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Predict the 2009 World Series winner and its MVP

Interesting talk about Philadelphia and its fans on Wednesday.

Like I said before, I think most of you are going to need a sidecar for the Phillies bandwagon as it gears up for the World Series against the New York Yankees.

Stranger things can happen, but Phillies-Yankees looks inevitable.

So, assuming that is the case, break it down for me. Call it Thursday’s Pre-Prediction Friday.

(We are shutting the bar down today and will be back in early November to talk Ravens and the hot-stove league. Make sure you check back shortly after Halloween.)

I want your predictions for the World Series: The winner, the number of games and the MVP.

Here is my thought: Your hated Yankees win in six games. Robinson Cano gets the MVP. There’s no insider information here. Just a hunch.

Have a great week or so and, to quote Rob K. quoting an ad campaign, stay thirsty.

Daily Think Special: Predict the World Series winner and MVP.


As much as I hate to say it, Yanks win it. 4-2 over Phils. A-Rod gets the MVP.

If not, my second guess (do you take second guesses? know you want to) Phils win 4-3, Victorino steps up to take MVP.

I called it last year (remember CSB Jack?) and I'm gonna do it again this year. Philadelphia in 6. Write it down people. MVP of the series - Jimmy Rollins who will be elevated into Philadelphia sports lure along with Schmidt & Erving.

Enjoy the time off DC....

philies...brad lidge

Phillies in 6 and Ryno brings home the MVP. Lee gets 2 wins Pedro and Blanton the other 2.

Phillies in 5. MVP: Ex-Orioles first-round draft pick Jayson Werth. I know that the latter sounds utterly ridiculous, but currently, I'm not ot sound mind, I guess.

Phillies in six, Cliff Lee mvp

Phillies in 6 and the MVP will be former O's prospect Jayson Werth.

Phillies win it in 7. Dramatic series. Going to be the best series in years. MVP will be Carlos Ruiz.

Phils in 6 Howard get the MVP with a new postseason RBI record. The yankess are good, but the phillies ate that fat slob CC for lunch twice last year. They have seen AJ alot, and andy wont show up. it will be the yanks bats against the phils bat. and the phils bats are BIGGER

Phillies in 4. Lee MVP. The Phillies did crush CC in the NLDS, but CC was pitching his 3rd straight game on 3 days rest between starts. The Phillies are just a great team so are the Yankees but the Phils get the edge in this one.

Angels beat the Phils in 7. Torii Hunter gets the MVP.

In game 7 this Sunday, Angels beat the Yanks 6-4; Kendry Morales home run wins it.

Tim McClelland, the home plate umpire, plays his greatest hits and ejects Nick Swisher for excessive pine tar.


Ravens defense steps up big.

Yankees in 6 - Derek Jeter MVP.

Broncos 37
Ravens 24


Phillies in 6.

They can match or even exceed New York's power, something that the Angels, Twins and just about everyone else can't do. Has the potential to be a great series.

So I get back from a week in N'awlins and find Connolly's more or less on break? There's no place like Connolly's that I could find down there, but I did see some things you don't find here either.

I can vouch for Rob K.'s claim that he called it right last year (though if he says I never paid up I'll deny that). I hope all the picks of Phils in six are right, because that's just about a best case scenario. That way the Yankee fans get to watch the visitors celebrate on their field, and the Phillie fans don't get to do it in their own ballpark. That's what I'd like to see happen.

But if I have to pick, I'll say Yankees in six with Teixeira as MVP. Bitter O's fans will curse Tex and/or MacPhail, Tex will rejoice again that he signed with New York instead of ever seriously considering his hometown Orioles, and Mussina will be wondering why he didn't come back for one more year.

Dan--OK, seems I got confused and made a previous World Series pick in an alternate universe that features the best teams of the Cygnus Cluster.

I'm straightened out now.

Philadelphia beats New York in six games. Former Baltimore Oriole Jayson Werth earns the Series MVP award.

The Phils are tough guys.

Beers all around, please.

Gee whiz CSB Jack, why don't you just twist the knife in my back. Yankees in 6? Tex as MVP?

Yankees in 6, Alex Rodriguez is your MVP - and CC wins two of the games for the Yanks, the other two are won in the latter innings by some A-Rod heroics.

Phils in 7. MVP will be Ryan Howard.

Phillies in 7 Cliff Lee gets the MVP with three wins over the $$ankees.

Phillies in 6.... Chase Utley is your MVP

Phightin' Phils in 5, Cliff Lee for MVP

Since Dan's not here to ask for predictions on the Ravens game I'll post my pick here. I'm going with a dominating win by the Ravens, smashing through against the vaunted Bronco defense that has been so stout all year long. The Ravens score at least two touchdowns in the second half, more than Denver has given up all season in the second half. Final score: Ravens 30, Broncos 7. Big games from Flacco, the defense, and special teams.

I hope the Phils come back and beat the Yankees but I am not too confident in their chances.

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