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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Browns

We’re going from the outfield to the open field today.

It’s Prediction Friday, which in recent weeks could be called, “Dan’s Wrong Friday.”

I can’t seem to figure out these Ravens, at least not as well as opposing offenses.

The gut says the Ravens roll on Monday Night Football. That the maligned defense feasts on a weak Cleveland Browns’ offense.

And that the Ravens’ offensive line beats down the Browns’ defensive front, allowing Ray Rice and company to run wild while Joe Flacco gets time to pick apart the secondary.

But the gut has been so wrong so often this season when it comes to the Ravens that I am not sure whether to trust it.

My best guess is that the Ravens’ win 24-6. Rice has two TDs and over 100 yards rushing to be the hero of the game.

Now, it’s your turn. Predict the score and the hero on Monday Night Football. Are you betting on Jekyll or Hyde to show up?

We’ll give you an extra day to contemplate this one. We’ll leave this up until Monday’s game.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Browns.


I predict the Ravens will beat the Clowns by a score of 28-3. Another 20+ point loss for the Dawggones and the hero will be the entire Ravens team.

P.S. The Buckeyes-Browns swapped teams. OSU beat Buffalo 6-3, while Cleveland lost to Purdue.

Bad feeling this game will be closer than we'd like- but we still get the win.
Ravens 26-17

I'm saying the Ravens win 27-7, Willis McGahee gets involved and has two TDs. Maybe he doesn't but who cares, I'm excited for the game only because I'm a Ravens fan other than that who'd be dumb enough to watch this piece of sh@#?


Mark Clayton catches two TD passes and runs 33 yards on an end around.

Ed Reed has two interceptions.

Sipping my coffee I say the Ravens have to play and win.On the other hand,the Browns have had an extra week to prepare.Raves 17,Browns14.I hope I'm wrong about that offensive output.

You heard it hear first the Ravens hit rock bottom against the Browns. Browns over the Ravens 17-14, the franchise is pitiful, maybe they need to ask the Steelers how to be consistently contending for the division title each year??

Dan -
On the way in to work this morning, I'm thinking what my prediction is going to be for the game. I settle on Ravens 24, Browns 6, figuring that they don't pile up as much offense as they were earlier in the year, and the D gives up a couple field goals. But I can't pick the same score as you so I'll go with 24-10. It's not pretty enough to have any true heroes, but Flacco gets back on track, the D is solid enough, and it's the usual team effort.

I hope there are reruns of Californication, Bored to death, and Curb on Monday night. The Ravens/Browns game should be better than last nights snooze. Although it was funny to see Cutler throw his 4th or 5th interception while only 10 yards away from a victory. It was a great end and I was happy for Singletary. Ravens 32 Browns 23.

Don't feel bad Dan, lots of folks have been predicting the wrong score this year......I think this will be close for 2.5 quarters and then we pull away.

Balt - 30
Clev - 13

Rice over 100+ yards and 2 TD's. Flacco plays solid and doesn't toss any INT's.

Gosh I hope I'm right!

27-0, all field goals. Hausch redeems himself.

Ravens will come out smoking and get an early lead of 21-0 After that Katie bar the door . I predict that the Browns will become better only when ownership is changed just like the Orioles .

Ravens, or Browns by 3 in OT. Mr. personality from Delaware better wake up or let Troy take over.

44-0, Ravens. Rice with 100+ yards rushing AND receiving, with a TD each way. Flacco with 3 TD passes. Quinn has a Cutleresque performance with 5 INTs, one for a pick 6.

Normally I wouldn't hesitate to predicte a Raven blowout over the Browns, but I've been wrong all year & I'm a bit cautious.

Hopefully Webb starts at CB & he'll be my hero of the game.
34-10 Ravens!

2 teams with no heart:

Browns 24 - Ravens - 6

Ravens 35

Browns 0

Ray Lewis inspires his teammates to victory with 2 sacks and by forcing a fumble which results in a score!

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