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What's your feeling about Philadelphia sports teams and their fans?

Back to baseball for a day.

(But a quick programming note first. With the Ravens’ bye week coming up and the Orioles rather silent, I am going to be shutting the bar down, likely for the rest of October. That means probably no Prediction Friday this week or next, but we’ll get back to sports talk in early November. Thursday will probably be the last day for a while, but I’ll leave the key under the door in case you guys need an emergency drink.)

Anyway, I was in Philly on Monday and watched the Phillies come back to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and go up 3-1 in the National League Championship Series.

In the preseason I predicted the Dodgers would win the World Series. Technically, they are still alive, but I don’t see it happening now. The Phillies are a very good team with a great offense and a dependable – if not formidable -- rotation.

So I am pretty sure they’ll represent the NL again in the World Series.

Now I know if they play the Yankees in the October Classic, this place will suddenly become South Street South. But otherwise I am curious as to hear what Baltimore fans think about the success in Philadelphia.

There was a time when the two cities had a little geographical rivalry, especially between the Orioles and Phillies, who met in the 1983 World Series.

I went to a Pennsylvania college and the number of Philadelphia sports fans there grossly outnumbered Baltimore/Washington or New York area fans.

And so I had a lot of Philly sports shoved down my throat in four years.

It has been a long time since I have been a fan or hater of any particular sports team, though. So I want your opinion on the Phillies and Philadelphia sports in general.

To be honest, I think this Phillies team is pretty likeable. Also, two men with Orioles ties that I respect, third base coach Sam Perlozzo and assistant GM Scott Proefrock, are in line for a ring, and I’d like to see that happen for their sakes.

Plus, after the initial celebration wore off, Philly Phanatics were pretty darn civil and respectable this year as the fans of the defending World Champions. They didn’t seem to flaunt it the way a certain crew up north has recently. I think part of it is that Philly fans are so used to falling short that they were waiting for someone to wake them up this year.

So I don’t have a problem if they repeat. But do you?

Daily Think Special: What’s your feeling on Philadelphia sports fans and their teams?


Jelous that they have a major league team and we don't!

I moved up to Philadelphia in August for graduate school after the first 22 years of my life that was spent entirely on the outskirts of Baltimore. That being said, I took my Baltimore roots with me and cheer hard for the O's, Terps, and Ravens and let it be known I am from Maryland. I have noticed a few things about the fans of Philadelphia in my short time here:

1)They have no faith in their teams, I know several people that refused to watch last nights game going into the 9th inning, they bad mouth their players (even stars and especially Brad Lidge)

2) This may be the result of band wagon fans but I feel that despite being an outsider I seem to know more about their sports teams then they do, even those with long time season ticket plans.

3) They booed Santa Claus and Donovan McNabb

but in the end, the whole city of Philadelphia embraces the Phillies right now as they make a run at the World Series. Even if it meant band wagon fans, I'd be thrilled to see Baltimore painted orange and black

I feel like Philly fans are a lot like Baltimore fans, only more expressive, like a ne'er do well cousin with a bad reputation ("Fans at the Vet storm field, pummel umpire, security refuses to intervene.")
Personally, I've always found them easy to talk to, knowledgeable and gracious to visitors (far more gracious than they are to their own teams, for sure).
I've seen games there many times and never had a moment's trouble.

Red Sox & Yankees fans, on the other hand, are largely obnoxious and full of a undeserved sense of accomplishment for having figured out how to turn $400 million into a winning baseball team. Please.

I'm on the bandwagon if they face the Yankees. In other words, I have nothing against them.

As far as the fans, they're cool

I'm from MD and have been living in Broomall, PA for about 6 years now. And I gotta say Matt hit it right on the head describing Philly fans.

Although you also have to add that they booed some 4 year old kid (referenced on The Band That Wouldn't Die), and they were throwing mustard packets at Joe Maddon's grand daughter last year during the World Series.

The fans are funny. Donovan McNabb is either a Hall of Fame QB or the worse thing since Rodney Peete; there is no in between with these fans.

Philly fans really tend to overvalue some of their players, although I guess this is true of most fans. Shane Victorino is the next Mickey mantle, Jayson Wyerth the greatest RF this decade, and so on.

My family is originally from Catonsville. I moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania in the late 1980s. I can agree that Philly sports fans are not my most favorite bunch of people in the world. McNabb is a bum or a hero, depending on his weekly performances. Phillies fans have appeared from nowhere over the past few years (surprisingly).

They love their teams, only when they are winning...

We went to the Eagle games for 3 years while we had no local team. The nastiest bunch of a___oles i've ever been around. After one game we were leaving the stadium and weren't sure how to get to our car. We asked a group of people how to get to a certain street and the response was "who gives a ___k" That was typical of our experience with the fans.

I've been reading for a long time, have never posted before. That could be because I'm only 19 (please don't kick me out!!) Your post really scratched me where I itch. I'm from Hanover PA, in the heart of Birdland, but am currently attending college at West Chester University, about 25 miles outside of Philly. And Philly sports are being shoved down my throat too. The fans are great, but only when their team wins. When i arrived last semester as a freshman, I saw practically no Phillies shirts. When they made the playoffs they suddenly appeared all over the place. They are only there when they are winning. They are also extremely obnoxious and rude and always quick to point out that my beloved O's suck. The bad part is all my fans are either Philly or Yankee fans, so I never hear the end of it.
I know this was kind of a rant, thanks for allowing it Dan. Keep up the good work, and I'll have a natty boh if you don't card. This certainly isn't the land of pleasant living over here!


Barkeep's Reply: Ben, welcome in. I'll look the other way as you chug the Boh. And I was definitely in your spot in college. I was a freshman in the midst of Yankees and Phillies fans when the O's started 0-21. That leaves a mark.

I've lived in Philly for 10 years now (Baltimore native).

It took me a while to see the distinction, but there's a definite difference between "Philly" fans and Eagles fans. Eagles fans have earned their negative reputation, and I know plenty of Philly sports fans who loathe them and their abnoxious outbursts.

I couldn't disagree more with the above comments about being unknoweledgable however. All in all, it's a great sports city...and this Phillies team is difficult not to get behind. They just have a cluth, grind it out attitude that I love to see. They take their lunchpails to work, each and every one of them.

I was worried about the Boston syndrom as well after last year's win, but the reality is --- everyone just downright happy about the team. They aren't on some ego edge.

Don't get me wrong...there's part of me that likes seeing the Eagles lose, but take that football team out of the picture and Philadelphia gets a bit of a bad rap.

Food for thought: Philly also has a bigger sense of insecurity at looking up to New York than Baltimoreans do looking down at DC.

Living down here in the Lewis-Rehoboth area for the last 6 years I've been lucky enough to have several local friends who came from Philly. They have very good knowledge of the games and great loyalty. Don't get me wrong they are "friggen different" but cool, and they are also well over 60 years old.

As we're talking about Philly fans changing b/w viewing McNabb as a bum or hero, that reminds me of the comments on this website, about various players, say Samari Rolle, Felix Pie, Brian Roberts, etc. We act like we know more than Harbaugh/Trembley just by sitting on our sofas watching the games.

okay i understand the whole hit or miss with US philly fans however, how many times have our "next big thing" guys ended up choking in huge situations, and the little guys pulling out the big games. it happens everywhere, not just philadelphia. philly fans just get the hate for it because we are nationally recognized fans like a few other big cities. the phillies WILL win the world series. they have thier s**t coming together at the right time. the bullpen is resurgent, and that was thier "biggest knock" headed into the postseason and it haunted them all season. Donovan McNabb is the man, so is lidge, were only critical because we know how good they really are and it sucks watching them not play to thier potential. im sorry but i absolutely love every philadelphia sports team. i have for every year of my young 19 years being alive. its bred here. im from a suburb of philly and last holloween, our school had 86 people in it out of almost 1,500. and EVERY LAST STUDENT was at the ws parade. we dont expect that to be an often occurring thing around here because we know how things are every year. so we take full advantage. we love that other cities hate us. that means we have gotten our point across. philadelphia is the most passionate, and in the end, loyal city in the united states. i will never follow any other teams. if the phillies dont win another world series until im 50, thats fine, ill be at the parade. at least we will have won. thats all i want along with every other person in this area game winning, championship winning, and exciting *ss games to attend year in and year out. youll never see it bandwagoners, i know youre out there and theyre all over here, i cant stand it but its better than cheering alone in the cold october air! GO PHILLIES, EAGLES STEP IT UP PLEASE YOU JUST LOST TO THE RAIDERS, AND ILL TALK TO ALL YOU HATERS ONCE I SEE ANYONE TRY TO COMMENT BACK TO ME.

Ok, I'm a Phillies fan and can give a little perspective (although I know, you asked Baltimore fans, not us). Phillies fans were always around, they were just really down on the team. We all (or rather, most of us) watched when they were terrible, we just weren't quite so blatant about showing support for the team because they didn't really deserve it. Yeah, there will always be bandwagon people, but the fan base is loyal, if critical. And yes, the fans at Eagles games are in their own separate class of rude and obnoxious (and drunk).

Im the "real deal" a real phillies fan. Born and raised in the Delaware valley. We love our phillies everyday and hate our phillies everyday. Thats how it goes like it or not. I've personally always been faithful even in 93 when wild thing destroyed my childhood, and 85-91 99-05 when we were the bottom feeders of the NL east. I moved to baltimore in 96 before the ravens, so i bleed purple and black, but phils fans are a different breed. We just want to win so badly and are not used to it that when something goes wrong.... the boo birds come out. when you dont catch a foul ball .... the boo birds come out...... when u leave the phillies team and talk trash (Rolen) and come back to play you get boooooed. Thats the way it is and thats how we like, haters can say what they want, but we're the still the champs until someone beats us. Go phillies!!

I went to college in Philly so I have deep respect for Philly fans and their suffering. Two things: they did not boo Santa. They booed the guy who was dressed as Santa, who was absolutely wasted. Secondly, when my buddy and I went up for the Os Phils series in June they were extremely respectful and friendly. Much more so than Boston fans when they come here (and we were in the Philly's park). Philly fans are similar to Baltimore fans.

I grew up in Philly and lived there until I was 22. I somewhat agree with Matt's comments, if the teams are doing well, the fans are into it. If the team wins, you'll hear "WE beat the Rangers last night" but if they lose you'll hear "THEY lost to Miami again" or something like that. If they're strugging, then people talk about moving the team elsewhere. I remember during the Eagles 6-10 season in 2005 that people were saying the Eagles were moving to LA. The fans are very knowledgable however. Philly also supports their smaller teams well, like the Wings and up until they left, the Phantoms. I'll admit, Eagles fans are mostly jerks and boorish as any European soccer hooligan. Phils, Flyers and Sixers fans I see tend to be pretty reasonable. I do get irked with the "Booing Santa" incident however. It happened 41 years ago!!

I grew up in Roxborough (it's a neighborhood in Philly) and lived there until I was 22. I somewhat agree with Matt's comments, if the teams are doing well, the fans are into it. If the team wins, you'll hear "WE beat the Rangers last night" but if they lose you'll hear "THEY lost to Miami again" or something like that. If they're strugging, then people talk about moving the team elsewhere. I remember during the Eagles 6-10 season in 2005 that people were saying the Eagles were moving to LA. The fans are very knowledgable however. Philly also supports their smaller teams as well, like the Wings and up until they left, the Phantoms. I'll admit, Eagles fans are mostly jerks and boorish as any European soccer hooligan. Phils, Flyers and Sixers fans I see tend to be pretty reasonable. I do get irked with people bringing up the "Booing Santa" incident however. It happened 41 years ago!!

I love that some 'lone' experiences through the years have labeled all Philly fans in a bad light. Actually, I consider the Phil's my 'second' home team - and by far more worth rooting for than the 'major league' team - Orioles. They are not a bunch of a-holes either, so I think it is 'fine' pulling for them. As for Eagles fans...well, I would be P.O.'d after that loss to the Raiders too. LOL! I don't mind the 'Philly' sports wagon around town, just keep the Pittsburg one away - now those are some annoying fans. Lump them in with the Yankee and RedSox fans as well.

I went to game 1 of the TB/Phi world series last year. Phillie fans were well represented, not like SUX nation, but made a little noise. Its like most, a few of them make them all look bad. Utley hits a dinger and a philly fan cheers, which is ok, until he spills some of his beer on the woman behind him and she spills hers trying to get out of the way. Philly fan says sorry like he couldn't care less. man with woman starts giving Philly fan crap...resonable Philly fan comes from 3 rows back to mediate, talks dumb philly fan into apologizing for real and buying woman a beer. Then outside (dome game) after the game, i catch the tail end of an almost altercation where philly fan yells at ray fan, "If we were in philly, you'd be dead by now!" Nice.

I grew up near Philly, but have lived in Baltimore for 15 years. The Philly fans are passionate - unlike the Baltimore fans. I laugh at "Purple Fridays" because you can hardly find 10 people dressed in purple. Some of the Philly fans can be rough around the edges, but I do respect the passion. I am not much of a baseball fan, but am glad to see the team doing well for a town that had gone some time without a championship. If only the Flyers could win one (another thing that bothers me about Baltimore - it's almost impossible to find anyone who likes hockey).

I went to college with them for 4 years, they suck. They only love their players when they're winning, when they aren't they call them all sorts of things not appropriate for polite company. One plus though is people watching a bunch of Philly fans watching one of their teams play a game is always priceless. I dunno what I'd do though if I had to watch them and NY play in the world series this year, definitely a no win situation for Baltimore

I grew up in the Scranton area which has allegiance to Philly teams. And here are my impressions.

The NHL in Philly does well though they have not won anything since the 1970's. They come close and crap out but have a very devoted and rowdy following.

The 76ers have a classic franchise. Have had 2 of the 5 greatest players ever play there (Wilt, Dr J.) and another HOFer in Barkley. Have a lot of history but nothing to show recently. I think basketball is the least fav sport in Philly.

The Eagles are a horrendous franchise. They never win anything and never will. Moron owner and fat pathetic coach combo = failure. They took a gamble on a murderer and look like fools. Since they have not won a title since 1960, I wonder why they still have such a rabid fanbase.

The Phillies are currently the class of Philly. Charlie Manuel has made them winners which is in stark contrast to their history. They are the first franchise to hit 10,000 losses and at one point in their history, they finished under .500 in 30 out of 31 seasons. They were the last original NL team to win a World Series (1980) and are so far under .500 as a franchise that it would take 100 wins a year for next 30+ years to get back to .500. The Phillies won 2 titles, while the Athletics (who left Philadelphia in the early 1950's) won 5 titles before they moved to KC. The Phillies are currently very good but they have a lot of miserable history to overcome to stop the jokes. But a huge roster of legends have played there dating back to 1883 and their curent venue is awesome.

As for the Philadelphia fans, they are insatiable. They have a "loser" complex due to the long drought between titles in their sports, but they have a somewhat blind devotion to their teams. If you are from the Philadelphia area, it seems you have to like your local teams or you will get beat up. I have never met a person from that region that supported a franchise that was not local.

I will say that fans have calmed down a bit since THE VET was demolished. Remember their was a jail in that stadium and a judge on duty during Eagles games. With the newer venues, it seems that fans have mellowed a bit.

Then again, this is the city that booed and pelted Santa Claus and is known for negative behavior (see jail reference above). They booed legends like Mike Schmidt and their mascot (the Phanatic) used to run over a dummy that looked like Tommy Lasorda during games. It can be very hostile there and the locals are proud of that. Maybe that is why the pope never comes to visit Philadelphia - even he is afraid!

Bottom line - they have passion and devotion (sometimes too over the top) that is unlike any I have seen for a city overall to every one of their 4 franschises. No city loves all its teams the way the city of brotherly love does.

Philly fans overall, I fell get a bad rap. Like most towns a few bad apples leave a bad taste around the world. They are quite obnoxious when they are winning, but what team isn't? Also, I have many college friends who are die hard eagles and phillies fans and they are completely up and down on their team. Their rationale is that they are so used to losing, that as soon as a walk or a hit occurs late in a game they fear losing so badly they get Pissy. Love them or hate them, they are definitely passionate, just a wee bit self conscious

I hate when you shut down for a week. I lose weight and I have to put a dent in the honey do list. No Connolly's and no Ravens this weekend....I'll go nuts.

Lots of excellent posts. Philly fans remind me of a group of loud cousins I have. They are passionate about everything important to them and will fight you, your own kin, if they were so inclined. Having said that, I'll love 'em, warts and all, and want them on my side.

If they play the NYY, they will have my undivided attention and support in the hopes they beat the bums from New York.

Gimme a philly cheese steak (wit cheese) and a Dos Equis.

As a bleed green/ red EAGLES/PHILLIES fan living in Boston I can tell you first hand there is no comparison to RED SUX fans. They are the most obnoxious group of daddy's mistakes walking this earth. Yes EAGLES fans are rude and classless but that is football, it comes with the territory. RED SUX fans are white trash with money. They act like they are the only team in baseball, they think you arent allowed to cheer at the game unless u r a SUX fan, they think Fenway is a shrine, honestly if you've been there you know its a dump. With all the money they make there you think they would at least paint the place! Philly fans are for the most part respectful to other fans, unless you start yapping then we will put you down like an old mule. GO PHILS!!!!

I root for them because of their fans. The fans suffered a while without a championship until last year. They are good passionate fans.

Like you barkeep, I went to college w/a lot of people from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As a result, I began following the Phils, Eagles, and Flyers. I have no problems with the fans, and was even treated well years ago when I went to an O's-Phils game at the Vet. The fans are a lot like us- they follow teams that can be good, but not good enough to take it all (Ravens Super Bowl victory and Terps NCAA championship aside, think of all of the local playoff teams and their near misses that didn't quite go all the way in the past 30 years) which leads to constant heartbreak. They also hate NY as much as we do, so that's another thing both cities have in common. DC is a rival in football, and B'more has an inferiority complex w/DC, so another thing in common between the two cities.

The fans are passionate and knowledgeable, so you gotta love that too- I have vivid memories of my college roommate yelling at the tv during Eagles games for the ridiculous things that would happen to that team at gametime. The one thing I don't get though, as someone else mentioned- their opinion of Donovan McNabb ebbs and flows along with how he and the team are doing. If he played for the Ravens and took us to 5 AFC championship games in 10 years, he'd be a god here. Apparently that's not good enough for Philly.

And Rob K., I think the term is "wit whiz" or "whiz wit" if I remember correctly for that cheesesteak you ordered.
As for the person who mentioned that the rowdiness at the Linc is not the same as it was with the Vet, the answer is pretty simple- new stadium = more expensive tix (i.e., gentrification of clientele), leaving out the boorish drunks who can no longer afford to go to the games.

NO doubt, some of the most unclassy fans out there! Passionate- yes! But only when they are winning. Obnoxious- YES! Not as annoying as Yankees and 'Sox fans, but perhaps more unclassy than ANY fan base!

I'd take the worst & most rabid Philly fans over the grossness that is left behind after NewYorkers leave the Charm City. Red sox fans are not much better but Yankee fans win hands down at being the Biggest, Loudest Fattest & most obnoxious fans in baseball. Yankee fans leave a grease stain on the city when they're here. If the O's don't decide to supply major league talent & pretty soon, I'd have no problem easing in as a Phille fan. At least they have a team to be passionate about & they do it well.

They will jump on a band wagon in a second! Though they are very passionate when they're on the wagon...

I can't really say anything but I have a friend who lives out of state and his parents visited Philadelphia. They decided to go to CB Park to watch a Phillies game just to see what it's like. They said there were some loudmouth fratboys in front of them the entire time but they also said that the stadium didn't really fill up till the 5th inning. In general, they thought some were obnoxious but the fans didn't really live up to the rabid reputation.

I really don't know any Philly fans, I just know of them on their reputation and reading blogs. It seems to me that Eagles fans are the ones that can be real obnoxious and the others less so.

cry cry cry. most of these posts stink of jealousy. say what you want about philadelphia if it makes you feel better about yourselves, because nobody there cares what baltimore thinks. we'll live our life. you live yours. after all, who is more pathetic, the guy complaining about his team or the guy complaining about the guy complaining about his team? (ouch.)

If we're just talking Phillies fans, I can say that I went to many an interleague game in the 2000s in Philly wearing Orioles gear and never got a cross-eyed look or dumb-a$$ comment. Then, when the playoffs hit and I was left to root for my adopted NL team, no city has better parties in the streets. THE POLICE ARE GREASING THE STREETLAMPS TONIGHT! you gotta love that.

As a life long Philadelphian I am really surprised to read so many positive comments about Philadelphia fans. This negative reputation was created mostly by the media. How long will national broadcasters get away with the tired comment about Santa Claus? The comment from Marcus really nailed it. Most of the people with the negative outlook never met a real Philadelphia fan. He also most likely nailed it when he described the obnoxious fans that he friends encountered as frat boys. I would bet they attended a "Dollar Hot Dog Night". Most people around here have learned that those games draw a lot of college kids who grow beer muscles around the 5th inning..(and a lot of them are from out of town) As far as being tough on our players--no denying that. We dislike cry babies (e.g. Donovan McNabb) Some players understand this and though they may bet booed they come to appreciate it as tough love. (e.g. Jimmy Rollins)
P.S. I also know about New York fans. They come by the busload for Phillies/Mets games and you would swear they've only recently started walking upright and using tools.

I will be cheering for them. I never had any bad feelings about their teams. Their players are pretty cool for the most part. Some of their fans are insane and they have some of that loser complex. They're not as bad about it as Cubs fans and when they finally won one last year they didn't behave like complete jackasses like the fans of a certain team in Massachusetts. So good luck to them and beat the Stankees!

Grew up near Rehoboth Beach and am a lifelong O's fan. Moved to Philly burb and married a girl from West Philly. I agree about the distinction between Phillie and Eagles fans. Phillie fans are way classier, if only because the Eagles fans are the worst fans in the country. Philly is a football town, really. It seems to me the Eagles fans, while passionate and rude and nasty, actually hate their team. They get to the playoffs almost every year and have played in at least 3 NFC Championship Games recently, but all they get is crap from everyone from Comcast to WIP to the my father-in-law, my mother-in-laws boyfriend, the guys I work with, to all the goofs in my neighborhood with their blowup eagles football players in their front yards.

I've lived in South Jersey and the Western Philadelphia suburbs for the past 20 years. Overall, I've seen how passionate Philly fans are for the home teams, but they know little about the rest of the sports world. The sports reports on the local television stations are awful. Philly fans get no information about other teams unless the seek it out. The Phillie fans didn't realize Tampa Bay had a baseball team until they were opponents in the World Series. My guess is that they don't have a clue about the Yankees. If the Phillies win the series, the fans will obviously be thrilled. If they lose, most of them will go around with that "deer in the headlights" look.

The issue with Philadelphia fans is that it is a what have you done for me in the last 15-20 minutes. it does not matter what you did yesterday, last week, last month or last season. If you do not get it done now you are worthless. Is this bad, not really, these guys are paid a lot of money to play a kids game and since we support those teams and players we have the right to boo McNabb when he throws a ball into the ground or when Lidge can't throw the ball accurately for more than 5 pitches. They are great players but if you can not get it done and can not be consistant with it then do not sign that contract to play in Philly. It is the same for all the teams in the Philadelphia area, so just the norm not bad fans just inpatient and if you are not doing it now get ready for the boos and do not dress like Santa unless you want to get pelted by snowballs.

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