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Yankees or Red Sox?

OK people, the Yankees fans have gone. It’s safe to come out now.

They have taken their swollen pride and their “Hip, Hip Jor-Heys” and headed back up Interstate 95 for another year.

You only have to suffer through three more Red Sox games at home this month before you can reclaim Camden Yards.

Yeah, that Blue Jays series in October is going to be rocking.

Three-quarters of the park this week was filled with Yankees fans – par for the course these days. They did their thing, too, cheering everything pinstripe. But I’ll stay on record that Yankee fans are much more tolerable in 2009 than Red Sox fans. Not even close.

We’ve done this topic before, and most of you agree with me.

But here’s my question for today: The Yankees and Red Sox are, again, clearly among the best teams in the American League. They’ll both likely make the playoffs, meaning there’s a 50 percent chance one will get to the World Series.

I want to know which is the lesser of the two evils. Right now. In 2009.

Would you rather have the Yankees, who last won a world championship in 2000 but have 26 overall, get to the World Series?

Or would you still rather see it be the Red Sox, who have won two since 2004?

You don’t get an alternative option of swallowing cyanide in late October.

It’s a simple question. Two choices. One painful answer. If you had to choose – and I am making you – who would you rather see win the 2009 World Series?

Daily Think Special: Yankees or Red Sox?


The Yankees. They are overdue for a world title. Let them have it. For now, either team is fine though because the O's are irrelevant and are such a long way from ever really mattering.

I would rather see the BoSox win the 2009 World Series Championship. ANYBODY but the freakin' Yankees!!!

I consider them to be the same team, basically.

That being said, I would prefer the Yankees to win over the Red Sox this year. Red Sox fans are insufferable; Yankees fans know how to be imperious, and actually have a sense of humor about it. Barely.

Also, they have the better team, so according to that standard, they should win. Of course, the best turn of events would be that both of them get eliminated.

Definitely Yankees.

I'm a yankee fan so i obviously want the yankees to win...but what i enjoyed reading from your column was that you know that yankee fans are generally nicer than red sox fans.

When boston won back in 2004....the fans smashed windows, overturned cars and did other destructive activities. Yankee fans have never done that in boston. That's proof for all time that we should be less hated than boston. Thanks for reading.

Right now, given the choice, I'd have to say I'd rather see the yanks in the series, as much as i hate to say it. However, how awesome would it be if they lost to the Dodgers under Joe Torre? Talk about poetic justice

Let's go Sox! Better the team that steals $130 million of other teams' stars win than the team that steals $200 million of other teams' stars.

I wonder how far the Yankees would get if they couldn't buy the Indians' Sabathia, the Mariners' A-Rod, the Rangers' Teixeira, the Marlins' Burnett, the A's Swisher, the Royals' Damon, and Japan's Matsui?

I wonder how far the Red Sox would get if they couldn't buy the Pirates' Bay, the Indians' Martinez, the Marlins' Beckett, the Cardinals' Drew, the Astros' Wagner, the Marlins' Lowell, and Japan's Matsuzaka?

They'd probably be about 54-80 right now, just like the last 11 years....

Being stuck here in Red Sux Nation I have first hand knowledge that there is no team to hate more than the Red Sux. The players and the medai are as obnoxious as the fans! The think Fenway is the greatest stadium and only RedSux fans are allowed to be in there. I have had numerous foods and liquids tossed at me for no other reason than wearing the orange and black. Don't even get me started on the Pats fans...awful!!

easy...Sox. As much as I hate them, the NY Yankees make me far angrier.

That's a tough call, but I gotta go Yankees because I grew up in NY an Orioles fan and all I heard about was the history, the tradition, the pinstripes, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, blah, blah, blah. The Red Sox had no success until recently so they are still my second most-hated team but they are moving up fast.

Yankees. They are the better team, all around. And they have the momentum now, when it counts.

Easy one: Red Sox. I don't think you've been subjected to enough Yankee fans in your life yet. Consider yourself lucky!

Fire Schmuck! Send him to the Yankees. Or maybe the NY Giants, since he has given up un the Os and would rather watch the Ravens ...

Red Sox all the way. Everyone hates the Yankees and they haven't been able to buy a WS in 10 years. Give 'em another 76 years to chew on the reasons why.

I dunno, that cyanide cocktail sounds pretty good given those choices. This is like one of those ethical dilemmas where there are no good options. If the Yankees win it validates their obscene collection of premier free agents and Girardi's (wise) choice to turn down the Orioles and wait for a better offer. If the Sox win, the "Nation" would become the new pole for the Axis of Evil, pretty much on par with the Taliban.

Hate to say it, but I gotta go with the Yankees if forced to choose. But I'd still rather they lost to the Angels in the playoffs and the Tigers eliminate the BoSox.

DMG, very conveniently, you forgot to mention that half of the team key players are home grown: Jeter, Mariano, Posada, Cano, Melky, Pettite

Yankees are better, but Red Sox are scrappers. Oxbay made stuff up about Sox fans. Check out Youtube for a dose of how Yankee fans treat Sox fans at Yankee stadium. The fans are obnoxious on BOTH sides, but the Yankee fans are more "fairweather" fans. Boston's are more loyal. Yankee fans don't show up when the team is playing poorly (see 2008), Sox fans sell out the stadium year after year and suffer horrendous disappointment throughout the last 100 years, yet remain strongly loyal.

Been Sox fan for 60 years, but more and more each year the rise of arrogance by the press and especially NESN, is beginning to make me change. Many players are over hyped and over rated. NESN dwells in the past. They are never critical of players like Varitek, Ortiz or Ellsbury. Varitek is way over the hill. Ortiz has been terrible, and Ellsbury is a good player with lots of speed but certainly not a superstar. The Yankees this year have a far better team.

Ok, here I'll have to go with Red Sox as I'm a diehard Red Sox fan. However, as far as fans go...I'd have to agree with this article. Unfortunately the two world series in the past 5 years have brought out the worst "fans". I was recently at a sox/yanks game @ Fenway, and while I am not one of those obnoxious fans (I do, however, enjoy the rivalry!), there was a Yankee fan next to me, and the whole row behind me were Yankees fans as well. They ENJOYED the game, as did I. They threw out a few funny things here and there, and it was fun...until the obnoxious guy in front of me (Red Sox fan)....started in on them about steroids, and this and that. It became unbearable, and I was embarrassed for the rest of the good fans who enjoyed it. Sometimes a few bad eggs ruin it for the rest!

The EVIL EMPIRE is filled with money grubbing, massive ego driven creeps but they are the best team money can buy and a perfect sign that the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. The Yanks do nothing but feed off the poorer teams and buy up anyone that might help them win and then dump them when they used them up. Yankee fans are the WORST in the nation but willing to pay $2,000 a seat in NY! So out of balance baseball needs a salary cap but lawyers in charge of the players union are to greedy to let that happen. With all that said I hope Boston or another team are the WS champs.

Yankees... If for no other reason, it will put greater emphasis on salary discrepancies that make it unreasonably difficult for non-mega-market teams to compete on a yearly basis.

This is like asking if I want to get punched in the left eye or the right eye. Having said that if those are they only 2 choices I'd go with the Yankees. Sox fans went from a bunch of lovable loses to complete aholes after one ring, imagine what they would be like with a 3rd? Not to mention the fact that I loathe Youkilis and Josh Beckett

I hope the Yankees never win another world title! Their fans could not be more intolerable. Boston may be obnoxious but at least they don't have that nasally NY accent!

While I hate both equally, I hate ESPN more. The world wide leader long ago traded in its baseball coverage for Red Sox vs. Yankees. Or as they put it: Red Sox Nation vs. the Evil Empire. I much prefer to watch reruns of Sanford and Son.

That's easy, Yankees. The owners paid for it, so they should get it.

I hate the Yanks organization but the Red Sox fans. Even with all my family and college friends being Sox fans, I have to go with the Yanks. I would rather a team buy a championship and forget about it than have to deal with the unbelievable obnoxiousness of Sox fans after they win a WS. Its amazing how much it has changed up there.. I used to buy tickets at Fenway the night of games at the door. Fenway is now filled with pink hat wearing bandwagon fans.

when it comes to the playoffs and world series.anybody but the yankees in post season

Nice to see all the "Yankee Love" on here guys. Because I'm a Yankee fan, you should take everything I say with a packet of salt, but there is absolutely nothing worse in the world of sports than a Sox fan. The nasty scruff, the drunken rages, the obnoxious rants about how great Bahstan is when they've only known true success for about 5 years now.... They're impossible to like! At least some of us Yankee fans are tolerable and know how to act humble even though we're really ruthless when it comes to supporting our team

Yankees. This is probably the most "loveable" Yankees team in a long, long time. No more of the boring corporate Yankees of the past decade and a half. Nick Swisher, AJ Burnett, and CC Sabathia have gotten the rest of the squad to lighten the heck up, and it's showing up on the field.

Yankees all the way! Red Sox Mgmt is cheap and the Sox always try to a steal players rather than pay a market rate. Look at what they are paying Pedroia and Yout, and they got a bargain w/ Ortiz. This is why they lost Damon and maybe Bay this coming year to the Yankees. Sure the Yankees pay big bucks for their players, and they could easily keep the $$$ within the organization and in their pockets, but they want to win!

The Sox. The last thing we need is the Yankees regaining their insufferable bravado, then you'll have two annoying fan groups. Leave it to just the Sox.

Duh. Red Sox, of course! Who wants to see A-Rod with ANYthing to cheer about?

Are you kidding? In the words of the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in blackjack. No way!

Geez - you are talking about the YANKEES. They are down there at the bottom of the list with the other hottible team, the Steelers. Can any self-respecting true Orioles fan ever root for the Yankees against anyone? Not I. Ever. Yes, Boston is annoying. But we are talking about the Yankees. I root for Boston only when they play the Yankees.

Believe me, if the Yankees or the Red Sox reach the World Series, I will ENTHUSIASTICALLY cheer on their National League opponents.

As a Sox fan, I find it odd that everyone says how polite the Yankees fans are. You can wear Yankees gear in Boston without fearing for your life, you can't wear Boston gear in NY City. Also all over NE every sports store sells team logo gear from multiple teams, not just NE teams, not so in NY. NY And Yankees fans are completely intolerant of any other teams' fans. Go Sox!

Easy, Yankees are a classy organization. Its easy to understand the handwringing that comes when one team wins 25% of the titles in the sport's history. I mean weren't we a little tired of the Chicago Bulls? But now that some time has passed, America can handle Jeter holding up another trophy.

I am a NYY fan. So obviously I will say NYY should win it.

However, I do believe, that as an organisation, as a team and as a fan, we have much more class than RSN. How many of our pitchers bean opposing batters like Backett? How many of our batters brawl with pitchers liek Youkilis.

Agreed, we are smug, arrogant etc. Can you deny the fact that we have had the success to back it up? To paraphrase a famous phrase, it ain't arrogance if its true. I believe, we get along well with everyone except RSN. And they are just hopeless.

And why do you hate the BOSS for spending money? He knows that NYY fans want to win WS every year. Its not enough to compete and have a winning season. The goal is WS each and every year. And he is willing to forgo some profits and put money to work in the team to give fans what they want.

Also, kindly stop complaining about NYY fans coming to Camden yards or for that matter even RSN fans. They buy the tickets that goes to Oriole's organisation. May be that money will be well spent in locking up Brian Roberts or Markakis.

Thanks for reading.

The Red Sox but only because my dad is a Red Sox fan. I always root for the American League team unless it is the Y's. I despise them and hope they never ever win another worlud series.

On a fan basis, I would rather the Yankees win. I could never "root" for either one, being a life-long O's fan.

I have friends and people that I have worked with that are Yankees fans. And the point is they have always been Yankees fans. I will give it to New York, they demand and expect results and love their team. If you get on a Yankees fan about how much you them, they usually will give you a good jab back.

If you do this to a Red Sox fan however (most of which were never a real baseball fan and still aren't until they won the world series) they get all offended. Bottom line, Red soxs fans think there S. doesnt stink.

I cannot stand both clubs. But I hate Boston 1000% more. And now that we know that they cheated and their 2 "titles" are suspect to say the least, I would go with NY. It is the franchise that Ruth made a household name (Baltimore native) and even though they have enough titles and history, I would much rather them.

Plus it would shut the stupid SAWX "Nation" up. Nothing annoys me more than those people.

RED SOX no question

Jerry Remy left us all a link to this ridiculous column..Do I really need to come over and harp on about the egotistical skankees? No thanks..waste of saliva and breath. I was one of the few up here who was dead against signing A-fraud..I care about a player as a person mostly and how he carries himself. He represents a whole team. Now, to Oriole and other fans who have had bad experiences at Fenway or with obnoxious Sox fans..please don't generalize the rest of us civil ones with rotten apples..Cal Ripken, Jr. is on my TOP 3 fav players of all time. I WISH he would've been on my team. I still rooted for him though..every step of the way.

The Red Sox of course! The Yankee fans that you don't heard from until their team takes over 1st place and then they start boasting . . . what kind of fan is that?! I've been a Sox fan forever, and I would never, ever encourage the Yankees to do well. Their time has come and gone. Stand aside and let a true champion take over!

I am a yankee fan but I am so glad to hear your comments about Boston fans. I actually had my yankee hat flushed in a toilet @ Fenway when I was 8 years old. They are so obnoxious and suffer from a serious Napolean complex when it comes to the Yanks. By the way, Markakis is a pleasure to watch. What a great player.

Until 2004 I would have said Sox without even thinking about it. But, since the Sox won something remarkable has happened-the Sox fans have proven themselves to be even more obnoxious then the Yankee fans! Go Yanks!

No brainer. The Yankees are EVIL incarnate! I would not be truly satisfied with a baseball season until the Yankees went 0 for 162.

The Red Sox were lovable until they won the World Series in '04, since then ALL Boston fans feel they have this sense of entitlement and arrogance....CAN'T STAND IT! Go Yanks

The Orioles are the worst evil. They are the real evil empire because they dont want to win. We have the worst owner in all of baseball thats only concern is stockpiling cash and losing cheaply. I cant blame the yanks and red sox for trying hard to win.

I love having a nice red herring for lunch hmmm delicious now I totally am forgetting that the Orioles have helped let things get this way during the Angelos era. Yeah sure lets go everything outside of Baltimore from the salary cap issue, roids etc etc etc but the blame is here at home we have a terrible franchise that doesn’t care.

As a Met fan, the yankees fans have always had this arrogant sense of entitlement. As a guy who works with people in "the nation", Sox fans have a misplaced sense of themselves based on recent sucess and should watch a little history to take themselves down a notch or two.

As for Mets fans - we are joining the Jets fans as perennial hopefulls that each year we show just enough promise to get our hope up and our hearts ripped out.

At least I can watch the Glasgow Celtic win - even thought its football (soccer).

To the Yankee fan complaining about the unfairness of Beckett throwing beanballs and Youk charging the mound and acting like a Yankee would never do such a thing. Wake-up, ever watched your Joba the Hut or A-Rod when someone gives him some chin music. get real. Both teams have obnoxious fans but when a player puts on pinstripes he becomes ugly. Go Sox

Yankee fan here. I live in DC, but haven't focused much on the Orioles this year.

So I have a completely different question for you O's fans: How did you team get so bad? In April, you took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees -- now, it seemed (in these 3 games) as if you barely laid a glove on them.

What the F happened? Is THAT your bullpen?

Markakis and Jones are amazing, great players. Who the heck are these other guys?

I would love to see the Yankees win just to laugh at Mussina. Plus it is hard to root against Jeter.

Nothing about what the Yankees do is honorable. The fact is that until baseball gets a salary cap, the playing field will never be fair. Yankees are more evil. But the Red Sox fans are more annoying.


All I want is for both Yankees & Red Sox Nation to just drop dead from bubonic plague.

Steve J said it's like asking if he wants to be punched in the left eye or right eye. No, it's like being asked if you'd rather be kicked in the left or right...well, anyway, if I get to choose, the Sox go up 3-0 but then lose to the Yanks 4-3. This will maybe make the Sox fans shut up for awhile. Then Tom Brady gets hurt again and the Bruins go to last place. Meanwhile, like someone else suggested, the Yanks lose to the Dodgers and Torre on a Manny Ramirez walk-off, come from behind homer off Rivera that gets caught by a Dodger fan leaning WAY over the wall. Then to compound the grief, Ramirez gets suspended again the day after the Series and the Yanks fans can't stop complaining that he shouldn't have been allowed to play in the first place.

Yanks should probably win. I have lived in Baltimore all my life (29 years) and I must say that it has only been recently that more and more sox fans have been coming down to the Yard. On the other hand, the Yankee fans have faithfully been filling out pockets over the years. So, when it comes to the perspective of money, I'd want the Yanks to win.
Also, sox fans are quite annoying. I do a lot of traveling and when I went to New York, I had to see the New Yankee Stadium. Of course I wore my O's cap and there wasn't a single person that said anything to me. In addition, I have seen on the streets of New York a few red sox fans here and there and no one goes out their way to insult them or anything. You might see the occasional stare, but nothing violent or vulgar.
However, my latest trip to MA was quite different. While I didn't make a pit stop to Fenway, I have seen Yank fans heckled and verbally abused. I was in a restaurant and this colored guy, probably indian or a dark latino man was refused service after having his Yankee cap on. I mean, I know that is illegal. To be precise, the man wasn't really refused service, but was told to take the cap off or otherwise it would be a good idea to leave. The guy hesitantly smiled at the old hag and left. I wonder whether these types of activities happen more often? I don't know whether it was that he was a Yankee fan, or that he was colored, or whether it was the combination of the two that made the hostess make that remark to him.
The Red Sox fans have the least diverse set of fans, most obnoxious, and makes me wonder whether they are mostly made up of "red" necks that cheer for the red sox solely because they seem to be the white man's team. I'm sure others have heard about this notion. I have to say that, when looking at the totality of it all - it makes me question the organization of the Red Sox and especially the fans...
BTW, I am a WASP...

As a Yankee fan, I appreciate any support they get.

However, this thread, along with a Singleton-Murray reunion in the YES booth the other night saddens me because of what we've lost.

I remember a lot of fun days walking around the Inner Harbor wearing Yankee gear and taking a lot of pointed, but good-natured, jabs before games at Memorial Stadium (no looker, but lots of fun) or Camden Yards.

The Orioles should be a competitive team and it's sad to see Camden dominated by Yankee fans. I really enjoyed the Yankees-O's rivalry, which didn't have the pink-hat/ESPN-juiced foolishness now associated with Yankees-Red Sox.

Red Sox will say it's just a case of Yankee fans angry because they finally got the better of us. I disagree. The Orioles beat the Yankees plenty of times (I was there for Lowenstein's '83 grand slam off Goose) but the rivalry never got to the stupid level where Yankees-Red Sox is.

SOX forever, Yankees never.

It's not the teams that are so intolerable but the fans. Neither group knows how to win with grace and dignity.

As a Yankee fan, obviously I want to see ANYBODY but the Sox. And if the Yanks have to lose a world series, wouldn't mind losing to the Giants. Gotta love Lincecum/Cain.

Having been to Camden Yards (loved it), I was intrigued by your comment re: which fans are worse: Yanks/Bosox. I have my subjective feelings, but am interested to hear fans from other towns.

Personally, having seen Boog, Palmer, Brooks, et. al. as I grew up, it's sad to see the O's in such deep decline. I think your owner is not up to par.

the yankees, their fans just
go on and on about thier winning...

the red sox haven't won
until the last 10 years...

but oh i do remember, when
the beer was cold...

when the robby boys, cakes,
crazy horse, mac, the blade
beat em like a red headed
stepchild we did.......

I hate both teams (and their fans) so the one saving grace of 2009 is that at least one of them will lose. Of course I’ll root for any of the 6 other playoff teams that play them.

But if I had to choose between the two evils, I chose NY.

I would find some silver lining if they won the first year without Mussina (who left Birdland in pursuit of a championship ring). It would be that they won the three years before he got there, none in the nine years he was there – and then the first year he was gone. No tears in MY beer for Moose. And yes, I’m a grudge-holder – still despise Elway…

Red Sox nation acting like they rule the world is a joke as they have only won 2 titles in the last 90 years. 9 teams have won 2 or more since 1918 - They are the BALTIMORE ORIOLES, Cincinnati Reds, NY Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers, NY Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Oakland Athletics. Let’s keep Boston out of that club.

Go O's in 2010!

RED SOX, of course.

to the Yankee fans, I am sorry that people at Fenway treated you badly -only excuse that I can explain with - learned from Yankee fans, who threw things at me [a 50+ yo woman].

I think you need to re-evaluate your visit because I've seen many many drunken sox fans kicked out of Fenway.

and what would we do without the Red Sox-Yankee [aka Choker] rivalry :-)

I first remember the O's in 1960. They made a good run at the Yanks that year with Barber and Gentile being big surprises..but you know who won. And in 61,62,63,64. My happiest years were the years the O's won (especially1966) AND the Years the Yanks suffered thru Horace Clarke, Dooley Womack et al. NO team is, or should be hated as much in the city by the bay as NY. How about 1969 guys? O's, Bullets AND Colts ALL lose to NYC.

Not even close, the Sawx. in my everyday life, the Sox fans are tolerable johnny come latelys, the yankee fans with their taj mahal stadium and napoleonic owner and overpriced payroll are sickening. i can ID with the Sox blue collar fan base.

Yanks. At least they're honest about what they are; Sox fans seem to think they're some sort of better alternative. They're insufferable.

After hearing yesterday that longtime Tigers' broadcaster Ernie Harwell has inoperable cancer, I'm rooting for Detroit to win one more for Ernie (as the Phillies did last year for Harry Kalas) before he leaves us....

Any real O's fan HATES the Yanks. Since '58 I've despised them and still do. With the way the Birds stink, rooting against them is all we got. But with the Yankee like (but unwarranted) arrogance of the Red Sox fan,it makes choosing between these two like asking do you want to be shot or stabbed. At least NY has earned their sense of superiority (maybe not recently but over history yes.) Boston hasn't won any more titles in the last 50 years than the O's.

God, it pains me to say this but... I'd have to see I'd rather see NY win. But I'd still be cheering for the NL team in the series unless it's the Mets. In that case, I'd cheer for rain outs and injury causing brawls.

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