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Evil Empire prevails -- again

Life is unfair. But, if you're an Orioles fan, you already know that.

 The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series last night. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 7-3, in Game 6, and the new Yankees Stadium erupted. The fans hugged each other and cried, the Yankees players hugged each other and cried, I hugged myself and cried.

Well, not really. But I hate the Yankees. I feel like crying whenever they win.

Still, it was inevitable that the season finish this way. The Yankees were the best team in baseball -- the best team money could buy AGAIN. Last night it was the almost forgotten Hideki Matsui who delivered the death blows to the Phillies: six RBIs. A two-run homer in the second inning, a two-run single in the third, a two-run double in the fifth.

And this is a guy the Yankees aren't even sure they'll bring back next year.

It's enough to make you weep. The Orioles, meanwhile, aren't sure if they'll bring back Rich Hill.

The irony of that is enough to make you weep, too.


I hope the yankees buy their way to 10 in a row, then after nobody cares about baseball anymore Selig may actually go with a salary cap.

What an unexpected result from a team with a 30 mil 3rd basemen, a 17 mil ss, 27mil 1st basemen, a 12 mil dh,25 mil pitcher,15 mil pitcher and the beat goes on. My biggest problem is that a team is allowed to abuse the system the way the yanks do---they simply can afford to break the rules and pay the fine(luxury tax)--it makes a mockery of the game--

As a life-long Orioles fan, I hate the Yankees. However, I don't begrudge them their successes. After all, if the O's could afford that kind of payroll, they would do the same thing. Consistently across MLB, the highest revenue-generating teams spend the most on payroll, and the teams with the highest payroll - like any business with more capital available than the competition - can poach the best talent and more easily take advantage of opportunity. Short-term, that's no guarantee of success, but long-term, it means consistent appearances in the playoffs and a quicker path to recovery from organizational mistakes. Give the Yankees credit, they could have spent their hoard unwisely this year, but they didn’t.

As a baseball fan and O's fan, this makes the game increasingly less interesting year over year. If one assumes the MLB Player's Union will never agree to a hard salary cap and floor system with revenue sharing - the incredibly successful NFL model - perhaps MLB can borrow a different idea from the NFL: make the successful teams play proportionally more games against other successful teams. Specifically, make the highest payroll spending teams play more games against each other. In the case of the Orioles, instead of playing 18 games against each AL East opponent, play 10 or 12 each. This frees up games to be played against other mid-market teams. In the case of the Yankess, this forces them to play more games against Boston, Atlanta, the Mets, Phillies, and Dodgers, etc. Yes, the O's lose all those home sell out dates against the Red Sox and Yankees (that make me want to vomit anyway), but if this means they have a better chance over the long-term of winning the division, I'll take it

While this is just ducky for NY and their rabid fans ... the super spender Yankees are not doing baseball any favors. In towns like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland what is there to hope for ... a third place finish .. that's about it. If major MLB thinks they can survive with the same teams, year after year, playing in the post season (ending in November 4th, ridiculoust) .. they will find out in the next five years ... they are very, very, wrong. So, NY enjoy you billion dollar team ... some day you might play in a league with 10 others ... rest of league disappears

All the time Oriole fans were lambasting Peter A, it turns out it was God who prevented the Orioles from signing Mark Teixiera. He himself indicated this after the World Series win Wednesday. He prayed and God directed him to sign with the Yankees, he (implicitly) said. So how can they be the Evil Empire? God loves them and wants them to have every available free agent. Maybe the Orioles ought to consider making a pact with the devil.

You're a moron...and obviously one of the 'Yankee Haters' that is jealous because the Yankees have built their brand through smart business ventures to become the richest franchise in professional sports and then re-invest the money back into their team...No other owner(s) in professional sports care as much about winning and are as dedicated to bringing a championship to their city and fans as much as the Steinbrenners. Peter Angelos loves it when the Yankees come to town because of the $$ that goes into his pocket from the park being filled with half Yankee fans. Don't be a hater, be an admirer, an admirer of how a pro sports franchise should be run...And tell Peter Angelos thanks for pocketing all the money he has received from the Yankees through revenue sharing over the last few years.

From an Orioles fan's perspective, the funny thing about the Yankees winning the World Series this year is that the Yanks won the year before Mike Mussina put on pinstripes, and won the year after he retired. There is, at least, some small amount of satisfaction involved with that.

In the last 2 decades the AL East has won 9 World Series Titles and has been involved in 12 World Series altogether (Yanks won 5 of 7, Red Sox 2 of 2, Blue Jays 2 of 2, and Rays 0 of 1). Notice anyone not on this list? I wonder if MLB might think about restructuring the league a little. That's the least they could do since they will not institute a salary cap.

Well said Kevin. I go to school in a suburb of Philly so I thought I would be happy not falling asleep to car horns and drunk Phillies fans outside my window. However, seeing Teixiera celebrate and hold up that trophy caused more pain than words can describe.

Get over yourself. You can't buy a championship. Money is one of the many elements that a team needs to come together to get the ring. Clearly, money didn't help the Yanks for the last 9 years. The Steinbrenners care about winning which is more than I can say for Angelos. I'll always be a Yankees fan, but would gladly cheer for the Orioles (since I live here now) if there was an ownership that cared and fans that weren't fairweather.

Wow, the level of jealousy from Orioles fans is sickening. Look, winning starts at the top - and Angelos doesn't invest in the team like the Steinbrenner family does. The Yankees wouldn't be as successful as they are if it weren't for them. Look at the Mets for example. They're in the same city and they have access to the same money. Yet they don't have the same success as their cross town rivals. Why - because the Steinbrenners know to trust their baseball people and to put the money back into the team with key free agents. So instead of hating the Yanks, why not emulate them? Why not ask Angelos to do the same? He can do it - it's not like there's not enough money to go around in the Baltimore/DC metro area.

1. Change the schedule so every team plays a balanced schedule against the rest of the league.
2. At the start of the season form the divisions based on salary. Top five in one division, next five in another, and the lowest four in the third division. This way the most teams that can buy their way in is two. Even better say the wild card can't come from the highest salary division.

Imagine if they restructured the league and the O's new division was something similar to the NFL. It would be the Orioles, Pirates, Reds, Indians, and I guess the Blue Jays if you had to throw in a fifth team. Or, maybe they shouldn't restructure the league based on region, but how much money each team spends. That would be a gas. Let all the big spenders beat each other up!

I thought that the homeplate umpiring stank throughout this series, for both teams. Fox's pitch track repeatedly showed the homeplate umpires missing calls for both sides. Is this the best MLB's got?

The Orioles blow. Cry all the way to last place in the AL East, name stealer.

I hope the yankees buy their way to 10 in a row, then after nobody cares about baseball anymore Selig may actually go with a salary cap.

Hopefully Selig is fired and they get a decent Commissioner.

Hey JN909 what kind of intelligence does it take to call people names? Only a fan of the Yankees greed and egoism (an excessive or exaggerated sense of self-importance) would just call people names because they don't agree with them.

Too much crying. Maybe other teams should try and improve and quit complaining when they always end up at the bottom of the standings.Go Yankees!!

Players that are too good for the AAA minors and not good enough for MLB are sometimes called "4A" players. (Read: Corey Patterson.) Considering the success of teams like the Yankees that spend kajillions of dollars (and lack of success for the opposite) - are there now "4A" teams that are literally in a different financial (and talent) class than rich MLB clubs? And if so, in the absence of a salary cap should Baseball consider realigning into TWO MLB leagues: one lower league (for a certain salary amount) and one higher league? This would make them similar to certain European Soccer leagues, IIRC. Discuss.

Hey Vernon, stop crying over spilled milk!!! Yes we have the means to pay the luxury tax, revenue sharing ETC.... TOO BAD!!! instead of your owner pocketing the money from revenue sharing, maybe he could buy a decent player!!!

As for the rest of you S*T*F*U!!! Thuuuuuuuu Yankesssss Winnnnnnnn!!!!!

Yankees fans just don't have perspective - they only see the sunshine from the top, not how hard it is to live at the bottom.

Kat - yes, money doesn't buy you a championship every year, but it does buy you getting into the playoffs pretty much every year, whereas the Rays, Blue Jays, and Orioles have to hope that one year they might get lucky and have everything work out, like the Rays did last year.

Chris - if Steinbrenner trusts his baseball people, why does he have such a record for firing them? Why did he fire Joe Torre; do you really think Girardi is better? He's not a great owner; he just has a lot of money, and if you keep spending it, sometimes it doesn't work out (Pavano) and sometimes it does (Sabathia). Also, let's not forget how reviled Steinbrenner was (remember how George Costanza told him off about destroying the Yankees?) until about the past 12-13 years.

And when the Orioles get a big-name player that doesn't work out (say, Albert Belle), it kills them. When the Yankees fail with Pavano, they can just pay Roger Clemens $1 Mil per start. The Yankees consistently get guys (Swisher, formerly Cecil Fielder, Danny Tartabull, etc.) who bat cleanup for other teams and become part-timers for the Yankees.

Finally, the Yankees have this tradition of 27 World Series, and prestige of being a Yankee - it's a lot easier when you have that basis to start off with.

As a friend has said, "rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Microsoft."

They might not win much, but I'd rather root for the mom and pop store any day.

Why is it only when the Yankees win do we hear your argument? The comments are old news and most certainly SOUR GRAPES. My only hope is that the Yankees continue to do whatever they are doing to WIN. YOUR COMMENTS AND OPINIONS HAVE NO PLACEI IN A NON-EDITORIAL COLUMN. TRY TO EXERCISE SOME DISCRETION AND BE A PROFESSIONAL.

Does Baltimore still have an MLB team?

I think what most non Yankee fans want - is for Yankee fans to at least meet them half way (such as I do - saying the Yankees fielded the best team this year) Yankee fans seem to think it has NOTHING to do with money and that every other team has the same opportunity as the Yankees - but that simply isn't true. You can't give me that?

Put it this act like GS pays for the stadium, all its ammenities, all the players, out of his own pocket for the love of the city , its fans and its team. Dump the Yankees in North Dakota - with the same ownership in place. Would they be able to build a Billion dollar stadium.......would they have the revenue stream, would GS still have the money (in his own pocket - as you say) to pay for CC, Tex, and AJ and lure players out to North Dakota to play for this organization. Would they be as successful in North Dakota as they have been and ARE in NY. Hence my argument of being geographically blessed. YES other teams have money to spend. NO I don't blame the Yankees for taking full advantage of the current system (they should). But come on , If you Yankee fans cannot meet us half way and admit you do have a socio economic advantage - why should anyone see to yours.

First off as far as i'm concerned MLB sucks.... i personally am tired of teams buying there way in.. i will never watch or go to another game period.. no matter what team it is.. there's to much corruption in the game and it no longer is a game.. it's a * let's see how much money we can make* league... no matter what you do to it it won't matter because GREED overcomes it all...
as far as i'm concerned it needs to be abolished! i'm no longer a fan.. and never will be!

I love the Orioles and I hate the Yankees. It just comes natural when you are born and raised in Baltimore. I think they are destroying MLB because they out-spend everybody else. There is no question that a salary cap is needed. If it's not imposed, it will be the same teams every year.

No need for salery cap,just get fans to the stadium like Redsox and Yanks to afford better p[ needed at the parks to pay those billaND WAGES.

Not discussed, but let's congratulate Mr. Cashman, the Yank's General Manager on making the right decisions on free agents during the 08 shopping spree.

Besides that the Yanks having at least 7 major players, including Matusi, ARoid and AndyP formally linked to steroids, the addition of 3 free agents in the past off-season with a resulting addition of nearly $60MM a year in team salaries, garunteed them a superior team over any competitor. Sure, the Yankees had to pay

Congrats to the Yankee's for placing nearly 50% of their available game 6 tix on Stubhub, resulting in an average price increase of 400%.

Everything about the Yankee's participation in this year's WS wreaked of crap. We all deserve better.

I hate the Orioles, but I am a diehard Yankees fan. What is so unfair to the Orioles, I don't get it. I must be blind.

Dear Yankee fans,

Congratulations on your recent championship. It took some time for you to get there, so, by all means, take in the moment. However, might I remind you that THIS is a Baltimore based newspaper that caters to Baltimore fans. So, may we please use this opportunity lament our annual misery without having you (the ones with all built in advantages) chime in and lecture to us about how great your owner is and how well-run the Yankees are?

Since you feel the need to chime in, allow me to point out that there are several teams that are better run than the Yankees. In fact, with all the Yankees built in advantages, it is actually rather pathetic that it took your team 8 years to win number 27.

And, no, the Orioles would NOT count as one of those better run teams.


Here is the solution to this problem: Re-align baseball divisions along the lines of payroll. Put the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Dodgers, and Angels in the same division.

Every yankee fan posting on this blog is a. a fairweather fan who says nothing unless the yankees have just won a world series, b. a person who feels the need to rub their successes in other peoples face (i got over that in around 4th grade), or c. a typical arrogant yankee fan who has no comprehension of what its like to cheer for a team that has limited resources and can't just buy up any player.

The NFL, my third favorite pro sports league after baseball and NBA, has the only right system out there. Salary cap and bottom, and scheduling which makes the best teams play each other. Some complain that the NFL seeks mediocrity, but tell that to Ravens fans (a Super Bowl), Dolphins' fans (1-15 to Division title in one year), and places like Green Bay, Jacksonville, Carolina. You still need solid management, good coaching, and some luck to win, but I guarantee you that in probably 26 of the 32 NFL cities each fall, there is realistic hope of the playoffs, and once you get there, anything can happen. Of the 30 MLB teams, how many have even the remotest chance of playing in the WS each year? 7? (NYY, NYM, BOS, LAD, LAA, PHIL, STL). Pity what few fans remain for the Orioles, Royals, Indians, A's, Pirates, Nationals, Rangers, Astros, and all the rest.

I agree with Rob that it's actually pathetic that the Yankees haven't won in 8 years. With all that money, prestige, power,, history, geography, they should win every year. If I owned that outfit, and it didn't win the Series in 5 games at least every other year, I'd fire every coach, manager, trainer, GM, batboy, groundskeeper, usher, PA announcer, bullpen catcher, clubhouse boy, radio voice, TV station, security guard, restroom attendant, secretary, airline pilot, PR man, hot dog vendor, beer man, scoreboard operator, batting practice pitcher, team doctor, and National Anthem singer every year. For good measure, I'd can every player, regardless of salary, and buy the entire roster of whichever league wins the All-Star Game (excluding any of my own players of course, since they are losers).

While this is just ducky for NY and their rabid fans ... the super spender Yankees are not doing baseball any favors. In towns like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland what is there to hope for ... a third place finish .. that's about it. If major MLB thinks they can survive with the same teams, year after year, playing in the post season (ending in November 4th, ridiculoust) .. they will find out in the next five years ... they are very, very, wrong. So, NY enjoy you billion dollar team ... some day you might play in a league with 10 others ... rest of league disappears

Ben in West Chester PA i
you forgot one choice. A fan who appreciates a team who strives for success while thier former favorite team doesn't use the resources that it has that are MUCH more than than spends and strives for nothing but profits.

MLB is long overdue for a salary cap, its time to restore a new competitive order for baseball and allow small-market teams to get back into the groove of things and sign halfway decent talent. Baseball players are greedy and obnoxious, wanting all the money they can get their hands on. Sorry to say MLB, you have lost me as a fan and I will not return until baseball has instituted a salary cap that will restore a new competitive balance. $423.5M in spending should've been a wake-up call and cause for alarm for the MLB with the financial hole they are currently sitting in? This economy is busted and the yankees are still free-spending! Why can't all of the leagues be like the NHL and have a hard cap, a floor that must be met, and absolutely NO signing bonuses. With the NHL cap, you don't get much room to work with. The highest salary per year belongs to Alexander Ovechkin at $9,578,681 per year. But also you are forced to take a rollback (24%) or else your contract is null and void. Why can't the NFL, MLB, and NBA be more like the NHL? The NHL is actually booming right now with a pretty stable competitive balance. That's what we need to see more of! The NFL needs to end signing bonuses and guaranteed money and start a rookie salary scale (Getting $63M plus $40M guaranteed without taking a snap is absolutely terrible). The NBA just needs to overhaul their salary cap period. 12 players with a cap of $60M... Geez... how in gods name can you do that? Luckily, according to league sources, the cap is going to go lower per year until it "bottoms out." This is why the NHL gained me as a fan and the MLB lost me as a fan! So good-bye Major League Baseball! GET A CAP AND YOU'LL GET ME BACK! I hope New York chokes on that ring of theirs, they know how they got it, and Steinbrenner knows it too: $$$$$$$$. My proposal to the MLB is: Make a cap $125M and a floor of $60M. Teams need to meet the floor... Force all players to take a 25% rollback in their salaries. Dump all of that money into an escrow account (NBA) and distribute it to revenue-wrecked teams. This way competitive balance is restored. It is time, it is overdue... SELIG, FOR GOD SAKES MAN, LISTEN TO THE FANS!

As I gaze into my crystal ball - the year is 2020 there are 16 teams left in Major League Baseball, the others have dropped out for various reasons. 1. TV has left the small and medium markets for lack of interest. 2. The baseball fans have moved on to soccer, motorcross etc. And the 2019 World Champion New York Yankees complain that they still have to help the remaining other 15 teams with money to keep them afloat. And of the 16 teams that remain 6 more have announced they too are calling it quits. What to do? 1. After all these years come up with a salary cap? 2. Just move on to ownership where all teams in their new sport have a chance to field a winner and compete each year and someday win more than the N.Y. Yankees total of 37 World Championships. WOW - I just woke up in a cold sweat, Thanks for sharing my nightmare !!! Good Night from the last of pleasant living. OC, Maryland.

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