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Which 2008 Raven does this year's team miss the most?

Now that Ravens fans are a bit on the disgruntled side, there has been a whole lot of remorse getting tossed around the bar.

Usually we save that kind of second-guessing for old flames at 1 a.m. But I’ll indulge you all today.

The Ravens broke up their long-term relationships with several players/personnel last offseason.

The list of those hitting the road included linebacker Bart Scott, kicker Matt Stover, defensive back Jim Leonhard and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, among others.

Each name has been brought up in the last few days, with that “I never should have dumped him” tone.

You could argue the Ravens could use all of them back here. But which one do they miss the most? Is there someone else from the 2008 team that they need right now?

Sure, some left on their own accord, others the Ravens chose not to re-up. Point is, they aren’t here anymore.

It’s time to cry in your beer over spilled milk.

Daily Think Special: Which 2008 Raven does this year's team miss the most?



Jim Leonhard is my choice. The secondary lacks a hard hitter on the edge. Ed Reed can't do it all as much as we would love to see him do!

The left tuba player from the band...just kidding. I think it's Leonhard. Landry is invisible out there, he makes no plays. Leonhard made plays and he was a B+ punt returner. All he did was catch the ball and run straight ahead. We miss Scott too in the run game but our biggest weakness is in the secondary.

Gimme a hot cup of coffee to go....

I think its a toss up between Scott and Leonard. I put Leonard slightly higher because I think the Ravens could have kept him. It would have been difficult, once free agency started, to keep Scott. Ryan, like Scott, could not be retained. I'm not sure though, that its Mattison's fault. Stover is a legend in Baltimore but last year, Matt was 5 of 9 from 40-45 yards. 56% from that distance was 31st in the NFL in 2008. I'm not convinced Stover makes that field goal.

This may not sound too popular but I think it would be C-Mac.

Rex Ryan, without a doubt.

Jim Leonard is missed dramtically because he made plays for the entire game. He tackled on the first hit, he returned kicks and was always near or in the play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex Ryan, our D needs to get some things fixed quick and Mattison isn't shown he's capable yet.

Mr Rex Ryan... No doubt about it!

jim leonhard

Rex Ryan plain and simple---the 4 down lineman formation is just too vanilla---last year you never knew what was coming with one guy always walking around--there is not enough pressure on the QB--which really exposes our DB's(who aren't real good)


Jim Leonard. The only reason I can think of, Leonard was our gift to Rex for all Rex had done for us. With Leonard in the secondary we very well may have won the last 3 games. He's a guy who is always were the ball is and he creates BIG TIME turnovers. Last year he was just fantastic for us and really it was his big time plays that got us throught to the championship game. Letting him go had been a real puzzler.

Jim Leonhard. It is glaringly apparent to me that our defensive back are failing badly. I loved watching Leonhard play and he complimented the other defensive backs so well. His special teams works also made him a special player. I miss JIM LEONHARD.

Couldn't have said it better Rich

Jim Leonard...Absolutely!!!...what a mistake letting this guy go to the Jets. Jim was making big plays on defense and was an added threat on punt/kick returns last year...He "Played like a Raven" and we let him go...huge mistake!


There is alot to pick from:

1. Jim Leonard, Dwan Landry is like the invisible man, we may as well be playing with 10 men.

2. Matt Stover, no explination needed.

3. McAllister, the secondary simply stinks.

4. Samari Rolle, see number 3.

5. Bart Scott, His fire is dearly missed on the defensive side of the ball.

I'm still hurting about losing Adalius Thomas, who, by the way is about to be released by New England for his poor play?
Maybe we can get him back now that Belachick has extracted all the Raven information that he can out of him, like Prescott Burgess.

I think they miss Rex Ryan and the defense's youth the most.

It is with out a doubt - Jim Leonard. I am really amazed at how much credit Ozzie gets for his supposedly savvy evaluation of talent. This is a total bunch of bull. How can he let go of such a talent as Leonard? How can he think that Dawan Landry is as good as him? He hasn't drafted a single good linebacker or a wide-receiver or a corner in the last 3-4 drafts. He has been resting on his good drafts from the late 90s and early 2000s. It is time to get rid of Ozzie.

Chris Mcalister. Say what you will about the man and his tendency to lose recievers while looking in the backfield, he played with passion. Chris was a nasty corner who didn't mind hitting or coming up in run support. Plus he had the size and attitude to take on the larger recievers.

Landry looks like a lost child trying to defend the pass this year, but let's not forget we have a surplus of safeties on the team. Nakamura could take some looks away from Landry, or even Zibkowski though I'm not sure of his coverage skills. So I don't really think we're missing too much with Jim Leonard, I'm not sure why everyone seems to think he was some super safety.

I'd say behind C Mac we'd have to miss Bart Scott the most, but the Secondary is truly the weak point on the team right now. It's scary how awful the corners look.

It's obviously Rex Ryan. He had Fabian and Frank playing corner in the AFC Championship game and we were right there to win it in the 4th Q. With Ryan calling the defense, this team would be near unstoppable.

Rex Rex Rex...Mattison has no clue....We need to get back to the “Organized Chaos” ways....They looked like they started to move around a bit on Sunday...This has just been a disaster…

Rex Ryan.

and McAllister was signed by who? he was done.

Bart Scott- couldn't cover backs and is getting burned every week on the Jets. It's not one person as the question asks.

Rex Ryan.

Until Sunday, I might well have said that the Ravens miss Bart Scott and/or Rex Ryan the most. Yet, following Sunday's game, a more appropriate answer would be Matt Stover- and how ironic that on the very week he is signed by Indiana-no-place, we rue the day "Automatic Stover" was not offered a contract by Baltimore

Jim Leonhard. Okay, he wasn't a great player but he was valuable on punt returns, which now seem to be getting better, and he made plays, something Landry has not done much of so far. Landry has been disappointing since his outstanding rookie year and even more so since his injury.

As inconsistent as he could be, I now have even more appreciation for Samari Rolle and what he did here. He gave us stability at CB, which at the moment, we do not have.

Bart Scott was overrated but we do miss him as a pass rusher. Stover, please gimme a break I love the guy but he was a liability with FG's beyond 40 yards. If C-mac is so missed, why hasn't he been signed yet? Exactly there's a reason no team has signed him.

Rex Ryan. "Organized Vanilla" has got to go!


They should have used the money they spent on "T FIZZLE " Suggs and gave it to Bart Scott and Jim Leonard. Yet another example of a player signing for big bucks and then going in the tank. To those screaming for Rex, last I looked he's lost three in a row, including one to Buffalo. BUFFALO. Also please check the losing streak the team had while Rex was defensive cordinator, and the games they were beaten pretty badly. Yet after three losses the "fans" are giving up on Mattison.

this is too easy, I'll go over the last few years in fact. You add or keep Stover, C-Mac, A. Thomas, Rolle, Scott & Leonard & we are easily the Super Bowl champs over the next 3-5 years at least with a healthy Joe Flacco, EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

definetly rex ryan. the whole defensive philosophy has changed

Leonhard. The question is. Why did we waste a substantial amount of money retaining Landry and signing Carr who was a complete waste by week 2. We could have paid Leonhard and saved on both of the before mentioned contracts. The Ravens organization has been one of the smartest in the NFL for years and years, but I'm truly disappointed with whoever it is that made these decisions, especially since Harbaugh is a special teams coach. Hopefully our guys will bounce back and Foxworth will retire.... Here's to wishful thinking.

How could anyone say McCallister, do not forgot he di not play last year, he only played sparingly in 2 or 3 of the early games and we were 2-3 in the first 5 before he was benched, we do not miss him at all. The guy we miss the most is probably Scott with Leonhard a very close second! We also miss Ryan a whole lot more than I originally thought, Mattison's defenders look ill prepared , lost , confused , and consisitently out of position, We also do not fool anyone with our vanilla blitz packages. The defense Mattison plays may have fooled some college boys , but it is totally inept against savvy NFL qb's and coordinators.We also do not seem to be very adept at the art of tackling, but that is true across the board in this NFL of today!

I think in order it would be Bart Scott, Rex Ryan, Jim Leonhard, McCallister, then Stover. i think we're also missin samari rolle alot, even though he's on PUP. Bart scott cuz our run D has blown most of it the past 2 games (but AP is too good still, even though he hasnt had a 100-yd rusher since week 1 until sunday, he could go over 100 against ANY team at any time), rex because of the obvious problems in the pass rush and the secondary, Leonhard because he really worked well with Ed Reed back there, McCallister and Samari, obviously because they were bigger and more physical guys that could cover WRs pretty well, regardless of size. our corners have great speed but are kinda short and are a bit hesitant at covering. and stover, well....we ALL know why we miss him now more than ever....but i think that problem will fix itself. Hauschka will develop into a great kicker. if another game turns out like in Minnesota, count on him makin it this time. if not, THEN we should panic about the kicker. if all those players were back this year we'd have NO problem gettin to the BOWL. but, lets hope Ladarius webb is the next big corner for us. he's already proved himself as a great returner..DO IT


the raven we miss the most this season is rex obviously, I think mattison is in over his head. I am surprised that a lot of people are saying jim leonard(given the depth we have at the safety position) and trashing landry a guy who has had success in this defense in the past and is coming back of injury. Even with leonard playing in new york with a coach who knows how to use him, landry is still having statistically a better year then leonard with more tackles, passes defensed, and interceptions. And we know he isn't even playing his best ball yet, Jim leonard was great for us last year and all but I guarantee if you asked him to have to cover 5-6 seconds on most passing plays he too would be getting trashed on here.

With all due respect to Bart Scott, Jim Leonard and C-Mack, the Ravens have potential HOF / pro-bowlers on the team currently that are making costly mistakes. The "vaunted-D" is no longer vaunted. Why?

...because Rex Ryan is no longer here! (IMHO)

Rex brought so much more to the defense than X's and O's. He brought an attitude, which just isn't there anymore. Mattison?...he bring's X's and O's.

Definitely Rex Ryan. Anyone saying that Matt Stover should still be kicking is crazy. He can barely hit from 40, thats why we had Hauschka last year. Hauschka has a big leg and he will become a good kicker.

It's obvious the defense isn't the same. We're not getting any pressure on the opposing QB which is killing our pass defense. Our corners aren't that bad but they can't cover for > 5 sec effectively. The entire defensive philosophy has changed because of Mattison. Rex Ryan was the key to our success on D. Mattison has to change his philosophy & if he doesn't, Harbaugh has to have the *^&% to change coordinators.

Rex Ryan. His Jets have the same 3-3 record that we have, but the Jets don't have half the talent of the Ravens. Mattison is out of his league here.

Jim Leonard could have stayed but no one asked. He had intangibles but was considered Rex Ryans personal player. Bart Scott tackled and shut down. I would say its a toss up. Why wouldnt we pay Bart Scott after he signed for less the previous contract.

It is clearly both of their cornerbacks, Rolle and McAlister. When you have two potential shut-down corners, your safeties are free to roam the defensive backfield and watch the opposing QB. Foxworth and Washington are like tissue paper when it comes to matching physicality of opposing recievers which means Reed and Landry are constantly having to play corner, something should not ever be expected to do.

Rolle and McAllister.
Secondary sucks.

Jim Leonhard easily.
Would we be looking at 7-0 if Leonhard were still wearing a Ravens' jersey?
And minus some terrible penalty calls in the Patriots game.
Great hypothetical.
We'll never know but it does make one wonder...

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