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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Colts

Back to football for a weekend.

It’s Prediction Friday, so dust off your crystal balls.

Or just go with the opposite of what I say. Although, like just about everyone else, I did correctly predict Monday’s Ravens’ win in Cleveland.

This one, though, is going to be a little tougher for the Ravens (Who says I am not a football expert? How about that for inside analysis?).

Honestly, I don’t see the Colts blowing out the Ravens as some prognosticators have hinted. I think the Ravens will be down early, make a solid comeback, maybe make it 20-17, and then, ultimately, lose on a fourth-quarter drive by Peyton Manning.

I just don’t see the Ravens’ D hanging with Manning for four quarters.

My call: Colts 27, Ravens 17. Manning is the game’s hero, throwing three TDs, two to Reggie Wayne.

Sorry, doesn’t make me feel good either. I’m a native Baltimoron, remember. Predicting the Indianapolis team, whatever they are called, to win in Charm City will always be painful.

But it’s happened before, and I assume it will happen again.

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday’s Ravens-Colts game.


I still have problems when someone talks about the Colts winning in Baltimore with not remembering that they would be the visiting team, not OUR Colts. Maybe someday I'll be over it. Like in the George Jones song, "He Stopped Loving Her Today".

I don't have to be objective in here, since I don't have anything actually riding on the prediction except bragging rights if I am right. So I am going with the Ravens to win, 28-27. Peyton makes a rare mistake in the first half that leads directly to a Ravens TD, either a pick-six or at least a return to the red zone from which the Ravens score. The Ravens D holds the visiting team to a FG on two other drives, and keeps them from driving close enough for their kicker to again have a winning kick in Baltimore.

So many things are just wrong about this week's game....

Good guys 23, Bad guys 21. Ed Reed knocks down Manning's pass in the endzone on the last play of the game.

I think the Ravens will win by 1-3 points at the very end, maybe a little more. Another undefeated team going down.

Indy 35,Ravens 17. Cam and the offense have lost some of my confidence,for now, and let's not even speak of the D against Manning(good luck).If the O can't command some time of possession in this game forget everything else.Stover won't be needed to kick their game winner.

I don't understand the angst against the Colts. Didn't you guys steal the Browns? Don't you realize that in a few short years the Colts will have been in Indy longer than they were in Baltimore?

Barkeep's Reply: Hey Seth, you might want to put on this Ravens helmet and sit at the far end of this bar. This aint gonna end pretty.

I am afraid that this is going to be a bloodbath.
Kolts 42
Ravens 17

In honor of tonight's musical entertainment in charm city....

"I had a friend was a football player back in high school,

He could throw that deep ball by ya, make you look like a fool..."

CSB Jack stole my thunder. 28-27 Ravens on a TD pass from Joe Cool to Todd Heap with 14 seconds to go.

Drink up!

Barkeep's Reply: Leave it to Rob to usher in a Friday with a salute to the Boss. The jukebox will have nothing but Springsteen on it today. It's funny, of all of the places I have seen Springsteen play (including a stadium swamp in Jersey) I have never seen him in my hometown. By the time I realized he was playing in Balmer, I was a day late and a buncha dollars short. Enjoy it, whomever is lucky enough to go tonight.

Ravens 3 HEADED MONSTER comes up BIG in this one.Low scoring game.Comes down to last second FG.This time Cundiff not Stover is the hero in this battle.Ravens 16 Indy 13.

My heart says Ravens win, with the final score being close (maybe 24 to 21). My head says Colts 31 Ravens 24. It all depends on the D - if they can step up and put pressure on Manning then we win. If not, it'll be long day.

Seth - perhaps this will help you understand the annimosity. If you get a divorce and your wife remarries and gives back your name, you can move on. If your wife remarries - loudly keeps your name and you have to watch her "be" with her new hubby each week with your name, it gets a little old. Especially when all the other married folks do everything they can to keep you from finding a new wife yourself. As for Cleveland - they had three mistresses (Indians, Cavs, and Rock & Roll HOF) that they though were more important to please than their wife. On top of that, all their married friends when out of their way to get them hooked up again - went right out and ordered them a mail order bride. It boils down to it just sucks to have to watch your home team, with your historical players, playing in another city. No one in Cleveland has ever had to watch the Browns play in Baltimore except as the visiting team. We love the Ravens and I'm pretty sure most people are over it for the most part, but it's still an annoyance and I expect it will be as long as there is an Irsay in charge.

I saw the "Boss" at Painters Mill Music Fair in the round. Beer in one hand, joint in the other. Just walking around with my friends and shareing with others. It was just like a big party. How cool do you think that was. As far as the game, the bookies say it's a toss up. They know far more than me, so if its that close of game why not. Ravens 23-19.

Colts 28-Ravens 27 - 38 yd Game winner at the buzzer by Matt Stover is like a the punch in the gut to the Ravens fans and will have the sports talk guys up in arms (or legs, so to speak).

Have some!

Dan...saw the Boss in the same Jersey swamp you did and I'm not ready to take out a home equity loan to go tonight!

Set my man Ted up with a beer for his explanation to Seth about the diff between "stealing" a team and facilitating the relocation of a team. It will be the nicest thing said to Seth the rest of the day.

I'm headed to the juke box...Jungleland up next!

To Ted,
Well said brother, my sentiments exactly. Add in the indignity of having old Colt records in the Hall of Fame become "Indianapolis" records now. Seth, do you get it now? At least, Cleveland got to keep their colors and team name.

As of the game....I'm afraid that it'll be a Ravens loss, something like 27-17.

Flacco will rebound and show up Manning. Pass, run, pass will work, to start off. Manning better be aleart.

The Ravens won't win an important game against the Colts until the fans let the past go. The Ravens players weren't out of diapers when the team moved and don't care what was where when. Whenever the Colts come to town the Ravens get a reminder that they aren't Baltimore's "real" team. The Ravens might actually pull off a win this weekend, but if they make the playoffs and have to face the Colts again forget it.

Hope I'm wrong but I see Manning throwing 4 TD's, 2 of which to Reggie Wayne for a 35-17 win. I think the Ravens can make a game of it early but by the 4th quarter the Colts will have pulled away. I'm hoping for the best but this is one game I'm not so confident about for the Ravens.

I've been a Colts fan since 1982. I'm from northeast Indiana. I don't care where the Colts play. I bleed blue forever! Even when there were rumors a few years back that the Colts might have moved to LA.
Colts 27, Ravens 17.

colts (gulps) 28-10. ...(sighs) refuses to pick a hero (sighs)

Ravens 27-24 Offensive hero is Ray Rice who runs all over the colts and catches many passes out of the back field. Defense bends but doesn't break and Reed comes up with two key picks.
Go Ravens!!!

Ravens need to RUN, RUN, RUN and RUN. 3 headed monster derails the COLTS perfect season. We have fresh legs and the colts are a small defense whose banged up secondary does most of the tackling. Miami beet them to a pulp with the run in week 2 and nodody has tried to run on them since. They haven't played a good running team that stayed committed to it. People say throw because their secondary is depleted. I say run because their secondary is depleted. RUN, Three Headed Monster RUN. Payton will sound like Forest Gump. "They just kept runnang"

I'm gonna flip up Chris' response. My head says the Ravens have the talent and the skill to hang with the Colts for sixty minutes and make this a close one, maybe even pull off the win. But my gut says we're too physically banged up , too mentally unfocused, and that, just like the last few weeks (win against Denver excepted) we won't play anywhere near our potential. I give this one to Indy, I don't think it will be very close, and I think I'll need more than a couple of beers to make it through the game. I really, really, really hope I'm wrong.

Colts 42 Ravens 10
Cam will be a stubborn jackass again (this getting old) and run the ball less than 20 times giving Peyton more than enough time to tear the Ravens secondary to pieces. Time of possession: Colts 37 mins. Ravens 23 mins.

Lardarius Webb returns opening kickoff for a TD so Ravens essentially start game with a 7 point advantage. Teams slug it out virtually even from there. Ravens end up hanging on for 27-24 win. Webb is player of game.

I can't see Ravens front line putting much pressute on Peyton Manning. Ravens have to control the football and somehow come up with a couple of turnovers. if they want to win this one. I feel that it's going to be a high scoring affair. Ravens turn the tide late for a 34-31 win.

Anyone still bitter over the Colts leaving town....get over it. It was 26 years ago and I wasn't even born then.

Colts 45
Ravens 24

Colts 20 - Ravens 17; Stover 40 yarder at the gun!

Let's be honest, this Ravens team has lost it's focus:
Colts: 38
Ravens: 10

I live near Indy. Can't see Ravens staying close with Suggs out. Run all you want, you'll kick FGs in first half while Sir Manning of Peytonia is throwing for TDs. (Note New England had to settle for FGs twice in last game, that was the difference.) About last part of 3rd qtr Ravens will be down 2 scores & will have to start throwing, meaning Freeney & Mathis will start loving up poor Joe Flacco.

Colts 35, Ravens 23.

But good luck the rest of the way esp. against the frigging Steelers.


Washington makes the big catch.

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