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Whose Orioles debut excited you the most? Rank your top three

This one is going to take some deep soul searching.

You are going to have to be honest with yourself and your fellow Connolly patrons.

The Orioles have had some seriously anticipated big league debuts this year.

There was Koji Uehara and then Brad Bergesen. Nolan Reimold followed, and then it was Jason Berken, David Hernandez and Matt Wieters.

Chris Tillman’s turn came Wednesday and now it looks like Brian Matusz’s shot is Tuesday in Detroit. I’ll be there, and I’ll make sure we chat about my/your observations on that one.

I don’t think I have covered as many anticipated Orioles debuts in the past eight years as I have this season.

For the record, according to Baseball America, the Orioles’ first (Wieters), second (Tillman), third (Matusz), fifth (Reimold), 10th (Kam Mickolio) 16th (Hernandez), 17th (Berken), and 18th (Bergesen) prospects are up in the majors.

It’s funny, given what we have seen, that Bergesen is the lowest-rated among the group heading into this year. But his debut had some hype around it, too, since he was the organization’s Pitcher of the Year in 2008.

I am wondering who you were most excited to see this year.

I’m assuming the answer is Wieters, simply because of the hype throughout baseball surrounding him.

But there was definitely a whole lot of buzz around Koji’s and Tillman’s debuts. And Matusz’s has some cache since it was the most unexpected, given that this is his first year as a pro.

I want to know the top three Orioles debuts you were/are most excited about in 2009.

Daily Think Special: Whose Orioles debut excited you the most? Rank your top three.


Before I spout off my top three debuts, I nominate Melvin Mora for the 2009 Sourpuss of the Year award. Anyone who is hitting .256 with 3 hrs and 27 rbi's shouldn't be opening his mouth, much less clamoring for respect from his manager. The guy is gonna finish 2009 with more kids than HR's. top three 2009 O's debuts:

3. pitching prospect on thr farm the past year.

2. Matusz....his minor league numbers are sick. Let's see if he's for real.

1. prospect plus my son and I took in the game at Camden Yards...the only game we've gone to this year.

Geez, what a weekend. Gimme a Dos Equis.

1) reimold
2) wieters
3) matusz

I hope the best debut is by Melvin Mora...when his sorry ass/big mouth is traded to Pittsburgh.

1. Matt Wieters - beacuase he is supposed to be the guy that saves the Os

2. Chris Tillman - because he is supposed to be the next big time pitcher

3. Koji Uehara - being the Os first player from the Asian market there was a certain mystique

In years past the debuts I most anticipated were Ben McDonald, who was supposed to be the next Cy Young, and Jeffrey Hammond, who was supposed to be Os first real speed demon in decades

1.) Wieters 2.) Matusz 3.) Tillman

I really just hope that Matusz and Tillman don't falter early in their professional careers and suffer setbacks. The franchise needs both of them.

If I say Adam Eaton will I be officially cut off from any more drinks? I actually was looking forward to Pie, but he's not going to make my top three.

1. Wieters
2. Koji
3. Matusz

Bergesen managed to sneak through with an outstanding season so far without having as much hype as Tillman or the guys not here yet. I slot Matusz ahead of Tillman because neither one I expected to see this year, but I am hoping that he is further along in his development due to his college years and so may be able to have more success than any of us should realistically expect. And Koji is in there because I wanted to see if he could successfully transition from Japan to Baltimore. Wieters pretty much goes without saying.

1. wieters
2. wieters
3. wieters

1. Wieters
2. Koji
3. Tillman

Wieters comes to mind as the first.
Matusc is a close second
Koji a distant third.
Yet, we Orioles have a whole group of guys to look forwrd to, along with these three.

#1. Matt Weiters
#2 Brian Matusz
#3 Chris Tillman
(Hoping for Troy Patton)

I'd say Bergesen, as we have a remote (really remote) connection to him. While a player at Aberdeen, he lived with friends of friends of ours. I never met him, but I know the people he lived with!

1.Weiters- only game attended this year.
2.Bergesen- could not figure the front office logic- pitcher of the year, but didn't have dominating stuff, so why promote him. I Wanted him to succeed.

3.Reimold- Same Logic as Bergesen- Why not give him a shot.....paid off!!

1.Matt Wieters-He was the Orioles best prospect and is suppose to be the savior of the franchise.
2.Brian Matusz-He is dominating the minor leagues, and is suppose to have the best stuff of the calvery.
3.Chris Tillman-Mr.Tilman is suppose to be the next big pitcher of the O's and he is a very high prospect.
(Bergy is at a very close 4th place)

1) Wieters
2) Matsuz
3) Tillman

Weiters, Tillman, Matuez. In the past: Cal Ripken, Ben McDonald and Jeffrey Hammonds. I have a question for you: Looking at my 3 from the past only one paid off. If only 1 of my current 3 pays off, whom will it be?

1. Eddie Murray
2. Cal Ripken
3. Brooks Robinson

This year:
Wieters, Matusz, Tillman.... Bergesen has been great but wasn't as highly touted.

Now Dan, kindly give us a forum here to rip Melvin Mora for hitting like a slap hitting Middle Infielder than as a regular 3B in the AL East. Let's look at the 3B alone in the AL East: ARod, Youk/Lowell, Longoria, Rolen/Encarnacion and Mora.

I enjoyed how he brought up that he was an All-Star years ago but is without a doubt the 5th best 3B (out of the 5 teams) in the AL East. Throw in Inge, Beckham, Figgins, Gordon, Crede, Young, Peralta, and I think he may be about the 12th best in the league.

You want respect Melvin? Try being at least average. Try not to call out your manager because he wants to win, and your performance does not equate to helping this club win. Neither does your attitude.

Oh, have we mentioned Mora also makes more base running blunders than the Bad News Bears?

Apparently, the only thing that could be worse than his base-running is when he runs his mouth.

Good bye Melvin. Feel free to join your buddy Tejada and taking B-12 with him again.

boog 1

blair 2

elrod 3

My top Three are as follows;

1. Liemold

2. Weiters

3. Bergesen

Ben McDonald was the guy for me.

Wieters next.

1) Bergesen, 2) Weiters, 3) Hernandez

Matusz, Tillman, Reimold and Berken were too unexpected to be called "anticipated", Koji may have had some interest but he was never in the O's long term plans so I can't grasp what was being anticipated with him. Regarding Bergesen he was my most anticipated call up! I continue to be convinced the root of the O's past pitching problems has been a preoccupation by them, the fans and the journalists with "power". We see dudes like Ponson, Cabrera and others exemplify the power thrower approach and we usually discard guys like Bergesen (Moyer, Maine, etc.) but this year I anticipated he would be afforded a somewhat unique opportunity to establish himself and prove all the muscleheads wrong.

1. Reimold
2. Weiters
3. Hernandez

For 2009, it has to be

#1 - Matusz, he has so many tools and was so ready from the start.

#2 - Wieters, only the #1 prospect of the last 2 years.

#3 - Tillman, following the Bedard trade, all of the "experts" said he was a future starter, I've been waiting to see if it is true.

Now, All-Time call ups has to start with

#1 - Cal, I had followed his minor league career (how short it was) and just knew he would fit

#2 - Ben McDonald, only me and every other O's fan.

#3 - Gregg Olsen, after what he did in the minors, I was dying to see that curveball.

Bonus - I was very anxious to see Jim Palmer's debut as a starter after seeing him as a long reliever.

One other point - Melvin, you were a great Oriole for 9 years. This year you didn't have and you couldn't catch up. It's a shame you ran your mouth like you did. Though I'm not totally surprised from your past history, I thought you realized how you weren't keeping up and the direction the club was moving.

Melvin, you lost your chance to be remembered as an all-time great Oriole!

well..i am glad to see nobody has put Berken or Pie on their lists. i wish this list came out before the see who really knew their stuff. but then again, its hard to tell how hitters like Reimold will adjust from day to day depending on how they get pitched. Personally, i think everybody needs to just put Wieters at the top of their list. how can you not be excited for a savior like him to roll into your club? And, reimold and bergersens call ups were to subtle to really get pumped about. its tough to list it...but who cares? next year will be a completely different story in the AL east for the birds. so, here's how my list goes.

1. Wieters
2. Tillman - Matusz
3. Tillman - Matusz---i guess we'll see who turns out better after tomorrow huh?

Haven't chimmed in for awhile. Still attending AA meetings because of the up and down feelings that have occured this season being a fan. I'm still waiting on that 7-9 game win streak that would get us close to .500. With the youth movement, I realize that will probably happen next year. Having said that...

1. Wieters
2. Tillman
3. Matusz

Honorable Mention.
Reimold - outstanding #'s at Norfolk, but Wieters gave me that feeling that I got when McNair (RIP) arrived in 2006.

Reimold - I always liked his minors stats and thought he needed a chance.

Weiters - I think he was rushed this year to the majors, but why not.

Tillman - hoping he was half of what everyone was expecting.




1. Wieters
2. Tillman- since it was at home
3. Matusz

Ok, so our overall record is faltering, but seriously- seeing our prospects come up one by one really is getting VERY exciting! I seriously can't wait till next year. And even this year...don't be surprised if the youth infusion leads to us reeling off something like 7 or 8 games in a row late in the year to really gain momentum and excitement for times ahead!

1. Frank Robinson
2. Ben McDonald
3. Jeffrrey Hammonds

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