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Which Ravens will have breakout seasons?

We dipped into the NFL pool on Tuesday.

Let’s jump in feet first today.

I am looking for a breakout Raven (prison jokes not welcome). Could be offense, could be defense, could even be new kicker Steve Hauschka.

Basically, I am looking for this year’s Le’Ron McClain, Jim Leonhard or Joe Flacco.

Players that helped carry the team that you weren’t exactly counting on before the first game. Players that took the biggest leap from one season to the next.

Ray Rice is going to be the popular answer here. I will give you two more: Tavares Gooden and Todd Heap.

Yes, Todd Heap. Yes, I know it is not 2003. Yes, he’s already broken out, but then he broke down.

As Paul of Arlington (free drink chip) predicted in Tuesday’s fantasy football entry, Heap could be a big source of TDs if he is healthy.

A huge if, I get it. But I think he might have one more productive season left in him.

Call me an optimist.

Or call me an idiot. But call me.

Come on Ravens’ fans, I want your breakout Raven for 2009-10.

Daily Think Special: Which Raven (or Ravens) will have a breakout year? Why?


What raven's will have breakout seasons? Why don't you ask their dermatologists? Or better yet, ask their parole officers!

The Washington's (Fabian and Kelly) and the 300 pound monsters at the Tackle spots should get some serious pro bowl considerations!

The Washington's (Fabian and Kelly) and the Starting o-line Tackles to open up big runs for the backs.

Let me guess, The Big E is a squeelers fan that can see what's coming.

I have a a feeling it's going to be 2 big guys on the line, Michael Oher (he has been a monster in the preseason and has a badass attitude on the field) and Haloti Ngata (most underrated lineman in the NFL). I think Ngata is going to get a lot of recognition for his run stopping and his unique ability to both occupy blockers and create havoc for opposing Offensive Coordinators.

I picked Todd Heap to have a break out year before reading your article. He looked good in preseason and he is finally healthy again. Kelly Washington might suprise us as well.

Kelley Washington will have a breakout season. He has proven to be a more consistent threat than Demetrius Williams over the course of the preseason. He is a seasoned vet who knows how to get open. I'm looking for 35-40 catches and two-three touchdowns from him.

Yes E must be a Steelers Fan! The Thug Image of the Ravens left with Billick - John Harbaugh, Ozzie and Steve B. are shifting that old image - we are becoming one of the best franchses in footbal and they are building a dynasty here in Baltimore! We are among the best in the NFL and will prove it this year... break out seasons?

Landry if healthy will show his meddle on D

Ray Rice will save salary cap when MaGahee's contract comes due at the end of the season.

Heap will be back in form - and I think he has several good seasons left in him.

Flacco will be considered among the best by year's end!

Everyone talks about how the Ravens are short from last year with the loss of Bart Scott - he will be missed but the next Raven will step up - Jamell McClain will erase the sting of that loss over the next couple years

Hard to pick one - It's going to be a fun season!

Hey Big E, who on the Ravens is on parole? Idiot...

I'm going to say Kelly Washington and Ray Rice on offense, Tavares Gooden and Haloti Ngata on defense

I agree with the assessment of Tavares Gooden. He is a classic Ravens linebacker - he flies to the ball and delivers a wallop when he gets there. With Bart Scott leaving, this is his time.

I expect big things from Mark clayton this season. He was on the virtue to break out last this season but a more runing offense has been a factor for his success. Watch for Flacco to look for him more this season. From Defense, I think Foxworth will be a shutdown and ballhawking DB, Steve Haushka will also have a decent Season... I say Let's Run all Over Squeeler-burgs!!

I like... Ray Rizzle and T-Sizzle... as obvious picks...

Under-the-radar in everywhere but Baltimore is Haloti Ngata for sure.
I also like to see T. Gooden bring us some spark.

Then I like Kelley Washington on the offense.

The Big E ur thinking about cincinnati.

I pick todd heapppppppppp! and dawan Landry.

Demetrius Williams #87... he has good speed, crazy flexibility, and excellent hands. Most of the time he'll be matched up against the other team's 3rd corner. 2009 will be the start of a beautiful relationship between him and Joe.

Maybe not exactly a big surprise, but this will be Ngata's breakout year.

He's already on most All-Pro voters' lists, and this year he'll demonstrate why he belongs in Hawaii next February.

Gimmee a Dos Equis please and let me buy Big E a can of that crappy Iron City schlop.

I sure hope Haushka has a break out year. I also expect Nagata to take his game to another level (pro bowl) and I wouldn't be surprised if Foxworth and Landry step up in the secondary.

Rex who?

Willis McGahee will come up big. I find it funny how so many are down on him, but as usual they will be eating crow at seasons end. I like Ray Rice, but I don't think he is built to last a season. He reminds me of Brain Westbrooke and you know he stays hurt. McGahee is flying under the radar and due for a big year.

Oher all the way!!!!!

Who cares about image. Some of yall' are so concerned about the image that we give to the rest of the country. So what that they think of us as thugs. The fans in Baltimore know that we have genuine, giving players who are concerned about this community. You can't keep everybody happy. It's impossible to have a perfect image. This isn't Hollyweird it's Baltimore and the last time I heard it was known as a tough, butt-kicking town. If you are concerned about image I think your are in the wrong city. I suggest that you put your tight khaki's, pink shirt, matching pink socks, and head 35 miles down the Beltway. There you can enjoy your $12 cup of beer and worry about image. This is BALTIMORE, tough city and tough team. Welcome to BMORE no Wuss allowed.

My choice here is Kelly Washington. His two previous teams were loaded with WR talent, Cincinatti and New England. He'll be our #2 reciever and a fan favorite by mid-season.

Dominique Foxworth is going to use his speed and superior talent as a cover corner to light it up in his hometown return!

Hey Big EEEEEEEEEEEEDIOT! Go read your own team page, we don't need you here.

I honestly think our offense will have a lot of breakout players this year, starting with Flacco and Rice. I love what Washington brings and I think he'll push Clayton for that number 2 spot.

Todd Heap, Ray Rice, McGahee.
Watch the offense heat things up this year. Flacco will be aerial more but that opens up the running game. Watch for Dr. LongBall and some rushing records. They've got the speed, the moves, and the arm now.

Breakout Ravens: Haloti Ngata, Paul Kruger, Antwan Barnes, and maybe Mark Clayton.

Ray Rice will be the BIG play maker . not to many people watched him at Rutgers .I watched alot of collage ball and when I first seen him play I was thinking "this is the type of RB we need " low and behold we drafted him I was so excited . This guy will make big plays just wait and see

ray rice i think is goin to have a great year. i think after this year haloti ngata will be considered one of the best defensive linemen in the league. mark clayton could have a big year and demetrius williams could have a proving year also. dwan landry is going to make a statement too

Kelley Washington - 45 receptions, 550 yards, 4 TD

Domonique Foxworth - 36 tackles, 5 INT

Look for the first of 2 shutout this year.
27-0 McGahee returns to prominence with 3 TDs.

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