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What's your take on Sunday's Ravens' win?

You all were right. I was wrong. I am more than OK with that.

Your Baltimore Ravens are now 2-0 after a 31-26 win at San Diego.

Excellent win. Definitely not an easy one, though.

Most of you said the Ravens would be victorious. A lot of you predicted a blowout.

Both Jeff Orndorff and Ed SoPaFan had the Ravens winning 31-27 and Bob Dana was right there, too, with a 31-24 prediction.

Bob gets a free drink chip and Ed can enjoy a free tab today. But we’ll give the free (and fake) tab for the week to Jeff, who won the tiebreaker by saying Todd Heap would be the hero of the game.

He wasn’t. Willis McGahee deserves that title (with Ray Lewis delivering the biggest play of the game). But Heap caught a TD, and Ed didn’t list a tiebreaker.

So if you can’t follow the fake rules, Ed, you can’t fully reap the fake benefits. It’s probably not his fault, however. Those guys up in York County get confused easily.

Anyway, be thirsty, Jeff. You are a winner at Connolly’s.

Now, to Sunday’s victory. I must be honest, I had other responsibilities and couldn’t watch the Ravens’ game as intently as I would have liked. I saw most of it, but had to listen to some on the radio. So I am even more ill-equipped than normal in my not-so-expert analysis.

But here are three quick observations: 1. The offense really does look like it will be formidable this season. 2. The secondary concerns me even more than it did last week.
3. So long as the offense is for real, this team should win a bucketload of games, because the defense will improve.

I want to hear what you think. Let’s get a good discussion going today among the patrons while I fly to Toronto to watch those other birds of Baltimore.

Daily Think Special: What did you take from Sunday’s Ravens’ win?


The Ravens had better fix their pass defense or they are in for some serious trouble down the road. It is a little too much to ask of any offense to score in the 30's week in and week out. The defense may miss Rex more than I for one thought they would, Mattison doesn't seem to be as good a defensive play caller as Rex and it is showing so far in the first 2 games. Let's hope they can get this worked out before it hurts us in a game we really need to win. The Ravens are going to face some very good qb's this year and they will be salivating watching films of the first 2 games.

Jamison's got no faith.d

1. The secondary concerns me... 2. special teams concerns me..3. FG kicking concerns me.. 4. WR concern me.. although not as much now.. they played a game they may have lost last year.. anyways a wins a win i'll take it! RAY LEWIS MVP.

Hi Dan,
It's obvious that we have average CBs. But I am not concerned because they made plays in the red zone when it counted. I would rather have a balanced team with an offense and defense, then a dominate defense with an average offense. This is how you build championship teams. No team is perfect in the NFL. Our defense will get better and we will be fine.

Special teams will hurt them more than the putrid secondary in the latter half of the season.

Didn't I hear that C-Mac is back in Maryland? I think we need some DB depth. Dan, you are correct...this is an area for concern.

a wins a win... but the secondary does concern me.. FG kicking concerns me.. but again they played a game they may have lost last year.. RAY LEWIS MVP

The secondary needs to improve big time because we are going to face many more big name quarterbacks. Might want to re-think drafting a WR in next year's draft, we need taller conerbacks. This team has plenty to improve on in the coming weeks.

The secondary worries me.

It's hard to believe that Greg Mattison's defense can be that less effective than Rex. I thought with a year to understudy Rex, Mattison would be good to go and improving. I don't see it. The secondary still can't communicate to stop a free 83 yard TD and they play soft. Where's the hitting that Jim Leonard put in last year. We let him go because Landry would be coming back. So far that looks like a bad move. So far, Mattison, unlike Rex, looks less than inspirational.

OK, am I wrong, but isn't this the worst defensive performance since like 1999?

Being in FL, I could only "watch" on the ESPN play-by-play thingy. Oh, and the last 5 mins were on TV after Chi-Pitt ended. But, it seems like Rivers "had his way" with our secondary. Not enough front pressure; linebackers didn't do enough in coverage; secondary couldn't handle it.

I really don't know what the defensive performance means until the season ends and we get a full reading on the Chargers offense. BUT...having watched parts of NE-NY at 1:00, it certainly seems like the better part of the ravens defensive scheme went 200 miles NE up I-95.

That said...Ray Lewis gets NFL play of the week. Leave it to a Hall of Famer after 59 1/2 minutes of firewagon football to step up and put out the fire. Play of the of the week...maybe play of the month.

Oh, I forgot, the offense looks, as they say in Ballmer, "pretty durned good."

Horrible play calling on both sides of the ball.

Kansas City will be horrible (2-14), but San Diego will be formidible (13-3?). You have to win the games you have to win (KC), and you need to win more than half of the games you COULD win.

So, beating a pre-season favorite on the road when their QB breaks personal records is great, no matter how you did it.

Yep, too much yardage given up, but the points comparison belongs to B-more. THat's all you want.

What happened to our defense? Rivers is good but we sure made him look better. The Ravens should have mauled that offensive line but they gave Rivers enough time to light up the secondary. They better watch out next week.Tthe Browns are going to school on the film from this game. The Browns are going to win some games this year and they will play hard. Don't fall into the trap that it should be an easy win!

My take is. it was a huge win, but Rex Ryan's exit looms larger then I had first thought!

The Ravens defense has weakened due to age and the loss of players such as Bart Scott, C Mac and Rolle. The offense has gotten much better and was able to compensate for some of the defensive weakness. The ravens are as balanced as I have ever seen them since they have been a team. Will they be good enough to make it back to the AFC championship game and beyond? It doesn't look like it at first glance but I hope so!

Dan- solid post. I agree that the Ravens win, while not pretty... was huge. It not only provides momentum moving forward, coming back to M&T and a tough road schedule following.

As much as I'd like to say "a win is a win", the lacking performance in the secondary and our defenses inability to stop the "big plays" down field worries me. I am beginning to see a shift in Baltimore's style, which is impressive, but we need improve in the area this city's football is known for: Defense.

Just imagine what this team can do if we can limit other teams to 14 points?

Thats all folks. Go Ravens.

A win is a win especially on a West Coast trip against a quality team, a playoff team. So we can bask in the glow of victory.

The offense is not going to be a burden to the team and may even carry the day as it did today. We should be able to mount comebacks, and even get in a scoring race with the opposing team.

The defense is obviously still great. 5 Charger trips inside the red zone with 4 field goals and a 4th and gone. That is a quality defense that should improve as the season goes on. The D-backs may not be that bad. It is the lines' duty to get pressure on the QB otherwise, the D-backs are going to get burned, they cannot stay with receivers forever. And I expected Sproles to be a problem and he was and wasn't. His returns were great and a couple of plays, otherwise he wasn't that bad. After all, with all the yardage, it was still a 5 point victory.

The special teams need to gel but that is also the last unit put together.

Remember, 7 trips to the red zone and 7 TDs, that is a far cry from past Ravens offensives and will result in many wins. After two weeks, what we can see is that any team on any given Sunday and only consistency separates the top from botom NFL teams.

The Raven's Offense is the real thing. From the line to Flacco to the backs. Even the receivers are inspiring confidence. The secondary is making extra money collecting tolls as receivers run by them. Bend but don't break? Even a rubber band can only bend so much before it breaks. Look for a lot of up and down the field high scoring games.

Great victory! The offense is doing what it takes to win and we score once we're in the red zone. Maybe we won't miss Stover after all, if we keep getting TDs.

This may be our year. Two weeks in a row we got major performers injured on other team (Matt Cassel on KC and SD's LT). Plus the Steelers lost! Wonderful Sunday!!!!

Only two concerns...the special teams had trouble with Sproles and the secondary had trouble with everybody.

We're seeing a team in transition. 10years of D, now moving to O. Great balance this year provides the MOST exciting games.

Nothing but goodness for years to come.
(Even if i LOVE defense best. Best games I ever saw had less then 10 total points scored.)


The secondary sucks....... They will get sccorched when ever they play a good quarterback..... Since they get smoked all the time, they should just get Blitz Happy.....

Even with the injuries, the Chargers have a great defense, but the Ravens handled them with ease.

Despite the passing success against them, the Ravens turned a high-powered offense into a one-dimensional one.

CBs were in great position, but faced TALL receivers and incredibly accurate passes.

This is a game that previous Ravens teams would have found a way to lose.

The Ravens are headed for a disappointing season unless they revert to the aggressive style defense used by Rex Ryan last year. super Bowl bound teams do not get bombarded by QBs like Rivers.
The Ravens are not ready to compete with the dreaded and evil Steelers.

This was not a game the Ravens would have been expected to win (if one were guessing their record beforehand). The secondary was not good. 3rd and 18 --a TD pass from Rivers?!?! Horrifying. On the other hand, they did only allow SD in the endzone twice. But, the Chargers also had four key players out so I would have to believe the Ravens wouldn't have had much of a chance, otherwise. Still, a win is a win and Pittsburgh lost.

My take is this --- no disrespect to the Ravens, who made just enough plays to get a quality win on the road -- but if I have two chances, with the game on the line, Norv Turner is the last person on earth I want calling the plays. The Chargers' last two offensive plays were absolutely horrendous calls. That team will lose at least three games this year simply because of his coaching.

Can you imagine what it's like on that plane flight home from San Diego to Baltimore? Flying, with pure delight, on the wings of a bird.

The game ended 4 hours ago but we're still feeling tremors here in central New Jersey from Ray Lewis' game-winning, fourth and two hit on Darren Sproles in San Diego.

Eleven tackles in the game would have been an impressive performance. But, number twelve for Ray was one Ravens fans will always remember.

My first take is the NFL needs to clarify the rule for out of bounds kick-offs. There is a flaw in the rules. There is no plane on the sidelines and in the case today, the ball never went out of bounds as it never landed out of bounds. A player can intentionaly put one foot out of bounds on kick-offs close to the sideline/goal area, field the ball, and not have to make the decision if the ball would make it to the endzone or out of bounds. And to make matters worse, the kicking team is penalized.

It was a HUGE win, let's not misunderstand that and Ray made a huge play to wrap up the win. I am concerned about giving up 400+ passing yards, we just gave up too many big plays and that will get us into trouble eventually. Foxworth looked way too inconsistent, he made some good plays and then just looked awful at times. I will not put it all on the secondary as the pressure was not always there and that's gonna make it difficult on DB's, especially against a team like the Chargers. I think they'll make adjustments but it is a slight concern and I hope we're looking a lot better by the time we make the trip to Foxborough, I think Brady may look like himself by that time. Still, I will add that with all those passing yards 12 of those 26 points were FGs and that's impressive on the D's part.

I felt like I was watching a textbook Ravens game of old today wile watching the Jets beat NE.

Were those really the Baltimore Ravens shooting it out with San Diego??

Its nice to have a real offense, but why can't we get both the old Raven's defense and new Ravens offense?

Hopefully "Raven's defense" did not leave town with Rex....

Obviously Ozzie Newsome plays golf with Domoniue Foxworth's dad...because if he's a premier corner I'm a road scholar.....nice couple of plays at the end after you and Washington wore Rivers arm out from scorching you guys.....the rest of the league thanks Washington and Foxworth for tiring Rivers arm out for the rest of the year....the Ravens secondry is Madden on the rookie level...Ozzie next time save your money for christmas and burn it in the fire when it gets cold it'l be a better investment.

On the other hand, the offense was quite consistent: Joe Flacco's only pick occurred because Shawn Merriman hit Joe's arm after Merriman was offside.

First of all I'd like to say this win was big. We have a very tough schedule especially in the last half of the season and its good to start off strong. Its definatley nice seeing this young O line come together and really protect our franchise QB against 2 very good pass rushers. It's also very nice seeing Willis Mcgahee's hard work in training camp pay off, as he is looking really strong in the first 2 games. But i don't like how we don't run the ball enough especially against a banged up D line. But all in all I am impressed with our offense especially in the redzone. Baltimore has always been a team thats had trouble closing drives. They always seemed to come away with 3. But Joe and Co. seem to be finishing drives a lot better these days. Also, the way Joe answers right back after the other team scores and drives us right down for 7. On the other side of the ball we did a very good job keeping them out of the endzone when they got into our redzone. But as for everything else on defense, i was not impressed, and the way they played worried me a great deal. Our secondary was horrible and our front 4 got absolutley no pressure against an inexperienced San Deigo Chargers O-Line. I think it will improve when Suggs builds more endurance. Watching him gasp for air in the 2nd quarter wasn't good. Although if history repeats itself, Suggs will improve as the season goes on. As for the other side JJ looks like he's stepped his game up this off season. And our LB are stellar as always. Our secondary needs to wake up especially Washington. He looked horrible today. When its 3rd&3, you don't line up up 7 yards off the line of scrimmage, you should be right at the line pressing that receiver. And thats Mattisons job to make these corrections. We really missed Rex today on the sideline calling the plays. I'm not writing off Mattison yet. Hopefully he makes changes this week in practice after watching the film. One thing that really surprised me was Frank Walker's play. I thought he played very well. And trust me, coming from me thats saying something. I am the most anit- Frank Walker person you will ever meet. I was campaigning all through training camp for him to get cut. And I almost had a heart- attack when they cut Evan Oglesby and traded Derrick Martin, but kept Frank Walker. Who is due for a special teams penalty every single damn game. It pisses me off so bad. And for Harbaugh being a Special Teams guy, you would think he would have done something about that last year. Go back and watch the film of last year, every single game he had a special teams penalty. It drives me crazy. All I can say is he either does really good things in practice that we never see, or he has naked pictures of Harbaughs wife or something. Because that guy does not "Play Like A Raven." But maybe I'm wrong cause he did play the best out of all of our corners today. I'm very happy we came off the road with the win, especially after the way we performed on D. I think If Mattison and our secondary can get their act together, and Joe and his O-Line keep growing together, we can be the most balanced team in the NFL. I think It's simply on how our secondary responds and if they get better. Because If not, all teams will look at today and realize the way to beat us is throw and attack our small, weak corners. Again, I'm happy we got out of there with a win, but we have a lot of work to do If we want to be an elite team. And I think John Harbaugh will make the changes necassary. I also hope we get back to pounding the football and working off play action from that, especially now that Todd Heap is back. I'm excited about the 2009 Ravens an I think we have a shot to beat anyone.

The win in San diego is Huge.Ray,Ray made one of the most incredible plays that you will ever see in a football game.Yes our secondary struggled but they will fix that in time.Our offensive weapons are going to win us a bunch of games.Prediction,Can you say 14-2!

We beat a motivated, above average (albeit poorly coached) team on the road at their season opener. It doesn't get much tougher in the NFL during the regular season, and we deserve to feel good about the win. Our team definitely has some causes for concern, but I can't be troubled by a 400-plus passing day from a very good quarterback with an established, 3-4 year rapoire among his receiving corps. And I fully expected the garish passing stats-with Tomlinson out and Turner traded, SD has to run an offense like New Orleans. It wasn't pretty at times, but the Ravens collectively played like savvy champs.

What I took from the game is that the Ravens beat a quality team on the road and now are alone in first in the AFC North, a game ahead of the Steelers. I'll leave it to others to point out the areas needing improvement. But the Ravens provided the lone bright spot athletically for the weekend for me.


Pass defense needs work.
I turned off the game when Clayton dropped that pass.

Dec. 24, 2000: we gave up 481 yds. passing (2 TD's, 3 INT's, 8 sacks) to Vinny Testaverde but still beat the Jets 34-20. So what if Rivers threw for 436 - he was 0-5 in the Red Zone and lost, 31-26.
Matson's right - play "prevent" against good QB's and you lose. We play Rothlisberger x2, Palmer x2, Brady, Manning, Favre, Rogers, Cutler.
I feel more secure with Matson's play-calling than I ever did with Rex Ryan. Over time we'll tighten it up.
Just like in 2000. We're 2-0 and the goal is again Festivus Maximus. Lots of work still to do but I like where we're at.

A win is a win...let's not foget we beat a playoff caliber team, on the road, and we are 2-0 sitting in 1st place in the division.

Now we need to work on our coverage, especially against tall WR's and we need to really work on kick off coverage. Two games in a row no and Josh Cribbs in week 3.

The offense looks nice....

- the roughing the passer penalty on Trevor Pryce right before the half was incredibly ticky tacky, even with the extra emphasis on protecting the QB.
- the roughing the kicker penalty on SD to start the 3Q was really ticky tacky too. I wonder if they were making up for the call on Trevor?
- Suggs got caught in "no man's land" on Sproles 81-yd TD catch and run. Not rushing the passer, not covering the receiver.
- Suggs isn't quite in game shape yet either. This means he's only going to get better.
- Where was Ed Reed? I didn't see him get beat, I didn't even see him in the plays! A lot of the deep receptions were in the middle of the field where Reed should be.
- Antonio Gates was a non-factor. Maybe that's where Reed was all game, I don't know.

I might be jumping the gun here, but considering how trigger happy the rest of the NFL has been, if the defense has a poor showing against the Browns next week, Mattison should be shown the door. For the talent that's on this defense, the performance has been inexcusable. Never thought I'd be saying that the offense has carried the team, but this is absolutley ridiculous.

Yesterday was a nailbiter like last week. We aren’t used to nailbiters. Cleveland better not be a coming out party for Quinn. It’s not Def. Coord. Greg Mattison. It rests on our personnel. Our corners are mediocre. With their experience in the league, they ain’t going to improve much if at all. And they were too short yesterday! As for the safeties, we miss Leonard, who was more focused and tenacious than Landry. What happened to the Landry we saw in his first year here? And our middle coverage with our linebackers is real questionable so far. Ray is a little slower now and Suggs’ role is what it is. The best thing about the Chargers game was that it was probably the best test for our D in looking ahead at the playoffs. We have to focus on pass coverage just like last year. That’s our weakness, but thank God our O can now cover for it!

Thanks for the drink! I raise my glass to Ray for making the game saving play!

It was a good day. Ravens win. Steelers lose. Will be interesting to see the Steelers stickers and car vanity plates start to disappear this week. LOL.

Got to get the secondary problem solved, and quickly, but we'll take the W and bring on the Browns ....

i would say the ravens were lucky to win the game. the chargers kinda beat themselves with their last posession. a win is a win. as other posters in this blog have pointed out,the ravens can't allow long pass completions like the chargers made in the game

no matter what gets said in my comments or any other:
the bottom line is the ravens won a game against a predicted afc championship team in their home stadium.

now any defense is going to give up points. the chargers are a high power offensive team. there were a number of serious gaffes by specific defenders but overall the ravens defense ONLY allowed 14 points. good job.
i am concerned about ed reed. first game of the season he took a shot when the chiefs fumbled & scored in the endzone. he was down, but had he been at his best he had a chance to scoop the ball right next to him. he didn't move for several seconds. yesterday in running down sproles then getting beat on the cutback, every announcer talked about sproles ability instead of reed's completely uncharacteristic play. reed almost NEVER takes his eyes off a player with the ball. on that play he ran for almost 15 yards with his helmet fixed straight ahead. he does not seem to be 100% and i hope that nothing is seriously wrong. i also noticed that he was out for several key plays toward the end. suggs was not quite his normal self for injury i guess. i also saw kelly greg getting pulled several times as well.
while everyone in baltimore is not used to seeing a 21-14 victory, we should not panic on what has happened so far with the team. the ravens can score now so be happy. the pass first mentality is fine if it can be sustained. the successes of the running game go back to the effectiveness of the passing game.
we could probably win enough to get into the playoffs by running 66% of the time, but we would lose in the playoffs for being to one dimensional. the ravens are 2-0 and at this point i realistically saw them at 0-2 [yes, i expected a chiefs upset].
rivers read his pocket well, but rarely got flushed out of it from the middle. i predicted 28-24 chargers victory and that rivers was going to get time and torch the secondary. i think norv turner's bad play call at the end helped seal that deal.

Secondary doesn't concern me 1.NO red zone td's on 5 charger red zone possessions
2. One of the top qb's of the league throwing a lot more than he would if they were able to successfully run the ball... which they weren't 3. Some of the best and most talented receivers in the league- Gates/Jackson/Chambers

435 yds seems like a lot but 0/5 redzone td's says we are doing more things right than wrong

but how about we talk about some of the worst officiating i've seen in a LONG time.
the ref running up the center to the ball seconds before the snap and NOT stopping play was the highlight... well next to shawne merriman being 3 yards offsides on flacco's interception. Ha!

Mattison SHOULD be shown the door. Ben, you're correct.

Ryan would have switched in and out of the 'base' defense and shown Rivers and company all kinds of different looks.

Also, Rex used to blitz nonstop (apparently still does). Why don't we bring more pressure via safety blitzes, etc.?

Great win for an outstanding offense and defense . need corner backs to play ball more . They got burned too many times in this game but we still won because of our balanced offense . Don't forget that the defense prevented the Chargers ground game from doing their thing making their passing game to try and beat us but when they got in the red zone they were stopped repeatedly by a tough defense . Don't worry about this team , they are solid and should win most of their games in the coming weeks .

Are we forgetting this is only the second game that our D-cord is coaching? Look at some of the Def schemes he was running , we rarely get burned for screen plays . They burnt us a couple of times on screens. We switched to what look like a cover 2 and that means we are not blitzing and the front four needs to get pressure. I only seen Ngata and Gregg get the most pressure and Suggs and Pryce ..... idk. They will improve in the secondary but we need to get back to blitzing and pressure on the Qb not cover 2. On that note it's the other way around so far the defense holds when it needs too and the offense is keeping us in the game. At the end of the day wins count over everything no matter how much yards we give up. One more thing, last year we ran the ball and manage the clock so when the defense came out we played lights out. I think cam is getting a little pass happy , we are a run team let's get back to running the ball and controling the clock . Is it me or Carr is playing sorry on special teams???? Go Ravens!!!!!!!

The Secondary worries me with giving up the big plays. Ed Reed's shoulder is worst than he letting on. How many tackles or hits have you seen him make? Hard hitting safeties make receivers hear footsteps. Receivers have no fear going into the Raven secondary.

Week 2 people week 2. They played a playoff team at what looked like playoff speed for most of the second half. To go to SD. play in 100 degree heat in those purple jerseys, have the communication break downs in the secondary and win is freaken outstanding. Mind you two of the 3 15+ pass plays were not bad coverage. I counted 5-6 pass plays that netted 10+ yards were the coverage was right there and the passes were just what they needed to be "spectacular. " Joe and the offense came through and the God-father did too so were 2-0 going to home to play the dawgs. Could it be any better. The D will get there they have been slow starters the past 3-4 years as i remember. This may be the week the shut-out comes right as we go to foxboro so be patient baltimore we're 2-0 and in first place. THAT MEANS WE'RE AHEAD OF THE STEELERS.

No reason to worry about the secondary... If anything, they suffered from a height deficiency... Our guys are what - 5'10", 5'11"? They had 3 WR's over 6'5"... We will have problems with these tall WR's but not too many teams have a collections of wideouts that are that tall...

Hey Anonymous -- FG kicking concerns you? Hauschka makes his only attempt of the day, under pressure, inside the last 3 minutes of the game, in somebody else's stadium, and you're "concerned"? PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

Congrats to the Ravens for a hard fought victory. I wouldn't worry about the secondary so much because, apart from Drew Brees, the Ravens won't run across a passing attack like the Chargers. Same with special teams as Sproles is a stone killer. Ravens, even within the conference, are a likable team (outside of Pittsburgh, of course). You can be happy with two things this morning: a "w" and that Norv Turner isn't your head coach...

The biggest take I get from the two games so far is that if you score on us, we'll come right back on you. The offense appears to have the ability to have different looks, no super stars, but a lot of guys that can be productive. Imagine, Raven success in the Red Zone!!The O line has been great and should only get better. The "D" secondary has given up too many long plays, but Rivers made some nice throws in pretty tight coverage a few times. They have a couple of weeks to get the coverage to tighten up and maybe try some things against the Browns next week. A win against a good team on the road...cup is 7/8 filled.

The Ravens need WR's and Cornerbacks. The only reciever I saw was Mason. We can't beat every team with a running atack. We have to pass and stop the pass. We already run and stop the run better then any other team.

Being from Baltimore I thought both teams played a great game. I think the Ravens secondary will be fine as long as they don't have to play in the land of the giants again. Their tallest defensive secondary man is only six foot. It is typical that the instant replay would not show a down the line shot of Merriman jumping off sides on Flacco's interception throw. What was the deal with the referee standing between Flacco and the center on that play and not giving the Ravens more time on the play clock. Were they trying to distract the offense from scoring. I think the Chargers need a big back like McLain or Jacobs who can run and block and catch to compliment Sproles.

Everyone is so concerned about the secondary, but what about the pass rush? That is what concerns me the most. It has been that way in all of the pre season games as well as the 2 regular season games. We are not geting pressure on the opposing quarterback and becaus of that our corners are super vulnerable. We need to step up our pass rushing. Please stop blaming the defensive coordinator. And get over rex being gone. just get over it. Go Ravens!!!!!!!!

Man I don't like the play calling on defensive side of the game. Mattision is an old guy with we need a fresh blood defensive coordinator with aggressive blitzing scheme. Our guys are not getting to QB the recipe for disrupting QB plays.

I don't think the secondary was terrible. They made some plays and were soft on some plays. The one TD pass by Rivers was a thing of beauty (although I think he is overrated as a QB).

The pass rush needs to improve, too. I'm not sure if it is the play-calling or the execution but the QB is getting an extra second or second and a half more time than they did last year.

It's only two games, but the secondary would look better (as they did in the past) if they had a second less time to deal with receivers while the QB steps in and throws.

Anyone really, really missing Chris McCalister?? Our secondary is awful. I'm not convinced Mathisson is the guy for the job or Harbaugh(JMHO - I've said all along the jury is still out on him, give it a few years). So far they have been pretty lack luster. Maybe we're spoiled but; that freak show Sunday has to have you sweating.

Stop with the excuses and the other bull, one play not made by Ray and we lose. Take all your red zone nonsense and get real, one play not made and we lose...

Then there's special teams, better but; still weak.

WR's still not getting free, and the old dropped ball trick; lots to do miles and miles before you sleep.

Glad we won but; in competitive sports you don't get many freebies, we just had ours; time to throw that bucket of kool aid away and get real and deal..

It was nice to see the Ravens win on a week the Steelers lost. A win is a win. With that said, the game showed that there's something wrong with our defense. It sure hasn't looked anywhere nearly as dominant in the past two weeks as it has for the past 10 years. It's been fun watching the offense the past two weeks, and I hope there's more to come but I don't think our offense can outgun or out trick every team we play. The defense really needs to right itself in time for the NE game in 2 weeks.

Rivers is a good QB but over 400 yards!! Come on Man!!!! Our secondary sucks sucks sucks!!! Not much pass rush either but they had max protection for Rivers. We better get betteer before NW or we won't be one game ahead of anyone!!! Well maybe Cleveland!

As I sit here and read all this planned out , deep thought up, who, when,why crap about the game and what could have happenned and what didn't happen, It brings me to the very same opinion of the Chargers and why I will never be a Charger fan. Even if I tried to be one.
There is something wrong with the Chargers. There is now and there always has been.
Please quit thinking that you all as fans can fix, alter or change that concrete fact. You can and will hope, pray and dream but untill the problem is repaired deep in the world of the ownership that you will NEVER see, YOUR team will never win a Superbowl. There will ALWAYS be other NFL teams that will remain standing in your way like a huge steel reinforced concrete wall.....

Baltimore scraped by against a crippled San Diego team which was missing five starters.

Based on available evidence, the "Ravens" defense is now in New York and hammered the Patriots. The Jets appear to be the ones with a proud, swaggering defense. Ours has migrated to mostly talk.

A great victory yesterday! Bottom line the Ravens did what they had to. This team is adjusting to a new philosophy that provides both offensive and defensive power. I am confident if the Ravens have the ball and they must score - the will figure out a way. I am equally confident if the D needs a stop it will figure it out.

Sure I have concerns - like everyone - with the secondary. I am not sure Mattison is near the coach that Rex Ryan was but we have to give them time to gel.

I believe the secondary will get better and feel we have some gamers in Reed, Foxworth, and Landry. I say give Ladarius a try out there - I think he could be great! In any event, the team knows they need to improve here - I sense they will.

I loved how we ran the ball yesterday and I hope we continue to focus on building a balanced attack... I am far less concerned about the receivers corp than others here. Sure we have no super stars (with the exception of Mason) but we do have very good receivers. With Kelly Washington in the mix and Heap being back to old form - We have two more play makers for Flacco to go to. Add Rice and Mcgahee out the back field - we have ample power.

In short, there is a lot to like about this team and they certainly ain't perfect yet. But as I am reading it so far this season - with the possible exception of the Saints - there is no jagernaut in the NFL this year. Go Ravens!


Now, I'm not REALLY worried that John Harbaugh will let that happen (if it was Brian Billick at coach, it'd be a different story) ... but still, I always get nervous with the Browns. Division games never go the way you expect.

And don't look now, but Cincy might just have a defense. If Carson Palmer ever rediscovers his pre-injury form, the AFC North could get a whole lot more interesting in a hurry.

I love all the people who are complaining. C Mac and Rolle hardly played last year ! Did y'all forget about the thumpning that the Colts gave us last year ? Was anyone crying for Rex's head then ? The Ravens have one of the best tems in the league. The Chargers were picked by some to go the the Super Bowl this year and went there and won. The score was closer than the actual game. Except for a few big plays, the Ravens controlled most of the game. Be patient people !!!

The defense misses Bart Scott, and to a lesser extent, Jim Leonhard.

A win is a win is a win.

I remember the comments after the Jets game of December 24, 2000..."If you throw the ball that much you are going to get a lot of yardage."

The NFL truth is, when you throw that much, you usually get beat for the same reason San Diego got beat...turnovers and, once the field gets smaller in the Red Zone, nobody to throw to.

All the negativity against Mattison is unjust...he stayed aggressive the entire game, no 'prevent' defense...I liked it.

Rivers is tough, gutsy and very accurate and no one has ever questioned the San Diego offense. Yet the Ravens went into their stadium and beat them...something the Colts couldn't do in last year's playoffs...and they did it with a defense that bent until SD got inside the 20 and an offense that answered everytime SD got close.

That combination will win a lot of ball games.

I agree that the secondary needs work, but lets give credit where credit is due, the Chargers' receivers made some outstanding plays with Raven defensive backs draped all over them. All 440 passing yards wern't caused by the DB's laying off their recievers by 10 yards.

They need to activate Kruger immediately, who cares if he can't help out on special teams we obviously need some help getting to the quarterback's face at this point

Like I said before the game it would be a team win and it was. I am sick of hereing McGhee is our 2nd string running back. McGhee is 1st string. The Ravens are a play-off team that is a work in progress. 3,000 miles, 100 degree heat, God I love coach Harbaugh, and the entire organization.

The secondary is a major concern; too many players out of position. The cornerbacks, at times, were so far out of position they made Reed and Landry look bad when they tried to cover for them.

The special teams need some serious work ........... but ............ the worse part of the whole game was that stupid, infantile,embarrasing end zone dance of Kelly Washington. If I was Harbaugh I would have benched him and relegated him to the practice squad for several games. Crap like that only degrades the team and even worse than that ... it degrades the game of NFL football. As someone said one time .......... "when you get to the end zone, act like you've been there before"!!!!

The biggest mistake was letting Jim Leonard go after last season. He would have broken up some of those pass plays. And he would be a much better kickoff returner.
They need work in both areas. But we'll take the win.

Only time will tell how the corners and pass defense hold up against the Steelers, Patriots, and Colts. Ray pulled off an exciting finish but you can't rely on that as a safety valve every time.

It's arguable, but a Ravens D with Leonard, Bart Scott, and McCalister
could have shaved off 14 points from the Chargers.
31-12 would be a whole different recap.

Foxworth and Barnes deserved mention and we would hope to see more of that.

Secondary = bad...yes, but a lot of those passing yds SD put on us should've been erased by a more formidable pass rush!

Oh by the way, it may be semantics, but the last TD pass from Rivers to Jackson that brought SD's score to 23 should have been challenged! Vincent Jackson did not have control of the ball before he went out of bounds!
Again, it's semantics, but you can check out the closeup on ( probably has it too) and you'll see it should've been "red flagged".

Ravens 2-0
Steelers 1-1
Very Good Day!

Come on folks. It's 2 games. The odds are in favor of the Ravens D improving for several reasons:

1) Foxworth played zone coverage almost exclusively with the Broncos so he needs time to adjust to the Ravens aggressive man schemes. Also, Vince Jackson is a legitimate #1 WR and SD's passing game is likely one of the best in the NFL.

2) With the addition of Foxworth and Landry's comeback, the secondary might need some time to better compliment each other.

3) I agree with other posts that T-Sizzle is not yet in game shape and thus their pass rush is not quite where it should be.

That said, I don't expect the Ravens to be a Top 3 D... maybe Top 10 would be more realistic. But hey, the improvement on the other side of the ball with Flacco & co should more than offset, no?


You people make me sick. We are 2-0 and in 1st place. The defense only gave up 180 total yards in the 1st game. How quickly we forget. Lets face it, Rivers is a good QB with huge receivers. The conditions in San Diego were perfect for throwing the ball and no one, not even Rex Ryan can coach up a 5'8" back against a 6'5" receiver. We shut down the run, and we shut down the offense in the red zone, what more do you want. This team is built to win a championship. If you must worry about something, worry about injuries...

Whoever convinced Ozzie Newsome to pass on Sean Smith for Paul Kruger should have been fired yesterday.....he could get better advice from a corner store Psychic.

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