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What's your hope for the Yankees this postseason?

Well, the good news from Wednesday’s discussion is that there still are plenty of passionate opinions about the Orioles, despite their continual losing.

You may not care as much as you once did, but you still care. And that’s important.

I understand some of you believe it is ridiculous that most of the coaching staff (and Dave Trembley) can be back after the team lost 98 games and stumbled through consecutive losing season No. 12.

I say to that what I said to the picking up of Trembley’s option: There isn’t enough talent to make a true judgment on the coaching staff.

But, trust me, it is expected that if this team is disastrous again next year, there will be a housecleaning -- even if, again, it’s not the coaches’/manager’s fault. It won’t matter.

One quick point about Wednesday’s discussion: Juan Samuel has re-upped as third base coach, so he will not be bench coach. He probably would have been good at that position, but look for the new hire to have catching experience.

OK, moving on. We haven’t talked much about the baseball postseason. So we let the premature ending of the Red Sox season pass without any comment. Shame on all of us.

The Yankees are still alive, though, and they are worth discussing. I have talked to several Orioles’ fans as well as some friends who are just baseball fans. And the thoughts are all over the board when it comes to these Yankees.

Some traditional Yankee haters are unhappy that the Bronx Bombers are back in the ALCS. Yet at least one Yankee hater I know wants to see the Yankees get to the World Series, so they can lose to Joe Torre. He figures they can suffer that indignity while the whole world watches them suffer.

I ran that theory by another Yankee hater, who admitted that is a sweet scenario but said he didn’t want to leave it to chance. He’ll root for the Angels, and if they falter, then he’ll root for whomever plays the Yankees in the World Series.

Another O’s fan told me that he views this Mark Teixeira-led team much like he did Mike Mussina’s Yankees. He has cursed them and hopes Tex never wins a ring.

Then there’s another interesting theory. A writer I know said he’d like to see the Yankees win it all, just to show that you can go from a non-playoff team in one year to a champion if you can buy the three best players in a free-agent market. He says it will further expose baseball’s economic disparity for the sham it is. I get that, but I also told him it’s not a news flash and it’s not going to change a thing.

One last side of the Yankees coin. A diehard Orioles fan told me he wants to see the Yankees win, because he now hates the Red Sox more, and if the Yankees win, it’ll most pain Red Sox Nation. And that will give him tremendous pleasure, since he doesn’t harbor the illusion that the Orioles can top either in his lifetime.

So which camp are you in?

Daily Think Special: What’s your dream scenario involving the Yankees and this postseason?


A TRUE diehard Orioles fan NEVER, EVER roots for the Yankees! I really hope the Angels DESTROY Evil Inc. Don't care how many games; JUSTDOIT! An all-red World Series (Angels v. Phillies) would be nice.

World Series. It might make Angelos notice he owns a baseball team.

i think the yankee's are going all the way. it has been 9 years since they have been to the world series i don't like the yankee's either.i would really like to see the angel's take them in 4 games in the league chanpionship games. don't believe that it will happen. my prediction is that the yankee's will sign roy halladay and matt holliday in the off season,release hideki matsui if the yankee's get roy and matt they will be in a position to get to the post season for several years.i will be rooting for the angels in the alcs

This is the easiest question I've ever been asked. I hope the Yankees get crushed and then swept up in 3 games!!

I hope the yankees NEVER win a world series again.

distruction , total disaster , out in 4.
but other then that , i dont care.

There is yet another side to this multi-faceted 'coin'...if the Yankees win, then the O's lost mostly to the best in the biz...we lost an inordinate number of games to the AL East, and of those games too many were lost to two of the top 4 teams in the, maybe we don't suck as badly as it seems because we played more and lost more against the best of the best. This should put additional fire under the rears of the FO...meaning we should, if we really want to compete, try to make huge splashes during the off season.

Yeah, that is pretty lame, but it lessens the sting a little. It also sets the bar really high for us, instead of marginally higher.

We have to become perennial contenders to challenge perennial contenders. We have to make ourselves a genuinely great club to challenge those who perennially occupy the postseason seeds.

I'd rather know we are going to be a great organization for years to come, in a couple years, than a marginally better team, but have to 'rebuild' again in a couple years.

We are in the AL East, so let's act like it and knock the powerhouses down a peg or 12!

ALCS - Series tied at 3 games a piece.
Bottom of the 9th at Yankee Stadium. Angels leading 3-2. Yanks have bases loaded with 1 out. Tex strikes out on called third strike. A-Rod strikes out swinging. Game over. Series over. Season over.
Yankees sit at home to watch WS with our beloved O's...

I used to like the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels until their manager acted like a jerk the night Felix Pie hit for the cycle and then had his pitcher throw at Pie the next game. Despite their clueless manager they are playing the Bankees so I hope they sweep them. If the Bronx Bummers get past the Angels I will root for whoever they play. I agree with your friend, I hope Mark T never wins a ring and Giradi too for that matter since he turned down the Orioles.

Perhaps being swept and having multiple injuries to all of the players except Jerry Hairston, who should hit for the cycle.

It's a Catch 22 for me. I follow the old t shirt axiom that I route for two teams, the Orioles and whoever is playing the Yankees. The catch is nothing makes me happier than watching them lose, but if they lose in early rounds, some of my pleasure of watching them lose goes away, hence a playoff without as much excitment.

The year they lost to the Diamondbacks in WS game 7 was the best example of this, compared with the year they took it on the chin from the Angels.

I'll take them losing to any of the remaining 3 to keep me happy all winter though.

My hope for the Yankees is real simple. Win the LCS and play the Dodgers in the World Series. And after winning Game 6 or Game 7 in New York when Tim McCarver asks Joe Torre what he is thinking he looks in to the camera and says "Mr. Steinbrenner....I Win"!!

I hope Tex snaps his femur and has years of complicated surgeries.

Tim, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. That would make me feel almost like I was watching the O's win the World Series.

GO ANGELS!! And I hope Texeiera gets permanent diarrhea!!


Barkeep's Reply: Dave, that's painful, but funny.
Quick note to some other patrons: Use good judgment. There are some things we shouldn't joke about. And I can't approve those comments. Sorry.

Typical Baltomorons!!! The Yankees don't even know who the O's are. It's like hating the hottest girl in school. She doesn't even know you exist. Their rival is Boston. Always has been, always will. Every O's fan would be happy to have any Yankee starter. Don't waste your time bringing up the payroll. When you got the hot girl, you don't take her to McDonalds, Ruth Chris or better. Go Yankees!!! The most successful franchise in Sports!!!

I am in the camp that is pulling for 25 strained obliques on the Yankees roster.

More than anything else I am pulling for Teixeira to make a bonehead play of the magnitude that makes people forget about Bill Buckner. Maybe some sort of Bucker-Steve Lyons hybrid, where rather than fielding the game-winning out, he absentmindedly pulls his pants down and lets the ball roll into right field for the game-winning it.

I would also settle for Teixeira getting eaten by a crocodile.

Os fans & all other fans should never want to see a team with a payroll like NYY's or BOS's win a world series. We want to pound the message into their heads that spending ridiculous amounts of money doesn't equate to championships. Teams are built, not bought !

Sorry I've been away, Dan. No, I didn't go on the wagon, but I needed a break after last weekend's football games, starting with the college games on Saturday and concluding with my fantasy team after Monday night's game. Not a pretty picture for my rooting interests.

But now that I'm back, take my first beer and pour it on Pelham for me. Idiot Yankee fans. I agree, we never considered the Yankees as rivals, just either a pitiable team when they sucked (happened more often than you'd care to admit from 1966-1983 when the Orioles were the top franchise in the AL) or an organization worthy of contempt as they have become recently.

My hope for the Yankees in the postseason this year is the same as for every game. I want them to lose. I don't care if they're playing Al Qaeda, I still want them to lose. Doesn't matter to me if the Angels do it, the Dodgers, or even the Phillies. And there are reasons not to root for either of the NL teams, but none so compelling as to justify rooting for the Yanks. I like some of the specific scenarios laid out by others like hew and Tim, as they could be particularly disheartening to Pelham and his ilk. The more humiliating and frustrating to the pinstripers the better.

Just like most of those on the board I wish the Yankees the worse of luck in their endeavors. I am old enough to remember sitting in the stands at Memorial stadium and hearing Baltimoreans root for the Yankees JUST because they won EVERY year. Want a strong hitting RF'er..NO PROBLEM, just call your cousins in KC and here comes Maris. 20+ game winner...Ditto Ralph Terry. Johnny Mize to PH anyone? My happiest year was 1965 when the Twins won! At least someone other than the Yankees. Of course, THAT was topped by a mile the next yr when the O's took it. Loved those Horace Clarke years! The Yanks, since the 1920's have won FAR too many's still someone else's turn. COME ON ANGELS!!

Would love to see them lose to Joe Torre's Dodgers. Sweet Justice!!

Elimination to the Evil Empire!!!!
Anyone can spend over 200 million a year by grabbing all the players that other teams have developed and them pretend to be winners. The Dark force of the Yankee organization represents what wrong in the world today. GREED and EGO.
With that said I think they will win this year and then go out and buy (while driving up salaries) whatever players they need thus hurting professional sports on a whole.

To quote...
"What’s your dream scenario involving the Yankees and this postseason?"

Some old player from the Yanks once said something of the like:

"The more me lose, the more he [Steinbrenner] will fly in. The more he flies, the more likely it will be that his plane crashes."

Oh, to dream the impossible dream.
Just replace old & growing senile George with their whole roster, you get my drift.

Dan - I respectfully disagree with one of your opinions outlined above. Now that the Twins are out, I am rooting for the Yankees to go undefeated in the post season (11-0) and steamroll everyone - just to highlight how ridculous the current system is. Then I hope this year they sign Lackey and Holliday and next year they sign Mauer. Somehow the message has to get across that the system is not a level playing field. It's like the Yankees (and a few other high payroll teams) have a 50 meter head start in a 100 meter race - and then they celebrate at the end like they accomplished something!

Just to follow-up on my previous entry - I think it should be noted that the Yankees would NOT have even made the playoffs if they could not have signed Sabathia, Burnett, and Tex (never mind previous signings/re-signings like A-Rod, Damon, Matsui, etc.). This notion that they accomplish something by making the playoffs every year is ridiculous. Try winning on $150M less a year and then they would have something to talk about. I don't care what anybody says - it's not a level playing field - so they are all just hollow victories.

First of all, Hey "Pelham", why don't you get off of here and spend time on your bandwagon Yanks. I'm assuming bandwagon b/c you're probably from here and try to never have a bad day in baseball by just rooting for the most "successful franchise in sports". And don't give us that "don't even know who the Orioles are" because if you really were a true Yankees fan, you would know that for 30 years the O's had the best record in baseball and won 3 Championships, while the 'Sox won...let's see- ZERO! It was the O's and Yanks who were mostly duking it out year after year. Grab a history book and look at the records! I agree, the main rival is Boston but don't sit there telling us that nonsense!

As for me, sure I would love to see the Yanks get bounced early, but I do think my best case scenario is in fact, a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching loss in Game 7 to Torre's Dodgers. I would love to see Rivera blow the save- and championship- while all those Yanks fans are on their feet at Yankee stadium chanting for the final out. Manny steps up- Yankee killer- and hits a 2 out, 2 strike Grand Slam and Dodgers win by one, with Sherrill getting the clinching save for the championship- and Torre being celebrated in the town that let him go!

Dan, let me replace that beer CSB Jack poured on Pelham...on 2nd thought, pour that one on him too!

My wish for the Yankees:

get swept by the Angels in 4 games, for Tex to go 0 - 15 with 10K's, for AJ Burnett to get lit up faster than Charlie Sheen in his 20's and for the ntire Yankees roster to get H1N1 and be confined to the Yankees clubhouse until Christmas.

I just want them to lose so everyone can see that money doesn't buy you championships, just a ticket to the post season more often than not. I hope the Fightin' Phils win it all!

I hope they win the ALCS in 7 games then lose the WS in 7 games.

Nothing an older team needs more then to play 179 games instead of 162.

Everyone bashes the Yankees because they spend money and "buy" championships.... Must be nice to have ownership in place who's No.#1 ambition is to win.... Not hope for a 70 win season... Was a true O's fan and HATED the Yankees since I was like 6. But since Cal retired, this team no longer had that "it" about it that even all the years of 3-4th place at Memorial Stadium had. Until there is a change in ownership, the O's will always be 2nd class citizens in MLB....

O what a bunch of losers!!!!! tex didn't sign with us, so I hope he dies!, Girardi too! now I know I have to make my great nephew a Yankee fan.

put a salary cap on baseball
and see where the yankees go
with that....

from 1966 to 1982 the orioles
were the most winningest team
in baseball...

how quickly they forget, and
one more thing the orioles
were the best team period
from 1966 - 1971 winning
two world titles, and four
al championships......

you can look it up.....

Go Dodgers. Just to see the pain on Steinbenner's face when he loses to the man with 4 WS Rings as a Yankee Manager was no longer good enough to manage his team

...y'know right now you gotta admit, they look like the best team in baseball,,,just how they must 've looked to Mike Mussina in's hoping that they keep the streak alive of winning as many rings as the O's have during Mike's time with the Yanks......however if they DO happen to win---well, Mussina---I guess it WAS you.

swept in 4, a-rod and kate hudson break up, a-rod and teixeira go 0-17 each, teixeira gets booed off the field and retires because he feels so hated by the new york crowd, and the yankees don't score the whole series.

My hopes for the Yankees this post-season........HMMMMMMM!
one in-grown nail(pitching hand). One strained oblique. Two strained hamstrings. And two batters equilivent of the Yipps.

Let's just say "I'm already disappointed!"

Is theire any REAL REASON to care! It is baseball and it is boring and has NO real meaning or impact of TEAM SPORTS. Baseball is made of of 25 aimless individuals who cannot not know of find any direction. BOREDOM LIVES!!!

I have lived in NY State for 25 years. yankee fans are fair weather at best. I wish nothing more than the yankees lose in-not 4, not 5, but 7 to the Angels. Perhaps that will get their fans to simply shut up for awhile. Oh, Mike M. is your ring too tight for your finger? I can adjust it. Just give it here a moment. Oops! Sorry! I forgot that you and your teammates never earned one. So very sorry.

as an orioles and nationals fan, i want the yankees out of the playoffs indefinetaly. they are the most greediest egoist and cockiest organization on the planet. all they care about is winning the world series every single year and taking the fun out of baseball.

Listen I am a die hard Orioles fan and deep down I hope the angels beat the Yankees, but it might not be a bad thing if the Yankees win. Alls that will do is re ignite the fact that you need to spend money in order to win!!! You know what is another championship for the them they already have 25 or 26 which is ridiculous.

After reading Brian's post, I decided to reply. I agree with his statement to a point. it isnt always about money. Baltimore cannot compete with New York when it comes to financial situations, however Angelos is so bad no real coaches want to coach there and no players want to sign there. Tex did want to play at home, but Angelos balked at the deal and he went to New York who welcomed him. Same thing with Scott Rolen years ago, Angelos blew that. He is cheap, uncaring, and a typical lawyer. Nuff said!!

I hope the Yankees go down and go down hard.

Would love to see the Yankees in the WS, only if they play the Dodgers. I would really love to see Torre beat their high priced butts. Torre was the only Yankee (perhaps Jeter also) that I had any respect for. Torre and Dodgers beating the Yanks! How great is that!

Anything negative is good. Even if they go to the World Series it can still be good for fellow Yankee haters. Losing a heart breaker like the Arizona thriller or the way an inferior Pirate team beat the 60 NY team of Mantle and Ford.

Then there's the joy of the Angels taking them out before they get to the World Series. By the way, it's preferrable to have the other team clinch it in NY to rub it in more as "New York, New York" is played in the backgound. Do they play it after a loss? I'm too busy cheering to hear it. And the extra pleasure of never accidentally catching John Sterling with his obnoxious Theeeeeee Yankeees Win call.

Additional joys...big money tickets like CC, Tex and A-rod bomb out spectularly in the post season, maybe even having a super big blow up a la Joaquin Andujar in the KC world series debacle for the Cardinals.

There are many things to hope for but I have a bad feeling that this is the Yankees year. I pray for the Angels, Phils or Dodgers to beat them. If it weren't for that idiot Manny I would definitely cheer for LA all the way.

My wish for the Yankees...a serious & scortching case of H1N1.

I want to see the Yankees make it to the WS and loose in 7 games in extra innings on a fluke play. That way it will hurt the most

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