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What do you take away from Sunday's Ravens' loss?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first.

That was one heck of a game at the Metrodome Sunday. I know it didn’t end the way most of you wanted, but it couldn’t have been much more entertaining.

And Joe Flacco couldn’t have looked more like vintage Brett Favre if he had worn Wranglers and retired in the fourth quarter.

Still, the Ravens lost and have dropped three straight. What was a season of immense possibilities (3-0) is now one of confounding mediocrity (3-3).

Several of you picked the Vikings to win this one, but no one was real close to the 33-31 score. So I am giving the free bar tab this week to Space, who predicted a 24-23 Ravens’ loss. He wins because he knew this would be a nail-biter that would end poorly.

Steve Hauschka missed the game-winner, but he didn’t lose this game. The secondary did. It was a concern before the season started and it’s absolutely alarming now.

Sure, there are plenty of positives with this team. It has heart, and Joe Flacco, despite his inexperience and inconsistency, is often a pleasure to watch. That said, it may not matter if other teams can slice apart the Ravens’ pass defense.

That’s what I take from Sunday’s Ravens’ loss. Great game, but if the secondary doesn’t improve, the Ravens won’t get far in the postseason, if they make it at all.

Daily Think Special: What do you take away from Sunday’s Ravens loss?


Frank Walker should have been cut after the preseason he is horrible and we need a shutdown corner asap

I now question Harbaugh's ability to make key personnel decisions. To the best of my knowledge he deciced to replace CMac with Walker and Stover with Hauschka. How's that working out for you coach?????

I have to agree with you Dan. The secondary's poor play doomed us. I was pleased by Webb's run backs; he looks like he could break off a TD at some point in the future. I was amazed by Joe Cool's pocket presence despite all that pressure. And Ray Rice is the man! We actually have an awesome offense. But until the secondary gets better...we will struggle to win. I see us going 10-6 this year.

I still think the team can play, and I'm not too disappointed with the loss. The secondary obviously needs help, but we've lost to 3 contenders the last 3 weeks by a total of...11 points? I'm not too worried. Sure the Ravens haven't proven they can win in close games, but they have proven they can hang with the good teams. Clayton had a big misstep against the Pats that cost them the game, the secondary let Carson rip them up at the end, and Hauschka pulled one a little left. It is 3 losses, but other than the shaky secondary, the team can still play. I'm excited to see how they play Denver, who, I believe, is a pretty beatable team despite their 5-0 record.

Well the good thing is the Vikes have a Defense that is worse than ours. Unfortunately the Vikes Offense and Speacial Teams is better than ours. AND the refs are continuing their lopsided calls a balls spots against the Ravens.
I could care less about Flacco. When we run the ball - we win and give our Defense a much needed rest. If we would of attempted less passes, we WOULD HAVE won the last 3 games. The passing game is KILLING us on Offense and Defense. Run the ball and WIN. Pass the ball and we lose.

Three games in a row that we have been outcoached.
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!
Run the ball!

A screen pass is only the same as run if it's completed.

If we attempt more than 35 passes, chances are - we lost.

The offense is still trying to find its identity and sorely misses Gaither (who should be back on Nov 1). Oher is a beast on either end of the line. Flacco can run the offense and no lead is safe from the Ravens' O. The D needs work. I know it is a minority opinion, the D cannot rely on Ray Lewis. He is good, not great and cannot carry this team. No one on the front 7 has stepped up. I haven't been quick to blame the secondary since the QBs have had forever to throw the ball but today, I can blame the secondary. All they needed to do, just as with the Bengals, is stop the last drive. I felt the Offense scored that last TD too fast with how the D had been playing.

It is now time to play Zbikowski, Nakamura, Webb and whoever is playing D in the tailgate parking lot.

This loss is definitely on the D. Had they shown up at the opening whistle instead of after letting Farve march down the field on them twice, the outcome would have been different.

I would like to point out that the Vikings should have been called for an illegal pick on the second TD. Even Dierdorf stood up for the Ravens on that one.......

I learned that Frank Walker can't cover anyone quoting Marques Douglas without getting called for pass interference. I also have not seen any improvement in our secondary since it became a issue against the Chargers. When will Saumari Rolle be back? We definitely need to trade for a solid Corner not a wide receiver before the upcoming trade deadline.
I learned that we can not rely on our kicker to make game winning field goals.
I saw three positive things in this game. The first was that today I think we witnessed the birth of a superstar in Ray Rice. The second thing I loved is that our offense has the heart to comeback on the road. The third thing I saw today was a glimpse of our old defense on the second to last vikings series especially when Ray hit Brett Farve.
But today overall I learned that our secondary can not take us to the playoffs this year.

Mattison is going to lose his job because of Frank Walker. Seriously, Walker must have naked pictures of someones wife to still be on this team. He was terrible last year, awful in the pre-season and now just an embarrassment for all of mankind.

There has got to be a free agent out there better than Yellow Flag Frank

Dan: It's not just the secondary. In pass-D, the DBs are being hung out to dry because the opposing QBs, for the most part, have all day back there to find a receiver. Just as the OLs can only hold their blocks for so long, so too the DBs can only cover the receivers for so long. Except when they blitz, the D is getting next to no pressure on the opposing QB. The D-line is not able to put sustained pressure on the opposing QBs and disrupt their timing, so they're throwing on their rhythms, not our. In addition, for whatever reason, Mattison seems loath to put in the "scare the s*** out of the opposing O" blitz packages to which we became accustomed during the Rex Ryan reign. And not only are we not able to defense the pass, but lately, we have had no run-D as well. Is it the coaching? Or is it the personnel?

I am ready to replace all those on the secondary that need to go; move those that can't cut their current positions, but may be able to perform at an inferior position; and start some up-and-comers who have something to prove, and who might just give the db crew a shot in the proverbial arm. I don't want to blame Mattison (too much) yet, but at some point Harbaugh is going to have to make a tough mid-season choice-the players or the coach.

other than that, Flacco is definitely proving he is the real thing, which bodes well for the future of the team, both this season & in the 5 years to come.

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer, please. This one hurts. I never thought I would see the day that our offense had to outscore our defense. I can only hope that the defense will gel, put more pressure on the QB and take some off of the secondary. They are a step behind on too many plays. And big plays, too. Are we missing Bart Scott? Would a single player's improvement solve our problems?

We just had 3 very entertaining Baltimore football games in a row. One play here or there would have made the difference in all 3 games (against very good teams.) After that "Band that wouldn't die" film this week, I think we can all see how we should be thankful for that.

Also, keep in mind that the season isn't even half over yet and the Ravens are only 1 game out of first. It's not quite panic time yet folks!

7-9. They will win against Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit and Cincinatti. Everyone else we play features a really good quarterback and they will carve up our secondary. Even KC gave us trouble and the pathetic Deadskins did a better job containing them than we did. We are in serious trouble, because other than the corners we have a really good team. What a tragedy.

This is the first game this season in which the kicking game has been a factor. For the most part Baltimore has been scoring touchdowns and not settling for field goals.
The Ravens need a good cornerback before they should think about trading for a receiver.

I don't see the Ravens making the playoffs with the schedule they have remaining unless they figure out how to develope a pass rush and how to cover opposing team recievers without getting flagged for pass interference. I didn't like the choice not to bring back Matt Stover as I thought the young kicker would choke when the game was on the line, but I refuse to blame this loss on him. This loss rests squarely on the defense and their inability to stop the Vikings from basically scoring anytime the Ravens closed the score gap and finally when the Ravens took the lead. I shudder to think what Big Ben and the Steelers will do to this secondary when givin all the time to sit back and wait for their recievers to come open. At this time I hate to say this but I think the final NFC North standings will be Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, Baltimore, and Cleveland in that order. I will be surprised if the Ravens end up with an 8 and 8 win/loss record.

The Ravens aren't a complete team. It makes me wonder how ozzie and eric rate players. They have no pass rushers to speak of (T-sizzle is too inconsistent), Ngata is over rated, Kelly Greg and Justin Bannan aren't very good, Foxworth and Fabian are weak. This team is no where near a superbowl appearance

Drinking hot tea today I discovered just how bad some fundamentals of covering receivers are on this team.Ray Rice should be a candidate for MVP and Ray Lewis is still the team leader.This year the offense will have to bail the defense out of losing winnable games.I'm not thinking playoffs,now,but just a winning record.Cam Cameron called a better game today so I hope he continues to spread the ball around again.See you in 2 weeks,Dan;maybe Frank Walker will join us at the bar looking for a new job(?)

I agree with everything you wrote. Once you get past New England, Pittsburg and Indiannapolis, the Ravens are next, with a lot of other teams. One other problem is that we have a center who squats down just before he hikes the ball. Big advantage to the defensive line. The only time we could stop Favre was when we blitzed, and we shore didn't do that enough.

I took a lot of things from the loss and the first 6 games.

Here's my Top 10:

1) They are 3-3 going into the break...1 game out of 1st place, right in the wild card race and as a team they have not played well yet.

That is not all that bad.

Compare that and what Tennessee has done this year.

2) The defense could hardly have played much worse in the first 6 games and yet with 2-3 more fairly easy plays from the offense (a dropped pass and a missed FG) they could easily be 5-1.

3) The coaching staff has 2 weeks to a) find someone who can cover $ tackle and b) get Suggs into shape because without him they do not have a pass rush.

4) They need to use Ellerby more as an inside LB. He's fast and physical. Gooden is only fast.

5)If they can either improve the secondary and/or develop a pass rush they should be fine in the 2nd half of the season.

6) Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata have looked weak. They have been moved off the line of scrimmage too easily and they have produced little penetration on pass plays. None of the back-ups seems to have distinguished themselves either. I'm hoping we'll see more of McKinney after the break.

Ngata has to turn it up because everyone, including me, expected a breakthrough season this year.

Gregg may be past his prime or not really back from his injury.

7) They need to limit Trevor Pryce to a pass rusher only to save him for what he does best and what they need the most.

8) Walker and Carr need to be released. Landry needs to be benched. Somewhere out there there has to be three guys who are better than those three.

Maybe letting Jim Leonard go was a mistake.

Walker can't cover without getting a penalty and Carr can neither cover nor tackle.

Even Mike Preston has noticed that Landry is adding nothing.

9) Hauschka learned a lot more today by missing than he would have learned by making the kick. Even Stover had to learn that way.

10) The offense appears capable of compensating for a lot of defensive problems but they need to start a little earlier in the game.

"Hauschka didn't lose the game..." Um, really?? Granted, the secondary is awful, but the Ravens put the game in Haushcka's hands (or leg) at the end and he choked.

The loss really goes to Ozzie and the front office for deciding Hauschka was the answer over Stover. The kickofffs haven't been great, and there is no way in a million years Stover misses that kick. So pin this loss on Ozzie and the front office, and on Hauschka.

Oh yeah, and on Frank Walker, who should have played himself right off the team two weeks ago. Do they seriously think they can't find a better option? The guy is a walking pass interference penalty, and gets burned on the most basic of moves by receivers...

If you're an opposing team watching replays of the last three Ravens games, what would your game plan be? Mine would be to throw away form Ed Reed and throw in the direction of anyone else (especially Frank Walker). I wouldn't run the ball at all except on short yardage situations. It doesn't take a football genius to figure out where the high percentage plays are likely to be found.

At 3-3 I'm not exactly panicking but I'm close. Yes, the pass rush needs to be better but today the coverage was lousy, you can't just say, "oh with pressure they would've been better." I don't think so cause you saw Favre hit some quick, short passes where the receivers had a step or more ahead of the DB's. This was more on the coverage today then the pass rush. Our offense really got it together in the 2nd half and they kept us in the game. I hate to blame it on Hauschka, but if the kid would've made this we'd be 4-2 going into the bye. The terrible coverage and giving up another 100+ rush yards on the ground would be worrisome but mute if he'd have hit that FG.


....with the 'we should run the ball' crap! Just stop!

This is a different team than last year and Cam is creating the same offense he had in SD. Ray Rice is becoming LT and the offense is quickly becoming one of the best in the league.

Like those SD teams however, the defense is killing us. It's the other offense's that are keeping our D on the field you morons. They're running all over us and it's becoming a joke.

Like those SD teams, this team now throws the ball to set up the run (see the 4th quarter of today's game).

So stop it! You're not coaches, and you sound utterly ridiculous with your generic rants.

All you guys saying we need to get new DB's need to take a reality break. How many "shut down corners" are out there in free agent land? If CMac was any good he would be in the league right now, not collecting an unemployment check. How quickly we forget what a pain in the a-- that guy was. Rolle has an injured neck and will retire.
I agree about "yellow flag" Frank. Our starter in the AFC championship game was Evan Ogelsby. I don't know how Walker makes the team and he didn't. He's still un employed.
I think whatever help we get will have to come from guys already on the roster. We need more pass rush and it's time for Kruger to step up. Also, Landry is terrible. I agree that they need to take a hard look at Nakamora and Zbikowsky.
Finally, they need to look schemes and coaching in the secondary. Somtimes they just look lost.
I still think this is a 10 win team.

I refuse to give Hauschka a pass because he is a rookie. He is an NFL football player. Dude gets paid a lot of money to kick field-goals. And that was a very reasonable distance to expect any kicker to make it. Right now I bet the powers that be are thinking whatever extra money they would have had to pay to sign Stover would have been worth it, I know I am. soon you forget...Carson Palmer shredded our secondary. Without 2 or 3 dropped Bengal TD passes, we would have been clobbered last week. In fact, the Cleveland game is the only one in which the defense didn't struggle. And, if the Vikes didn't get conservative and run on its last series, today might not have come down to a field goal.

This could be a very long season...albeit very entertaining with Joe Cool and company.

What a sweet week for Stover. First he hooks up with the Colts for a possible super bowl run. Tthen he sits back in his living room during their bye week and watches his replacement blow the game winner. Speaking of the kick - Harbaugh could have made it easier on Hauschka if he insisted that the last play before the kick was run to center the ball, or at least get it near the right hash mark (which was Stover's favorite spot by the the way.)

has the trade deadline hit yet? If there is a shutdown CB available for a 1st round pick, get him.

I'm putting aside how pissed I am at Hauschka, since it only came down to his kick because our cornerbacks can't cover anyone, and Greg Mattison hasn't found a way to compensate for that glaring deficit. So painful.....finally we have a real quaretrback and Ray Rice is a joy to watch. What Ravens fan could imagine the day that the D can't hold up their end of the bargain?

Ravens cant stop the run in a 3-4 as long as the 4 are helping the DBs. Frank Walker is not competent in man to man coverage.We drafted a DB that we will not play afraid he will make mistakes. You sometimes have to set your pride a side and play the best men. 3 man pass rush and run stop does not work. Misplaced loyalty does not win football games, ask Billick.

Jack from Iowa - CMAC is playing where?

The Ravens are the second or third dumbest team in the NFL. Until they play smarter to stop the penalties, they will continue to lose.

I'd like to see more of McKinney up front than Gregg. I like Gregg, but this season he seems to be getting pushed off the line more & more as the season progresses. I would also like to see more of Ellerbe, he had bad intentions on that Peterson tackle, and doesn't overplay pursuit like Gooden. Maybe move Johnson to the line and Gooden to outside LB to utilize his speed more? Time to play Webb over Vivica Foxworthless, even being a rookie - he can't play worse than this overpaid scrub. Zbikowski at safety over Landry, he reminds me of Jim Leonhard. It's a toss up at nickel and dime, Frank "PI" Walker or Chris "Get Burned On EVERY Play" Carr. Hopefully, we'll make a trade for a decent corner and Rolle comes back. I'd take Antonio Cromartie at this point.

No pressure from the Defence...the Corners are "too soft."..and can't hit..the only kicker we needed is now a Colt...maybe we can trade for a new GM ?

Anyone noticing a horrible offensive trend in these 3 losses? In the first three wins they've made at least 28 rushing attempts per game. In these 3 consecutive losses? Never made more than 18 attempts in a game. I remember a stat Russell Baxter from ESPN has preached for years - it's not the number of rushing yards that wins games, but rushing attempts. Those who attempt more than 25 per game typically come out on the winning side. I know Flacco is going is and will be an stud in the NFL for years, but pumping him up to the sacrifice of the rest of the offense is hurting the entire team in L's!!

Great football. Sad result. Who's in Ed Reed's body lately. Ed Reed's body may have been on the field yesterday but was either invisable, out of place, or seen running off the field as their reciever cut over the middle of the field to catch a easy ball and then run 60-70 yards. Of course this was right after we had finally just got back into the game. Ed ran right past him heading to the sideline. Go figure. Big problem. The real Ed Reed is missing.

Not for nothing, but if the Vikings had been called for offensive pass interference on that second "pick play" touchdown, and they only get a field goal. The Ravens win...

When do we get the refs that are any good?

The Ravens secondary was not so hot the last 3 years, but a good pass rush has helped hide the weeknesses. We aren' getting pressure on the QBs so they have time to pick us apart. That said, the secondary is still pretty weak. D. Landry looks lost out there, so it looks like Jim Leonard might have been better than we thought. Trevor has the heart of a lion but even lions get older and slower. Maybe it is time to try Kruger at pass rush and Nakamura or Zibi____ as a starter at safety? More pressure on the QBs means less pressure on the CBs. And I think it is time to can Frank Walker and give L. Webb a shot. Walker's penalties (note - MULTIPLE) are killing us.

One last thing, Hauschka missed the FG but didn't lose the game, the defense did. Stover couldn't hit a 44 yarder last year and is older now. Give the kid a chance, he has the talent to be a great kicker, if he can learn from his mistakes. He needs to learn to keep the adrenalin from ruining his job. For his first game winner, he was a bit too excited, but remember, Stover did the same thing as a Brown and look how he turned out!

Put the loss on Harbaugh,

1 - cutting Stover to save a roster spot (good teams have good kickers, not guys who kicked in Division III their entire career except for 1 season and NC State)

2 - giving the keys to the defense to a clown who has never coordinated an NFL defense before.

3 - deciding that having 2 really fast corners is the way to go (they look great using their speed to run down guys who just caught the ball 5 yards ahead of them although foxworth didn't play too badly yesterday)

I've learned more and more how stupid some fans really the loss on Ozzie? Really? Well, I guess Ozzie really sucks as a GM for having drafted bums like Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Michael Oher, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, et. al. Yup, we oughta fire the guy...

I agree with Mitch S.- the secondary hasn't been good for awhile; anybody remember the Colts game last year where Manning lit us up? Rex was good at disguising that weakness, for the most part, by the numerous blitz packages. Not sure why Mattison hasn't continued doing that to make up for the secondary's deficiencies.

As for Hauschka, no he didn't lose the game for us, but he needs to make that kick. He gets paid to kick field goals in high pressure situations and he choked. I was and still am really wishing we had kept Stover....

First off, get me a double bourbon please with a beer (Adams Oktoberfest) chaser. Wow, what a game. Lots of great comments here and a few not so great.

Bottom line...our defense is now mediocre.

Pryce - too old, no pass rush
Ngata - injured back affecting play
Gregg - not the same player
Suggs - needs to go on that diet Friedgen did and lose 10 lbs by 11/1/09
Gooden - fast but a finesse LB
Washington & Foxworth - nickel backs, not starters
Landry - biggest bust on defense.
Carr - pop warner player, not NFL player.

All this being said, I'm still not throwing in the towel for 2009. I think they come back on 11/1 and rough up Denver. I think we will be in the hunt for a playoff spot, either div champ or wild card. I suspectthe AFC North winner has 5 losses, easy. Everthing has gone good for Cincy so far...isn't it about time for Chris Henry to slap a parking attendant get caught urinating in public?

The Ravens are in the NFL 80% category, not good, not bad, just average.

Apparently Oakland is having a fire sale. Nnamdi Asomugha to the Ravens anyone?

The missed field goal did not lose this game for us. He will learn a lot from that one! One thing I noticed was that Coach ran two plays to the wrong side of the field. He missed to the left and thats where they ran and spotted the ball on that side of the hash marks. Why did we have 2 run plays at the end of the game. Why didn't we throw for 2 short pass plays to get another 5 to 15 yards closer for the field goal? We had time left on the clock and if they go incomplete so be it.35 is a lot easier that 45 especially with pressure on the line. Coach made a bad call!!! FIND some DB help now!!

I've learned that the Ravens need an upgrade at Defensive Coordinator. The scheme change that Mattison made is killing us. We can't stop the run, which we did much more effectively in past years running a 3-4 with essentially the same personnel. We can't stop the pass, which we did in prior years with a 3-4 front and similarly sized, but older, slower, more experienced corners. The corners are not entirely to blame for this, although Frank Walker should be assigned to nothing but Special Teams if he is going to stay on this team.

Ozzie you are OUT!!!.....PATHETIC is what we have turned in to, i say CUT FLUNCO and try John Beck next......3 straight losses, i don't see us winning another game until we get rid of FLUNKO!!! CUT HIM!!!

this one hurt even more than the patriots because it was SO winnable.

actually disappointed that i made the headlines on a ravens loss. i agree on having haushka over stover for roster reasons, unfortunately he hasn't shown the booming leg that they talked about on kickoffs. lots and lots of returnable kicks that players catch on the 5, 10 yard line. wasn't that the knock on stover? its funny how the game goes, if stover missed that we would not have been as upset. but our special teams is getting exposed because they get great position on runbacks too.

-i was cheering like the rest of baltimore in the fourth quarter.... then came the field goal with 2 seconds and i knew just like me, there was a collective: 'oh shoot —we don't have stover!'
heck of a game.

So many things to take from this remarkable game. To begin with, the Ravens can play with anyone in the NFL, if anyone doubted that in the first place. Second, the youth on this team are now carrying it on their backs. Great games Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, and Michael Oher. Yes, Jared Allen had a sack, but overall Oher was a beast Sunday. Line up any other rookie offensive lineman up against Allen and see if you don't have to change his diaper several times during the game. Flacco was the leader he was supposed to be when we drafted him. He is the key to getting out of this funk we are currently in. The defense will get better. Any defense that has egos such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Halti Ngata, etc will fix their own problems. Lastly, Ray Rice is clearly one of the premeir backs in the NFL. I don't care what the analysts or the fantasy gurus say, right now Rice is very dangerous. He is quick, tough, and gaining confidence. Mark my word, if Rice maintains this level of play, his name will be mentioned in the MVP tallk.

As far as trades go, we could use a shut down corner much more than a WR. However, either of the two positions will be embraced with open arms. Love the resilience guys, keep it up.

One day until the trade deadline, and it is clear that for Baltimore the lack of a star-caliber CB represents the difference between a team that would be clearly the best in the league and one that is 3-3 and facing an uphill struggle for the playoffs. Ozzie- make a deal NOW to get the CB this team needs, don't waste this opportunity when one move could secure this team's spot in the Super Bowl.

I've even gone ahead and done the legwork. Out of the top 20 CBs in the league- these are the ones that are likely unavailable due to playing on a team with playoff aspirations:

Champ Bailey (Broncos)
Asante Samuel (Eagles)
Nate Clements (49ers)
Darrelle Revis (Jets)
Antonio Cromartie (Chargers)
Antoine Winfield (Vikings)
Rashean Mathis (Jaguars)
Marcus Trufant (Seahawks)
Terrence Newman (Cowboys)
Dunta Robinson (Texans)
Charles Woodson (Packers)
Leigh Bodden (Patriots)
Kelvin Hayden (Colts)
Bryant McFadden (Cardinals)
Al Harris (Packers)
Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (Cardinals)

That amounts to 16 of the best CBs presumed to be off the market. Which leaves a clear set of CBs for Newsome and his team to focus their energies on:

1) Nmamdi Asomugha (Raiders): this would be an extremely difficult trade to pull off, as Asomugha is the NFL's best and is just entering his prime. He was just locked up for three years, but the contract is extremely pricey ($29m guaranteed in years 1 and 2, and if Oakland wants to keep him in year 3 he gets the average of the top 5 QUARTERBACK salaries). At any rate, the Raiders are 2-4 and at least two years away from putting a good team on the field, so the contract amounts to a waste of money when they should be rebuilding. Al Davis should at least hear out an offer including numerous draft picks, possibly involving a cheetah or roadrunner. Asomugha would make the Ravens the best team in the league, so that has to be worth something.

2) Cortland Finnegan (Titans): Suffering from a nagging hamstring injury, but could have potential if Newsome believes he'll come back strong.

3) DeAngelo Hall (Redskins): With the Redskins tanking Hall could possibly be picked up in exchange for young players and/or picks. With 3 INTs on the year, he is as promised- a solid turnover producer but weak on tackling and run support. I think the Ravens could work with that.

4) Eric Wright (Browns): Unlikely to gain a young player on the rise from a division rival, but worth mentioning. With Mangini aggressively remaking the team, he may just listen.

There you go- one all-pro and three with question marks accompanying their significant strengths. Regardless, the addition of any one of these to the Ravens secondary would be a clear improvement. It would immediately shift Foxworth to the #2 CB slot, where he is better suited, put Washington on the bench, and get Frank Walker off the team for good- which alone would be worth the cost of the trade (and possibly Carr too, with the impending return of Rolle and rise of Webb). It would also allow the Ravens to attack more at the line of scrimmage, cover for Landry's weakness after a disappointing start of the year, and dramatically improve the Raven's turnover ability (imagine a ball hawk on both sides of the field! Teams would no longer be able to throw away from Reed).

Ozzie- every trade can happen for the right price, and this one would be invaluable to the Ravens chances this year and next. MAKE THIS TRADE!!

You all sound like Vikings fans...The biggest problem with the Ravens that I saw is the number of BIG play they give up over 20 yards. Also based on your "exotic" blitz schemes how is a ref suppose to know that Percy Harvin ran into the guy covering Berrian? Your corners were too far off...therefore no pick. (We used to have Cris Carter, we know pick plays). Also as far as refs, I did not see anyone comment on how Derrick Mason pushed off on 5th CB Karl Paymah on a key 3rd down! Refs are a wash!

What is all this nonsense about Hauschka NOT losing the game. It is plain and simple: if he made that kick, Ravens win the game. While it is true that he was not the ONLY one to be responsible for the loss, he certainly did lose the game for us.

I am so tired of hearing people say they need to run the ball more. This isn't the same Ravens offense that everyone is accustomed to. They actually moved the ball in the second half when they opened it up. The secondary is awful. Landry looked lost on a few plays and well Walker has no business on this or any other NFL team. A little pressure on the QB would help the DB's out too.

The main thing that I take away from this game is that there are a lot of Ravens' fans who are front-runners. I guess that is the definition of a fan, but I would like to think that we Ravens' fans are made of tougher stuff. We have lost three games by incredibly small margins in games that could have gone either way. To those who have jumped off the bandwagon, stay the blazes off the wagon when the Ravens start winning again. Go root for the Skins instead.

I disapponted that the team has gotten away from some of the unexpected aand fun play calling. Where is Troy Smith. Even New England ran a flea flicker yesterday. This is not taking away from Joe and the offense this year but some of those plays mixed might it easier for the recievers to get open. The wildcat or whatever is being used more often around the league and I am not suggesting a steady diet of it but the 3 and outs have to go. We have lost the time of possession battle for 3 weeks in a row. The defense is in dire need of the offense staying on the field longer. Please mix it up!!! Joe is looking great but Heap was wide open for a dash to at minimum the five or ten when he dumped off to Rice before the missed field goal, but no disrespect there he was under pressure and a loss would have been worst, He is awesome and keeps getting better.

The Ravens must start any other players on the bench in the secondary and safety positions. They have been horrible from game one. If we were to play the Saints Dree Breeze could set an NFL record for pass yardage, touch downs and score.

The Vikings are not that good, unfortunately - we aren't either!

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