco is due to break back out. Cam Cameron said something about running. Webb will play corner. I look for a Ravens Win.

Ravens 20 Steelers 13

Steelers 31- Ravens 13

If Matt Birk & co. take this game and Steelers a little personal I'm thinking the Ravens will win by 10 pts.Can Pitt make it 4 in a row? No,they can be had with some good effort and enthusiasm (with a home crowd) to score tds in the red zone! Ravens 24,Steelers 13.

If it's a 2 point game or less Steelers win. I think it's going to be a 4-10 point difference at game end. Ravens win this one. The good feeling returns to Baltimore, and all Raven fans. 27-17.

two reasons for this prediction: Steelers 24 Ravens 17

l) The Steelers just seem to have our number getting key plays and key calls from Refs at the most crucial time.

2) It seems like any team I root for or predict a win for ends up loosing. So that being said..." Go Steelers."

steelers 24-13 ravens

baltimore back to its bland,
tired, lack of innovation offense....

steelers qb and wr's just
too much for the defense to

Ravens 19
Steelers 17

Ravens get close enough for a bunch of FG and figure out a way to get a TD (not sure if it's offense, defense, or special teams), and hold often enough on D to keep them to two TD and one FG. Reed seals the win with a pick.

Harbaugh is a fraud. His ego got the best of him when he canned the best kicker ever! A good kicker will win you 3 games a season. A bad kicker will get you knocked out of the playoffs and into a tailspin.

Harbuagh's hubris lost us this season because he knew more and loved the youth movement.

Rex Ryan was the Baltimore Ravens. Harbs is a fraud. Bart Scott was the defense.

I have never played football in my life. But I am 6 feet 240 and I would have knocked Addai's helmet off and stopped that Colt's TD that Ray Lewis whiffed on!

And if the Ravens were such mighty men why doesn't any of those loud mouths stick around after a loss like a man would. Instead they all run out of locker room! A man would suck it up and speak to the fans not hide.

The Ravens will lose to the Steelers because they think they will lose. And all of them are scared to death of H. Ward!

you're kiddin right? i mean seriously people. the ravens don't win this game for many many reasons.but the biggest is that this team ain't got "it". they do a great job but just seem to come up short for whatever. and they will not beat the colts or the steelers for a while when it means anything for both teams. those two teams find a way to beat us. with it. 23-17 steelers. ward with 1:36 to play.

Ravens - 23
Squeelers - 16
Ravens finally bring out the big guns and McClain runs for 2 TD's.

Ravens 16
PBS 13

Hero - Foxworth pick 6.

Ravens win big, 38 to 9. Star will be Joe.This is a turn your -ss around game for the Ravens!l Cam knows he has to play ALL the players including Tony. We will see the rassel dassel, hail mary, and lots more. When you leave M&T Sunday nite, you WILL feel like you got your money's wouth. I promise, and I haven't lied to you yet. Take it to the bank!

Dennis Dixon led Steelers 31
Ravens 20

After game Ray Lewis does his usual thing: blames the officiating; then later in the week blames a hangnail on his pinky finger.

With dennis dixon starting ravens will win 19-9 with the hero being the ravens linebackers particularly jaret johnson they will get a decent amount of sacks on the inexperienced dixon but the offence will struggle to establish the run.

Ravens 13-9 Won't be easy even if Roethlisburger doesn't play.
No real star but I'll say Mason.

The RAVENS will put this away late, but put it away for good!


!!!!!!!GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I am not feeling good about this one either. Each week I keep thinking, okay we will take this one, and, of course, they lose by some stupid play or whatever...This Dixon guy is going to give the Ravens a run for the money and keep it close but I will go out on a limb and say...

Ravens 20

Steelers 16

Reed's the hero.
Mason one TD catch
McGahee one TD run...

I hope!


Ray Lewis welcomes Dennis Dixon to the NFL. Ed Reed returns an interception 44 yards for a TD. Ray Rice scampers in from 12 yards out. Joe Flacco hits Derrick Mason for a 17-yard TD pass. Billy Cundiff clicks 3 for 3.

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