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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots

We made it to Friday.

Grab a spot at the bar, snag a cold glass and while I pour give me your prediction for the Ravens-Patriots game this Sunday.

I have a special on the spiked purple Kool-Aid. Because I think the Ravens go into Gillette Stadium in Foxborough and take this one.

I know, I am the guy that predicted a loss to the San Diego Chargers in Week 2. But I am more of a believer now.

That’s not to say I think it will be easy. I’m by no means dismissing the Patriots.

I think Tom Brady will get his share of yards passing and a couple touchdowns. But their running game will be non-existent, and the Ravens’ secondary will come up big at the end.

My call: Ravens 24, Patriots 17.

Ed Reed gets his first touchdown of the season – late in the game – and serves as the hero of the day.

That’s how I see it. I want your thoughts on the fourth Prediction Friday of the season.

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday’s Ravens-Patriots game.


Ravens 27

Patriots 20

Joe Flacco will throw 3 touchdowns and outduel Tom Brady just like Kyle Boller did a couple of seasons ago.

I'm a Pats fan and I think the Ravens win this one 28-17. Pats could be missing Welker, Mayo and Wilfork and Brady is not in top form yet and that's not enough to beat what may be the best team in football right now.

Okay, The ravens have played New England tight without an offense. Everybody is knocking the DBs and they are not that bad. You cannot give a Qb like Rivers or Brady time, they will tear you apart. So the defense gets the scheme correct, Harbaugh out coaches Belichek, and the O scores points.
Ravens 28 New England 24 with Joe Cool hitting the Squirrel ( K Washington) for the winning score.

Ravens 29, Pats 20.

Steve Hauschka becomes unlikely hero.

ravens 30 patriots 29

leron mcclain is the man in this one.

The Patriots need this game more than we do. Win or lose we will still be in 1st place. The Pats have much more a stake. The Patriots are so good. It's going to be a great game. I've got news for the Patriots- The Baltimore Ravens are comming to town. Ravens win in a somewhat controled brawl. Ravens 36- Pats 29. Her Rah!

Rob K. I need you here. Not everyone lets me throw peanuts at them and lets me live. Besides your comments are almost always well worth reading.

Ravens win this one 34 - 24, with McGahee picking up 2 more TD's (we have forgotten that he ran all over this defense two years ago...think it was like 145 yards). Ravens will control the clock with the running game, and Flacco will hit the big plays when necessary to put them under. It's the coming out party for the Baltimore Ravens in this one, I'm tired of hearing that we're not legit enough.

Hey, most of The Sun's 'experts" are picking NE so this one must be a lock for the Ravens.

I don't think this is as close as many think it will be.

I'm going Ravens 27 Patriots 17 with Willis McGahee as my star.

Ravens - 24
Patriots - 16

The defense shines once again in the red zone. Ravens RB's trample an old, slow Patriot defense.

I'm thinking that if the receivers can manage to not choke, and actually catch the ball. it's going to be a blow out. Ravens 34 Pats, 19...

I love the Ravens, but after seeing Rivers light us up for over 400 yards, I think that Brady will do just as well.
Patriots 38
Ravens 33
Randy Moss is star of the game

Dan, welcome to the bandwagon. Gimme a double shot of the purple kool-aid. I say this is a close game with the Ravens winning 24-20. Hero is Ray Rice as he puts up 120 yards and a TD. A late INT kills the Pats last drive.

Ravens: 74 Pats: 3

Ditka: Ascends to Olympus. that full size Dikta or mini-Ditka?

Also, Pats 27, Ravens 17.

Ravens 24-10.
It's closer than the score due to a late game breaker by Foxworth

tom brady to randy moss in the end zone, not once, but twice to defeat the ravens 17-3

Ravens 24
Patriots 20
Big games from Flacco, Ngata, Lewis, Reed, and McGahee.

Ravens 34 Patriots 14. Everyone is saying this is going to be a close game. I say the Ravens offense goes in there to score over 30 points for the 4th straight week, and the defense gets the job done. Flacco is going to be the here in this one.

Ravens 24 Patriots 23. Brady may outplay Flacco but Steve Hauschka hits the game winner as time expires. It will be a grind from start to finish.

Ravens 31 - Pats 17 (10 points in junk time)

Wow - this is one of those flip a coin games. In this one it does not matter how good you start - it matters how strong you finish! I predict a back and forth game with both teams staying within a touchdown or less with each other. Can Joe stay cool and pull a "Brady" while the D steals one from Tom?

If Billick had this team - I would predict NE for sure but I think Harbaugh matches wits with Belichick. We also have Cam and the Patriots have far more injuries. This will not overshadow the home field advantage.

Ravens 27 - Pats 21

Brady gets sacked 8 times and throws 5 picks. Leading 63-0 at the beginning of the fourth quarter the Raven's D actually walks off the field and the Pats still don't get a first down until the 2 min. warning.

Hero of the game: The turf that turns to gold wherever a Raven steps.

I'm worried about this game but I still think the Ravens win this one 23-20.

Brady throws a pick late in the 4th quarter while driving down the field.

Ravens offense comes back to reality but still wins 17-14 on a last second field goal by Hauschka.

Ravens 26
Patriots 13

Hero of the game: Ray Lewis

The corners are ready to be challenged. Ray will be the factor as Brady tries crossing route after crossing route and Ray gets a key late game interception.

Ravens 27-17

I agree with Reed as the hero, he's due.

Ravens 31
Patriots 17

Wes and Mayo will not start and the Ravens secondary will attempt to prove that last week's preformance over the Browns what not a fluke.

Hero will be Special Team & the Secondary for turnovers.

Ravens 31
Pats 24

Gregg has his comeback game with at least 2 sacks and hurries Brady all day long (with the help of my boy Ngata).

We may need Joe Washington to score a touchdown by option passing, a run, a pass reception and a kick return. What a game that was! Otherwise---
Pats 24
Ravens 14

30-24 Ravens.

Ravens offense takes a lead in the first half and then grinds the clock behind a dominant O-Line. 250 yards and a TD for Flacco, and two more TDs for McGahee.

Brady has a good stat line against the Ravens secondary, but is pressured much of the day; he tries to lead a late-game comeback but falls short against a more mature and disciplined Baltimore squad than he faced in '07.

Reverse the score from two years ago. Ravens 27, Pats 24. I think McGahee will be the star, 133 rush yards, 2 TDs.

Ravens 23-20. Willis McGahee the hero with 2 TDs.

Jo pays attention to football. Ray will be a big factor in this game - Brady will be looking for open receivers over the middle and check-downs to TE/RB. Ray won't register a ton of tackles b/c Patties are too smart to try running the football much, but look for Ray to make some big hits over the middle and maybe get a pick or cause an INT.

Also - if Ed Reed doesn't have a big game, we are 3-1. Reed can't let Brady to to him what Rivers did.

These types of games would normaly frighten me, but these are not your normal Ravens. (or is it that spiked Purple Kool-Aid?) I have supreme confidence that my Ravens will pull this one out in Foxboro. We lost the game 2yrs ago, but we ran all over them and even Kyle Boller looked okay until he realized he was Kyle Boller.

30 - 17 Ravens. J. Flacco, hero of the day.

Why worry? This is a win win game for the Ravens. We win, or we lose and learn, or win and learn. Either way we are still in 1st place in our division. The Pats are the ones under the gun. Even at home they still, after all their changes and Brady's injury, have to prove they still have it. Believe it or not the Ravens are the ones in the drivers seat. Ravens 36-17. Hur Ruh!

Welcome back Rob K. Dan, give him all his drinks on me during the Ravens game this Sunday.

Just in case I'm right or wrong, I'm the anonymous who posted @ 10:19pm. I must have forgotten to include my name. Can't wait to kick some Patriot a$$. Over here, the better your team plays, the more they show you on tv.

hero of the game is mason with over 100 yards. ravens come up big with a win over pats 24-17. sugar ray will remember the last time we met and rex called that stupid timeout and lost the game. t sizzles has a few sacks, foxworth gets a pick. and ed gets his first touchdown of 09.


Reed returns an interception 42 yards for a TD. Hauschka kicks a 49-yard field goal to win the game.

Ravens 27
Patriots 17

Joe Flacco the player of the game.

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