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Prediction Friday: Ravens at Vikings

You’ve made it to another Prediction Friday.

We are serving double shots of Purple Moose (or Purple Jesus in some parts) in honor of the Ravens-Vikings game in Minnesota. So line up.

I am no longer predicting blowouts. I have learned my lesson.

I think the Ravens win, because I don’t think they’ll lose three in a row heading into the bye week. Pretty scientific, huh? And some of you thought I was just a baseball guy.

I look at it like this: If the Vikings defensive front can keep up its impressive season, get past the young offensive line and pressure Joe Flacco, there could be some serious trouble for the Ravens. It Flacco can get some time, though, the Ravens should put up points, especially if they can add a balanced running attack as well.

Adrian Peterson is going to get his, as will old man Favre. But I still like the Ravens in this one, 27-24, on a late touchdown pass to Derrick Mason (remember him?)

I’ll give Flacco the hero of the game tiebreaker for three TDs, including a Favre-esque, game-winning drive.

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday’s Ravens-Vikings match-up.


My favorite topic of the week. I rarely if ever pick against my Ravens, but this losing streak has brought some doubt to my otherwise physic abilities.

Ravens 31 Vikes 24.... I'm still stuck on the Kool-Aid

Hero of the game: Ray Rice

An 0 for 3 streak is not likely. With the Metrodome noise the three headed monster comes out of the garage and Le'Ron McClain is the hero with a nine minute drive in the final quarter and McGahee getting the final touchdown in a 24-21 Raven's Purple victory. Flacco does get 2 tds.

Vikings 34 Ravens 17 hate to pick against them but have to go with what I see and feel!

Ravens go down hard in Minneapolis with Flacco giving up an early pick, Favre with a TD, and Adrian Peterson having a surprising day with 156 yards against a supposedly good run defense.

By the half, Vikings will lead 24 to 10. End score will be 30 to 24 as the Vikings add 2 field goals while giving up 2 garbage TD's in the 4th quarter that leads some to believe the game was closer than what it was...

Ravens 31

Vikings 14

Dan, I agree with your 3 touchdown day prediction for Joe Flacco!

Ravens go to 4-2. Live up to the early "good case" expectations. We will play hard, and clean. We also will have finally come to the realization that we are a good club struggling for the top. We win fairly easily 27-16.

The Ravens win 24-17. Both Lardarius Webb and Percy Harvin both have kick-off returns for a touchdown. Joe Flacco 15/25 275yds 2tds, Ray Rice 14 carries 55yds, Willis McGaghee 10 carries 60 yds and Le'Ron McClain 7 carries 25yds.Both Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton score a touchdown.The Ravens defense will hold A.P to less than 50 yds rushing.

Dan,I'd rather see Flacco with the ball on the last drive than have our penaltied D go against Favre and the refs but I don't feel we'll be putting enough points on the board, anyway. Vikes 31,Raves 17, tv announcers praising Brett all game long.

I've gone back and forth on this all week. Here's what will happen:

We re-establish the running game. Favre gets pressured and throws 3 picks (one a pick 6 for ray lewis). Haushka kicks a 50+ yard field goal. The only down side is Adrian Petersen gets 150 yards.

Balt - 27
Minn - 23

MVP/hero - Ray Rice.

I am finally going with the Ravens to win this game. I think that our defense will make Farve wish that he had retired.
Raven 21- Vikings 15.
Hero of game will be Flacco

I won't pick against the Ravens just on general principles. It's not like I'm wagering the mortgage payment on the outcome if I'm wrong so why say our guys are going to come up short?

Ravens 28, Vikings 27. Ravens have to score late to pull it out. Peterson becomes the second back in a row to go over a hundred yards but the defense forces the Vikes to settle for field goals twice in the red zone. Winning TD scores on a pass to Heap.


We all know that Favre will unravel at some point this season and it will start here as he throws 2 INTs and no TDs, 217 yard passing. Peterson will be just under 100 yards rushing, lets say 92 yards with one TD. Ravens pass rush comes back to life and sacks Favre 4 times.

Our offense will get back on track using the three-headed monster and Flacco will return to his form from the first 3 weeks. He will throw two TDs (Mason and Heap) and 324 yards. We will run a trick play in the 2 quarter for a huge gain involving Mark Clayton somehow, and the play will set up our first touchdown, which will be McGahee from 6 yards out.

No need for 4th quarter dramatics as we hold the ball for nearly 10 minutes in the 4th and win 27-17. Flacco is the star of the game.

What the hell is Brett Farve doing here?!

The Ravens have picked up to many bad habits over the last 2 weeks and they don't have any leadership in the players or coaches to break these bad habits. So the stupid penalties continue.
The Ravens offense remains simple and exposed. Flacco picks up 2 extra picks trying to force the ball to a bracketed Mason.
The Ravens offense finally gets the ball moving late in the 4th quarter (against the Viks 2nd and 3rd string D - in prevent).
The Ravens D will focus on stopping AP. BUT, the Ravens new streak of giving up 100 yard rushers continues on. The new streak will be 2, then 3 in two weeks.
The Viks enjoy an unexpected easy victory.
Favre passes for 300 yrds 3 TDs 0 INTs.
Flacco passes for 170 yrds 1 TDs 3 INTs.

AP rushes for 175 yrds and 2 TDs.
The Ravens rush for 86 yrds 0 TDs 1 turnover.

Viks win easily 41-13

I think if I were a betting man I would probadly take the home team,but the line on this is only 2 and a half so to pick the Vikes is not something I would do because I bleed purple the passion is there for the D and the offence 31-21 Ravens the hero is Mason.

I'm very conflicted about this game, I almost thought about picking the Vikings and it is conceivable that we could go into the bye at 3-3. I think the Ravens will be a little desperate this week though, the Bengals have the Texans at home and the Steelers play the pathetic Browns. The pressure is on the Ravens to win this game and not fall behind in the division. I'm gonna say 27 Ravens, 26 Vikings.

I think we get McGahee more involved this weekend and he has two TDs.

wish there was a way to reread old pre-game comments because unfortunately i've been dead on all season all the way back to Kansas City. and only off by a bit in the point calling.
this week is WAY different. vikings. 5-0. at home. ravens partially exposed. i love a story book ending as much as the next dude but keep this realistic. i will cheer for the ravens till the end but i see this one going vikings 24 - 23. potential key players still frozen out and team disharmony becomes evident going into the bye week.

technically, the ravens are fine. the season breaks down into quarters of 4 games each. we just started this 2nd quarter with a loss. 3 more games in this quarter to play before mid season.

Vikes 42
Ravens 0

i score all the vikings TDs

Vikes 24
Ravens 17

Wish I could pick but I know one thing for sure this will define the Ravens season. They win and all is back online for deep run. They lose and we have to believe they are a .500 team with upcoming schedule. I know Oz hates trades but why he would go afetr the OAKLAND CB that is supposedly availbale is beyond me. If he was in the draft he would be a top 3 pick so why not give up a 1 and get this guy???Lets go Ravens, I'm pulling for you. Ravens 21 Packers 20.

Ravens 21
Vikings 17

Hero: Oher

Peterson runs for 150 and 4 scores, with Favre throwing 2 more in a huge blowout with 4 turnovers by the Ravens..2 garbage touchdowns and final of 45-24

I see a lot of similar scores posted here but I'll go with Baltimore 27-23. I like McGahee to save the day with a couple of big runs.


Joe Flacco throws TD passes to Mason, Clayton, and Heep. Rice takes it in from 12 yards out.

Two interceptions for Ed Reed.

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