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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Browns

I am officially south of the border now.

I’m not buying fireworks or anything, just home from Toronto.

Just in time for Prediction Friday.

I won’t be going against the patrons this week. Consider me happily in the majority.

I don’t see the Ravens having a letdown Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. And partially that’s because I don’t think much of the Browns. (And as an Irish Catholic I am biologically obligated to support Brady Quinn in his endeavors.)

Really, even a Jonathan Ogden-sized letdown shouldn’t be enough for the Ravens to drop one at home to the Browns.

But it is the NFL, so I guess you can never say never.

Still, I’m predicting a 24-6 Ravens win. My hero of the game is Ed Reed, who snags two interceptions, and returns one for a touchdown.

Am I off? Did I jinx your beloved purple and black?

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday’s Ravens-Browns game.


Not to worry. No jinx is in effect, Dan. It is nice to see you rejoin the majority with your prediction of a Ravens victory. As to my prediction:

Ravens 34

Browns 6

Ray Rice will have at least 120 yards rushing and at least 30 yards receiving and will have 1 rushing and 1 receiving touchdown.

Averaging around 35pts a game so I'm going to have to say
38-10 Ravens. I don't know if it's good or bad that Braylon Edwards is my fantasy WR. Ray Rice is my hero of the game finally scoring his first career TD of a reception.

...any given Sunday.

They might have a letdown at some point in the season, but its doubtful to occur against a team mired in a perpetual letdown. Ravens will be pumped in front of the home crowd, Browns are only a few games away from planning for 2010.

Browns 9
Ravens 34

My hero of the game? Flacco. A workman-like 225 yards with 3 TDs. Yes, the Ravens will punish the Browns on the ground, but Harbaugh wants to keep the Passing game going. I see a lot of red zone play action in this one.

Ravens in a Blowout 38-9.Mcgahee will rush for over 150 yds.Flacco will throw 3 tds

The Ravens get break this week and will use this game to tune up for the Pats. Look for good tough straight ahead football game from the Ravens. We will save our tricks and razzle dazzle for the Pats. Certain areas of our defense need to start showing they are in football season condition. This should be a good game for that. Hoping the trip to the Chargers didn't take to much of a toll it looks like, Ravens: 27- 17.

If Brodie Croyle could put up a couple scores against the Ravens (and yes I realize that one of those touchdowns was on a very short field), I think Brady Quinn will find the endzone once or twice as well. But, Flax is going to put up one or two scores of his own, and the three headed monster will have two touchdowns on the ground. Prediction: Ravens 31, Browns 17.

I say the Ravens are as focused as ever after last week, especially on defense and get at least 1 touchdown from that unit. Ravens 42-6. My hero of the game is Todd Heap who scores 2 touchdowns in the red zone.

I sense no letdown from the boys in purple and black. The defense will put its stamp on the game to let the rest of the league know that it's back in full force. 4 sacks, 2 ints., one returned for a TD, and a workman's effort by the new and improved O. Flacco throws for about 250 with a couple TDs and the rushing attack will net us another 150 on the ground with a score. Final score:


Player of the game: McGahee

Nice to see you back on the right side, both of the border and the predictions. While I am prepared for the game to be closer than expected, I don't believe the team is going to have a letdown in this one and should be able to take care of things pretty handily.

Ravens 34, Browns 13
Team effort makes it hard to pick the hero, who is really Coach Harbaugh. Flacco, Rice, Reed, Heap all make big contributions.

No mercy for a city that still cries about us having a team. Ravens defense knows they have to keep up with the offense. Did I just say that? Ravens have the most points in the AFC. Again .. did I just say that?

No contest. Ravens 37, Browns 9.

Hero. I'm going with someone on defense this week. Fabian Washington with an INT returned for TD. Stick my neck out a bit on that one. ;-)

Although I am a life long Browns fan, I don't see how this Browns team scores much more than a field goal in this game.

Final Soore - 42-3 Ravens

Ravens 41
Browns 10

Heap, Mason, and McGahee
have a big day in the red zone.

Welcome back to the bandwagon Danny boy, hop on. I think this game will be close for 1 1/2 quarters. Ravens pull away and then pound the Brownies in the 2nd half ith a relentless 3 headed rushing attack. Final score:

Baltimore - 38
Cleveland - 17

Hero....the 5 guys on offense with their hands on the ground, the O-line.

Ravens 73
Browns 70

Defense scores five TD's; gives up 10.

Ravens 54
Browns 13

KWashington 1 TD, Mason 1TD, Heap 1TD

Player of the game: McGahee 130 yrds rushing

Browns 28-24.

Ravens 37

Browns 17

good win for Ravens!!!

the defense hasn't intimidated anyone just yet the way they usually have. even a weaker team like the browns can smell a bit of vulnerability [even if it isn't there because we don't know that yet] the browns can get points on the board.
tighter that thought. but a win.
ravens 27
browns 17

Pour it on Ravens! Browns fans still cry about Balt. "stealing" their team. It's not Baltimore's fault they still suck 10 years later. Keep your stupid name and ugly colors. I guess 40 years of crummy football has made their fanbase bitter.

Oh yeah, my prediction. Ravens 31 Browns 10. And as usual I'll be getting nasty glares in my Ed Reed jersey here in Ohio. Bungals over Squeelers would make a perfect Sunday.

Browns 17
Ravens 16


i dig the ravens, but people are getting carried away with the point totals after we beat an out of sync and inferior kansas city, and a injury-riddled team that doesn't have an elite defense.
wait for 3 more games.... then you can call it the new ravens.

Ravens 31
Browns 13

Player of the game- Willis Mcgahee.

This is another game where the only time who can beat the Ravens are the Ravens.

Under Harbaugh, unlike the Billick years, the Ravens always show up and seldom beat themselves.

I predict a good game from the secondary and a lot of pressure on Brady Quinn which will lead to a QB change before the game is over.

If Jamal can't go, Cleveland will have less than 50 yards rushing.

The Ravens will again break out the running game big time and it will set up a couple of big strikes through the air.

Final Score: Ravens 31 Browns 3

Player of the Game: Ray Rice who gets his 1st and 2nd NFL TD's

Ravens 31-13....Flacco will be the star.

i see ray rice with 2 touchdowns, 1 through the air and one on the ground, heap and mason will have a hell of a game i say 30-6 ravens, ravens defence scores a touchdown and wakes up. too bad kellen winslow doesnt play for the browns, ray lewis could light him up again lol go ravens.

Dan--Ravens 41, Browns 10
Ngata rumbles in with a fumble, Rice scores two touchdowns, Carr returns a kickoff 57 yards, Reed and Landry both get picks.

R - 21 B - 3. What was the worst thing [ looking back ] that Billick didn't do. Answer: Let J Lewis stay in that game and go for 300.

Definitely a Ravesn win but folks have to stop drinking the Purple Kool-aid. Secondary is suspect and Ravens need C-Mac back although JH will never admit it.

Ravens 34
Browns 20

30-9 Ravens and it's not even that close. McGahee will be the star. Let's go with the running game tomorrow. I agree with some of the above comments. Until we play a team with a good QB and a healthy offense let's hold off on reserving Super Bowl tickets until the secondary shows it can stop somebody. I think everything else is go to good and we can beat the Steelers this year.

I actually think the Browns will show up to play football and the game will not be a blowout.

Ravens 27

Browns 21

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