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What is your primary thought about Sunday's Ravens' win?

OK, let’s be honest.

None of us saw that coming.

Thick 5, Steve and the ubiquitous Anonymous had the Ravens scoring 38 points in Sunday’s opener. No one had the Kansas City Chiefs scoring 24 in what was the second highest scoring game of the day (behind New Orleans thrashing Detroit).

The open bar tab this week goes to Dave, who at 33-14 was at least in the ballpark.

But it certainly wasn’t a blowout, like most of us expected. The opposite in fact. Heck, it was a tied game with three minutes to play.

Yet here is my lasting impression of Sunday’s Ravens’ 38-24 win over the Chiefs: I never thought the Ravens were going to lose. That’s not Monday morning quarterbacking or pure homerism.

And maybe it had something to do with how bad I thought the Chiefs were. But it never struck me that the Ravens would lose that one, even as the score was tied. I was taken aback that it was so close, but didn’t expect them to lose.

And that is a feeling that I didn’t have at the beginning of last season. So that’s what I’ll take from Week 1 of the 2009 NFL season: This team has confidence, and it spills over to the stands.

Here are a few other quick thoughts from Sunday’s Ravens game before I give you the floor. (Disclaimer: I have covered football in the past, but it has been years since I stepped into a NFL locker room. These observations have no insider-info linked to them. If you want true analysis, check out the Sun’s Ravens’ beat stuff, which is excellent.)

It’s nice to see the Ravens can air it out -- and will do so when necessary.

I don’t want to see them get into a shootout with a good NFL team.

Flacco’s no fluke.

Great to see Kelly Gregg back (and Todd Heap, too).

The big play could haunt the defense this year.

Daily Think Special: What’s your lasting thought about Sunday’s Ravens’ win?


My lasting thought is that it's better to get a wakeup call and come away with a win than to be stunned with a loss. Like you, I had every confidence that the Ravens would win, but I am glad it did not come down to needing to make a field goal at the last minute. It will take some time before Hauschka makes me forget Stover. But basically, if you take away the two touchdowns the Chiefs scored off the blocked punt and the near-pick six it was more the blowout most of us expected. Other than the actual score with five minutes to go in the game it was pretty much total domination by the Ravens.

Good start to the season.

If the vaunted Ravens defense gives up an 80 yard drive in crunch time to the KC Chiefs, how are they going to stop the Steelers, Patriots, Vikings, or any other team that has a real QB as opposed to a Brody Croyle?

My lasting impression will be the sight of Joe Flacco, standing unmolested to throw the TD pass to Mark Clayton, dispite a 9-man pass rush by the Chiefs...that was the highlight of a tremendously impressive day by the what looks like it will be a monster offensive line.

Lasting thought: SLOPPY! Great to get a win, but need to get better. Don't think they beat a good team with that performance.

My lasting impression other than the offensive firepower display is our D MUST get more pressure with the 4 man rush. Other wise, we need to send more blitzes.

With all the talk about the Ravens being a 13-point favorite going into the game, it should not be overlooked how they covered the spread by going for the TD up by 7 on 4th down with seconds remaining instead of a chip shot FG that would have sealed it just as well. Do you believe in miracle covers? YES!

defense will be better. secondary needs more help (C-mac) or when samari rolle returns in november(hopefully).

My lasting impression was that this was a very good win and I was damn impressed with Flacco and our offense. He made a few dangerous passes but overall looked sharp and made some huge throws, that TD pass to Clayton was beautiful!!! The D gave a couple of big pass plays but were still pretty dominant, they gave up one of those TDs on a very short field after that pick was returned like 70 yards. I'm glad the Ravens faced adversity and were able to come through, they will be better for it.

That being said, I agree with you Dan I don't want to see the Ravens get into shootouts with San Diego and New England cause they won't win. I think Cam was just trying to see if the Ravens could air it out and they were able to against KC. I expect a more balanced game plan from the start in San Diego on Sunday.

The blocked punt deep in their own territory. Good teams don't break have special teams breakdowns like that. Other than that, it was what was expected, a dominant game by the D.

You could see the special teams problems all pre season. They can't tackle, they don't return the ball, and they almost had several punts blocked.

The first game didn't show any improvement.

Rex gave us the unpredictability with every defender being a potential blitzer on every play. It was a gamble, but no one can argue with the results. Coach Mattison gives us the plainest vanilla 4-3 which a weak KC team abused during crunch time. Coach Mattison doesn't have to be Rex, but please, how about somewhere between the two extremes!

the score doesnt accurately reflect the disparity between the teams. like CBS Jack said, "if you take away the two touchdowns the Chiefs scored off the blocked punt and the near-pick six it was more the blowout most of us expected". This is reflected in the time of possession, in that the ravens held onto the ball for nearly two thirds of the game, almost 40 minutes compared to the cheifs 20. Despite the apparently closes score towards the end, i would chalk it up to first game jitters and a some miscues, and I would expect these types of issues to disappear soon, however if they dont after a game or two more then it would then become a big concern

My lasting impression will be the O-Line giving Flacco all the time in the world, plus opening up hole after hole for the RBs. When the line plays like that, our boys will be tough to beat

Like you, I never thought they would lose because they dominated all important statistical categories except the score (which, of course, is the most important one). Usually the luck runs out for the bad teams like the Chiefs by the end of the game. Against a better team, those mistakes would have cost us the game. The blocked punt was a blown assignment, which isn't necessarily a cause for alarm. Many special teams units are rusty for the first game because most of the special teamers from preseason get cut. I'm more worried about the defense giving up scoring drives in crunch time to what should be a terrible offense. As for Flacco, he is the real deal and gives us the chance to win football games through the air. Overall, I'm still optimistic about the season. I think at least 10 wins and a playoff berth are likely.

I didn't expect a cakewalk but I never imagined it would be that close either. Joe Flacco looked awesome most of the time, but against a good D we would have been intercepted twice.I loved the running and wished they had established that first and then opened the passing. But what a revelation to know we can do both now!
The secondary causes me some concern but the rest of the defense looks up to the job and more.
Special teams...Wonder what ex special teams coach Harbaugh thought about that effort? We need to get better and keep Stover's name on speed dial.

Glad we weren't playing a tough team yesterday; the result would have been different.

Thanks for the open bar tab!

With a backfield like we have (both safties and cornerbacks), the offense better get ahead early and rely on the defense. Special Teams, and pass defense will make for some real anxiety this year. I predict the Ravens will allow 260-300 points this year.

My lasting impression is what was up with the field. Why were so many players losing their footing and slipping all over the place?

Lasting impression? Lamont Brightful, BJ Sams, and Yamon Figurs each coulda have performed better than Chris Carr out there fielding punts and kicks yesterday. Each came a heck of a lot cheaper, too. Here's betting that Carr and the other specials will get extra reps during practice this week.

And on another game note, welcome back to the NFL Kelley Washington! He had more receptions and more receiving yards than he did in all of 2007 and 2008 COMBINED! Here's to hoping he becomes one of the true value finds of the offseason.

We need to work on our special teams play. If a punt isn't blocked and recovered for a touchdown and we convert that other kick attempt, then the margin of victory goes from 14 points to 24 points and the game looks a lot different than it did yesterday.

Gimme a Blue Moon with an orange peel my man. 1-0. My lasting impression is Joe Cool running us down the field on a game winning drive. This is something that will be repeated over and over again for the next decade. O-line looked good and Oher is one nasty dude.

Our defense gave up 10 points when you subtract the punt and the short TD after the 70 yard INT return. I do think we will be susceptible to the big play early in the season before our secondary gels a bit.

Good test next week in SD.

I was a bit shocked about the miscues and Special teams being, well not so special.

I think the game would have been a total blowout if not for us trying to help the Chief win.

All in all though Flacco and the big O looked awesome! The big D started out like a hammer then seemed to panic a bit mid game. Next week, the Chargers, this will be a true test! GO RAVENS!

the special teams killed us this game wouldve been a blow out if they play half decent.

Danny Connolly? Only place I ever thought I'd see your picture was the wall of the post office, not in the Baltimore Sun! You have come a long way from sticking bologna slices to the Calvert Hall cafeteria ceiling.

Barkeep's Reply: Really not all that far. Now I'm just throwing stuff against the wall and see if it sticks.

I was very impressed by our offense. I mean, I never would have thought that I would see the Ravens throw for over 300 yards. Not only that, they improved in the red zone. Flacco was great, and if he continues to grow, that's even better. I do believe this is Heap's come-back year, and that will help Flacco a lot.

The D was the first half. If the Cheifs were able to tie us in cruch time, there's no telling what the D will let by them when we play a good team.I worry for our upcoming games if they don't get it together.

Special teams, what can I say that hasn't been said already. It depressed me to see the half-time stats without the score to match. I pray the Ravens take this as a lesson learned and perform better against the tough teams they have coming up

Too many got caught up in the weakness of the Chiefs. I watched the game knwoing we would win. I was pleasantly surprise at the offensive production. The defense did bend, but I am not worried, first game or 5th preseason game. A good win, a good set of lessons to be worked on and a solid outlook for a fun team to watch. The best was what other teams will have to guess at. Will they just throw a vanilla D at us, will they throw last years blitzing, will they run and who are they going to give it to and the same for passing, when and who. It's all about keeping them guessing and of coarse executing at the right time.

Feeling OK and looking forward to next week.

Lasting image: Good win for the Ravens, but obviously we have room to improve. I don't think there was one team that is 100% happy with the way they played played in Week 1. It's hard to win in the NFL, so everyone should be happy with the victory!

I like Tony N comments )up top)..hopefully the D just needs a little fine-tuning but San Diego should tell us what is really happening.

I'm with Big Bob. Something was up with the field. Way to many footing issue in the game. Did anyone else notice the red cart being driven in circles between the hashmarks during halftime?

Like previous comments, something is not right. I got off of work to catch the game near the end of the 1st quarter. I live in Florida, what I saw worried me. The fans didn't seem to be in the game. The Ravens MUST play better to beat the good teams. like the Steelers. They had better get their act together, FAST.

My lasting impression is seeing Michael Oher dominate his side of the line. He is going to be great to watch.

My primary thought about yesterday's Ravens' season-opening victory? Simple. We won! Let's now focus on the Chargers.

I was at the game and all I kept thinking was "when are they going to run the @#$*! ball? Once they went back to "old school" Ravens (running with passing mixed in) they took control of the game. If they would have done that throughout the game, it wouldn't have been this close.

The other concern was the cornerback play. How does a second string QB with Receivers "no one outside of KC could name" DOMINATE our secondary the way they did? That's a much bigger issue then the play of our special teams. What's it going to be like when we go against teams with good QBs and Receivers?

Also, bad call going for the TD on 4th down with 30 seconds left in the game. You kick the "extra point" field goal and put the game out of reach.

I did not like seeing Troy Smith playing reciever when clearly he was out there to catch a ball not to run a trick play. Also why were the ravens consistently placing the RB's at reciever in the five receiver sets. They dropped at least three balls from that formation. I would like to see the ravens pick up another reciever (doesnt have to be any one special just someone who is payed to catch the ball not pass or run it.) Other then that I was very pleased with the teams performance.

Impressions? Joe Flacco's feet. Did you see him pull it down and run up field? He had a 14 yard gain pulled back on a flag. On that TD pass to Willis, the announcer yelled, "Throw it away", but Joe stepped into the clear. He has the good arm, clear head, and surprisingly good mobility.

It looks like the Patriots (an ELITE team) had to rely on a bonehead play by a Bills player to beat a perennial AFC East doormat.

San Diego (another ELITE team) had to score with 18 sec. to beat the Raiders!

I am less concerned about the Ravens going into next week.

Like I said before the game, the Ravens were blessed with a 5th pre-season game. We needed it, The coaches and players learned a lot. You can bet we'll not have a another blocked punt this year. Flacco's moving in the pocket was a hugh improvement, and may have won the game. Well next Sunday our season begins, and we are ready. Looks like another great, hard fought, intergerity laced Ravens football season. God I love Coach Harbaugh. Another note... Rice is not our 1st string running back. He just starts the game, plays well- but in the 2nd half when the game is either won or lost McGhee appears. The all pro who runs great and catches the ball knows his blocking assignments along with knowing the whole offense and holding on to the ball. All the while the other teams defense is wearing down. God I love Coach Harbaugh.

I like the swagger. And the air attack and the Return of Heap. We get to say Heeeeeeeeeeeap! more which is a great mantra. With a passing game like that, they will be up there.
But don't lose Matt Stover's phone number.
Hey, Matt, keep the leg active.
You have to like the narrative - aging kicker returns to win the AFC Championship and Super Bowl. Let's not let Favre get all of the 'Modern Maturity' covers.

The Vikings game is Oct. 18th.

A "W" is a W," no matter how you get it. Just ask the Denver Broncos. After seeing San Diego, New England, Indy, Pittsburgh, and just about everybody else scrape by in Week One, take the win and move on. It would have been nice had other contenders (see above) lost as they should have, but we have a chance to beat every one of those teams, basically controlling our own outcome. (PS. You cannot "control your own destiny." If you believe in destiny, then if you're destined to win, you'll win, and if you're fated to lose, you'll lose.

My impression is that the Ravens were treating this as a 5th pre-season game. I don't believe they pulled out all the stops, especially on defense. Why waist giving away schemes against a team like KC when it is not necessary? I think the team we will see this week against SD will be more like we expect; more running on offense and more pressure on defense.

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