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Should the Orioles have brought back most of their coaching staff?

I know it is football season, but we’re going to talk baseball today.

We are going to talk baseball lots of days, no matter what the temperature is outside. We won’t abandon the Ravens, but I have to stick with my so-called expertise on occasion.

And that’s baseball, and those battered and beaten birds of Baltimore.

Before I get to them, though, a quick scouting report on the Jason Isbell concert for those that care (and based on the e-mails I’ve gotten about my lack of music discussion recently, some of you, a vocal/typing portion anyway, do).

Isbell put on a heck of a show, one that would make all Drive-By Truckers fans proud. He played for about two hours, did several of his most recent solo tunes as well as covers of The Talking Heads and Tom Petty and mixed in some of his Truckers stuff (“Outfit,” “The Day John Henry Died,” “Decoration Day.”) There were some technical difficulties at the venue, but Isbell and his band, the 400 Unit, fought through it and sounded great.

The only disappointment was the size of the crowd. I wasn’t expecting a Truckers’ audience, but thought there’d be more people out. Of course, as an old guy, I’m much more comfortable with gatherings versus crowds these days.

Two Baltimore notes from that night: The opener was Charm City’s own J Roddy Walston and the Business, a fun band that’s energy is only matched by its volume of hair. The drummer is Steve Colmus, who is one of the Warning Track Power guys that created “How Bout Dem O’s?” which we have featured here before. Steve came up and re-introduced himself to me before his gig, which was cool.

Also, I discovered after Isbell’s show that one of the guys in his band, keyboardist Derry deBorja, is from Towson. He’s a McDonogh grad, and this old Calvert Hall guy didn’t hold it against him. I swear.

So, yeah, Baltimore’s music scene was well represented in Pa. last week. Good to see.

OK, back to something you care more about: the Orioles.

As I wrote today, Dave Trembley has brought back all of his coaches except bench coach Dave Jauss. I guess that’s somewhat of a surprise from a team that lost 98 games in 2009. But if you believe that Trembley deserved to return despite the record, the same can probably be said about his staff.

The fact that the only one to get the ax was the bench coach isn’t surprising. The manager and the bench coach have to have a special relationship and if that doesn’t develop – or if it slips some over time -- it’s an easy spot to make a change. Don’t worry about Jauss, who has been in the game forever. He’ll surely find a job somewhere else.

I know some were disappointed that Juan Samuel stayed. A bad team’s third base coach is always a target for fans. It’s by far the easiest coaching position to criticize and, in the time I have covered this club, fans wanted the heads of Sam Perlozzo and Tom Trebelhorn, too. Yes, Samuel made some mistakes in 2009. But a third base coach is only noticed when he makes a questionable decision. The other 700-plus times when the team scores, no one gives him any credit for waving his arm.

Here’s what you need to know about Samuel: He is arguably the most respected person in the Orioles' clubhouse – players and coaches alike. A former all-star, he’s unafraid to tell a player when he did something wrong or isn’t acting professionally. And, at 48, he’s still has the muscle (and resume) to back it up. I would have kept him, too.

In fact, I’m OK with the returning of these coaches; there is something to be said for continuity, But are you?

Daily Think Special: Should the Orioles have brought back most of their coaching staff?


"Don’t worry about Jauss, who has been in the game forever. He’ll surely find a job somewhere else."

That's ironic as Trembley wouldn't if was let go.

Is Samuel really that respected??

I understand what you said about a third base coach only being noticed when they mess up, but Samuel made himself a bit too noticeable. The most troubling thing that I saw was that after he made a mistake, when the next close situation arose, no matter who was running, he'd always make the opposite call. If he holds up Pie when he surely could have made it home, sure enough, an inning later he'd send Ty chugging around third to be throw out by 3-4 steps. He was as dogmatic about making up for his mistakes, irrespective of who the actual baserunner was, as Trembley was with the bullpen.

I'm not privy to what goes on in the clubhouse, but I have a real hard time believing that everyone respects this guy as much as you make it seem.

Who CARES!!! We released a bench coach? That's news? Managers, coaches in baseball are so over valued. People think Torre is a genuis? HE HAD PLAYERS!!!!! I could manager the yankees!!! Anyone could. In baseball it's all about the players, period!!! A bench coach, bullpen coach or even a manager have no effect on the outcome...

Terry Crowley needs to GO. The Rays dropped a wonderful coach and we should've picked him up. Crowley seems to discourage his charges from taking walks, as if more swinging freely is what we need. One constant has been the O's in the cellar or close to it for the past decade plus, and another constant has been the fact that we're near the bottom of the AL in terms of walks, strikeouts, and (therefore) on base percentage. Hitting for average is good: getting on base for hits AND by walks is better, and Crowley doesn't seem to understand that. I'm very disappointed to hear that he'll return.

The base coaches should have been replaced because they made horrible decisions all season long. Rick Kranitz the pitching coach should have been replaced because he is horrible nothing came out of our pitching. The coaching staff will be fired before the all star break.

So many of the Orioles seem to be lacking in running skills. Maybe Samuel will actually try to do some training in this area come spring training. Just too many base running mistakes this past season.

Trembley himself shouldn't have been rehired let alone all the losing coaches. What does it say to a potential free agent that team rehires a manager who's had 3 straight years of late season meltdowns. It says the o's aren't committed to winning so why should they come play here. It's so crazy that go nuts when the Ravens lose but are so contenet with the o's losing year after year. This team has no energy under Trembey who's conditioned himself to losing.

To me if a person accepts Trembley losing they are content with their own failures.I can see the headlines now coming out of the winter meetings "We had a lot of constructive conversations but we're not close on anything". The only players we'll get is ones who don't get other offers.

I suspect that this is probably the best thing to do anyway. Do you think they would have been able to entice many coaches to come given the tenious situation DT will be in next year? I would love them to hire BJ Surhoff as a bench coach next year. He will have the respect of the players right from the get go and his passion for the game can't be questionned. He's a former catcher so he is used to being involved in the entire facet of a game.

I'm surprised windmill Juan was brought back but since MelMo is gone, a lot of the stupid baserunning mistake are gone too. Kranitz? I don't know what to make of him.....he had nothing (Eaton/Hill/Simon) at all to work with for most of the year. Let's see if he can get Tillman and Guthrie to stop giving up HR's this year.

I do have a problem with keeping Crowley . He may be a good coach but the batters seemed to flownder at the end of the season with their inability to make contact with the ball . These are major leaguers and what the coach has to do is more phsycolodgical than physical . They needed one to get them through the mental aspect of hitting and this they didn't get as you can see from the results . I'm sure that the loss of Jones, Reimold, and Pie didn't help but if you look around the other teams seem to be able to handle this problem but the Orioles can't.

Only if Connolly replaces Jauss.

Trembley is a push-button, robotic, match-up, non-thinking manager type. So, he must have a formula for who he wants on his staff.
God forbid he should do any out-of-the box thinking like letting a righty reliever who is sailing along face a lefty; after all, isn't that we pay the lefty for who can't get anyone out?????

This sums up what to expect out of the O's next season. More excuses, no change, Fifth in the AL East. Sooooo Sadddd!

Everybody should go but The Crow.

The Crow must go......he is the one constant throughout eleven losing seasons. Not enough walks..pitches seen, and too many hitting slumps to justify his continued employment.

It surprises me to see fans so bent over the O's coaching staff. The talent level on this team is abysmal, not just Pepto. At some point, people will stop caring in light of how this organization acts like it's all youth ahead. 98 games is hard to lose and the O's did it.

Here's a random thought. The Orioles were infamous for awful blunders on the basepaths last year - way too many of them. This gives reason to suspect Samuel in particular - maybe not valid reason, but reason nonetheless.

If he's as respected as you say he is in the clubhouse, then here's an opportunity to work on both: Make Juan Samuel the bench coach, and look for a new third-base coach, maybe someone with a track record of helping young guys develop.

Another article here said they might look for someone with a catching background. Is Chris Hoiles still up in York?

I know some were disappointed that Juan Samuel stayed. A bad team’s third base coach is always a target for fans. It’s by far the easiest coaching position to criticize ...R u smoking crack cocaine Connolly ? like a good referree or umpire they should never be seen or noticed they should blend, and when they are noticed it IS for a reason. Samuel deserves his job as much as Mayor Dixon. Get real you apologist 98 losses?? Whatever happened to merit? And finally is that a goatee in your picture?? I havent seen one of those since Clinton was in office.

I am very shocked about the coaching staff. Do they really think this is staff is so good, they only need to bring in one body to make that jump out of 5th into 4th?

By bringing back the same coaches with the same players the Orioles have already conceded the 2010 season. Maybe they'll try to lose 100 next year.
I'll renew my season tickets when they actually make an effort to win.

The change the Orioles need is to trade the owner. The only thing left of the Oriole Way and Tradition is the throwback uniform. Peter, shut your mouth and open your wallet.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? This team is anything but a winner. Teams in ANY sport that are serious about winning, do not keep a coach who has consistantly lost for the last 3 years in a row, not to mention the regular late season meltdowns that occur regularly. Were told 2 years ago we were going in the direction of youth or the farm system. Well? Are there any improvements? No, the same losing, with different players. Are pitching is awful, our hitting was very bad at the end of the season. baserunning? Well lets just say that was disaterous as well. If you look for any positives at all, it would be the young hitters seem to be adjusting to mthe system and may do well next year. So wel'l win 70 games as opposed to 64, yippee!

Thank goodness we got rid of that good-for-nothing Dave Jauss. He alone was responsible for at least 20 losses this year.

"There is something to be said for continuity": does this include consecutive losing seasons?

How did the pitching staff rank in # of walks this year compared to previous years? That's always been one of our biggest probs.

I think Kranitz should go. He has showed us nothing the last two years

let kranitz go and bring dave duncan in. sounds good to me. anyone else?

Perhaps this opens the way finally for Allenson as bench coach. Could Griff be far behind as next pitching coach?? I agree Trembley needs to be on a very short leash next year. I don't expect to contend or be even .500 but this club must show improvement...Happy Hump Day!!

Problem was misuse of pitching throughout the year.Flamed out from overuse early. If Trembley
stays how did Kranitz survive?Os
young pitchers will do better if
Os promote Mike Griffin who's
taught them past two years. Os
need a coach who can reach the young studs and teach them. That is not Kranitz and not Trembley.

Al is correct. With all that respect for Samuel from the players, make him the bench coach. Switch T-bone Shelby to third base coach and I think you will see some better results.

I believe that at times the coaches are at fault, but really it is not most of the time. Remembering Wigginton and Huff rounding first and going full speed to second thinking they had Henderson speed and getting thrown out by 10 feet. When there was a double steal Pie being the trail runner, rain slowly into second for an out. Wigginton thought he could go to third on a roller in front of the catcher. These are not the coaches fault. I applaud hustle, but not stupidity.

See what next year brings.

I think the orioles should fired the all staff include the manager and hired the former indians coach and let him get a proven staff that will help the orioles compete in AL. I think they need a new proven GM and willing to spend money on alite players and manage to keep young future with the team.

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