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What is/was Ray Lewis' greatest play?

Hey everyone:

Transportation issues have made Monday one heck of a day. So I decided to bang out a bar entry before I got to the ballpark in Toronto.

Therefore, we are going back to football again for Tuesday.

(Quick aside: If I could have one superhero power it would be teleportation. No question in my mind. After sitting for a couple hours in Baltimore rush hour traffic and a few more hours at BWI, I would pay good money to be able to teleport. I’d give up the potential of having X-Ray vision or flying like a bird or superhuman strength if it meant I could just show up where I wanted whenever I wanted.)

OK, back to the real item at hand. And speaking of superheroes.

After the Ravens’ Ray Lewis tackled San Diego Chargers Darren Sproles for a loss with 30 seconds left and fourth down on Sunday, I heard an announcer refer to the game-clincher as possibly the greatest play in Lewis’ career.

I immediately scoffed. Great play, sure. But come on, this is Lewis we are talking about. This is a Hall of Fame career we’re talking about.

No way it was his best ever, right?

Well, after the game, Lewis called it “probably one of the greatest plays of my career because of what we did as a team.”

OK, well he would know.

It got me thinking. In your opinion, what is Lewis’ greatest play? Certainly something from the Ravens’ Super Bowl run qualifies.

I am going with the now famous Eddie George hit that teleported the Titans running back into another zip code. Maybe it didn’t end a game, but it served notice about the force that was Lewis and the Ravens.

Daily Think Special: What is Ray Lewis’ greatest play?

Bonus Think Special: Which superhero power would you most want to possess?


Ray's greatest play occurred in the 2000-01 divisional playoff game at Tennessee when he ran an interception back for a touchdown.

I would most like to possess the ability to travel through time. With this ability, I would go back to 2000 and persuade Mike Mussina to stay with the Os, Brian Billick and Ozzie Newsome to keep Trent Dilfer and give Gary Williams and the Maryland Terrapins a half time pep talk in the locker room in Minnesota at the Final Four in April of 2001 so that they won at least 2 consecutive national championships.

i don't know about best, but i loved when he blew up that guy on chri macallister's interception for a touchdown.

I'm with you with the E. George hit Dan, but I have to go with the interception that bounced off George's hands and Ray ran back for a touchdown in the playoff game at Tenn during the Superbowl season. That play is forever sketched in my head. And we know George was thinking about that hit when he bobbled the ball. Thinking about that moment still brings a huge smile to my face.

Just throwing it out there: McCalister's field goal return for a TD against the Broncos where Ray actually hit a Bronco so hard his underwear flew off onto the 4 yard line. It was unbelievable.

Ray hits so fast he's a blur. Just like yesterday, here's another. The hit on Kellen Winslow last year where the ball squirts up in the air. Kellen is also de-cleated accorded to one news story.

And then there is:

It has to be the play he took the ball away from Eddie George and scored the TD in the playoffs. I also liked the play in which he met Mendenhall in the hole last year and left the rookie with a broken shoulder. A clean hit in the hole. Mano v. mano and the guy leaves with a broken shoulder. Unreal.

the play where he stole eddie georges soul...

That hit that sprang C Mac for the touchdown against Denver was a thing of beauty, but one I always remember is in the Super Bowl when he ran to the outside and brought down Tikki Barber for a loss, just super human speed. Course the Sunday tackle on Sproles beats all of those.

Yup...before even looking at other users' choices, the first one that came to mind was his pick off the Eddie George bobble. The team looked good but still wasn't considered elite. The Titans were the class of the league and that game was the ultimate showdown. His pick-6 was the difference maker and the tone setter.

If we ranked them?

1.) Interception for touchdown in the 2000 playoffs vs. Tennessee.

2.) Sideline tackle on Tiki Barber in the SuperBowl.

3.) Tipped pass in the SuperBowl that Jamie Sharper picked off.

4.) 4th Down tackle on Darren Sproles to end the game.

3.) Ridiculous block that sprung Chris McAlister's 106-yard missed field goal return vs. Denver.

The hit on Eddie George - no doubt. Ray basically ended his HOF career - Eddie was never the same after that.

The play that comes to mind immediately is the SB run game vs. the Titans when he takes the deflected ball from Eddie George and takes it to the house. That was the game right there, the Titans knew it too, and onto Oakland the Ravens were going.

As Ray would say, get off the field!

Yes, that tackle of Sproles was huge, but that's only his best play THIS season. :)

Ray Lewis's greatest play was about 4 years ago when Ravens were playing Denver and Denver kicked a field goal and missed. McCalister caught the ball and ran it the other way. Ray Lewis made a block from hell to allow McCalister to make the play.

The EddieGorge interception was number 1 but a close second before yesterday was the stop on Steve McNair At the 1/2 yard line on the last play on Monday night football.

Ray chasing down Tiki Barber from one sideline to the other early in the Superbowl set the tone for the rest of the game.

I like his super bowl play running side line to side line against the Giants RB, the E.George INT in the playoffs that SB year run, the monster hit he did against the Titian Fullback in last year's playoffs (even though he still got the first down), but this is his best, I never seen him do a play to end the game like this. I was at the game and it was WONDERFUL!

His run back for td in 2000 playoffs in Tennesse no doubt was his greatest play.this one Sunday definitely ranks number two.

The tackle of Tiki Barber in the Super bowl. Looked like Tiki had a huge hole and would run for a huge gain, but Ray got him after about 2 yards.

That was a missed field goal in the dying seconds of the first half that C-Mac returned for a TD. Might have been 2003, can't recall. Lewis crushed the guy. Was it vs Browns?

Dan: I have one of those superhuman abilities, so let me just say that his best play is yet to come. You'll enjoy!

Way too many plays to count just one. it's the entire body of work. i am however, very impressed with the cross field chase down of tiki barber in the super bowl. wow!

Without question it was Ray's play that virtually ended the game Sunday with a victory.

Like Michael Jordan making the game ending 3-point shot to win the NBA championship at the end of his career.

Some players rise to the occasion. This play by Ray happened because he studies film and reacts at a blink of an eye.

Lost a step? I've watched all the middle linebackers from the late '50s. Lewis is absolutely the best all-around middle, but with an uncanny ability to be a GAME CHANGER.

Yes, Ray Lewis is super great in his position and has proven it over and over but his inspirational leadership on and off the field is what makes him a very special player and person.

Yes, Ray Lewis is a great player in his position and he has proven it over and over in game changing plays but his real contribution to the sport and our Ravens is the inspirational leadership off and on the field. I am delighted he is on our side.

Top 3:

Superbowl Interception - it was in the superbowl.

The Eddie George Hit - it effectively ended Eddie George's career.

Yesterday's Game Clincher - it shows that despite his age, Ray don't play.

I can't believe no one has said this one yet, it's so easy. Catching Tiki Barber from behind, from the opposite side of the field in the Super Bowl. No one could believe he caught him.

I agree, Ray with the interception off Eddie George. Not only that, but the whole game he made George look like a high school kid.

you are right ! the eddie george shot , took the will to compete right out of a guy who was just a physical specimen. thats ray's greatest hit to me.

Not even close, when he took the ball out of eddie george's hands and ran it back for a touchdown

The C-Mac runback for a TD was from a missed field goal, not an interception. Not Ray's greatest play, but he sure blew up the would-be tackler.

Without a doubt it was the hit on Eddie George in the playoffs in 2000 when the ball came lose and Ray ran it back for the touchdown. It was right then that I knew we'd be Super Bowl Champions that year! That play will forever define the greatness that is Ray Lewis!

i think it was when ray ray took out the rookie running back for pitsburge who ran is mouth and did not play for the rest of the season. and yes i would love to go place wheb i want to that woould be so great

The Eddie George hit (he folded like a cheap suit according to C-Mac)is my Ray-Ray signature moment.

Super hero power? X-ray vision....need I say more?

Ray's presence is his greatest play; year after year after year and so on. He is now in the ole Baltimore Colt legand status. He along with the Raven organization has brought Baltimore back from the dead. Quite an accomplishment. I never thought I'd live to see the day. Baltimore is proud again and sought out by all the networks for their good hard nosed intergerity laced football. We are all very proud of the Ravens and it starts with Ray and has for oh these many years.

I can't think of one play in particular...But I sure do love to watch him come out of the tunnel and do his dance...gets everybody in the stadium amped up!

Biggest play, yes the INT in the championship off George. Greatest play was running down Cleveland's track star (i think Quincy Morgan?) on MNF several years ago. Ray caught him from behind, stripped the ball loose, recovered it and was UPSET that the dazed WR's leg made contact with him while he was down, preventing a big return. That play had it all and was the greatest moment of defensive football ever caught on tape.

When Ray blew up that guy for Chris McAlister's TD, that was a missed field goal return, not an interception.

Also, remember Ray hitting Kellen Winslow Jr. last year and C-Mac picked that pass off?

My favorite Ray Lewis play is the INT for the TD against the Titans in the playoffs. I'm pretty sure that will probably be most fans' favorite play.

The Sproles hit is high up there too, as is the hit on Eddie George.

Biggest play? This one's a no brainer. It was when Ray Lewis plea bargained to a "lesser charge" of obstruction of justice back in Atlanta.

My favorite hit, and I hope I recall the players correctly, was the Monday Night Game BEFORE the super bowl run when he absolutely creamed Bam Morris. I believe we lost that game, so in the scheme of the team winning, Ray would be absolutely correct. But it was a hell of a thing.

How bout catching Tiki Barber on that end-around in the Super Bowl?

Isn't Ray's game ending tackle on Sunday being a little over rated? Isn't it a designe4d play for the defensive line to open a whole that Ray can run through and get pressure on the QB or RB? It just so happened that Ray ran through the hole and the RB was right there. It would have been hard for Ray to miss that guy.

A more obscure one I would love to see replay of...

1999 v. Steelers, Bettis ran wide right and turned up the sideline and -bam- was stopped cold by Lewis.

That was the moment that exorcised frustration of Colts, expansion ,etc. and made me love football again.

the Sproles tackle was good, but Ray read and reacted all the way. It was, in a sense, a no-brainer.

Like Kevin, my favorite Ray-Ray play is the pick against Eddie George in the 200 playoff game. If you ever wonder what the phrase "hearing footsteps" means, that was a text book example.

The hit on special teams against Denver on Monday night football. He bent him.

Does anyone know if that is on youtube or anything, i've looked for it a couple of times.

How about a few years back when the Ravens were playing at Washington on Sunday Night Football on ESPN. Lavernaeus Coles caught a pass on a short slant over the middle and met a mack truck as soon as he caught the ball. Lewis hit Coles so hard his chinstrap (which was indeed buckled) was up around his nose/eye area on his face. It was similar to the hit on Winslow last season, but I believe Coles was even bleeding from his mouth. You gotta hard to you have to hit someone who is wearing a helmit and a mouth piece to make his mouth bleed?! He is hands down one of the greatest players who has even played this game and possibly the greatest linebacker in history. Words can't express exactly what he means to the Baltimore Ravens alone.

Oh and if I had a super power it would definately be to be able to read people's minds. I would probably give it away though, as I would never keep my mouth shut about what people were thinking. Would definately be nice though.

Wasen't Ray involved in the hit on McNair on the goal line stand@TEN in 2001 during the regular season? We stopped them and won on the last play of the game.

Ray is great. That being said--the play against the bolts was one of his greatest. He is a true RAVEN.

Pick six against Tennessee during the Super Bowl run, he just stole that ball from Eddie George and clinched the win for us. I'm just in awe every time I see the play.

Im not sure who it was against, but someone for Cincinnati tried to crack back on Ray last year and he just clocked him. Maybe not his greatest, but it showed how he knows where everyone is and has that instinct.

I agree with Marcus and others - Ray literally wrestled that ball out of Eddie George's hands; Ray just seemed to want it more than Eddie. And that was right after McAlister had said George was a baby and scared of the Ravens. When Ray took the ball away, my dad said, "It's like taking candy from a baby."

His uncooperative stance during that homicide investigation in Atlanta and the subsequent Houdini-like escape from prosecution.

Hey, Herb, learn to spell!

Ray-Ray's greatest play had to be after the 2000 Super Bowl when he beat the murder rap, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and got a measely 1-year probation sentence, and then reached settlements with the Baker and Lollar families, the families of the victims. His second greatest play has to be convincing suckers that he is an inspirational leader on and off the field.

Ray's Greatest Play was Jan -1-2001 when he wrestled the ball away from Eddie George and rumbled for a touchdown agains the Titans to propel the Ravens to the AFC Championship Game.

To Leon:

I've only seen the replay once or twice, but if I'm not mistaken, Ray went against the defensive play that was called, because he read the Chargers play and knew what they were doing. It looked to me like he was trying to change the play real quick, but once the ball was snapped, he just found a hole and ran right into Sproles. So it was more because of Ray's instincts than because of the definsive play that was called.

Hey, Anonymous, learn to spell "measely"!

When you say "he beat the murder rap", do you mean to imply that he was guilty of the killings? I've yet to hear anyone with any credibility say that he was directly responsible for those deaths.

He certainly kept company with some shady characters back then (most likely including the murderers), but he did plead guilty to obstruction of justice as a result of it.

Ray Lewis seems to be keeping himself on the straight and narrow, so what's your point?

I remember a play against Cincinnati but dont remember the year. Cory Dillon ran the ball over LT and Ray met him straight on and hit him so hard. Dillon barely made it his feet walked off the field and when Bruce Coslet told him to go back on the field he refused and quit on his team. Since that play, Cory Dillon was never the same player and practically ended his career.

Ok, the Atalanta thing was 10 years ago, when he was 24, and just out of college. He made a bad decision in his youth, but wasn't the primary party involved. 10 years later, it's passed the time to let go of it.

Or would you like to have people keep on bringing up mistakes you made 10-20 years ago?

Ray's greatest play is in deciding to stay with the Ravens through his career, and give back to this community.

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