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Which facet of the Orioles' 2009 performance bothers you the most?

The Orioles have dropped two of three at home to the perpetually rebuilding, financially challenged Oakland A’s.

The Ravens start their exhibition season today against their Redskins.

I’m thinking it’s bad timing for the Orioles to continue another August swoon (they are 3-9 this month).

Of course, it’s been bad timing for more than a decade.

But we will persevere here with the Orioles at Connolly’s, at least until the regular NFL season starts.

Because I really don’t care if Troy Smith or Ray Rice looks good in August.

Instead, I want to know what’s bothering you the most about the Orioles right now. The good news is that there is plenty to choose from.

The baserunning continues to be embarrassing. The starting pitching is young and susceptible to ugly innings. The relief corps is dragging from overuse. The defense is solid but unspectacular.

And the offense, you know, the strength of this team, has been on summer vacation. In their past eight games, the Orioles have scored more than three runs once.

Sure, it can be deflating when you are in a big hole early. But this is an offense fronted by some big-salaried players. And it hasn’t been good since the first two months of the season.

Still, some of you may be so angered by the baserunning that nothing can top it for your disdain. What’s the worst of the worst?

Daily Think Special: Which facet of the Orioles’ performance bothers you the most?


The lack of quality starting pitching is obvious, but other than that, it's the inability to get the clutch hit when it matters the most.

The owner.

The worst part is the losing. Perhaps that's obvious, but nobody cares how a team wins as long as they win. And nobody cares about a team that's losing as long as they keep losing. Better baserunning wouldn't take the nasty edge off the experience of losing. Better pitching wouldn't remove the bitter after taste of another lost season. It doesn't matter to the fans if the it's the offense or the pitching that dramatically improves as long as the result is winning baseball. Seeing young guys like Weiters, Tillman, Matusz, etc., arrive is exciting for a game or two, but even watching Babe Ruth and Cy Young would get boring of the team kept on losing. Bottom line: Just win, baby!

dave trembley will be out as O'S manager because of players lack of experience , veteren divas , and general bad luck . sad, a shame,
shame on you players who half a**
it . know you are . brian. nuff said

Simply put, the answer to your question would catagorically be "SCHMUCK & CONNOLLY".

The Orioles' inability to field a credible major league starting pitching rotation, especially given the common knowledge that the quickest route to regaining success is through strong starting pitching (even moreso considering the Orioles' rich starting pitching tradition, which ended 25 years ago).

Offensive inconsistency.

The real question is what DOESN"T bother us about the Orioles. Although I don't think you'd get many responses.

Not knowing if the losing will ever end.

I have nothing personal against Dave Trembley; it's just that I feel this team has enough talent to win 75 games and take a step forward. Unstead they are headed for 65 wins. I think we need a veteran manager like Detroit got with Leland

Dan, I just want to ask you one question: When, in the last 12 seasons, have we had good, consistent starting pitching, from at least 3 of the 5 members of our starting rotation, for a majority of the season? I'm fairly confident that the answer is NEVER! I'm sure that the guys that we are bringing up now are going to be good, consistent starters for us at some point. My patience is just starting to wear a little thin with their frequent inability to produce quality starts that last at least 6 innings. I haven't given up on them or what MacPhail is trying to do. It just looks right now like what I have been seeing in August from my beloved Baltimore baseball club for at least the last decade.

What bothers me the most is how the offense fails to capitalize on so many opportunities. Early in the season they were knocking in runs like crazy. Of late, every time I look up they have 1st and third or second and third and less than 2 outs, and then it's pop up and a strikeout and they get zilch. How many of these recent one-run losses could have been wins with just one clutch hit? I know there is a bright future for a lot of these kids, and for the most part they've done well, but as a team, these guys have no fire. They jog to first on grounders. Look at the A's this series....they busted their a$$es down the line on every ball, while the O's ran the bases like it was a chore. I think Trembley should start kicking some butts instead of trying to be everyone's buddy, but it's a moot point as he is gone the monday after the season ends. I could go on and on, but it's almost midnight and I gotta work in the morning. I'll always be an O's fan (unless they move), but this is a tough team to watch lately.

Baserunning is part of it I'd lump that in with all the fundamentals of baseball as the most frustrating part of the season. Simple things like moving runners over, taking some pitches, PROPERLY executing a bunt. I can't remember how many failed sacrifices we've had this season, or guys trying to bunt for a base hit and failing miserably.

This is pretty specific, but our hitters always bail opposing pitchers out in an incredibly frustrating and predictable way. Whenever any of our guys find themselves in a solid hitter's count (2-0, 3-0) and take strike one, they will then INVARIABLY swing at the next pitch, regardless of where/what it is. This almost always results in a GIDP or weak pop-up. Has anyone else noticed this? It kills me.

Without a doubt, what bothers me the most is that Peter Angelos is totally content to serve up this D- product and expect the fans to applaud his efforts. When he bought the team, they were competitive, filled the stands providing the funds to maintain the quality and his bleed the fans dry philosophy has left Baltimore with a minor league baseball team. He and his sons should be keelhauled (and that was the nicest thing that came to mind).

As far as team performance, the lack of intensity and going through the motions (Roberts running yesterday on a one out pop-up and the 3rd base coach not trying to stop him .. is that pathetic or what???). Wieters batting 8th where he has virtually no chance to knock anyone in. The whole situation is a mess and they feed us "the future is coming" .. not as long as Angelos family is the owner.

Just watch the A's and see how their offense challenged club scores runs. We have been waiting for the 3 run homer and hitting into double plays instead since May. Duh! let's bunt some runners into scoring position and pick up some runs every now and then! Maybe if our runners got to run bases more instead of getting doubled up every time on base, we would have learned how to run the damn bases by now.

What bothers me most is the sloppy play by the veterans and how it's tolerated by the coaching staff and management. I can tolerate losing games while the rookies get some big league experience. But when our veterans are interviewed after blowing some basic plays, their attitude is, "Oh well, sometimes you have a bad day, blah, blah, blah." And when they finally get sat down for playing poorly, they start whining about not getting the "respect" they deserve since, after all, they did have some pretty good seasons a few years ago.

The O's have had at least three managers in a row now who defer to the veterans, whether they deserve it or not. They need a manager who's willing to light a fire under these guys butts (and management that will back them up) and quick, before another generation of young O's learn how to become either petulant brats or guys that are satisfied hanging around collecting a check. It's gotten beyond ridiculous.

The inconsistency of play. Win 1 lose 4. The O's have a pretty good team. Why can they not win more????

What bothers me the most is that the O's continue to be irrelevant. It is neat watching the young guys come up and with Tillman, Matusz and Hernandez pitching relatively decent, it spices things up a little. Unfortunately, it seems as though the offense pretty much takes us out of the games before they even start and Brian Roberts is an embarrasment when it comes to being a baseball player.

Thank god the Ravens are such a class organization.





Has to be the production from the corner infielders. Although both Mora and Huff were coming off superb seasons (combined .295 avg 55 HR and 212 RBI) I think everyone has been blindsided by how little they have produced (currently a combined .255 15 HR and 98 RBI)...please develop Warring, Snyder, and/or Bell.

The most bothering aspect of the O's is the lack of hitting. Everyone knew that their pitching would be suspect. I don't think anyone expected the O's not to hit. They've always seemed to have that abillity but this year it's been awful. The baserunning would be a good runner-up however. I think the baserunning is attributed to the lack of hitting.

What bothers me most is the uncanny ability to do whatever it takes to lose! Stranding too many RISP, getting picked off, grooving a slider, seems whatever it takes, they do it.And the way Trembley will yank a pitcher when he's throwing a good game just because his pitch count is getting up there drives me crazy, MLB needs to get back to the days when a pitcher was allowed to pitch as long as he was effective and maybe get a complete game. Carrying 13 pitchers allows for no flexibility as far as pinch hitting or late inning switches. Let's get the ball rolling by going back to the 4 man rotation. But i'm probably dreaming.

Wow, so much to choose from. My biggest gripe all year is that they do not do the little things to win. Watch Oakland the last few games and they do these things - sacrifice, bunt. We get a man on third with 1 out and cant get him home. That's craziness. Wow in the world can't Brian Roberts bunt?

So you're "going negative" to boost the coffers again, eh? It will be interesting to see what most is frustrating the fans, if it can even be narrowed down. For me, it's the whole thing. The team is less than the sum of its parts. Ultimately, I expect to see a change in manager and coaching staff in the offseason, much as I like Dave Trembley. The lack of playing smart baseball is a killer when the team starts off from a lower talent base than others in the division.

The lack of veteran leadership is troublesome. There is nobody on the pitching staff who can serve as a mentor to the youngsters, the way Benson did for Bedard. There is no Jeter to lead with his play on the field, let alone a F. Robinson to be a clubhouse and dugout leader as well as HOF player.

The fact that the team is two years into the rebuilding project and there is still so much left to do just shows how far behind the Orioles were when MacPhail started. I have been patient because at least there is a coherent plan to address not only the major league team but the entire organization so it can be in position to compete every year, not just for a short while. But now the team needs to get some players in the offseason that can further the turnaround in culture from losing to winning. Having all those guys from Bowie who were in the EL playoffs reach the majors is good. Having someone with established history of winning at the ML level in a leadership role will help them translate that to winning baseball in Baltimore.

Loser's attitude. They expect to lose and they do. They are surprise if they win.
They have a bad apple or two and a manager who can't make them win.

How come the Orioles offense always gets shut down by the other team's rookie pitchers? Would that indicate poor advanced scouting, poor hitting instruction? Our rookie pitchers get knocked around regulary.

The general lack of emotion by the manager and his staff is my biggest problem with the team. It is almost as if they have been taught to lose quietly.

I think the fact that the Orioles continue to play the same way after all these losing years is sad. Let's go with the young guys and dumped those players who just go through the motions.
PS: You may want to tell whoever is designing the Sun's web page to stop with all the changes. The previous drop down menu was so user friendly and now it is diffucult to even find your column.

The veterans making bonehead baserunning mistakes bothers me a lot. No excuse for Roberts not to know the number of outs on the pop-up on Wed. Perhaps one could expect a mental lapse here and there from a rookie but a vet like Roberts? Inexcusable.

I also don't like to see these million dollar guys not running out every ground ball they hit. Auto out or not, run!!!!!

Pitching/hitting can be lopusy...
but it's the Base running, it's basic.
Manager's responsibility!

the baserunning is a joke. it's like having 7 year olds play with no instruction. no question the next manager next spring will be sure to spend a lot of time on this area


The ineptitude of the front office.....

The worst: They're being beaten (at home nonetheless) by teams that are awful, serving as get-well fodder for the just-as-lowly As, Royals, and Blue Jays.
A close second is the offense, which includes a line-up that has at least 3 Guaranteed Outs and several rally killers. But I keep watching... and HOPING...

What bothers me most about the Orioles is that we are grooming these young playerss for the future, but you must have Veteran leadership and mentors for these young guys. We have absolutely nobody in our lineup that will scare any pitcher. We can talk about the future all we want to, but we are in a division that has the Yankees and the Red Sox and two other quality teams. We are delusional if we think we can beat these teams without 3 quality sluggers on the team and 2 quality starters. It has not been fair to coach Trembley to not be competitive because of a lack of true major league talent. And it is truely a shame that the Baltimore fans are sufferring because a owner is too cheap to pay for good players.

That would be Peter Schmuck, Dan.

My vote goes to the offense, but included in that are all the bone-headed base running mistakes. I've watched high school teams that make fewer mistakes on the bases. Aren't fundamental skills and concepts like baserunning or laying down a bunt supposed to be second nature by the time someone gets to the Major Leagues?
I was looking forward to something different this year. I knew it was going to be a rough season, but I bought into the idea that by the time the AS break arrived and the O's had brought up some of the rookies and they'd had a little while to get accustomed to the big leagues, that we'd start seeing some steady improvement. Not enough to make the team a competitor in the division, probably not enough to salvage a winning record for the season, but some progress, a reason to believe that the long nightmare that has been Orioles baseball, was finally coming to an end. Instead, with the new young arms and bats in the lineup and many of the old place-holder vets now gone, the team is actually playing worse.
Even if the pitching is substantially improved next year, as I think it will be, 2-3 runs a game isn't going to cut it in this division. I believe in the rebuilding program, what other option is there? But there is no way this team will be competitive in any real sense of the word next year. A winning record in 2010? Maybe, but not much more than that.

I just can't fathom how this summer swoon seems to happen EVERY year. I really like the makeup of most of this team but I wonder more and more if we do need a rah-rah clubhouse leader that's actually a good player (sorry Millar, you didn't quite fit that defintion) that can help lead a team out of the doldrums. People shoot down the term chemistry in baseball but even Mickey Tettleton mentions the cohesiveness of the '89 team as a key factor in their success that season.

Dan, I wouldn't know where to start...but it all boils down to the lack of motivation and concentration on the field. These are professionals just going through the motions til it all ends in September. I can't even watch them anymore.

My biggest disappointment in the Orioles is that all too often the team seems lethargic and uninterested in playing, compared to their opponents. The series against the A's was a perfect example. Even though the teams are similar in record, the A's looked much sharper, and their play was much crisper than the Orioles. While the A's played solid fundamental baseball, the O's play was filled with the mental blunders, base running snafus and poor situational hitting that has plagued the team all season.

The lack of urgency and overall don't care appearance bother me the most. If you can't run 90 feet 4 times in 3 hours you should turn in some of the $3-12 million pay. The veterans are the worst for this. The team just doesn't look hungary. Every game looks like an exhibition not competition. HUSTLE like every game is the 7th game of the world series is the only way to play. This team is fodder for all the others. Disgusting.

The fact that the O's have become a laughing stock. You know it's bad when your friends start feeling pity for you for being a fan. How did it get this bad?

The anemic offense. This team started off the year scoring a lot of runs and proclaiming that they could score runs with anyone. Huff and Markakas then went into long slumps. Huff and Mora have experienced power outages that threatens their futures, and now one former "bright spot," Luke Scott, has endured a month-long slump. Lately this team is terrible at plating runners in scoring position with less than two outs. Unfortunately there is not as much offensive help ready in the upper levels of the O's farm system. McPhail may have to deal a pitching prospect to get major-league ready offense to help out the young pitching staff.

1) Owner

2) Worthless overpaid veterans like Huff

3) Super terrible starting pitching

4) Bad baserunning

5) long losing streaks that make us look as bad as the Washington Bugs these days

The O's are not that talented compared to most of the teams in MLB. In order for them to win, they have to do all of the little things right, and they are not even close. They need smart base running, solid defense, the ability to move runners into scoring position, and occasionally get a clutch hit. They do none of these well. The pitching is okay and will come around. It's all of those little things that are killing them.

after a while, it boils down to the basics: talent wins, and this club does not have enough.......and when you don't have talent, you have to at least be fundamentally sound, and they are not, and the worst part about that is it's the veterans who are making the most mistakes.......I like Trembley, but he does not carry the weight or the respect of a true big league manager.......time to make a change there, not now, but after the season, see if there is a guy out there with a track record willing to come work for McPhail and Angelos......

I'm most concerned with what seems to be a lack of urgency to win, and the acceptance of the culture of losing. It's exciting to see these young prospects come into the big leagues and get their opportunity, but it scares me that there is no veterans here that have been part of a winning tradition to teach these youngsters how to win. When your so called "best" player, Brian Roberts has only been on losing teams his entire career, and has developed a habit of determining what a hit should be off the bat and settles for a jogging double rather than a hustled triple, these kids are susceptible to develop the same habits (see Adam Jones). This team is in serious need of a management change that won't settle for station to station movement, a failure of Matt Weiters to get in front of a ball, base running mistakes, simple mistakes. New management, new direction, and winning veterans are needed now.

Well I don't think you can just blame the players. Granted I'm a fan that lives in Indiana so I don't get to see them play very often, but this is a young team and there are going to be growing pains that the fans are going to have to tolerate. Having said that, I have expected to see some kind of improvement and this August swoon (again) is just ridiculous. The Orioles used to have a really proud tradition, but they've basically turned into a minor league team. They've developed a losing culture. And that starts at the top. If Angelos doesn't want to field a competitive team, if winning isn't important to him, then he needs to sell the team and get the hell out. Baltimore has an incredible stadium, great fans and we deserve better than this. Spend some money already. We also need to get a manager that will light a fire under these players and try to change this losing culture. Bobby Valentine is available and sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Two things: #1 Using rebuilding as an excuse for fielding a humiliating tem. Starting the season with Hendrickson and Eaton was the not-to-missed signal that we had mailed the seaon in. Even in the late 50's we knew we couldn't win, but every game was tense and tight. #2: A manger who promised fundamentals and small ball; we have gotten niether. Bunting is easy - we can't (won't) do it or even practice it. We were running the basepaths backwards twice in one game against the Yankees (each one costing us at least one run). What happened to the first Dave Trembly?

I'm most concerned with what seems to be a lack of urgency to win, and the acceptance of the culture of losing. It's exciting to see these young prospects come into the big leagues and get their opportunity, but it scares me that there is no veterans here that have been part of a winning tradition to teach these youngsters how to win. When your so called "best" player, Brian Roberts has only been on losing teams his entire career, and has developed a habit of determining what a hit should be off the bat and settles for a jogging double rather than a hustled triple, these kids are susceptible to develop the same habits (see Adam Jones). This team is in serious need of a management change that won't settle for station to station movement, a failure of Matt Weiters to get in front of a ball, base running mistakes, simple mistakes. New management, new direction, and winning veterans are needed now.

Two words: Peter Angelos
Never have I seen an owner so stingy with his organization! In baseball, with no salary cap, one has to pay in order to attract/retain talent. Angelos seems content to merely "cultivate" from his own farm system b/c he figures he has the time to do that, which I guess he does seeing that he signed a huge financial agreement with MLB when they put a franchise in D.C. He was afraid that he'd have to actually put a competitive team on the field in order to maintain his fan base. Shame on MLB for screwing the fans of Baltimore over!! Every year I see the same thing: the people of Baltimore get very excited for opening day, only to be "looking forward to next year" by August. It's almost laughable. When you combine that with the steroid abuse that seems to be running rampant in the league and it's no wonder why people are stoked for football season! Go Ravens!!!

The annual, and predictable second half fade...more like dropping off a cliff....

what bothers me most is the lack of pride. what I see every year is hustle til the all-star break (because "I" could be this years 1 Oriole.
then just a total lack of focus, as if the second half numbers don't count, AT ALL. That just show's a lack of pride in yourself. The greats always wanted EACH PLAY to be the best they could do.

The annual irritant that tops them all is the ineptitude of the scouting and player development aspect of this dysfunctional franchise. They show remarkable consistency in producing barely marginal players at ALL positions and in recommending the signing of equally marginal veterans. And it furthers appears that the higher-ups are perfectly content with this mediocrity tht shines brilliantly when these so-called major leaguers are promoted to the big club and proceed to show their true talent level. Throw in the on-the-field apathy that is apparent each year after the All-Star break and you have the recipe for a urine-deficient ballclub.


Our inconsistent offense is driving me crazy. It seems like they collectively go into slumps. We all knew that pitching would be a problem, and can only hope the young arms will come around and give us more consistent starts next year, but the hitting? Oh, and especially is he inconsistent in a big way...he goes from on fire to freezing. Also, along with the offense is Adam Jones inability to stop swinging at low balls when he has 2 strikes on him. We need to be a better offensive team, especially while we are waiting for the pitching to come around.

The lack of plate discipline is frustrating. The Orioles hitters are 11th in the AL in both walks and OBP.

The lack of respect the O's front office shows for their fans. They insult our intelligency by selling a "rebuild through youth" message - and then trade away any young player who shows promise and re-sign veterans who stopped caring years ago to lucrative long-term deals.

The pitching is young and deserves a pass. I'd rather see an entire rotation of rookies now and have them cut their teeth than do it next year.

My biggest and only problem really is the lack of hustle. How many managers must you fire before the players take responsibility? We tried older experienced managers and younger hungry managers. At the end of the day there are guys who take plays off and if they are that tired than perhaps sitting a week in leu of someone hungry would help.

What bothers me most is they EXPECT to lose and it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. This team has a losers attitude, has no spark, don't believe in themselve, has no fight in them. They've given up. What makes it worse is the constant excuses coming form Trembley.

I've been a Roberts fan for years but he is not into the game at all and it's time to cut ties with him. I would realease Mora and Huff on September 1, fire Trembley immediately and make it clear I was no longer going to tolerate this kind of horrible play.

This club is better than their recent play and I'd make it clear the fans deserve more effort than they're getting.

The fact that Orioles fans have little reason to show up to the Yard whenever the Sox or Yanks are in town unless they just enjoy being outnumbered and humiliated.

Terry Crowley still being employed.

Lack of a clubhouse leader

Everything from the ushers that are rude at Camden Yards to the tv people that think we care about their buddies in the next booth, to the lack of respect the players, coaches and owner show US - the fans, that have a little something to do with them getting paid the big bucks!!

What bothers me is The Asbestos King who owns the team

Glaring, embarrassing, inability of our veterans to play fundamental baseball--reluctance by management to get in veterans faces, or bench them for stupid, lackluster would let the kids on this team know that mistakes of this nature won't be tolerated, understand that the manager still runs the team, and develop an attitude of expecting to know, I can remember when a team was out of the pennant race, if it had any pride at all, it took on the role of spoiler....and when said team would take a series from a contender, the remarks from the losing contender usually sounded something like this; "so what? they don't have anything to play for, so they were playing loosey-goosey", meaning they have nothing to lose---oh if only the O's could be loosey-goosey, and actually play with some fire, and give fans something positive to yell about, instead of hearing ever-increasing boos from the stands thanks to bone-headed, uninspired, and unacceptable play..

The most disappointing aspect of this year's team is that there is no team chemistry and I blame the veterans who for the most part have not pulled their weight. I wonder if the fact that Mora and Huff have not been offered extended contracts has something to do with their lack of production.? Now it is too late for these guys. How can you bring them back and hope that they produce again? How can you bring back the same coaches also?

They dont seem to care. I think they better get rid of Huff, Roberts and Mora ASAP. Anyone who has played as much losing baseball as those 3 have in their careers is certainly going to drag down the rest of these young guys.

Do you think their experience at this level is going to have a positive affect on the rest of this team. Hells No!

I'd rather go 65-97 with fringe minor leaguers than big league career losers. This has gone on long enough. I've watched more games since the all-star break than i had in a long time. And nothing changes. The Roberts DP the other night was laughable. Some veteran leadership.

I couldnt even imagine how ticked i'd be if the Ravens lost 12 straight years. But the way these guys play and act as if they dont care, it has to rub off on the young guys....its made ME not care!

This has been just another vanilla losing season. Nothing at all to get excited about. Oh wait, they started 6-2...and then they lost 5 straight. Oh, and late May, they won 5 straight...then went 2-9. Mid-June they won 5 straight....then got swept by the Marlins. They havent won more than two in a row since then.

I'm ranting. Cut bait with the vets. They have lost long enough.

Lack of concentration and consistency. My enthusiasm in the rebuilding is taking a hit. Don't these guys have any pride? Don't they get riled up when the Sox and Yanks come in knowing they can have their way? Why wasn't Youklis dusted off after getting a hit in almost every at bat? How can they look in the mirror when KC and the A's come in and make them look like crap? Geeze....even the Nationals won eight straight.

Lack of a # 1 Starter.
Lack of a # 4 Hitter.
Mora in the line up.

I think my biggest problem is even when the team is struggling they don't play small ball.

The other day someone got on. They PR with Pie. But instead of stealing 2B off a Catcher who barely throws anyone out... they try to bunt him over. And when it came down to it if they would have had Pie steal 2B then have him sacrificed to 3B the fly ball by Roberts would have tied the game.

O's have some good speed and barely if ever use it.

The lack of fire. They get kicked around by everybody and they seem to just take it in stride like it's no big deal. I guess after all these years' it's come to be expected but hasn't anybody on the team had enough? I'm sure there are those who have some professional pride but it never seems to show. You never hear anyone going off or calling someone out for baserunning mistakes that should embarrass a little leaguer. It's just Business-As-Usual, on to the next tail whipping. There are fans that try to stay with them, but if they don't seem to care why should we?

Awful pitching
Weak hitting
Insanely bad baserunning
Zero Intensity
Future is tomorrow attitude
Distorted belief that good MLB players (Markakis/Jones... jury still out on Weiters) are cornerstone stars rather than complimentary peices on a winning team.
Uncommitted ownership
On a positive note, the defense has been almost major league caliber on occasion.
I've loved the O's since childhood and will continue to hope for their success, but hope is about all I've got right now... as for reality, Yuck.

Lack of urgency in getting things accomplished

The base running has got to be the most embarrassing part of the Orioles' games. It's the part of the game that the team has the most control over, but they rarely exercise caution and patience when running the bases. It looks completly little league and totally unprofessional.

Terry Crowley still being employed.

FUNDAMENTALS -- Lack of consistency with: outfielders hitting the cut-off man, outfielders throwing to the correct base, batters hitting behind the runner, batters running out ground balls, the ability to lay down a sacrifice bunt, base runners remembering how many outs there are, pitchers learning to pitch and not just throw, etc., etc., etc. If the future of this club is truly in the hands of the younger players, then they better learn the fundamentals of the game. Ideally they would learn these basics from the team's veterans. Unfortunately the veteran players appear to be the most egregious abusers of the game's most basic principals.

The Angelos excuse is getting old. McPhail has made all the right moves since he has taken over and Angelos has had nothing to do with it.

The recent struggles have nothing to do with off field issues, but lack of production ON THE FIELD. There is no excuse for how the verteran position players have performed lately. Don't blame Peter Angelos because Brian Roberts doesn't hustle, or for Aubrey Huff watching 2 strikes, then swinging at a curve ball in the dirt, or for Melvin Mora not using his head (that's the lump three feet above your a**).

These guys have track records and are proven major league hitters. The blame for the recent slide belongs to them. Trembley may make questionable moves sometimes but he can't be blamed for a grown man's lack of professionalism who has been playing this game since they were kids and should know how to run bases.

We all knew we would suck this year, because of the young pitching staff, etc. We knew it would take time for them to develop and adjust to the bigs. What we didn't expect is for the lack of support from the position players. They need to play to their ability...period.

Lack of timely hitting. The young pitchers receive no support from this overrated lineup. Lots of high batting averages, but they never get big hits at the right time. Also, there has been a real drop in hitting homeruns. If this team could hit, they would be in many more games.

Nothing really bothers me about this team except for maybe Berken given way to many chanced to show hes not ready for the big leagues. Other than that, we are getting exactly what we should with 4 rookie starters and an 2 rookie position players. Add in the fact that our suppoded rbi guys are garbage, like Mora, Huff and Scott and its about what you would expect. Nothing shocking here.

The lack of patience at the plate. It has led to a number of hitting slumps. Swinging at way too many borderline pitches.

Look at the eyes of opposing batters and see the fire in their eyes. Even the best of our lot do not have that fire.

Look at our players as they run out of the box. There is no hustle.

At the moment, Reimold is the one that shows that intensity in his eyes and hustles down to first.

Too many times, Roberts crusies to first and around to second, when if he had hustled, he might have had a triple.

We did have a player, like Frank Robinson, that would call the others on their base running, shortage on fundamentals, and the lack of hustle. The ones of our current day that could are committing these sins themselves.

On a MASN interview, Jim Palmer dropped that Trembley may have already been told that he has his job for 2010. Is that so? Does Trembly demand the fundamentals in word and on- the-field preparation? I hope so. Without such expectations, we will do the same circle again.

As an old guy and a loyalist, there was a time when the O's did whatever it took to win. Now, year after year, the opoosite is occurring. I hope that this losing culture changes. I worry that Roberts and Markakis have caught the losing bug. I want to be wrong.

What about Dempsey as manager and Flanagan as pitching coach?

First of all, I know most people are probably going to say the starting pitching, but we really do need to be patient with these kids- they will produce soon. Their struggles should not be a surprise- it is part of their maturation process- which is typical with most MLB pitchers, including the good ones.

I think I would saywhat bothers me the most is the overall lack of offensive consistency. And I'm sure most of this stuff has been said, but it's the things like: lacking patience at the plate and working the pitchers pitch count, getting shut down by all these no name lefties, hitting horribly on the road, and of course the horrendous base running mistakes.

And while I like the guys on the team, I really do think we need a fiery, in your face leader who hates to lose, motivates everyone and is passionate about playing hard at all costs! Perhaps Jonesy will be this guy (I hope so!), but regardless guys need to step up this way. As much as we hate the Yanks- and Jeter- Jeter is still that kind of guy. Pedroia and Youkilis are those kinds of guys on the Sox. In the same way, WE need this kind of fierce, passionate leadership.

The best news my friends is that things WILL get better! Markakis, Jones, Wieters, Reimold, B-Rob...and of course the young pitching- we really do have some solid pieces of good core players for years to come- they are only going to get better. Yes, it WILL come. And it will only make winning that much sweeter after these painful years. I was at the game on Tuesday and in between one of the innings they showed a flashback to Tippy picking off 3 in '83- first year I started going to games as a young boy. I sat there and had a big smile, full of optimism and hope that seasons like that are not too much farther away! Hang in there everyone!


Lack of leadership and production provided by Mora, Huff and toa certain extent, Roberts. Mora's attitude, Huff's play and Roberts lack of taking the helm as the unquestioned leader of this team are my 3 pet peeves. I think Dave T will get the axe for the disappointing second half. I've always liked Dave but we need someone cut along the lines of Leyland or Pinella to kick this group in the pants.

Shameless plug: Cal Ipken World Series starts this weekend in Aberdeen. World Series for 12 year olds. Come on out and watch baseball played for the shear love of the game.

Dave Trembley

He likes Notre Dame and Charlie Weis. No leader that can lead the O's to glory can do it thats a fan of Notre Dame because thats kinda what the O's are now. We need better!

we were told that the orioles were going to be bad this year, ok fine. they didn't have to bring a defeatest attitude with order to entice free agents to come to baltimore the players are going to have to show better effort play with more enthuiasam this is one job that is the resposibility of the manager. you just can't be mr nice guy all of the time.

Lack of hustle and listening to Dempsey talk.

O's fans like this on Schmucks blog:

Wow.... I just can't help participating in this one.
I guarantee you that if Kevin Ukelele had stood at the plate holding the bat with his arms extended that far over his ugly skinhead and his gloved hands spread a few inches apart on the bat handle back in the era of Gibson, Drysdale, Ryan, and even Palmer, they'd have all looked at that protruding ribcage and seen on it through their eyes a sign reading "DRILL ME"..... and would have done so with enough frequency to have encouraged him to adopt a more conventional stance.

As for Pedroia.... I think the fact he was chosen MVP was a joke.
Better than Roberts?
No way.
He simply plays on a better team, which affects not only his play, but the way he's pitched to.
I am really tired of people under-rating Roberts.
I really don't think there is any second-baseman any better defensively nor are there any better leadoff batters.
Brian simply needs to lead off for a more consistently potent lineup.

Finally, I'm tired of people under-rating Trembley.
Baseball-wise, he's the best and smartest manager we've had since Weaver.
He's had a multitude of inconsistency and lack of dependability by his players.... especially his pitchers.
I think he handles the 2009 media and his players as well as any manager I've ever seen.
When the team begins to develop some consistency over the next year or so, I think everyone will realize just how good he is.

Joe Torre's first teams which he managed weren't so successful either.

Posted by: bear the birdfan | August 12, 2009 2:17 PM

The Sun


Because it is the lamest stuff ever and they say 2 bagger

Also Dempsey and that guy who got his kid on the team in the Sherrill deal.

the real problem is the coaching staff,
starting with dave trembley who is managing the team as it is spring training, if you have players that can hit, others to develop themselves, stop playing them on and off every two games, that way you create a longer team slump that an individual!

fire trembley,coaches and specially andy macphailure!

Jimmy Johnson!!

They have absolutely no fire or spirit.

They have become accustomed to losing. It was what was expected before the season began and they are carrying out everybody's predictions.

They have no leadership on the field, in the dugout or in the clubhouse.

They are quintessential losers.

And if anyone believes that all of these young pitchers are suddenly going to become Cy Young candidates you are delusional.

Peter Angelos has to get out his wallet and over pay for some real veteran talent next year.

Skipster, you are so right! I was talking with a friend who's also a lifelong O's fan and we agreed the O's have no great or even very good players. Markakis is a good player, ditto Jones and Reimold. Weiters is a good catcher but a disappointment as a hitter. Bergensen is the only youg pitcher who has produced and Tillman and Matuez have not excelled. This should be a .500 team at best with the talent they have. If Tillman, Matuez, Bergensen and Hernandaz show up next year they may win 85 -90 games with the talent they have but they will never compete for a playoff spot unles they get at least one outstanding player. I'm very depressed. With their very poor play since the All Star break, the future looks very, very bleak. Frankly, the Nats are better than the O's right now. In fact, right now my favorite team is the worst team in all of baseball. Horrible!

No legitimate # 3, # 4, or # 5 hitter in the line up, or the farm system.
Markakis = # 2 hitter
Jones = # 2 hitter
Pie = # 2 hitter
Riemold = # 6 hitter
Huff = # 7 hitter
Mora = # 9 hitter
Wigginton = # 8 hitter
Scott = # 6 hitter
Weiters = # 8 hitter

That they cannot seem to find a quality manager. Trem should be getting a LOT more out of this club.

The owner

The play of Brian Roberts is inexcusable. He is paid to be a team leader(in addition to being the leadoff hitter) on a team full of young players. His on field performance has been far short of the example which should be set for impressionable teammates, either in the field or on the base paths. Blaming Angelos or MacPhail is not putting the blame where it belongs. Quality young talent is here and more is on the way. Roberts got his big $$ contract in the offseason. Now he needs to step up and justify his salary.

It started in spring training, and continues to this day: the message from the front office that "this year is not about winning". The players have the attitude that, if they lose, so what, we're supposed to. They don't believe they can win, they only hope. The lackluster performance on the field is not indicative of the talent level, they just don't have the attitude that they can win. I know it's not a team that can challenge for the the playoffs, but when they continually lose, and look bad, to teams like Oakland and Kansas City, they give the impression that they're just not trying. There's no passion on or off the field when they lose; they just accept it. Winning teams DO NOT accept losing like this team does.

Sure, baserunning is sometimes awful, hitting slumps seem endless, but the real performance problem is no player leadership. One of those players needs to step up and become what Dave Trembly needs most, a clubhouse leader, a trend setting player who inspires players to out perform their current game. It should have been Brian Roberts or Melvin Mora, maybe it will be Adam Jones in the future, or maybe Andy McPhail really will trade Huff and Mora for a right handed power hitting club house leader.

Trembley's lineups, Crowleys work, Gary Thorne's broadcasting and lack of hustle. Oh yeah, and Trembleys lack of personality and monotone voice during interviews teamed with his ability to mismanage the pitching staff resulting in an overused bullpen by August which yields many runs

The lack of baseball sense on the entire team. Constantly running into outs, missing the cut off man, throwing to the wrong base, not attempting to move runners up, not using what the other team appears to be obviously giving (fielders playing back and batters wih speed not attempting to bunt). I have been a Trembley backer since he got the job but I am totally disappointed with what appears to be him not managing to win the game.

The pitching is young but has shown flashes of the brilliant future we'll have with them in the rotation.

Yes, the offense has been extremely inconsistent and can't seem to get that clutch hit.

But the worst part out of all of this is how the veterans on this ballclub simply take advantage of the fact that they are on a losing team, have a manager who's pretty laid back and have just mailed it in for the rest of the season.

The Orioles have a few veterans on the team but we lack that veteran presence which is what Kevin Millar provided us.

So that's what bothers me the most. The veterans have basically mailed it in and tell everyone that they just don't care by the way they play, their lack of hustle and just non-chalant attitude about the team.

I for one will be glad when they are gone and we get some veterans on the team that actually care about more than just themselves.

THE COACHING. This team is making way too many stupid plays. The pitchers are thowing the ball right in the sweet spot on pitchers count, The fielders are throwing to the wrong base, or missing the cutoff men. Our hitters are swinging at way too many first pitches. I have seen players come up after the guy in front of him has walked on 4 straight pitches, go ripping at the first pitch and popping out.Then there is the baserunning. I am not even going to bother giving examples here. A great deal of this has to do with the coaching. I know, I know, I know that the coaches can't go out and do these things for the players, but it is their job to find a way to make it all stop. I don't care if the players like them. I don't care if they are great comunicators. I do care how I see things being done on the field. And it is thoughtless.

In order:

1. Seeing Dannys Baez come in when we have one of those rare chances of winning a game. If I were Adam Jones, next time I'd walk to the mound, take the ball, walk out to center field and throw it over the fence to speed the process up.

2. The fact that Dave Trembley was ONLY suspended for 2 games. Come on Bud, he spit in YOUR face. If Goodell were commish of MLB Dave would have been gone for a year or 2 for not respecting his authority, sparing us O's fans much, much misery in the process.

3. Since you know you're going to get only 1 good month of production out of Scott, after he gets his .500/15 hr/ 40 rbi month out of his system, sit him. Designate him. Make him be the Oriole Bird Mascot or something. DO NOT put him in the line-up.

4. Those stupid fricking MASN commercials. It's bad enough I have to watch one of the worst teams in baseball year after year, but if I have to be subjected to one of those great moments in a lame season spots again or that irritating "hush little baby" commercial after 1 more bases loaded 1 out DP or strikeout I'm liable to snap.

5. Jeremy Guthrie as Ace? Come on. After years of Rodrigo Lopez and Sydney Ponson, I thought we could do no worse. Leave it to the birds to prove me wrong yet again. Adam Eaton made a strong push for ace but I guess he wanted a few dollars more than guts (which is what I spew on the ground when I watch him pitch).

6. The service at the yard. You'd think, when you're one of the only 15 or 20 people in the whole park, that you might get the beer you had to take out a second mortgage to pay for BEFORE it gets warm.

All that said, I like watching the rookies. Sad to say they'll probably do well in pinstripes. Daddy Nobucks won't be paying for this kind of talent for long.

Lack of Veteran Picther, no veteran leadership, dump Trembley ASAP. Easy out guys Mora, Huff, and double play Pie.

What bothers me about the Orioles, is the TERRIBLE baserunning; the inability to hit the ball or at LEAST attempt, to the right side with a runner on 2nd and no outs; the lack of hustle; a total lack of the bunting concept, being in a position to be forced to watch eaton, r.hill and berken and j. walker pitch regularly; the unbelievable ability to turn vin mazzaro, shane loux, jason vargas and sergio mitre into winning all-star type pitchers; the mind boggling number of times that a run is not scored with 2 on and no outs or 2nd and 3rd with only 1 out; the number of outings that it takes the starter 100 pitches to make it thru 5 innings; watching wiggington chase after a 1st pitch ball and get himself out; runners getting picked off base; and losing in such a non-competitive fashion.

The lack of knowledge of the strike zone and/or plate discipline. The only consistency at the plate for the O's is their consistent ability to let guys with 6.00+ ERAs get deep into games against them. You'll have an opposing pitcher throwing a 2.5 to 2.0 strike to ball ratio and our guys are going up there, hacking away at the first pitch and creating easy outs. Worse yet is when they're up in a count 2-0 and then they swing at something down in (or even out of) the strike zone. We almost never make the opposing pitcher work. That effects both pitchers. It gives the opposing pitcher confidence and more often than not, a quick inning for the offense (especially when the O's pitcher just escaped a jam) leads to runs for the opposing team in their following at bat.
Nothing, not even the poor base-running, has been more disappointing to me than this.

I would have to say FUNDAMENTALS. And what does that translate to? The Manager and coaches. Personally, I like Trembley and Crow, but I think everyone in management BELOW McPhail better look for 2010 opportunities now.

An experienced manager with experience blending younsters and seasoned (not antique) veterans into a homogenized playing unit is needed.

Earl always blended new talent with the veterans, bringing them in slowly, breaking them in and putting them into situations that they can suceed at.

I met and I like Brian Roberts, but his head has NOT been in most games this year. I do not know if it is Mrs. Roberts influence, but he is not the player from 2008 and before.

Fire the staff, dump Mora, Huff, and Wiggington, and let's see what excitement is there after you bring up the talent from Norfolk and Bowie.

It can not be less fun to watch them the counterfeit baseball I see played night in and night out.

Pitching/hitting can be lopusy...
but it's the Base running, it's basic.
Manager's responsibility!

Before any goes and blames the baserunning mistakes on the manager, you have to remember these are pro baseball players. They have been playing the game since little kids, and they should know how to run the bases properly. It's not the managers responisiblity to teach baserunning to grown men. That's something you save for little league and high school baseball.

With that said, the biggest thing that bothers me is the inability to play small ball. Moving a runner over on second base by hitting the ball to the right side, and sac bunting. Cesear has missed a handful of bunts this year. Once again, a skill that is taught to you and mastered in high school. Some of these players are making mental mistakes that should not be made in the pros. Also, players swinging at bad pitching in good hitters counts. Nolan Riemold is a good example of a player who doesn't do this, for he walks quite a bit, even though he is struggling a little. Luke Scott and Huff are examples of ones who swing at bad pitches.

But as far as pitching, the young pitching will eventually come around, if not by the end of this year, by next year.

That they haven't moved to Indianapolis under dark of night.

There's numerous things wrong with this team.
1. First pitch swinging. It seems that this is happening way too often and when the team actually does work the counts, they tend to get on base more and knock out the starters a lot earlier.
2. Coaching. Dave Trembley doesn't know how to manage a team. This guy doesn't have a clue on how to use a bullpen correctly.
3. Fudamentals. The mistakes these guys are making is downright pitiful. There's little leaguers that don't usually make a lot of the baserunning mistakes that a lot of this team does.
4. Lousy Veterans. I don't mind having some vets on this team to provide leadership but the ones we got need to go. Mora is the opposite of what we need. Anyone making the money that he does and is griping about playing time is downright pathetic. I'd much rather have a guy that's not all that great but is happy just getting the opportunity to play making the minimum. Plus guys like him, Wiggington, Huff and Baez haven't really been producing at all this year.

MASN looks like cheaply produced porno or a joke that the guys from south park, Bill Maher or some other comedian would do. Yeah and the commentators need to stop saying things like 2 bagger it just sounds creepy. Also I can’t stand Brian Roberts. Not for him loafing all season and messing up but I just saw a picture of his hot FHM model wife… I am jealous and kind of confused I thought Roberts was a fruit!

The Manager. Sure, the owner is crazy and anyone who "really" knows Angelos knows he is an absolute control freak who won't let anyone make a decision without his OK. And, sure the pitching is young, and the team is out of it. But, I am sorry, this guy Trembley is horrible.

So, am I blaming the manager. No! But the fact is that good managers/coaches win and bad ones don't. Bad ones can win with great talent, and good ones can lose with great talent. All those things happen.

But overall, good managers/coaches win most of the time (that doesn't mean win championships, but it does mean win), regardless of talent. That's the case because its about leadership and teamwork. That's what wins. Frankly, talent is third in that hierarchy.

The icing on the cake though in terms of Trembley are two facts. First, I'm sorry but you don't take your best hitting prospect in a decade and bat them 8th. That's stupid. Its the worst place in the order. You're giving him no protection. Bat him 9th, at least he'll get some pitches to hit. And, you can see it. Weiters is over anxious and not taking pitches, because he's getting so few pitches to hit with the always scary Itzuris behind him. Your not going to win, so why not protect your best prospect rather then deflating him by putting him the worst position in the order. Second, this team is MUCH better then last year's team, yet here we are again. They have good hitting, decent young pitching and hope for the future. Instead, they look terrible. That's the managers responsibility, plain and simple.

Trembley was a nice experiment. But until they hire a real leader, this team will continue to be bad. Let's just hope Angelos finally relents and sells the team to Ripken and his group and we can be free from the plague that has all but destroyed this once proud franchise.

I tell you, that's a hard choice to make. I'm going with the lack of fire in which the team plays once it's out of the race, which is usually by July - thus the Aug/Sept swoon. I remember the Rays during 2007 carrying a chip on their shoulder when they played the Yankees and Red Sox. That carried over to a rare spring season bench clearing brawl with the Yankees or Red Sox (can't remember). Followed by a season in which they felt they were the best team when they walked on the field.

These O's, for too many years, have respected the Yankees and Sox instead of despising them. Until they despise them, there will be no fire and no division championship.

Even Amando Benitez despised the Yanks during a time (1996-1998) when the O's were successful. Unfortunately, only Alan Mills came to his defense during a brawl w/ Strawberry.

So that's it for me - LACK OF FIRE!

This lineup (on paper) top to bottom is an All-Star lineup. In the batter's box and on the basepaths, this is an All-Star nitemare. Really, this is a lineup that should be putting up 6 a game against ANYONE. Every one of the everyday players has 0.270-20-90 potential (save Istarus on the HR/RBI and Robers on the homers). It certainly is disappointing to see how little the offense comes through for these pitchers. I'm not a pro-baller, and I never will be so that being said I still have much respect for these hitters that come out day in-out to play for a club that has solidified a losing season. But some guys just need to step it up, take some extra BP, and find that stroke that got them where they are. With that being said, many of the players have played hard on a futile team. All I want is generally 5-6 runs each game and if the pitching falters, then they are on the hook.


1998 (Gillick departs - Albert Belle arrives), 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (sighs), 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 oh, haven't made it that far yet?


There's numerous things wrong with this team.
1. First pitch swinging. It seems that this is happening way too often and when the team actually does work the counts, they tend to get on base more and knock out the starters a lot earlier.
2. Coaching. Dave Trembley doesn't know how to manage a team. This guy doesn't have a clue on how to use a bullpen correctly.
3. Fudamentals. The mistakes these guys are making is downright pitiful. There's little leaguers that don't usually make a lot of the baserunning mistakes that a lot of this team does.
4. Lousy Veterans. I don't mind having some vets on this team to provide leadership but the ones we got need to go. Mora is the opposite of what we need. Anyone making the money that he does and is griping about playing time is downright pathetic. I'd much rather have a guy that's not all that great but is happy just getting the opportunity to play making the minimum. Plus guys like him, Wiggington, Huff and Baez haven't really been producing at all this year.

Dan, The team lethargy is pervasive, hanging over it like a shroud. Jim Palmer mentioned how Oakland, a team of comparable talent to (or maybe less than) the Orioles, played with energy, fire, passion, whatever you want to call it.

He didn't attack the O's directly, but he may have been making a point about them between the lines, And when no one on the team gets fired up, even after Dave Trembley has a closed door meeting with all the position players, then the rest of the season looks like it could get really, really ugly.

Most disturbing, though, is the fact that several of these are "core players" who will be back next season regardless of how this year finishes. Has all the losing just pressed so heavily on them that they can't get up for games.

Where's the pride in playing well just to be playing well? Is it going to take some winning to change that or do the O's have an even more extensive revamping of their roster than they imagine?

i don't think i have enough bandwidth to answer the question.

Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey and more Dempsey I wish lenny dykstra would jump on the set and take him out again!!!!

I dont like Trembley but if they make Dempsey a manager, coach or anything i will root for the Phills enough is enough.

There's a lot of good points made already, but the thing that bothers me the most is simply that MLB is not a fair sport -- money can produce an unfair competitive arena.

The Orioles and Rays are the biggest victims, simply because they're in with Bos and NY. It's almost as if we're kidding ourslleves to think the O's can be conisitently competitive in the AL East.

Write this down, stamp it & put it in a time capsile to be opened in 10 years;

This team will NEVER win as long as it is owned by Peter Angelos.


Dave trembley and his coaching staff.

We pretty much knew going the pitching was a work in progress but the hitting has been hideous. So that gets my vote

Pitching, timely hitting, same things year after year and now throw in the worst baserunning I've seen since my son's t-ball days.

First of all, thank you "bear thebirdfan" for putting it all in perspective. I say the worse thing is the IDIOT fair weather, front runner "fans" (most of them post using various names since they all say the same thing with the same lack of writing style). They call Andy MacPhail, MacFail, the borish 'fire trembley' inane ubiquitous comments left by the same ubitquitous person. Two years MacPhail has been on the job and he's labeled a failure. He gets 10 players in return for B12 Miguel and Breakdown Bedard, brings up rookies Reimold, Wieters, Tillman, Matusz, et all. The same IDIOTS who were screaming for the team to "play the kids" are now screaming because of the growing pains. Did the O's (for lack of a better term) suck under Syd Thrift and Beattle/Flanagan? yes, but anyone who can't see the difference since MacPhail is, hate to be redundant, an IDIOT. So, since you asked, that's my two cents about what I feel is the worse thing about the 2009 Orioles.

I think the season hinged on what we did after coming back from a huge run deficit to defeat the mighty Red Sox. For the first time in years, we had momentum on our side with a confidence-building victory which should have produced a swagger to take us through the rest of the season.
How we did the next game would be very important for the rest of the season. And what did we do in the next game? Well, we gave away a huge lead late in the game and lost that game. And with that loss, we lost the season. And sent a message through the clubhouse that we don't have enough of the right stuff to compete for nine innings. And began playing that way.

There are too many problems that haven't been addressed after 12 years that it's hardly worth going in to. What bothers me is I get the feeling that every teams coming in to play the O's comes with the idea of "fattening up." As a long time fan that's tough.

What bothers me most is the inability to get an RBI with runners in scoring position and two outs, the uneven bull-pen, the lack of bench depth, the lack of a power hitter in the clean-up position, the insistence that every loss be reframed as a valuable learning experience, hanging breaking balls that end up in the bleachers, the Lucy to Charlie Brown promises that "this time it will be different" and the ridiculous myth
perpetrated by the likes of Stetka and Schmuck that they are reposistioning themselves for another 1960-1883 ride. Ain't gonna happen.

Lack of heart. The players and coaches (the whole organization I guess) looks at the fans as marks. I mean, we pay good money to go over to the ballpark to watch what amounts to AA baseball. And then they don't have the decency to sign stuff for kids. And it's even the guys that the media labels as heroes...Roberts, Wieters,etc. You expect Huff to be a jerk. The only I've seen who is good to kids is Melvin Mora and he's gone after this year. I think fans could accept the losing if the team was more friendly.

MASN and the commercials they are a total embarrassment. I cant even watch seconds of them I usually run out of the room or outside or flip the channel to ESPN or another baseball game. As much as I hate the Yanks and Sox they have excellent networks showing their games. Everything the Orioles do is half right or mismanaged and this is a great example.

Angelos! He has reduced this team to joke status. Listen to the way people talk about the orioles now like they are victims it’s pathetic. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a salary cap the Orioles organization is totally dysfunctional and would blow it in any situation. The Orioles could be in a larger market with a billion dollar stadium and with this current ownership and management they would find ways to lose games and alienate the fans.

seriously...being a yankee fan..I loved going to the yard and seeing those games in the late 90's when you guys were good. What happened! I guess Angelos is truley the new evil owner. Would actually like to see you guys get good again.

Everything is wrong with the Orioles.
Solution:Hire the guy from Boston that got Victor Martinez from Cleveland. Let the Ravens coaching staff manage the Orioles as well. No experience required!
Have the remaining sportswiters for the Sunpapers get jobs with MASN and close what's left of the Sunpapaers.
Hire back Ken Rosenthal, one of only a few writers willing to expresss his opinion without fear of offending someone.

definitely has to be those stupid MASN defining moment commercials. I hate those commercials!

All of what has been stated above. And the sad part is that there is no end in sight. Not 2010, 2011, or 12.

Couldn't have stated it any better than Charles Rose - What bothers me most about the Orioles is that we are grooming these young playerss for the future, but you must have Veteran leadership and mentors for these young guys.

This team needs a player with the leadership and makeup of a Kirk Gibson to start showing the younger players the correct way to play the game. I am sorry to say that the current lot of Oriole "leaders" (Mora, Roberts, Huff, etc.) are not doing that.

Let's face it: the player procurement is atrocious.

You want quality; you pay thru the nose.

O's should be looking at Prince Fielder....give up Reimold, Bergeson, Brandon Snyder, and Chris Ray for him.

Brewers can't afford him and the O's need a cleanup hitter....not turds like Scott or Huff.

What bothers me most is the consistent losing.

I don't believe its Trembley's fault or the coaches fault or the GM's fault...they've done the same thing for every manager since Davey Johnson, different coaching staffs and different GM's.

Angelos? Not anymore, though his initial meddling certain helped extablish the pattern, but lately he's just let the baseball people run things.

The prospects look better. They have some talent and a fairly young core of solid players who should be influencing results with just a little more experience.

It just appears to me that the entire organization has fallen into a 'loser's lethargy'. They seem to fight it some the first half of the season, but once the all-star break hits, they've got nothing left.

Part of it is that the better teams start to turn it on in late July and the Orioles cannot match that intensity yet.

The game is still played by the players, not the manager or coaches.

But, they have to be the guys to establish the attitude needed to win consistently....then they have to enforce it.

Showing a guy up to get a point across might be necessary every once in awhile, because the can't fire the players; you fire the manager.

As such, he has to make darn sure that they give him everything they have every day versus all opponents.

As fans, we can go on and on about what ails the club. It all makes sense: bad base running, fundamentals, ownership, respect, hustle, etc...I know we're all tired of losing but there are a few bright spots. I like our current starting rotation better than opening season's version and some of the young position players have promise too. Get rid of the whiners, the non hustling vets and don't let anyone with the last name Angelos make any baseball decisions and we will see consistent improvement under McPhail.

I am just plain tired of seeing Mora, Huff, Guthrie, Baez as I associate them with all the past losing seasons. Especially Mora now that he's whining about playing time. Play all the young guys and let them get experience. Bring Arrieta and Snyder up from AAA. Let Reimold learn how to play 3rd base. Make the break with the losing past. How much worse can it get? Remember the 4-32 finish a few years ago.

I am just plain tired of seeing Mora, Huff, Guthrie, Baez as I associate them with all the past losing seasons. Especially Mora now that he's whining about playing time. Play all the young guys and let them get experience. Bring Arrieta and Snyder up from AAA. Let Reimold learn how to play 3rd base. Make the break with the losing past. How much worse can it get? Remember the 4-32 finish a few years ago.

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