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What are your impressions of Matt Wieters now?

I am finishing up at Rogers Centre – I can call it Skydome in a blog, thankfully -- after the Orioles were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays in an amazingly forgettable three-game series.

There is truly only one highlight from this series.

Matt Wieters hit an absolute bomb against Scott Richmond that hit the façade just under the club-level seating in right field. They don’t give estimates in Toronto – and I am not smart enough to do the conversion anyway – but trust me, it was crushed.

There was so much buzz about Wieters when he arrived that his slow start at the plate and behind it made it seem like he was a disappointment.

But the kid has heated up in a big way.

After two hits Wednesday, he now is batting .290 with eight homers and 38 RBIs. He’s also made some great throws to second recently.

He has hit safely in 15 of the 19 games he has played in September and is batting .367 in the month.

He is hitting an outrageous 12-for-22 (.545) since being moved to the third spot in the lineup five games ago.

So I am impressed.

This kid has become a major league hitter before our eyes. Yes, he could exhibit more consistent power, but for a guy in his second pro season it’s a matter of time.

But I know some of you wanted more from Wieters early on. Has your perception changed in the past month or so?

Daily Think Special: What are your impressions of Matt Wieters now?


I have been continually impressed by him. I have never seen anything he has done as a disappointment. I think we have to remember that he spent very little time in the minors and then, as a catcher, has so many responsibilities that it is unreasonable to expect him to perform them all at an all-star level immediately. It is good to see that he is only getting better and is already a good major league catcher.

My perception hasn't changed - I still think his going to be an outstanding catcher in the majors. I just hope that the O's can keep him past free agency and he doesn't become another Reggie Jackson or mark teixeira where his ego is so big that he thinks he just has to play for the Evil Empire.

Definetly cheesey but I am now using him for one of my keeper spots in fantasy baseball. lol. For real though, he looks incredible. His presence at the plate just makes you assume he is going to have a good at bat and before you could tell he wasn't comfortable. I do think this is going to roll into the '10 season. GO O'S! I haven't lost faith yet.

I thought of Matt Wieters as the savior when he arrived, and I was at his first game. His slow start didn't worry me because there is always a learning curve when you get to the Majors. The game is faster and the pitching is so much better than anything he had ever seen. I was a little disappointed that it took him so long to get going that most people don't even notice now, what with football season being in full swing. But it is great to see that he is ending his season on a tremendous upswing, giving him momentum into next season. We knew this was coming, and it is refreshing to see him finally start to rake.

I have never been disappointed with Wieters in any way. He spent very little time in the minors and, as a catcher, has so many different responsibilities to work on. For him to be even hitting .260 was great in my mind for a catcher that young leading a pitching staff. Now he is putting all of the parts of his game together and he hasn't even been in the majors for a year. This lineup will be very good soon, especially if they can find one more bat for protection.

Anyone disappointed in Wieters first (half) season is certifiably off his or her rocker. He started slowly, has made adjustments, and as you write, has quickly turned himself into a major league hitter. And for some perspective: Joe Mauer hit .294 with 9 HRs and 55 RBI in his first full season (130 games).

Anyone disappointed in Wieters first (half) season is certifiably off his or her rocker. He started slowly, has made adjustments, and as you write, has quickly turned himself into a major league hitter. And for some perspective: Joe Mauer hit .294 with 9 HRs and 55 RBI in his first full season (130 games).

It's incredible that people were calling him a bust after less than half a season in the big leagues. Power is usually last thing to develop. I want him to work on his swing from the right side, as his splits are pretty drastic right now. It's tough because obviously most ABs come vs righty pitchers. I expect .305 BA and 20 HRs next year.

Mickey Tettleton 2.0

I know there's no getting away from this, but I hate to see undue pressure to perform placed on young players. In most cases, it can only retard their development. So far, Wieters has held up well. I think he can handle the expectations. However, as an O's fan, I'd prefer to see the fans give these guys the time to grow into the Major Leagues. It's not their fault we've had to endure so many loosing seasons. They are always going to be our best hope for the future. It's hard enough to meet reasonable expectations, let alone being anointed a team savior. Yes, I am impressed with what Wieters has done so far. Lets all keep our expectations for him and any young player planted firmly on the ground.

I knew from the start he would be a good one. Next year we will all see a superstar emerge

Same as they always were: he's a stud, and quite likely to be an All-Star for a long time to come. Neither a slow start--his first struggles as a pro--nor a hot finish change anything.

Yeah, he's pretty good. But I'm not sure he is why O's fans are up at night wondering how next year is going to be any different than this year.

Because it's not.

A legit 40HR hitter in the middle of the line-up makes everyone in the offense better.

A proven, durable veteran starter makes the team better.

No need for Angelos to run this club on the cheap with a sub-$60 million payroll.

if you really how doubts about the kid after watching him at the start of his MLB career than you really are stupid. but not shocking with this short sighted fan base we have. some players are going to take a bit of time to get adjusted. now that he's becoming adjusted this is just a glimpse of the player he'll be.

Wow I am actually first. I think that this is the Matt Weiters that everyone has been waiting for. Let us be realistic, he had no protection hitting at the bottom part of the lineup. Nobody is going to give him anything to hit, few hitters can go up there and with nobody behind them that poses a threat, hit consistently. Let alone someone that being in just his 2nd pro year, learning the league, learning how to call games, take advantage of those mistakes.
But look at him now...I am not a huge statistic guy, but the above ones paint a rosey picture for next year. If he is batting anything but top half of the order, and I would argue let him start at 3rd, he is a threat. And he is staying back on the ball now more (still has weight distribution problems) so he is hitting for more power, to the gaps, not just singles. I remember reading an Orioles said he had the softest .380 average or so in the spring, I didnt believe it until I saw it. He turns over on the ball and hits a lot of singles, but if a rookie is hitting .290, he is doing something right.
As for behind the plate, he had such a bad start to throwing out runners, I would be impressed to see what his ratio is after the All-star break, because he has such a rough start. But he is going to be a good one. And with him year round and working hard this spring, we still need a power hitter, but the lineup will really be much better with this ytype of production. they convert the distance in canada to US measurements? Never mind, gimme a Dos Equis and pass the peanuts.

Wieters is a pro. He carries himself like a true professional who knows that the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes, a rookie tears it up to start and then the pitcher's figure out the weakness and the guy struggles. He is just the opposite.....he figured out the pitcher's and goes up their with a plan. His power numbers will soar next year. Heck, even his defense has gottten better and better throughout the year.

He's the real deal Dan.

I think that Wieters is now showing his true talent, and his struggles early on were because of having to learn a new pitching staff, a new set of opposing hitters, and the throng of reports following his every move for six weeks. Now that the pressure is off, he is relaxed and playing well.

My opinion is simple and straight forward, he is going to be spectacular. The O's could use a few more just like him.

Living in Yankee country as an O's fan stinks. We need more than Weiters, Jones, Roberts and Markakis... We need pitching... Sure we have some great promise in the young starting pitchers who are unproven at this point but I think we are still weak in relief... We also need a 3rd baseman and a 1st basemen.. We are at least two more years away from competing with the Yanks and Sox.... Oh well at least the Ravens look like true winners this year...

It's been nice to see him attack the ball - he looked so passive early on, content to just lift the ball to LF (as a LH hitter). Now he really drives it all over the park. He's had a fair amount of luck along with this hot streak, but it's been fun to watch!

WieWie's got the goods. He needed to calm down a bit after the hype machine was on full blast. His inconsistent start actually was probably a good way for him to refocus. He's helped with our young catchers this year, and continues to build a relationship with them for when they start to dominate next year.

Let's hear it for WieWie!!!!

Anyone who had been down on Wieters before is just an idiot. Few rookies come in an dominate from their first MLB at-bat on. There's a big adjustment from AAA to the majors. Look at Ripken, Markakis, B-Rob, Brooks, etc.

I'm actually surprised he's doing this well this soon. I would have been happy with him finishing above .260. With Markakis' slump Wieters may finish with the highest BA of any regular.

He's the real deal.

Matt seems to be coming along just fine. He has had to make adjustments and he is adapting well. We've got a good one for years to come. He is going to get better over the next couple of years also. His play of late has taken some of the sting out of a season that more disappointing than I even thought it would be. I was hoping for 72-75 wins. Let's hope that our young pitchers can make the same strides that Matt has. Bring on Jake Arrieta!

So far so good. His performance in AAA was similar in that he started kind of slow and got up to speed in due time.

I have not been disappointed in his performance; the hype was something no mortal could live up to.

One thing about his hitting: he's been fairly consistent. No big slumps that I can remember. I think the power will come in time (if it hasn't already), much like it did with Adam Jones earlier this year.

In the words fo that dynamic 80's band, Timbuk3, his Futures so bright, He has to wear shades!!

The only negative I can see is his # of strikouts, he needs to improve on this next year. If he does this he will be a force at the plate!That being said we still need a legitimate big bat and a strong #1 pitcher in the rotation, not to mention a new manager next year , but I believe that is coming!

always said with time weiters would get better. It worked for bergesen, reimold, matusz and tillman. Macphail should have called up arrieta too because this season was a waste, he could have used the TIME.

This kid doesn't just have to shag fly bals or take infield practice. He's had to learn how to handle his pitching staff and call a game against arguably the best divsion in baseball. Add on to the responsibilities that he still has to focus on hitting from both sides of the plate, and I am more than happy with his .290, eight homers and 38 RBI numbers.

With another forgettable season almost behind the Orioles - I am not surprised many have yet to take up your offer on this one Dan. But I will bite.

First, call me overly optimistic but I still think that Mcfail has done all the right things for this club. You look around the infield - we have a couple gaps on the corners (given Melvin will likely leave), the outfield is solid, the bull pen ... well there are glimmers of hope. Pick up 1 or 2 quality pitchers and we might just have a winning record next year... I know the eternal O's fan (since 1960).

As for Weiters - it is not hype - he is the real deal. I think it is great he came up when he did. He has quietly started to play like we all knew he could. Who cares if he has a stellar year this year. Let him warm up and take the cover off the ball next year. I don't care about rookie of the year - I care about MVP of the World Series!!! As long as Matt stays healthy he will be one of the most formidable catchers in the league for years to come.

The O's are going in the right direction... as long as Peter maintains his new habit of letting baseball people build the team. We have had years of bad management to overcome - it is hard to turn a freight train on a dime. The Orioles will emerge as a contender in the next two years becasue the Oriole Way is back and Matt Weiters is one of the essential ingredients in that mix.

Same as they were when he first came up, give him 500 plate appearances to get comfy, then see what happens with the next 500...that said, he's gonna be good. Got to learn the MLB way of doing things...make the adjustment of seeing one 92 mph fastball pitcher a week to 5. Still has some bad swings and is too passive with 2 strikes (gets caught looking a lot it seems). Like to see him in the 5 or 6 hole full time so he doesn't clog up the bases. On tv, he looks terribly slow. And watching him throw out carl crawford a couple times shows that coaching is still viable at the big league level.

He is doing exactly what they expected. Getting better all the time.

He is going to have a great 2010 and a great career.

My impression is that he has improved tremendously but still has a ways to go as far as pitch recognition. I still see him lunging at off speed pitches too much but so does everyone else on the team. Now if we can just surround him in the lineup with quality bats next season you might just see him really take wings.

Os need to back Weiters clean up rest of the year. He's the guy that needs to bat behind Markakis and will be the big bat in the lineup.

Weiters has shown he can hit big league pitching and slowly but steadily he's getting to pulliing the best fastballs.

My opinion hasn't changed since his first month in pro ball.I think he is going to be a super ball player.What has impressed me most is his handling of the whole situation-the hoopla,the expectations,the detractors that are always popping up after a bad day.
His demeanor is even,he shows a willingness to learn-his ceiling is astonomical. With the pitching talent developing on this team,and a bit of patience,we are in for a fun decade or so in another year.
I hope he stays injury free and as grounded as he is now.

A modest chip of a diamond nestled in a pile of manure.

Wiethers is very good now and will be a super star. Lets just hope the Orioles will give him a supporting cast that will make him want to stay here when he becomes a free agent.

Of course, the same holds true for the other young stars. Andy needs to get a solid veteran to anchor the pitching staff. At best Guthrie is a number 4 starter. He also needs big bats at first and third base. Then the team may be able to turn it around.

I never doubted him!!!!....awsome player, can't wait till next year when all the youngters are in year 2

matt wieters is the real deal, and he has been since he started his pro career. it took him time to adjust at most levels (except the first)as he moved along. once he adjusted, he crushed everywhere. the majors in second full season of pro ball is a huge adjustment, but learning to catch and call the game on the fly, is absurd. he will be an absolute beast as early as next year. but leave it to most o's fans to be dissapointed in the best young player we have had since cal. people were dissapointed in him in his first year also.

loved him from day 1. weiters is an oriole in the ilk of cal, brooks, frank and eddie. quiet production and leadership by example.

Matt Wieters rocks! Expectations usually are unfair, and as a catcher it was more than likely a bit overwhelming when he first arrived. He is the real deal and will continue to prove that. I don't understand it when I hear "he needs to get stronger". He already has big-time power. It's just a matter of becoming consistent and elevating the ball - the homers will come. We will probably see next year - .300 20-25 hr 75-90 rbi's. The kids are good and it will soon be fun again to be a Baltimore Orioles fan. Matt Wieters will be a big part of that.

Good to see that he is starting to hit. I think Catching has a lot of Mental things to learn, learningt he pitchers and there needs, calling a good game, I think he had to focus on all of that, before he could really concentrate on hitting. Let hope it will continue into next year. Fewer new ptchers to learn about, second time around, I think he can still be the hitter that we all hope for (and we demanded the team to sign for what ever cost)

Yes, Wieters is definitely swinging the bat better, but he still needs to improve his bat speed.

There was bound to be an adjustment period for the kid. He is looking alot more confident right now at the plate and that is pretty easy to do when you are hitting everything in sight. I am excited to see the maturation process and look forward to seeing what Matt can do in 2010.

I must say, I am very disappointed in Wieters this year. He was supposed to be able to walk on water, but he hasn't even been able to heal Bergey's shin, or Koji's elbow, or Reimold's heel, or Jones' ankle, let alone fill the void between Pie's ears, teach most of the pitchers to throw strikes or keep Scott's bat from going in the deep freeze for long stretches at a time.

Though I will say he seems to be coming along nicely as a legitimate major league hitter and catcher. Too bad they don't have a Sophomore of the Year award or I'd make him my early favorite for that.

I was wrong about him. He is something else. Nick Hr's ???

All he needed was a little time to adjust to the big leagues. It's rare for even the highest rated prospects to post HOF like numbers when they are first called up. He'll be fine.

W - O - W. That about sums it up.

My impressions of Wieters remains as it was when he was called up... He's a future stud who will be a fixture in our lineup for years to come, but will have growing pains just like every other player. He kid isn't Superman.

He's doing great. And just for some perspective, a guy named Joe Mauer hit .294 with 9 HRs and 55 RBI in his first full season (131 games). And that was after he had played 35 games the prior year.

It could be said he is doing better because the rosters expanded and the pitching from team like Oakland, Cleveland, Toronto isn't exactly robust. His numbers are probably a little inflated based on that.

Also, his swing is too long. ;)

Just a few weeks ago I chided Weiter's performance by comparing his output to Pie's. At that time he had 32 RBI's and Pie, with far less at bats, had 33. Since then (do you think he read my blog?0 he has improved immensely, both at the bat and in the field. There's no way of knowing whether he's calling a good game as the O's pitchers aren't quite able to put the ball where Matt intends them to. His throwing has improved and his all-around hustle is at a higher level. For next year it seems that we can depend on him,Jones, Reimold, Pie, Markakis and Roberts and Izturis unless either or both of them are traded. I would think that one or the other would be coupled with a couple of minor leaguers in the one trade for a power hitter that the O's desparately need. Good luck on Andy pursuing one.

He can't wait to be a free agent

I am impressed with him, he's gotten much better than when he first came out. The potential is unbelievable for Wieters and I think he'll be a great one. I've been really impressed with how much better he's gotten defensively, which I admit I was pretty concerned about when he first came up cause he was so terrible but he's really improved throwing out guys, his throws are a lot more accurate than when he started.

wieters is the only reason that i still watch every o's game that i can watch. with all the injuries and shutting down matusz, he's just about the only guy left playing for this team that gives me hope for the future.

Wieters gives promise that he can be a star baseball player for the Orioles. But whether that means much to the Orioles' fate in future years depends on the success of the organization's front office. If the O's do not develop a competitive team in the AL East to challenge the Bosox and the Yankees, Wieters will be at best Ripkin, a star on a poor team. I do not agree with those who expect him to stay here after free agency even if the O's are still mired in a non-competitive status. He should and most likely will pursue a competitive team with the big bucks even if the O's match the money. It is called wanting to achieve your full potential.

He has done as well as could be expected. He was batting between Mora and Izturis for a lot of the season. Not exactly the best 2 hitters on the team.

Now that he hits near Markakis and Roberts he can actually see the right way to hit.

I must say that I have to eat my own bad analysis of the kid! If he can hit .290, drive in 85 runs and hit 20-25 dingers next year, he could be the cog that begins to turn this thing around. Maybe my bad-mouthing him has spurred him to crank it up! I take ALL the credit!

I was never worried about Wieters, though I understand if people were expecting him to outperform most other rookies. Perhaps Nolan Reimold's success clouded the issue a bit.

In any case, his 2009 OPS is up to a nice .757; in September it's a nice .974. I hope he keeps this up the rest of the year and into next spring, but we shouldn't expect that much that soon.

I'd happily settle for .950. :)

I think we fans have to remember that players develop at the rate they develop. We try to predict along a linear projection, but players rarely grow like that. It happens in spurts, and is often unpredictable. That being said, pretty much every All-Star catcher this decade started off pretty slow, perhaps downright bad. Jorge Posada comes to mind. In his first few years the Yankees coaches and hype kept saying give him time. Sure enough, he has reached those expectations fully.

What we know for certain about Wieters today is that he has an easy fluid swing who doesn't have to load up to hit the ball out of the park. He could be one of those rare players who can try to be a line drive hitter with strong AVGs, but still gets elite power out of the mix. The fact that many of his extra base hits come the other way says a tremendous amount. How many rookies who hit the ground running actually exhibit pull-hitter tendencies early on, but fade away once the league catches up? Wieters has shown he's a pretty balanced hitter.

Boy , it is really interesting to see a player decide to "STEPUP" his game at the end of the season for nothing more than a apotential hig evaluation for the next season. Come on, "FISH WRAP" genius please give a TRUE and FLEARNED explanation as to why this PHENMON can occur. To me it is a HUGHa resembleance to 'SEE ME SHOW BOAT". I can produce WELL when it means NOTHING. However, when the business in on the line I ama star and ergo DO NOT HAVE TO PRODUCE.

I would just like to agree with jj thomas here. You are not as FLEANRED as you let on my friend. And the hig evaluation is one of the most important parts of the offseason. And I agree people in the produce business do not fish wrap a resemblence to the Showboat in Atlantic City. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wrap my head in aluminum foil to prevent the president of Flearnia from reading my thoughts from outer space. GO HUGHAs!

Wieters is for real. Especially impressive considering the Punch and Judy lineup the O's are fielding these days. I liked his approach at the plate from the beginning and he has shown the patience and maturity of a veteran. I think he knows how to play within himself and not try too hard. I don't see the pressing and panic in him that hits most players when they hit a bad streak. I can only hope we do the right thing by him money wise when the time comes. He will be the best catcher we've ever had.

It still boggles my mind that there have actually been O's fans this year saying Wieters is a bust- absolutely ludicrous! EVEN IF his torrid hitting after the first month slump didn't happen, and say he was hitting like .230, we STILL should not not consider him a bust- given how much time it usually takes GOOD MLB hitters to adjust to the bigs. Wieters- like most hitters- needs time and experience! That said, Incredibly I think he is starting to EXCEED realistic expectations and has been very impressive- especially in September! And if you take out his first month when he was hitting around .100, his overall avg has been incredible from July on. Looking forward to great times ahead. Mark it down people...winning record next year! Not saying 90 wins yet (2011), but winning record. Apart from the regular stars (Markakis and Roberts) our key young guys have all shown great progress this year: Jones, Wieters, Reimold, Matusz, Tillman, Bergesen, Pie, etc. This team is close!

Dan, go ahead and give ravenczar another round on me. Couldn't have said it better myself. First time I read the previous poster I felt like the Geico caveman in that one commercial: "Yes, I have a response.... Uhh... WHAT??!?"

I think Wieters will wind up being a great player. So it took him awhile to get settled. He'll be fine and be a star for years to come. Whether it will be with the O's is the question. As the list of postsgot longer, it seems you've served some of the crowd too many spirits. I hope there are designated drivers around!

He's great...........I see the O's winning almost 70 games next year with him playing a full year.

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