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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Chargers

It’s Prediction Friday, people.

You know the drill.

I don’t want to bore you with a lot of useless prose. You don’t read it anyway on Prediction Friday.

It’s all business and dry martinis when it comes to pigskin prognostication.

So give me your prediction for Sunday’s Ravens game in San Diego. I want a score, a winner and who you think will be the game’s hero.

If you get it right, you’ll get lauded at this very site next week.

I am going with a hunch here people. Remember, don’t shoot the bartender. Or at least not until after closing time.

I think this is a knock-down drag-out with a few big plays mixed in.

My prediction: The Chargers win 20-17 with a last-second 51-yarder by Nate Kaeding. I’ll make Kaeding my star of the game, too, for that potential boot.

I know, I am wrong. How dare me.

So set me straight.

Daily Think Special: Predict the Ravens-Chargers outcome and star of the game


Well Your prediction isn't happening.

Ravens 27 - 16

Flacco is going to tear this overrated injury stricken defense to pieces.

The Ravens D is among top three in the NFL and the chargers wont have over 200 yards of total offense on it.

Hero of the game being Mr. Reed one interception and some tackles.
Rivers is going to get a wake up call against the Ravens D.

ravens 31 chargers24

Ravens 31, Chargers 27. Heap catches 2 TDs and is player of the game.

Dan, I have the advantage of not being a professional journalist so I don't have to pretend to be objective. Therefore I won't pick against the Ravens (aside from my Super Bowl projections at the beginning of the season).

Ravens 27, Chargers 23
Ed Reed

Ravens 24-21. Tood Heap Player of Game.

Ravens by a score of 27-20. On defense Ray, Price, Nagta, and a defensive back or safety. On offense it will be the offensive line, McGhee, Heap, Clayton, and Flacco. With the Ravens it's not one player, it's a team attack. God, I love coach Harbaugh.

21-17...Ravens....Clayton player of the game.

The Ravens will win this game by 10 at least 10 points 27-16. With a defensive touchdown-Ray Lewis and Ray Rice (22 carries 118 yards) will continue to run the ball behind what will soon turn out to be one of the top 5 units in the league.

Ravens 24, Chargers 17. The passing safety net (aka Derek Mason) is player of the game) on offense, and Suggs player of the game on defense.

Ravens 20, Chargers 14,
Joe -hero throws fro 287 yards, one catch for 18 from troy.....

Ravens win 31-27.
"IF" Cam take the gae back to the running attack. The hargers a vunerableand it keps it away from Rivers.

Ravens win 27 to 24 on a last second Hauschka field goal.

I'd go with 31 17 Ravens over the Chargers and only because we are playing in away. Flacco will do the same thing he did the first game except he wont make those mistakes. The hero will be Flacco. He may even score a touchdown or two. The Chargers wont know what hit them especially in the 4th.

Chiefs 17-13, #6 misses two.

Ravens 24, Chargers 14

Ray Rice runs for over 100 yards again as he tries to impress his hero, LT.

I think you guys underestimate our breakout offensive performance. Ravens 48 Chargers 24.

Ravens generate a balanced passing/rushing attack - we move the ball and control the clock. The defense keeps their running backs at bay yet Mr Rivers makes some big plays himself. It is decided on the last drive: Ravens 24 - Chargers 21

secondary meltdown as rivers gets time to throw. love the ravens but i see them losing this AWAY game- 28 - 24

Breakout game:

Ravens 31 Chargers 10

It will be tied 7-7 and then the defense will clobber them

Suggs will get two sacks
Nagata will get a sack

Special teams will be improved.

San Diego will have no answer to Flacco's many targets. Rice will get 100 yards.

Expect a trick play touchdown.

Ravens 24-17. I say Ray Rice will be the star of the game, he'll have a pretty good day against the Chargers D, 130 rush yds and his first NFL TD.

I'd like to predict a Raven victory. The game will be close and will likely come down to a field goal. They have a veteren kicker and we have a rookie who has never attempted one under pressure on the road.

I am going to early mass.

draven, you couldn't get last weeks score right? Can't blame you for not trying to spell, Hanoosh..Hanaugc...#6's name!

Yes, you are wrong, cousin. We are going to block that kick and win this one!

Ravens 20-10. Ravens will score a field goal early, and late, sandwiched around two touchdown passes from Flacco to Heap and D. Williams. Hauschka will be two of three, and Suggs will have two sacks. Star of the game will be our D-line against Chargers O-Line. We will be in their backfield all-day but Rivers gets a junk TD late to Antonio Gates. Boy I hope I'm right.

Jo noted one of my points I was goign to make...a trick play. Clayton tossing a TD on a flea flicker to Kelly Washington.

Ravens - 33
Chargers - 6

Hero - take your pick. I say Ray Rice.

SD too banged up and Heap is healthy again. BR 24 SDC 16

Love the enthusiasm I am seeing about our offense in these comments. Its been a long time coming, but fans really believe we can win a game on offense alone. Luckily, with the scariest defense of this decade, we wont have to.
Ravens 28 Chargers 17

Hero of the Game? ED LEWIS :)

Ravens win 27-22 on a late touchdown pass from Flacco to Heap, crushing the Chargers spirits like we did the last time we played them at M&T. It's time for the Ravens to take over this league by storm. If the offense plays like it did last weekend, and the defense steps it up a bit more, we are an elite (top 5) team in this league. Forget all prognosticators who are hating on this team, best team we've had in years if it lives up to the potential.

27-20 Ravens,winning touchdown coming with under 3 minutes remaining. Rice runs for over 100 yards, with a +20 yarder for a touchdown.

chargers win 24-10 chargers to good at home plus long west coast trip for the ravens

Ray Rice is going to have a breakout game
Flaco for 300+ again
Ravens 34
Chargers 17

Ravens 27
Chargers 14

Some of you are making Joe Flacco out to be the next Peyton Manning. He looked good in the first game but made a lot of mistakes including numerous over thrown passes along with forcing a few balls into coverage against the Chiefs weak defense. I think the final score will be 17-10 San Diego. I wish i could have as much confidence as some of you but Im not ready to annoint Flacco the MVP quite yet as some of you are.

Ravens 24-12. Big game from Trevor Pryce.

I'll say the same thing I said last week...the only way the Ravens lose is if they beat themselves.

This should be a 34-17 or so Ravens win, but SD's strongpoint right now is special teams and its the Ravens #1 weakness.

Last week the D gave up just 1 TD...the same as Special Teams and the offense did.

After this one we'll get a much better gauge of how much the offense has improved and whether or not the secondary is better.

I expect the Ravens O and D lines to dominate this game.

Ravens 24

Chargers 17

Suggs will get 2 sacks and force a fumble.

28-17 Ravens. Ngata star of the game. Banged up Chargers O-Line.

Two Charger fans at work won't be wearing their LT shirts on Monday.
Ravens D comes through big in 23-13 win. Ed Reed defensive and offensive star.

San Diego 42 Ravens 35

Shootout, Ravens secondary exposed. Rivers throws 5 TD's to Flacco's 4

30-20 ravens, special teams isn't what ravens need it to be to win a super bowl and they give up 7 again this week. offense is as advertised last week, except opposite run, run, run, then pass. the D gets some big turnovers, possible TD but I am going to say to turnover that lead to Ravens possessions inside chargers 20. Player of the game Ray Rice, 23 carries for 130 and 2 td's i rec i rushing, with 170 yrds total offense.

CHARGERS 27 ravens 20.


player of the game- d. sproles w/ 1 rush td and 1 kickoff return td. rivers will have 212 yds, 2 tds/1 int.

To make things competetive, the Raven's D will play with thier hands tied behind their backs and the Ravens O will play blindfolded. Still the Ravens will score four TDs a quarter and shutout the Bolts 112-0. Flacco will pass for over 600 yards before being relieved and three Ravens backs will each rush for 200 yards. Everybody will be a star for at least 15 minutes. The rest of the NFL will conceded the Lombardi Trophy to the Ravens Monday morning. After a hastily called Hall of Fame meeting, the usual rules will be waived and the entire team will be enshrined in Canton on Tuesday. Wednesday, Obama will name Ray Lewis the new Secretary of Defense.

Ravens 13--7

The Baltimore kicker misses a field goal and an extra point in the first half, at half time Stover goes to the local high school and practices 40 and in field goals and extra points, to get ready for the call!

SD covers. Flacco look out behind you.

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