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Prediction Friday Returns: Ravens vs. Chiefs

We’re cracking open the bubbly. And not the cheap stuff either.

This champagne comes all the way from French Lick, Indiana.

Only the best for my patrons.

We’re celebrating because you have made it to our first true, football Prediction Friday of the late summer.

If you are new around here, Prediction Friday is simple. It’s a fiesta and party all wrapped into one.

Basically, the deal is this: Each Friday we share our predictions for the upcoming Ravens game. The one who is closest to the score gets a free drink chip and the adoration of his barkeep and fellow patrons for a full week.

(Neither is worth anything, but this is a fake bar people. What do you expect?)

If you hit it straight on, it’s a free bar tab for a week and your name in Christmas lights over the sports mural on the front wall.

The tiebreaker – if we need one – is if you correctly select the hero of the game (decided at my discretion to give me a better chance of winning).

But since this is the very special week one, we have even more fun and games on tap (bad bar pun). I also need your prediction for the Ravens’ season record.

I’ll keep them and get back to you in January. Last year, almost no one had them over .500. My guess is that changes today. We'll have this run all weekend, and you can make your prediction up until kickoff.

OK, here is my entry: I say the Ravens win 23-6. Todd Heap catches two TDs for hero of the game.

And the Ravens go 11-5 in 2009.

Your turn.

Daily Think Special: Predict the winner and score of Sunday’s Ravens-Chiefs game.

Bonus Think Special: Who will be the hero of the game?

Double Secret Think Special: Predict the Ravens’ record at regular season’s end.



Joe flacco


i say ravens win 38-3 and agree that heap catches two touchdowns. also ED(Greet em with a pick)REED gets two interceptions, and ravens go 14-2. Ravens look very good on all three sides Offense, Defense, and Special teams.

hero for me would be Joe Flacco. i think he will throw 2 or 3 touchdowns.

Season record- 13-3

Ravens 34 Chiefs 3

Hero-Ray Rice 2TD's

Suggs 2 sacks
Fabian Washington 1 interception

I think that the ravens win 31-3 and Haloti Ngata will be the hero, with a pick six and 2 sacks!! And the Ravens are going 12-4 in 2009

Ravens 33 Kansas City 0
Ray Rice

Ravens 24, Chiefs 10.

Hero of the game: Todd Heap (for staying healthy).

Ravens finish 12-4.

Ravens 20 - Chiefs 13

Derrick Mason


Ravens 24-6

Defensive line for controlling the game


Cheifs 16, Ravens 23

Hero: Ed Reed Int

Season: 9-7

The Ravens season hasn't even staretd yet and they are already a game behind the G.D. Steelers!!!
Just dandy!!!

Ravens 30, KC 3
Hero - suggs, 3 sacks and a ff, recovery, and return for a TD, and constantly not letting the offense go anywhere
Ravens finish 12-4

Ravens 20, Chiefs 17

Hero : Not Rice, Not Mclain, the other RB.

Final record 10-6.

Might squeak in to play offs - band I luv the team, but you gotta stop drinking the Purple Kool-Aid.

Ravens 27, Chiefs 3

Ed Reed


Ravens 24-6
Willis gets the first TD of the year for the Ravens and shines with Rice. Willis is a hero for today. Ravens 11-5 for the season. They make the playoffs by beeting the steelers in December.

Ravens 34-KC 7
Haloti Ngata: A sack, caused fumble, INT FOR TD
11-5 They take one from the Chargers next week, get over the Colts mystique at home.

Gimme a large coffee Dan, and a pint of that purple kool-aid stuff. I can't imagine anything but a blow out Sunday. Hope I'm not wrong.

Ravens - 34
Chiefs - 6

Hero(s): Flacco on O, Lewis on D and Koch on ST, pinning the Chiefs deep a few times.

2009 record: 11-5, AFC North Champs.

Ravens 17-6
Game hero - Flacco, 250 yards & a TD
Final Record - 12-4

Ravens 28-10

Flacco will be the hero 2TD 235yds.

R Rice 15- 65
McGhaee 10- 49

Defense will always be defense...

27-3 Ravens

Ray Rice


24-7 Ravens

Hero: Ed Reed with 2INT

11-5 Wildcard spot

Also confused by the amount of people that are picking Ngata with an pick 6. If anyone does that, its Ed.

26-17 Ravens

Ray Rice

10-6 for the season...the schedule is really hard...we have to play every predicted playoff team in the AFC and 3 of the 6 favorites in the NFC. However, I do think they are really good and could go 14-2...I just don't think it will year though. :)

Ravens 34 Cheifs 6

Ravens 34 Cheifs 6

Ray Rice (over 100 yds rushing 70 yds receiving and 2 TD's)


24-3 Ravens
Ed Reed

Ravens 31

Chiefs 0

Dominique Foxworth will run an interception back for a touchdown and get the game ball.

The Ravens will finish the regular season 12-4 and win the AFC North Championship.

Score, Ravens 26, 3 td's,1 fg, 1 safety, KC 6, two fg's

Hero: Joe Flacco, 287 yds, 1 pick, 2 td pass

Record: 10-6

Ravens 30, Chiefs 13
Ed Reed
11-5, wild card

Ravens 27
Chiefs 9

Hero on offense- Ray Rice 78 recieving yards and a td.
54 rushing yards and a td

Defense- Suggs 2 sacks 1 forced fumble

season record 12-4

Ravens win 38-0

Derrick Mason will have 3 touchdowns and 175 receiving yards.

Ravens will go 15-1 on the season and win the Super Bowl. Just being realistic.

Ravens 14 Chiefs 19


24-10, Ravens over Chiefs

11-5 season record

Ravens 31, Chiefs 10
Ray Rice 135 yards rushing, 2TDs
12-4, 1st Round Bye

Ravens 27
Chiefs 17

Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs score TDs.

Ravens 20, Chiefs 6

All the people predicting 30+ points are forgetting that once we get up by a couple scores, we're almost certainly just going to run run run the ball until the game is over. There's no need for Cam Cameron to call a bombs-away game.

Oh, I forgot --- the hero will be Terrell Suggs, who should notch a couple of sacks against that woeful Chiefs O-Line.

Final Ravens record: 11-5 (but we'll be a better team than last year --- I just think the schedule's tougher)

Ravens 56 Chiefs -2. Yes, the Chiefs are so bad that they will FIND a way to lose 2 points.

Flacco passes for over 400 yards

19-0 'nuff said

Chiefs 20 Ravens 17

Brandon Flowers


29-3 Ravens
Flacco: 295yds 2TD
Rice: 115yds 1TD <--MVP
McGahee: 40yds 1TD
Heap: 55yds 1TD
Mason: 80yds
Williams: 70yds 1TD
Suggs: 3 sacks/1 Fumble recovery.

Ravens finish the 09 season 12-4

RAvens 23-6 , record 10--6 hero Rice and

34-10 ... Defense gets a couple of scores. Let's hope my 34 is low.

Ravens 20 Chiefs 13... hero Dwan Landry....season record 11-5.

Ravens 33-14
Season 12-4
Hero Ray Rice

Ravens 38 Chiefs 0
Ray Rice
Super Bowl Champions

Ravens 27 Chiefs 0

Ray Rice will have a great game;
the D-line shuts down LJ and the Chiefs' offense

13-3 for the year

Seems like a lot of readers have the same general idea; hope we're all right!

Dan--OOPS, I forgot to include the Ravens' final season record: 12-4.

This is just another pre-season game to tune up for the long trip to the Chargers next week when the tough season really begins for the Ravens.

Ravens win easy while playing everyone late and resting our top players.

Ravens 31
Chiefs 6
Ray Rice

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