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Is losing 100 games a big deal to you?

Thursday was an off day for the Orioles, but baseball writers still have to come up with stories.

That and the fact that baseball players make roughly 600 times what we earn in a year are really what separates the professions.

Oh, and the groupies. And the fact we can’t hit curveballs. And don’t have shoe or sunglasses deals.

OK, there is plenty.

Apparently, some of you believe there isn’t much that separates Yankees’ fans and Red Sox fans. It was another interesting debate at the bar Thursday. Some great points and very little name-calling, I like that.

Back to off-day stories. The one I wrote for Friday’s paper is about the possibility that the Orioles could lose 100 games in a season for just the third time in their history.

They did it in 1954 – the first year of the modern-day franchise here – and in 1988, when the club lost 21 straight to begin the season.

And now this year it could happen again. The Orioles (54-80) would have to go 9-19 in their final 28 games to stave off 100 losses. Coincidentally, they were 9-19 in their past 28 games.

So they’ll have to dip a notch below their current scuffling pace, but with a tough final schedule, the loss of center fielder Adam Jones to injury and the eventual shutdown of starters Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz, it’s within reach.

But does it matter? Do you want to see the Orioles avoid 100 losses, or is it just another number in a rough season?

Daily Think Special: Is losing 100 games a big deal to you?

Bonus Think Special: Will the Orioles lose 100?


We fans and the O's should never grow complacent with losing 100+ games. Its not acceptable and never should be.

that being said, I am certain that the O's will not only lose 100, it may go as high as 106. It does matter because it is demoralizing to both the team and fans. It not like you wake up at the end of the season and you have 100+ loses. You have endure some very ugly baseball to get to 100 loses. The sad part is although we do see promise, the Yankee, Sox, Ray, etc are still miles ahead of us. The significance of 100 loses is not the loses, but what we do in the off season to improve. We can talk about how improved the farm system is, but until it translates into wins at the major league level, it means very little. We've had 3 year plans, win now plans, fix the bullpen plan, stockpile pitching plans, and every other kind of plan, and none have translated to wins. If we are ever going to compete and win, it is time to supplement the young talent with some top tier talent. Otherwise we will be three years down the road still talking about 100+ loses and the new plan.

I think 100 losses does matter as it would set another record for futility over a 12 year stretch of losing and during a year that management continues to insist is transitional from rebuilding to accomplishment in wins and losses.As a long-time (now long-suffering) fan, I try to be patient but I recall the days at Memorial Stadium when a Yankees series (and BoSox as well) was an epic battle, especially in the late season when a pennant was on the line. Now it seems another exercise in "how low can you go?" Last night's meltdown in the ninth was a new low for me when, as three consecutive batters struck out in the bottom of the ninth, the cheers from the crowd were for the visitors and the boos were for the home team. As Andy Pettitte said after the multiple ovations for his performance, "It felt almost like home." The O's are a sad, bad team right now and 100 losses would be the final punctuation on another lost season in a lost decade.

Losing is losing. 100 games doesn't mean anything. Just like winning 100 games means nothing...if you don't win the division.

Daily Think Special: No. Losing 100 games is not a big deal. Losing every year for over a decade IS. This organization is a joke. I wish Cal and Billy would buy it already.

Bonus Think Special: Yes. They will lose 103.

It's just a number. If you believe in the rebuilding it doesn't matter how many they lose.

It's a HUGE deal! We cannot lose 100 games. I'll be very upset if we lose 100 games

who cares

No....but if they lose 94, their winning percentage will have gotten progressively worse over the last 5 years....and this is a team that is supposed to be headed in the right direction???

Hell yes, it's a big deal. I mean, it's only one loss more than 99, but I'd rather see three days of solid rain the first weekend of October than have the team end up with 100 losses. Though they should at least win 60 games, so I guess 59-99 isn't so good either. Hmmm.... that would be four games rained out. But you get my point.

My forecasting has been terrible lately. But I predict they will not lose 100 games this season.

Not at all - this year is about preparing for the future. Before crybabies whine about that always being the case, just review the organizational progress, and the younsters, not retreads, that are coming up or are already here. It was patently obvious this was a throw-away season; why moan when it comes to pass? 2011, feel free to cry in your Pabst light if things aren't markedly improved by then!
Oh, and the Yankees suck.

Apparently it doesn't matter to Brian Roberts how many they lose.

"You don't make the playoffs, what difference does it make? In the long run, if Boston were to miss the playoffs, they didn't have any better year than we did."

That is a defeatist attitude The new Oriole Way.

In a season of so many frustrations, I don't know how much it matters to me if the Os' losses cross the century mark threshold. I suppose that it would not surprise me greatly if they did. However, a part of me believes that they will put up more of a fight than that and narrowly avoid a third loss total of 100, despite Adam Jones' possibly season-ending injury, the exclusion of some of their young starting pitchers before season's end and series with some of the more competitive organizations in the American League.

Not a big deal to me. I think this team is playing harder than anyother team in the past 10 years. Keep Dave Trembley I think he is doing a great job.

I don't mind losing 100 games as long as it means we get a chance at drafting Bryce Harper.

The number of losses is irrelevant. 09 was about bringing up the kids, having a look at them and seeing what they have to offer. It had to happen first and was certain to be painful.

It had to be done though. You have to know what positions you have locked down before you can figure out what free agents to sign and convince them to do it. Most of them will not if they do not see a good young core of talent.

Despite all the losses this year, I am optimistic because I see that core coming together.

How can anyone in their right mind say that the O's are heading in the right direction if they lose, as I believe they will, 100 games?

Get out the checkbook and buy some free agent talent! If they don't, a 100 loss season will be a hole too difficult to climb out, especially in the AL East.

just a number. we are a new manager, major league 1st and 3rd baseman and 1 veteran starting pitcher away from being competitive next year.

Well, when you've lost 107 games once before, 100 is comparatively painless. Besides, it's become a war of attrition with this team lately - and combining that with this wringer of a schedule to close out, it's hard not to expect hitting triple digit L's.

That said, I don't see it happening. I think these guys, for the most part, really like and even respect Trembley, and will give these teams all they can handle. Somehow, some way, they'll manage to scratch out at least 10 more wins.

They are going to lose 100 games this year. That doesn't bother me, what gets me is the way we have lost this year. bone-headed play by veterans, horrible pitching management by Trembley. It's a kick in the gut to watch this team play. No intensity at all. I hate the yankees, but watch how they play the game, every game.

They suck. The owner sucks. The third base coach is the worst in history. The manager has zero brains, the pitching coach is over rated, the players expect to lose so they do. This team has enough talent to win but they don't because the whole of management sucks.
Yes, losing 100 games matters.

99 or 100, doesn't matter.

Losing 100 games should be a big concern. The "Keeping our powder dry" argument makes no sense. In essence, the Orioles are teaching these young players how to lose. Brian Roberts has enough credit hours in losing to get a PhD from Angelos University.

Adding to this culture of losing is the way the Orioles handle their young pitchers with kid gloves. Adam Lowen was "shut down" every time he got an earache. When it came time for him to step up and pitch consistantly, his arm nearly fell off.

At some point these young players need to be given goals and taught how to win. It's just as important as teaching players how to execute a hit and run.

Dan, I can't believe that after watching The Birds for 45 years that I hope The Rangers sweep us since it makes the chances better that Boston missses the playoffs. With no salary cap, the entire sport resembles pro wrestling more than the other three major sports. We might get good with the current plan, but for how long? A hundred losses will cement Trembley's fate. That makes me happy!

It's a pschological disappointment. I know you don't measure progress only in wins and the young pitchers and position players look promising as a whole. But, this is an embarassing team in a very good division and as a 50+ year Oriole fan, it's sad!.

Will never be able to compete with Red Sox and Yankees! Maybe one "Get Lucky" year like Tampa Bay did.

Losing 100 doesn't matter. We've all had our brains beaten into mush over the past 12 years, so this shouldn't faze anyone.

What a terrible question. Of course it would be bad to get 100+ losses! It's bad to have 80. How do they expect to have any fan base - or even an identity for this franchise with this many years of (progressively) poor baseball. I imagine some minor league teams out there could post a better record than what the O's have now. How many years of 're-building' and 'heading in the right direction' we will have before this franchise learns to compete again? I have counted 12 years....I guess I should still keep counting. It is a real shame what management and the people in charge of player signings have done to this franchise. Can we just change our names to the 'Expos'? I am running away from this team anymore. To hell with them.


I know it's not you decision, but this going thru the "Toy Dept." is a real drag. I can't find anything on the Ravens at the good ole Connelly's Sports Bar. Finding you in the paper is a drag. How did we go from something so simple, good, and easy to this? It doesn't have anything to do with the Obama stimulus, does it? My life is off kilter because of this. I know there is no going back. The old days are over in ohhhh so many ways. So I'll keep trying. But again this is a real BUMMER! Best to you and the family.

yes it matters fire trembley

I don't think we'll lose 100 games; it'll probably be b/t 97-99 loses though. It's sad to see, but if it is the short term growing pains we have to endure to have a winning club down the road, as MacPhail warned us about, then I'm fine with it. I can already see talent on the field, and it's exciting to watch Matusz go to the 7th inning with only 1 or 2 runs given up. That's the way it should be....The plan is starting to come together, it just needs a little more time. When you trade away your closer and cleanup hitter, you're not going to go up, you're only going to go down. I believe we'll have a record above .500 next year, I can see it.

I missed yesterday's discussion, but I would much rather see the Red Sox in the World Series this year than the Yankees. Anything to stick it to NYC and watch the Steinbrenner's cry like spoiled babies is alright by me. I hate the NY cockiness that the Yankee fans always display. Even after being winners the past few years, the Red Sox are still the underdogs and everyone always pulls for the underdog....

Losing 12 years in a row is what matters, and now embarking on a long overdue rebuilding experiment is likely to add several more. Frankly, since rebuilding a baseball team from prospects is an inexact science, there is no way to predict when and if the Oeioles will ever win.

The organization is so volatile that Macphail may quit or get fired before the plan is fully implemented.

I think the only way out is now to shift to a hybrid plan that will bring in a good mix of proven major laegue talent to augment the young prospects.

As a result of the recent trades the Orioles have one of the lowest payrolls in Baseball, so they can afford to spend money.

But they won't and the losing will contnue for at least several more years.

At least we may get a new manager.

And how long until Cal & Company buy the team. People would flock back just for that reason alone.

It does matter as a symbol of how badly this club was run before AM took over. It's also a symbol of the future. This is becoming a very young team that has the chance to grow up together, with these losses representing growing pains.

The number of losses this season is meaningless. The development of the young players is the most important thing right now. How all of these people can be this close to seeing things turn around and not see it is amazing to me! Take a good hard look at the amount of young talent that you have coming up all at once. The entire outfield, the catcher, and basically the entire starting rotation are young players with a ton of talent. Do you have any idea how much potential for a lasting run of success this team has? If this team can acquire a couple of players or develop them quickly, you could have a great team here. How can you be blind to this? You finally have a plan that is close to fruition and everyone wants to bail on it. I know the prolonged losing sucks, but take a step back and look at what you have! If the front office is able to add a couple of good players, not decent, but good players over the winter things will be dramatically different this time next year. Wake up!

I don't really mind losing 100+ games as long as they play hard and there is an opportunity to win. It's unacceptable to watch a 1 run deficit balloon into a 7 run deficit in the top of the 9th inning. Not much more to say than that.

I have been an O's fan since 1954 and I remember the years when we were winners and could play on the same field as the hated Yankees and the Bosox. If you go to a game at Camden Yards now when they play either of these two teams, you may as well go to New York or Boston. The fans from those two cities take over and they are difficult to take. I refuse to ever go to another O's game when either of those two teams are in town. I say fire Dave Trembley and hire a manger that has some fire about him and stands up in the dugout and roots for the team. Dave looks half asleep and so uninterested in the game that it is disgusting. Spend some money and gets some good players before Nick, Adam, Luke and the other good players end up in New York. Thank You !

Yes, it's a big deal.....but not a surprise!
Until "King Peter" stops using the Orioles as a tax write off, it's gonna be more of the same

It doesn't matter. It's football season now. I'm glad we have young talent in Baltimore. Let's add a starting pitcher, a slugger, and some relievers and start fresh in April.

Angelos says he will pony up when the time is right. It's time Peter.

Just one thing...there's been comments here that the Orioles have been "rebuilding for the past 12 years." No, not really. Any team that's signing Sammy Sosa can't be called rebuilding. The true rebuilding efforts have only been going on a couple seasons in my opinion. Only now are we starting to see some sparks of life in a moribund farm system that previously seemed to be a mecca for 30something never-weres hoping for a cup of coffee in the bigs. Now we actually have prospects. And more on the way. And some of these guys are making their way to the big club, like Matusz and Tillman and Weiters. But we have a ways to go. I do think we need someone else at the helm to instill some passion and desire on to the team. There's way, WAY too much "philosophizing" going on here, like Brian Roberts recent comment, out of the "if you're not the lead dog, the view is the same no matter where you are in line" vein. When conceivable your best ballplayer is CYNICAL, you've got a big morale/attitude problem. Cynicism is death in a clubhouse. It's defeatest, it's a downer, it's not conducive to winning. We need someone to instill some fire in this team and kick some butt. Trembley suffers from Severe Nice Guy syndrome. Like George C. Scott said in PATTON, America loves a winner and WILL NOT TOLERATE a loser. We've got a team of guys who are tolerating losing. Not good. Time to stop. Rehire Weaver.

100 losses? Absolutely. And this after 12 years of "rebuilding." O's have to have a mixture of free agents and young talent. (Which they do have.) When you look at the confident swagger of the Yankees and the Red Sox, it's hard to take. Particularly if you were part of those "Oriole Magic" years. I don't know about anyone else, but as far as this bullpen(?)is concerned, I would load a bus for parts unknown with almost all of them and gladly pay the fare.

Yes it is a big deal. Aren't we supposed to be contenders next year? Isn't that what they said? It was 2010, right? Didn't we trade all of our supposed dead weight for all this awesome young talent? This team is a joke. We will have the same roster next year and we will have the same stats. Like Tom Petty's song "Running Down a Dream that never will come to me". I honestly can't wait till this miserable season is over to see the smoke they put out on the offseason, then MACFAIL can tell us how we are working for the future and looking at 2025 and 80% will go with it. Enjoy it seems like some people don't care to win.

At this point it doesn't matter how many games they lose the rest of the year. All that matters (on the field, anyway) is that the kids start next year in good health - physical and mental. I agree with those of you that say 100 losses isn't acceptable but once the book is closed on this season it really won't matter what the final death toll is. It will have been a miserable year no matter how you slice it.

who cares if we lose 100, next years + .500 will be even more sweet

Who cares? I gave up on the O's when the fired DJ and PG.

I guess its like watching your boat it worse that it sinks in 50 feet of water or 100 ft of water.

Who sunk and it its a long way back until it is functional again.

I cant imagine how painful it is to the guys on the team......they are just overmatched.

The problem with losing is it becomes habit is debilitating. It messes with your head, your psyche, your self confidence, your health, your well being. Habitual losing is a disease.
After awhile you begin to expect to lose.

The problem is.....the Orioles are not getting any better....they are getting worse. Losing is as much a part of the Oriole culture as colors black and orange.

We cant think that the O's are the next Tampa Bay Rays.......false expectations only lead to increased frustrations.

One step at a time.........but we are in dangerous each step is critical.

Andy McPhail needs to be smart, shrewd, and lucky in order to change the culture of this organization.

We cant go back in time....we have to move forward.....and we absolutely have to get competitive.

I remember the Pirate - Oriole world these two teams are fighting for the worse record in baseball.

The taste of victory is addicting and euphoric..........the taste of losing is bitter and depressing.

Do what ever has to be done to fix the problem, or sell the team to someone who will.

Peter Angelos is a good businessman.......he knows that a winning team is worth way more on the market then a losing one.Then he should do all of us a favor and get started with the business of winning.

It's more fun, more profitable, and more compelling.

How many losing seasons in a row? How many catastrophic post all star game slides? Players with promise that never pan out? Let the kids play! Adam Lowen the savior, Hayden Penn, Matt Riley the ace of the future! How long have we heard it. Frank Deford summed up the Orioles in six words "the fish rots from the head." 100 losing games, who cares. A generation of dysfunctional management with losing seasons year in and year out? Now that is something worth discussing. Can the Orioles get in line for a bail out?

The still have problems other than starting pitching, which looks alot better than it did in the past. The weak link in the outfield is Jones, he's not an ALL-STAR dispite being named to the AL team. It looks like the light came on for Pie who is improving. The corners of the infield need to be addressed, and catching is an area needing attention.
Then there's the bullpen! It's not going to
take the O's to the playoffs in it's present configuration. Your perspective.

"It's just a number," Roberts said. "You don't make the playoffs, what difference does it make? In the long run, if Boston were to miss the playoffs, they didn't have any better year than we did. I don't think the number 100 really matters to any of us. Maybe, if we lost more than any team has ever lost, it would matter."

If it doesn't bother the "all-star" why would I let it bother me? What, me worry? Nahhhh...

Everything will be GREAT next year, right? Like always? Like for the past TWELVE FREAKIN' YEARS!!!!!!

The Orioles still play in Baltimore????

Heck yea, it matters. Some of my out-of-town friends still say "hey, remembe when your O's lost 21 games in arow to begin a season?"

Hoping for 99 or less...

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