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Are the Ravens this good?

Now, that one was easy.

I know there were several of you that were slightly worried that the Ravens could experience a letdown against an inferior Cleveland Browns team.

They did; they allowed a field goal. They should be ashamed.

Seriously, the final was 34-3, more of a blowout than most of you blowout predictors had anticipated (including myself).

Drew Johnston gets a free drink chip for his 34-6 prediction. Ed gets one, too, for his 31-3 guess.

They aren’t the big winners, though. This week’s free (and fake) bar tab goes to Tay Dizzle, and not just because he has a cool name.

Tay Dizzle went with 31-3, Ravens. But he also called the tiebreaker, predicting Willis McGahee would be the hero of the game. Drew and Ed were thinking running back, but went with Ray Rice.

Plenty of heroes on Sunday, but McGahee ran for two TDs and nearly 10 yards a carry.

So drink up Tay Dizzle.

As for the rest of you, I have a simple question: Are the Ravens this good?

They are 3-0 and look much improved offensively. Their defense is still fierce against the run, and perhaps their pass defense – four picks Sunday – is getting it together.

I know any NFL team can beat any other on any Sunday, but, be honest. Even the most pessimistic Ravens’ fan had to expect the team to be 2-1, at the worst, at this point. And the San Diego Chargers, with their injuries last week, weren’t as good as everyone expected heading into the season.

So the real test comes next week, when the Ravens travel to New England. If they can beat the Patriots, and then the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings, they would head into the bye week 6-0 and arguably be considered the NFL’s best team in 2009.

That will be the week to truly evaluate. But what about now? Are the Ravens as good as they have looked so far? Or is their unblemished record more of a by-product of the teams they have played.

I am thinking it’s a combination of both.

Daily Think Special: Are the Ravens this good?


So that's what I get for being cautious - gave the Browns too much credit and they scored ten points fewer than I predicted. But good win for the Ravens.

Are they this good? Depends on how good you mean. Certainly they have had some breaks so far - two relatively weak teams at home, injured quality team on the road - but they also did what they were supposed to do. They won the games on the schedule, dealt with whatever they had to, and are now at 3-0.

Are they 18-0 going into the Super Bowl good? I don't think so. But they are looking good enough to get there, certainly better than I was giving them credit for before the season started. Still, the "old" Ravens would have had the potential to lose any of the next three games. Let's see what they can do to take care of business. If they really are 6-0 heading into the break that will certainly say something to the league. But that is getting WAAAAAYYYY too far ahead of ourselves. Let's take care of the Patriots first and then re-evaluate.

On the other hand, I honestly do believe the Redskins really are that bad. I feel sooooo sorry for Danny boy and his cronies.... well, not really.

The Ravens are good, but they have to be the contenders when it counts to be considered really good! It is still very early on to start talking about how good they are, they have the potential to be "really good" but have to prove it when we play the big boys, and we have a few of they coming our way very soon.

I'm reserving judgment until the Ravens play the Pats, who have struggled but are still a decent barometer of where the Ravens are. If they handle the Pats pretty good, I'm on the bandwagon completely.

As it is now, I see them being no worse than 11-5 type of team, which is a definite great team but below superb. I'm still not buying the passing game 100% yet. I know I'm going to get killed by that statement, but they've played two very poor defensive teams so far and did what a good passing team should have done.

They are that good - They are the third re-incarnation of the 50s-60s Baltimore Colts - the scond was the Bert Jones Colts but they could never beat the Steelers

So far I have been most impressed by the Ravens' victory over the Chargers on the road. All three of the upcoming games that you mentioned will be tough games. It will surprise me none at all if they only take one of those games. I will be very impressed if they actually win two of them. If they succeed in sweeping all three of those games, I will officially declare them THE best team in the NFL and bound for the Super Bowl.

Next week will shake the foundation of the NFL

Ravens are going to beat them soundly on both sides of the ball.

Washington will be the hero.


Brady will be chased out of the pocket and effectiveness eliminated.

The Ravens has always been good on Defense. Good in defense even on bad weeks. The offense had to start being able to get more than couple of field goals and one touchdown in their arsenal. If the offense can balance their points with the talent of the defense then the Ravens have a good chance...otherwise if the offense does not STAY consistent throughout the reg season.........they will be only that GOOD but not GOOD ENUFF!!

The Ravens has always been good on Defense. Good in defense even on bad weeks. The offense had to start being able to get more than couple of field goals and one touchdown in their arsenal. If the offense can balance their points with the talent of the defense then the Ravens have a good chance...otherwise if the offense does not STAY consistent throughout the reg season.........they will be only that GOOD but not GOOD ENUFF!!

Are they this good? Yes.

They are good enough to blow out the Browns at home. Just because you can do that doesn't automatically put you in middle of Super Bowl talk. But - they did look great!

I agree with Mike. Sure the Ravens looked pretty impressive today but it was the Browns after all. The Ravens are a very good team for sure, one of the best in the league, but we expected that after last season. They'll get another tough test next week against the Pats and a Tom Brady who is getting closer and closer to his old form every game. If they can handle the Pats in Foxboro, then we'll have something to talk about.

Reality Time

We havve played two poor teams. In 2 games the db's looked sad.

Before we ask How good are they, let's wait for New England and the Colts. Then we will know if teh defense can take the heat and equal the offense in a run for the marbles.

so let's wait for thisquestion

If the ravens can get to the bye week with at least a 5-1 record (either losing to NE or MN) then we would be contenders. If we reach the bye with 4-2, we still have a good chance. But if it is 6-0, then its no fluke, We Are That Good.

We are good, we are very good! What I find most exciting though is this..we are playing much better than we did last year.
We still have questions, particularly about the seconday and our match up with the patriots gives us ample opportunity to explore this weakness. We had questions last year about Flacco, about losing the bye week, about Harbaugh.
Finally I do not think we are playing our best football yet, and thats hard to imagine since we are putting up 34pts a game. I'd like to see how we do against a bruising running game, like the giants have, they destroyed us last year. In the end...WE LOVE THE KOOL AID!

Detroit maybe 11-2 by Dec 13, then that would be the Ravens toughest game all year

The Ravens have been great on defense for years. Great enough to have won a Lombardi with that alone. Now the Ravens are very good on both offense and defense. When we can put a team down 20-0 at halftime, they are going to be like cornered animals at the start of the 3rd, and no matter how good we are, plays will be made against us. But not enough to score more than 3, and that's the bottom line.

Where are the homers? Like I have said before, Balance your head and your heart and you will realize that they are this good, no let downs, no loses, 30 plus points in every game. We have an Offense to go with our Defense and we are going to be in every game this year! Really, accept it, We have a "superpower" in the NFL. No team is perfect and it is an incredible feat to go more then 12 or 13 wins, but this team can do it! Let it loose, root for them with your heart and be loud and proud that they are the Baltimore Ravens "OUR HOMErs TEAM" Head= 11 Wins
Heart 14 Wins
That totals a 13 and 3 record

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats our Name....RAVENS

Ask us this question next week when the Ravens play a NFL team.

Sure they LOOKED good today.. but i'm not impressed... they played 3 teams that are not as good as they looked on paper... Offensively they are better.. but do they continue to put up 30+ points against teams like NE or Indy.. not a chance.... when thry run into a team with a defense the ravens can't and won't sustain an offense to win those games.. Defensively.. they are shaky, especially down the middle. a good offensive team can exploit this defense for big numbers... i'd feel good if they win 10 games.. anymore than that then they are good.. but when they face the Squeelers and lose to them again then you'll see how good there not... they have room to improve.. by the end of the season they will need it.. oh prediction for next week.. Patriots 27 Ravens 16.

Thanks for the buzz kill there Putz! There is no question that this team is good, and they have an opportunity to have an excellent season. I wouldn't put them in the Super Bowl just yet, but they are certainly off to a great start.

I think this coming weekend we'll get a much better idea how much better they are.

With the Jets 3-0, NE cannot afford another loss.

There is no doubt that the Ravens are a much better team than the one that made the AFC game last year. The fans no longer have to worry that if the D gives up a TD, the end is near (though many it seems haven't fathomed that yet).

Should be interesting.

Ho, ho, man! Yeah, they're the real deal. Flacco goes deep, Mason makes a move. They've got running. They've got passing. 7 receivers catching the ball. They're making the play calls and interceptions.
And...the Steelers lose to the Bengals. 2 back this early may be insurmountable. No more dissing the Ravens by national announcers...Bring on the Patriots and Colts!

Yes, they are a good team. Perhaps a very good team. We will find out a lot over the next couple weeks. It is still early in the season and hopefully the Ravens have not yet peaked. It is more important to reach your peak at the end of the season. But don't make Super Bowl reservations yet. Remember last year when the Titans started great and wound up watching the AFC Championship game on TV.

Hey Putz, your name fits you all too well. They didn't create the schedule. Three up, three down. It's all too obvious you are a Steelers fan....1-2. I'll wait to see if they are this good. I wait until after 4 games to start saying teams are this good (or bad). Can't complain about a 3-0 start.'s been a great run being a regular in here these past few years but it's time for me to move on. CSB Jack, Rich, The Big E...I'll miss you guys. But when the Sunpapers allows Dan Rodricks to write the single worst column I've ever laid eyes on, sympathizing with a career criminal, someone who was a complete menace to society, it's time for me to take my thoughts and time elsewhere. You and Schmucker are first wishes.

Pass this on to the a-hole editors steering that ship. Cheers.

Barkeep's Reply: Hey Rob, I'll have to check out what you are referring to, but in the meantime, we need you here. It's guys like you that keep me doing this bar when there is not enough time in the day. So I am hoping, perhaps against hope, that this is just a ploy to get free Dos Equis. So the tab is open, the stool is empty, but waiting.

Sure..3 games into the season YES. Playing against 2 losers and 1 winner YES. They are THIS GOOD. It really doesn't say much at this point but I like what I see from the offense. When they are 11-0 I will start to say BRING ON THE SAINTS in the SUPERBOWL.

Check back with me when they are 3-3 at the break.

Ravens stuff the run against NE and get pressure on Brady. Rice is the star next week as the rushing attack paces the win and controls the clock.

Ravens 27 Pats 13

they are "gooder" just by the defense being about to rest this year. next week is a true test
Off topic; Does anyone else think tony dungy looks like that movie mask thing that kills people. they are at part 16 now i think

they are "gooder" just by the defense being about to rest this year. next week is a true test
Off topic; Does anyone else think tony dungy looks like that movie mask thing that kills people. they are at part 16 now i think

Wasn't it Bill Parcells who said, "You are what your record says you are"? or something like that. 3-0 is 3-0; it doesn't reallly matter who you played. True, KC and the Brownies are pretty much part of the NF jv squads, but you have to beat them (ask the 'Skins about winning games against sub-par teams). So, the schedule gets tougher, but you have a three game buffer.

Nobody is going 19-0. Go 7-1 at home, 4-4 on the road, and you make the playoffs. Then, it's a crapshoot who wins it all.

We have beaten too terrible teams, and survived against a good team on the road. If we win next week in Foxboro then we can say the Ravens are "this good." We go up against a tall receiver in Randy Moss and a good coach. We don't appear to have the pass rush to bother Brady.

We won't be "this good" until we beat the teams we could see in the playoffs. We beat an injured San Diego, we play the Pats away , the Vikings away, the Colts, and then Pittsburgh and the suddenly interesting Bengals twice. We looked better this week than against the Chiefs!

Ask the question again after next weeks' game.

One game at a time. We are on to something this year,that's for sure. With pre season, that makes 7-0. Just take it one game at a time. The rest will take care of itself. Pittsburgh is not in a good place. Super Bowl curse again, maybe?

The Ravens have done what they should. They beat two lesser teams and other than two mistakes in the first game, they handled weaker teams well, which is what good teams are supposed to do. They played a playoff team on the West Coast and won, that is what playoff quality teams do.

They have many weapons and still have a hard hitting, ball hawking, run stopping defense. The offense can now put points up on the board from anywhere running or passing.

As the season goes on, the team should continue to improve and may very well go from good to very good. They need to play their game and continue to enforce their will upon their opponents.

The last two times we have played the Patriots, we have played them straight up and had no offense to put us over the top. This up coming game is winnable.

After years of watching my beloved ravens playing to the ability of their opponents, it is a wonderfully refreshing change seeing them knock the snot out of also-rans. Brian Billick's teams lacked the ability to clean up the mess of lesser talented teams. I think today really boded well for Harbaugh and this season's team. They really looked like they are all having so much fun playing the game. In the end, isn't that really what it's all about?

Yes they are this good, but still very weak at the corner position. And they need to win this game to have the tie-breaker over the Patriots. Colts, Ravens, Jets and Patriots are the teams that will be battling over the playoff bye week.

Seriously, you Baltimorons are really frustrating to hang with. I've never seen people who can turn 3-0 into a negative. Your insecurity is amazing. You must be the same people who cheered for Pittsburgh against the Redskins because of you inferiority complex with DC. Try to enjoy the moment and the work week . NE is a full week away.

Can't wait to see what the Ravens will be like when they peak!!

Rob K.,you are right on. Why so surprised? We've all known for decades the Sun Paper was only good for "fish wrap" at best. Until Connelly's Sports Bar.

As to the question are the Ravens really this good? Dan where the hell have you been? Last year Harbaugh and his staff took over a team with no offensive line, no running backs, no Q-B, and no secondary. Along with a team that was devided and completely undisplined. They came with-in 1 good drive for a touchdown of going to the Superbowl. Coach Harbaugh had done the best turn around I've ever seen. Are we for real this year? At the end last year the networks were clamering fot the Ravens because of their good tough play. Baltimore Raven football that's what the networks wanted. This year they will do the same. Oh yeah! This is going to be another great exciting Ravens season. The Pat's next week in Foxbourgh. I don't know, who do think will be favored? Just remember like I said before, Mcghee is 1st string. Take the Ravens next week wheather you get or give points. Today's game was a wonderful tune-up, just as I said it would be 2 days ago here. Did you notice the game was overaround 3:30. Quick and easy, a wonderful "lets get ready for the Patriots game". The Ravens are that good. We are in the top 5. It's all up to luck and injuries from there.

They are good, but we've only played one contender. We'll know how good "good" is by the bye week, after New England on the road, a re-born Cincy ( thanks for today, boys!!) at home, and the Vikings on the road. I remember a lot of people saying they'd be happy with 4-2 at the bye week; if we're better than that at the bye, then we're GOOD.


The answer is very simple. No algebra. We will find out Sunday. And the Sunday after that. And the Sunday after that. They have talent. They seem to have desire and character. They certainly have coaches that get them prepared and motivated. The rest is up to a few bounces here and there, like that Anthony Mitchell deflection in the 2000 season playoffs against the Titans, but they do seem to be the real deal.

No doubt the Ravens are a very good football team. Beating the Browns doesn't really count as they very well may struggle to win a single game. And SD didn't have LT so while they played very well, LT may have been a difference, not a big one but still. The Pats are slowly rounding back into a good football team. Brady will have to hounded if the Ravens want to win. Welker should be back to give Brady another target. I like the Ravens but it will be a struggle. This will be my first Ravens game so I hope they win.

The Chargers are better than the Patriots. Brady sits behind an aging line and is still slightly nervous when bodies move around his leg. And the Pat's don't have much of a defense, honestly. That should become readily apparent next Sunday against the first real power offense they've played.

OK, that felt weird to write.

I can't believe I am reading what I am reading on here; there is a lot more negativity about the Ravens then I would have thought. After watching this team for 3 weeks; I've come to the realization that THEY ARE THIS GOOD. This team has everything you need to have a playoff and super bowl team. Balanced offense that can put up points and a stout defense. Somebody mentioned it before, it's nice watching this team NOT play down to their competition; they were toying with the Browns in the 2nd half.

12-4 Division winner and first round bye.

Patriots are favored by 2 at home. I'd say that's more than just some respect. Only good can come from this game. We win or we learn or both. Either way we will still be in 1st place along with being smarter and tougher. God I love coach Harbaugh along with the entire organization.

Rob please ignore the idiot sunpaper staff. The idiot you refer to lost his way well over a decade ago. Allow me to buy you a couple of Beck's Oktoberfest beer. Man are they gooood! Get you away from that Tex Mex stuff and back you to real oyster eating, beer enjoying, Raven winning, Connelly's Sports Bar wonderful day.

We have no punishment today. The sooner we start Caneing the sooner the little drug dealers, rapist, killers etc. will quickly disappear. Tiil then you are right, we need to protect ourselfs.

To all you haters out there remeber last season when NE barely beat us with a field goal and they had most of their star players , NE is not the team people think they are , the JETS proved that , just make Brady move out of the pocket and their a sub -par team , if you don't believe in the RAVENS POWER , then maybe all you haters should move out of Baltimore ...................

We are for real and I can't wait for next week's game. I think we stack up great against the Pats. They don't have much of a running game and I think our small, fast corners are perfect to counteract the type of passing offense that NE operates. We are more physical and have shown we can move the ball a number of different ways.

it'll be interesting. the ravens play the pats extremely well the past few seasons with several chances to pull it off almost everytime. but that was a defense-focused, run only team. this is becoming a pass first, offensive-minded team. the goal is no longer to run out clock and wait for the other team to make a mistake. now the role is reversed as the offense looks to set up itself and the defense's job is no longer just to win the game, but only keep them from outscoring them. weird concept for baltimore.
they are for real offensively but the next 3 games will be where they need to show consistency. cam cameron deserves a lot of credit. he actually uses the players as weapons as they should have been. but here is the scary part-
mason - still being held back to sideline routes to avoid hits or injured. if he is rested til the end of the season then who will stop a veteran on a superbowl mission?

clayton - playing ok but no where close to his ability right now.

washington - a good reliable target coming into his own. good if not great hands and #2 receiver potential.

mcclain - the forgotten man once rumbled the team to the playoffs. gets minimal touches. if he is rested til the end of the season, who will stop a 260 lb. madman?

rice - hasn't gotten same holes as mcgahee. when he does expect consistent 100 yard games.

demetrius williams - the speed guy- yet to play 15 minutes this season. if someone gets hurt or he cracks the rotation, how deadly can they be with a true deep ball threat on the field every down?

heap - back to being a weapon and can't be doubled anymore

Lj smith - one reception so far but showed how dangerous he can be.

win or lose, the test for consistency comes in the next 3 weeks. but the true test for everything comes when they finally face the steelers again. they are the defending champs.

the ravens are a pretty good
football team. definitely in
the top five or six in the

the ravens have never beaten
new england in a regular season
game and this game is in
new england... give the patriots
this win...

ravens need to prove they
need to beat the afc elite,
indy, new england, pittsbugh
to be considered a top two
nfl team......

We are looking very good so far, yeah I know we've beaten two teams at home who do not look to be any good this year but you can't discredit the huge road win in San Diego. We will see how we look over the next three weeks with road games in NE and MIN, plus an improved Cincy team at home in Week 5. If we're 6-0 at the bye, we are undeniably the best team in the NFL, even if we lose 1 of those games we're still among the best by far.

Ravens are good, no doubt about it. How good? Depends on injuries or lack of injuries, a bit of luck (a break on a couploe of calls, good or bad, can mean the diffence of 1 or 2 games in a season, and whether they will improve over the season, particularly in the secondary. For all of that, they should be in te hunt and at this stage that is really all you can ask for.

PS Watch the Bengals. They may very well be the real deal.

They've looked great so far, but I don't think we can determine how good they are until we see how they fare against New England, Indy, and Pittsburgh. All 3 of those teams have had our number the past couple of years. Cincy is looking pretty good all of a sudden too, so that may be another area of worry. Our defense looks like it's starting to hit it's stride; I hope so since we got some really big games coming up.
Either way, I think we'll wind up doing as well as we did last year.

The difference between fans like BaltimoreRules and more analytical and cautious fans is like this -- BaltimoreRules would be someone who marries a woman who is a babe only in his eyes, but average to the rest of the world. The rest of the world has higher standards, and that is the way it should be.

We want and expect the Ravens to be the best in every position so there are no weaknesses. It's an impossible standard, perhaps, but a worthy goal. One cannot be the best if good enough will do. The Ravens have some weaknesses that can be exploited by elite teams. We are very lucky we beat San Diego. Connolly seems to distort history to suit his bias.

And we will lose to the Patriots, but not by much. And Wes Welker will be the main weapon. I will be upset like every fan, but it will make us better in the playoffs.

The Browns were not good enough to exploit the Ravens weaknesses. How the Ravens do against a more talented opponent will be more informative as to how the Ravens will do the rest of the year.

Yes, we all know that the Browns and the Chiefs are pretty weak teams and that our 3 - 0 start should be taken with a grain of salt. However, I don't think that means that we have to apologize for our schedule. We ARE as good as we seem. Whether or not we continue to play up to our ability is a reasonable question/concern, yes, but I believe that we will. As long as the leaders keep leading, the rest of the team will follow.

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link...the corners are the weakest link followed by the lack of production, consistency and development of Clayton and Demitrius Willams... Heap's ongoing durability issue is also critical with him becomig a big part of thier new found offense.....knock on wood... .....Kelly Washington has been a big boost.....give them credit for signing him.....Camron has awaken the dead and given the Ravens a healthy, normal, fully functional offense for the first time in the teams history.....their offensive line is becoming monsterous and is making a case for being the leagues best....give them credit for manuvering for Micheal Oher....he's a beast and their blowing defensive lines up like Napalm......but when I watch Payton manning still getting corners to peek into the backfield so he can freeze them for the split second he needs to throw the ball 3 inches farther than they can reach their hands....and I think about how he has owned the Ravens for the last 4 years... I think about Foxworth and Washington....I 'd be lying if I said I can see this team going to a superbowl......if they tighten up the corners this team would be a serious threat to any team in the NFL.....Manning is Magna Cum Laude and Foxworth and Washington like so many other db's in the NFL are preschoolers....even with Brady still going through Haynesworth withdrawl.....this week will paint a more accurate picture of the 2009 Baltimore Ravens....Joe Flacco meet Darius Butler, Leigh Booden, and Shawn Springs....and an old friend named Adalius Thomas.....pop quiz #2...this time it's not open book.....The patriots released Prescott Burgess, he was one of the Ravens best special teams players...find a way to bring him back.

Yeah, they are that good. Scoring 30+ points a game, blowing teams away doesn't do it for you?

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