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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Bengals

OK, all.

The place is open for business and I’m swapping filled shot glasses for predictions.

But before we go there, a few personal notes (it is a blog, after all. So I am allowed to get personal. The gambling part is for recreational purposes only).

First, I apologize for the closed door this week. I was taking a breather after the long Orioles season and the breather turned into a veritable slumber after I had to tend overnight to a couple incredibly flu-bitten daughters. But I am back now.

Secondly, I must apologize to the music fans out there -- and I’ll eventually get to those of you who e-mailed me -- for my lack of music banter the past few busy weeks. I have some time to download new CDs now and I’ve updated my iPod (took me a while to figure out how to exclude my son’s “Harry and the Potters” tunes from my sync).

So we’ll throw some names and CD ideas around in the next few weeks, but I do have one programming note: I’m heading out Friday to see Jason Isbell play in Harrisburg, Pa. Isbell, as many of my hip patrons know, is the former “Drive-By Truckers” guitarist and songwriter who has ventured out on his own. The recent studio album is good, but rather bluesy and mellow. Curious as to how that translates into a live show.

Last, and most important, you may have read that The Baltimore Sun lost a valued employee this week when business editor Tim Wheatley was killed in a car accident while taking his 9-year-old daughter to school.

Tim was my sports editor for a few years, and he was the one who listened intently and then approved a silly idea to create a blog based around a fictitious sports bar. I’m sure he had his doubts, but he encouraged me to do this two years ago, and, honestly, if it weren’t for him, Connolly’s would never have seen the light of the Internet. For that, and the opportunity to interact with you people, I will forever be grateful to Tim.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this tragic, difficult time

Thanks for that. Now, to the matter at hand: The Ravens will crush the Cincinnati Bengals and Chad Ochocinco this week. I’m going with 34-14.

My hero of the game is the Ravens young running back Ray Veintisiete, who will run for two touchdowns, including one in excess of cincuenta yards.

I want your predicted score and game hero. Fake bar tabs are at stake, people.

Daily Think Special: Predict the Ravens-Bengals score and the game’s hero.


Ok, Dan, how can I give you a hard time for keeping my throat dry all week when you come back with a tale like that? Thoughts and prayers go out to Tim's family, and to you as Mr. Mom taking care of the sick kids, along with Mrs. C. She's probably the real champion.

As for the predictions, my first reaction to your pick for top player was "Who??" I guess you are trying to teach me a little Espanol, eh? Ravens 34, Bungles 20. I need Flacco to come up big in my fantasy league. I also see solid games from the defense, especially the usual suspects of Lewis, Ngata, and Reed. And for good measure, Heap and McGahee have big games as well.

And thanks for opening back up in time for my birthday. It's hard to type correctly with the BAC getting elevated so I hope there are not too many typos in this one.


Barkeep's Reply: Happy Birthday Jack!! I'll buy ya a beer for every year over 40. We'll have to spread them out over a week, though. Have to be responsible.

Ravens take league frustration out on lowly Bengals.

41 - 10 Ravens

Going w/Flacco again this week as my hero of the game. We all know he would have been the hero last week if...??? nevermind.

Ravens 31 to17 over the Bengals. They run up and down the field. Ray Rice gets 139 yards and 2 tds. Ochocinco gets a concussion and a trip to Lala land for the afternoon, delivery by Vivica Fox


The Ravens qb wasn't as hot as I had seen in the espn after game shows. i watched nfl replay this wek and i gotta tell you, jcool is a bit too risky-5-7balls were scurrying around to be picked off. he has more stumbling to go if he lives too high on his confidence, and we will pay some prices. a better defense tha n.e. would have gotten those balls and demolished our time of possession. i like him tremendiously, and he is soo ready to be great/ but this is going to be a farve like career if he's not more carefull/lots of exceptional play but some killing fields moments.

Ravens 24 Bengals 14
Flacco throws 3 more td passes.

Ravens in a tough game, 24-17. So after 5 games we are in 1st place in our division. With many wonderful and challanging games ahead this season. Ravens football, it really can't get any better than this. To the lucky people with tickets to the game, I know you will "give them hell". THIS IS BALTIMORE FOOTBALL, baby. Johnny U. and his band of brothers are all very proud and rooting for this very good Baltimore football team.

Ravens 102 Bengals 3

Ditka: Defeats the Minotaur.

Jack.....Happy Birthday, my BD is the end of October. I'll buy you a drink now and you can return the favor later this month.

Dan - my condolences to you for the loss of your Editor/co-worker. My heart goes out to the family.

Be careful on your night out tonight. We all know that Harrisburg, PA is a wild and crazy place on a friday night. My prediction for Sunday:

Baltimore - 30
Cincinnati - 27

Close game. Running game comes back with a vengance. Game ball to Ray Rice.

i called the patriots and i am calling the bengals....
more issues arise after the ravens fall to still-under-rated cinncinati. 24 - 17

Unfortunately there are a whole lot of people underestimating a good football team in the Bengals! Fans make a major mistake when they try to determine how good or bad a team is by what the scores were against similar opponents. If that systemn worked you would have to say the Jets are much better than the Ravens because of how they beat the Pats. It just does not work that way, particularly in the NFL. I think the Ravens win this one in a nail biter. Ravens 27 Bengals 24. Hope I am right!

Bengals 27 - Ravens 17

Chris Crocker

i wasn't all that impressed with the isbell record. i've always been a mike cooley fan. did ya catch the truckers when they played frazers in hampden?

i'm really nervous about this game. i am one of, oh maybe 14 ravens fans in phoenix, az, so it's tough to rally support here. the bengals could be the bungles or they could be this new team that's making some noise. it's a real tough call.

ravens 17-bengals 10


Barkeep's Reply: Have seen the Truckers a bunch of times, but not there. I'm looking forward to the show and will report back next week.

Dan - thanks for not limiting me to one beer per day.

Rob K - thanks for your offer. I'll buy you one for the Denver game. I assume your b'day is after the bye week?

I think if the Ravens actually make it to Festivus Maximus this season we should get Dan to really act as bartender and pour us some real brews. I wonder how many of us he could fit in his basement? If need be, he can use this as an excuse to get Mrs. C to let him upgrade his man-cave.

Just to make it fun and see how many people call me names and threaten me for even thinking that the Ravens will lose at all, especially to the Bengals. Here is the breakdown - Chad Ochocinco torches Dom Foxworth, Fabian Washington & Frank Walker for 10 catches, 128 yds & 2 scores and 1 celebration penalty.

Bengals 27 - Ravens 24.

I just watched part of the Bengals game against the Browns. They were lucky even to win; Browns TE Robert Royal pulled a Clayton and let an easy catch bounce of his helmet that could have put the Browns in FG position to win the game; and Palmer needed a QB scramble on 4th and 13 to get the final touchdown. Ochocinco and company aren't as good as Moss and friends, it took the Bengals 5 quarters to score 23 points on the Browns, and Flacco can throw on Leon Hall all day. The Ravens' lines will dominate.
Ravens 34, Bengals13


Ray Rice runs in from 6 yards out for a TD and Mark Clayton catches a 13-yard TD pass.

Clayton grabs 7 passes for 101 yards.

Ray Lewis jars a fumble and Ngata runs it in from 17 yards away.

Hauschka kicks two field goals: 37 yards and 27 yards.

The game will not be decided by calls by Richie Garcia or Phil Cuzzi.

I see this as a “character” game for the Ravens. If they can manhandle the Bengles, then they show they can recover from a defeat that should not have happened at New England.
I was really impressed with our offense last week. Get rid of a couple of mistakes and we win this game convincingly.
But, our pass defense is still weak and that will lead to the Bengles winning 28-24. Not one outstanding star for either side this week.

bengals 21-17

Ravens 29-17. We finally let the running game loose. Hero-- Ray Rice

Easy win.

Your running game is weak.
Your defense, is OLD, slow and outta shape.
Reed is nice, I'm just glad he can't tackle.

Cedric Benson ran through that defense quite easily.

Over 400 yards of total offense.

I thought your team would be angry from last wek. The Ravens looked tired. The Ravens were out played and out classed.
Start crying about the spots.

Welcome to 3rd place in the division SUCKAS!!!!

I can't wait to see that weak defense in Cincy next time. Playing the Ravens is way better than a BYE week. We got to work up a decent sweat and pad the stats

"Favre Burns Foxworth For 7 TD's As Ravens Lose 41-14"
Oh wait; that's next week.

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