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What's your take on the Aubrey Huff deal?

Aubrey Huff is no longer an Oriole.

We knew it would happen eventually, but now it won’t drag into the offseason.

Huff was the club’s MVP in 2008, which was one of the more tumultuous seasons a player has had in an Orioles uniform (not including the disaster known as 2005).

From his offseason radio antics and “Baltimore is a horse---- town” comments to being booed on Opening Day to becoming the club’s best hitter in 2008, it was a whirlwind for Huff.

Honestly, I appreciated the way Huff handled himself last year – no pun intended – and he became one of the best Orioles to deal with. He’s funny and never took himself or the game too seriously. So, yeah, he’ll definitely be missed within the clubhouse.

That said, I think trading him for a relief prospect – right-hander Brett Jacobson, the Detroit Tigers’ fourth-rounder last year out of Vanderbilt University – makes sense.

Huff turns 33 in December, is a free agent and isn’t part of the club’s future. The only way the Orioles would have gotten compensatory draft picks for him would have been to offer arbitration this offseason.

And given Huff’s production this year coupled with the uncertain effect of a down economy on free agency, it was possible Huff would have accepted arbitration. And that would have stuck the Orioles with an $8 million-plus first baseman, who potentially would be blocking prospect Brandon Snyder.

So give the Orioles and club president Andy MacPhail credit for being proactive and getting something for Huff.

And here’s hoping Huff gets to the playoffs for the first time in his career and does well. He deserves it.

That’s my take. What’s yours?

Daily Think Special: What’s your take on the Aubrey Huff trade?


To take the famous saying from a one Lou Costello - Who's on first???

It's a great trade. For the Orioles to receive more young pitching, provides even more for the future. They received some value for Huff in a sub-par year for him.

Huff was great, but the O's need a future first baseman that will around for at least a decade.

In the short term, it only means more playing time for Luke, Pie, and Reimold. Essentially, they should be competing for next year's roster spot.

I love the trade! Kudos to Andy McPhail. The O's will not be truly competitive during the remaining effective period of Huff's career. Why not get a prospect, clear the salary, create a pathway for Brandon Snyder and give Aubrey a chance to make the playoffs? Great trade!

This deal makes 100% sense. To get another teams top 6 prospect for a six week rental is a no brainer. Anyone who says otherwise has no brain.

MacPhail is not only building for the near future, with trades like this he is stocking up the farm system for years to come.

The Bedard and Tejeda trade are paying dividends right now but with the Ramon Hernandez,Sherrill and now Huff trades, it keeps the revovling door of good prospects moving.

The ORIOLES are headed to finishing the season with 100 losses, which is not to say this was a bad move. The front office's failure to meaningfully strengthen the starting rotation during the offseason along with a purging of veterans Huff and Sherrill foretells a a very bad last quarter of the season.

Good deal reguardless of the performance of jacobson. Aubrey said it himself, he`s been on a losing team his entire career. Losing can become engrained in an athelete and a team. Aubrey did a find job here but he wasn`t a leader for the young players and he didn`t know how to teach a winning approach, Melvin Mora`s got to be next to keep moving forward.

I though the trade deadline was 3 weeks does this happen now?

Barkeep's Reply: The non-waiver trade deadline was July 31. After that point, players can be dealt only if they pass through trade waivers first. As The Sun reported last week, Huff passed through waivers (as did Baez and Mora).

Obviously the GM has decided that First Base is up for grabs next year with the giveaway to the Tigers. If they don't sign an FA, that means that Snyder gets a shot next year to start with a second option getting Wieters some time at first for a possible transition.

i said a week ago they needed to dump these guys who have done nothing but lose for a decade. Step one accomplished. Step 2 and 2a....Roberts and Mora.

If this were last year, it would be a terrible deal, but a difference a year makes. Eventhough Huff had 72 RBI in 110 games, those had to be the most insignificant RBIs in baseball. Perhaps the deal will re-energize him. As for the pitcher we received, hopefully he makes an impact one day.

It makes sense to deal him, but were there any offers before the non-waiver deadline? How about last year when his numbers were fantastic but his future with the team seemed just as fleeting?

I generally have liked MacPhail's moves. While I think this one was necessary, I also think it was much too late.

Aubrey did great for us. It's time for him to go and we got something for him. No brainer!!! Can't Reimold play first? Sure would be nice.

We just traded our Silver Slugger (2nd on Team in 2009 RBIs despite down year) for some guy.

Yeah ... great move.

The suck continues in Baltimore.

Great trade! I actually want them to lose now because it improves their draft position. Let the young guys play, get experience and we start anew next year. The only way out of the losing is through the farm system and smart trades like McPhail is making. Finally we have a GM who knows what he is doing. Two years from now everyone will be singing his praises.

the guy was ok. Just ok. What was he hitting .250 something? 13 or 14 homers? Luke Scott should do just as well there

Good trade, Huff is a streaky hitter and as soon as he showed sings of coming out of his year-long slump, we were able to stock another young arm. Percentages are in our favor.

I have some reservations with the evaluation expertise the front office has shown for the young players we are aquiring. WHEN do we get a pitching Staff? WHEN? AND there is no long ball outside of Nick, Adam and Luke. Wieters is a singles hitter, sad after all the "Second Coming" hype!

Solid trade. Like you said, Huff wasn't a type A free agent and he would have accepted arbritation anyways. We basically got a clubs top 10 prospect for a spare part we were dumping in the offseason anyways. Sherrill trade looks better and better everyday Bell has played for us in AA. Just saying.

I tip my hat to Huff-daddy on a nice stint with us.

That said, I think the trade was necessary and I applaud MacPhail once again for staying the course and continuing to stock-pile our squad with lots of young depth to continue the long-term rebuilding plan!

Great trade. You get a top 10 prospect from another team AND dump $2 million for a guy that no way is going to be here next year. Not to mention free up playing time now to see if someone on the current roster can play first or if they need to address it in FA.

The pattern with MacPhail's trades is that they tend to serve multiple purposes. Yes, he hasn't made a big splash, yet, but these are all the little things that do matter. It's like chess and thinking 3-6 moves ahead. We might not have checkmate yet, but he's laying a good foundation.

We didn't get enough for Huff. A single A pitcher who will probably never make it to the majors.

I've got to agree with Doc. What an insult to Huff. A Single A pitcher who will probably never make it to the Majors. Huff needed to go but they couldn't get more in return?! The rest of this year will be a massacre and we may as well write off next year as well. Twelve years of losing and counting. 1st pick in the draft?? Gee, that's something to aspire to. Without a bankroll like the Stankees and Red Sux have, the O's will never be able to compete on their level. 40+ yrs of being an O's fan and I've had it.

I'm a guy who thought the Os woud regret the Huff signing. Remember, he had declining numbers 4 seasons in a row before signing in Baltimore.And with Boog as a memory, I could never stomach a first baseman who doesn't excel in the field. His first year with the O's was pretty dismal. Obviously. Then his second season was terrific. I felt glad, then, that he had proved me wrong. Now with a dismal 3rd season, he is gone. I don't know Jacobson, but with an ERA at 4 at single A, I don't expect much. I've got to say I've got mixed feelings right now. Let's hope they find a guy who can save runs buy defending the hole and digging throws out of the dirt.

I JUST hope that all of the trades of guys like Sherrill and Huff and whoever else we unload this off season do pay off! I know that there are no guarantees but if all we get for this is just more of the same I will not feel that any of this will have been worth it.

Ahhh, I love a good trade discussion! I'll have a cup of that new coffee you got brewing, please. Put me down in favor of the deal. I don't know enough about Jacobsen to have a strong opinion about his future, but I do know that 1) he's 22 years old; 2) was the Tigers' 4th round pick in 2008; 3) was the Diamondbacks' 11th round pick in 2005; 4) he's a big guy, 6'6"; 5) he's a right-handed reliever; and 6) he's been regarded by some sources as a legitimate prospect in the Tigers organization. All in all not a bad return under the circumstances.

To those saying the team should have gotten more, I ask this: what would have satisfied you in return? Sure, I would have loved to trade him back to Tampa Bay even up for Longoria, but it wasn't going to happen. If you were trading FOR Huff, what would you have given up for a six week rental? I think the team did well with what they got back. For comparison, the Orioles' pick in the same round of the draft as Jacobsen (Kyle Hudson) is currently at Delmarva, so Jacobson is further along at the same point in his career.

i think the orioles should consider moving weiters to first base....that way he can focus on hitting bc i have not seen much out of his bat in the majors....

Great trade. The $2.5 million saved on Huffs salary goes toward paying the draft choices. The prospect received was a top 10 player in the Tigers farm system. We lose 40 games of Huff swinging at pitches in the dirt.

When everything starts to jell in the next year or two I hope everyone will give Andy credit for his good moves. Remember we unloaded a lot of payroll (inherited from Flannigan) and will be in a good position to fill in the gaps this winter.

Knowing that Huff has had a slow year makes the trade sound good. Why is it everytime we trade for some young kid we blow them up like they are going to be some All Star? Question is with all this supposed young talent that we continually gloat about, are we going to contend in 2010? Sorry people but we won't. We just shaved more money off the payroll to help the team, what will the fans receive for this? We need some power in the lineup REAL power not hopeful because some guy hit 20 homers in AA power. Oh, and how about a real starter or two? I am so thankful football season is hear this team makes me sick anymore. Good luck to you Huff I hope you enjoy being on a winning team, cause you never would've had that feeling in your career here.

I say good riddance. Huff's been on my sh**list ever since he made the anti-B'more comments on Bubba the Love Sponge back in the winter of '08.

Considering that last year was a career year for Huff, we should've traded him last year if there were any takers. But, that didn't happen.... The fact that we got a top 10 prospect (in the Tigers' organization) for a guy having a down year (when 4 of the past 5 years have been down years for him) I'd say we got the better end of that deal. Way to go Andy Mac!

Andy Mac is doing a great job in my opinion of cutting the dead weight and getting something in return for them (Huff, Hernandez, a in-decline Tejada, etc.). He's building inventory to either trade away for a big fish, or to field a team in the next couple of years....

To get anything in return for Huff is a good deal. He was terrible in the clutch. He was the worst first baseman in the AL East by far. The big question now becomes who will play first next year. I am not impressed with anything they have on the current roster or in the minors. But McPhail can't worry about that right now. He will have to address it in the offseason. He has to weed out the losing mentality of the last decade plus. Melvin Mora is next and don't be surprised to see B-Rob move this winter. We better start winning soon, or Nick Markakis may become one of those vets who will become accustomed to losing also!

What's the big deal? Another player who has never played on a winning team gets traded by the O's. We need to create a winning envoronment--have a great life, Aubry Huff!

Buh-Bye! Loser who is going to another loser franchise. Please, AUBREY don't come back! Take Mora with you. Why can't we deal Mora for bats and balls?

Melvin's got to go next. His performance this year is unacceptable for the third base position, which is supposed to be a major run producer. Wonder if Montanez can play 3rd? He came up as a shortstop, and I think he showed he can hit major league pitching last year. What up w/his rebab?

worn out starter traded for another young guy! The rebuilding never ends in Baltimore, Bet the draft won't be any better!

It's an investment: a chance for a high draft choice rookie to mature; a chance for a veteran to get into the playoffs; a chance for Scott to be an everyday infielder/DH.
Right now everyone wins. Huff wasn't a part of the Future.
But I'll miss his bat and his picks at first making bad throws into outs.
Good Luck Aubry!

All off season people kept saying 'We don't need Teixeira we have Huff who is just as good'. Well now its Aug 18th and we have neither. And all the O's got to show for it is a Single A pitcher with an ERA slightly under 4.

I was honestly hoping he could play the field and stiil have the bat production but I guess that was asking for too much. I just said to my son...I wonder if they'll keep Huff for next year and try Montanez at question has been answered. Hopefully if this kid they got shows any promise, he'll make the team or be a trading chip at some point. What a long strange trip its been.

maybe now we can trade or fire Trembley and bring back someone with the likes Earl Weaver.

it was a good trade for the orioles. even if we had traded him back at the non wavor time we still would have gotten a minor league player.

If Huff didn't think much of Baltimore as a city, wait until he gets to Detroit.

This is a pretty good move. For giving up Huff for 40 meaningless games, we get a prospect for whom it is probably even money as to whether he ever plays 40 games in the big leagues.

I'm curious to see if MacPhail is going to try to buy some veteran bats this winter, or if we are going to see Snyder and even more youth next year.

That's a "horses**t" trade.

Just kidding. It's a good deal. The Os need to continue thinking about replenishing the farm. Even though a lot of rookies have reached the majors, the key thing is to have a consistent wave of talent rising thru the system. In a perfect world, every position has a few prospects pushing for major league playing time. Free agent signings should not be the majority of your major league team.

In 2009 some Os have established themselves as starters and answered a bunch of questions, leaving less positions to fill this offseason. There's been a lot of offseasons where we'd go into it having to fill nearly every position. This year that task is greatly lessened, which will greatly enhance the impact of the moves we can make.

I understand we were probably going to release him after the season but if he wasn't in our plans, why didn't he go before July 31st? Presumably, Detroit needed him just as much then as now. And we could've gotten more then a potential middle relief man.

Who knows, it may work out. I am glad we got rid of him because he's not our future. When is Mora leaving?
And why is he still getting most of the playing time?

I like the trade on several levels. As is the case with any trade, we won't really know how it will work out for a couple years.

I just have to comment on the fans that come out of the wood work to complain that "we didn't get enough for" fill in the name. These are the same fans who ask why the O's don't trade Melvin Mora for a top starting pitcher. This is the real world, not a fantasy league. The other GM usually wants something in return.

I am one of the few long time O's fans from New York. Over the past 10 + years this team has been tough to watch (to say the least). MacPhail has done a very good job in reloading our minor league system and we are now starting to see some of the results. In New York it's win every year or there's a big problem. That is why both NY teams pay big money for free agents. The Yankees haven't won since 2000 and the Mets since 1986. That didn't pan out for Angelos when he tried that and it wasn't the "Oriole Way". Huff, while a serviceable first baseman who played well last year, was playing so-so this year and was not long term. We got another possible good prospect from Detroit and continue the youth infusion. If you are not making the playoffs is it worth having 1 old superstar just to say that you could possibly be at .500 every year? The blue print has been set by Tampa. I like what we are doing and I am actually watching with excitement how these kids progress.

they did nt get nothing in return

Who is Aubrey Huff?? LOL! I have to catch up on the Orioles...guess i'm pretty behind!

I am so happy for Aubrey. He deserves to be on a contending team. I wish him the best. HE kinda grew on me. Great guy. Good luck, TIGER!

Great trade. It gets another prospect, clears out 1st for prospects, and makes the orioles WORSE THIS YEAR so they can maybe have the worst record and draft BRYCE HARPER!!! He is a stud, just watched him at petco park. He swings the hardest i have seen anyone swing not to mention his 96mph arm at 16 years of age

Good riddance as far as Huff is concerned. A lazy player who collects his money and scoffs at the Baltimore fans. Maybe some have forgotten, but I would have gotten rid of him at that time. Just think of all the possibilities then. As for Mora, he has been involved in worthwhile programs in the City. Who do you think you are going to find better than him at this time? Maybe next year. Isn't that the motto of Baltimore Oriole fans?

PA saw a chance to dump a couple of million more dollars in his pocket.... simple as that...

For all of those who think we got a steal here...

Think about it. Jacobson hasn't progressed past A ball in the year since he's been drafted. The Orioles are also assigning him to Frederick. Usually top pitching prospects do not spend two years languishing in A ball.

And remember, Jacobson was the 10th rated prospect in the Tigers farm system at the beginning of the year. His stock has dropped a bit since then.

With all the trades and all the additions that the O's have had it will come down to what will Peter A. do when a very good player becomes available. You can trade all you want, and you can draft all you want but if you can't get those difference makers on your team then your fighting a losing battle. Lets face it we are in a division with the two highest paid team rosters in baseball and if we can't compete with the money these guy's are tempting these players with then how far up the ladder can we really go? We can go for pitching and develope a great staff but between the Red Sox, and the Yankees they have enough power hitters on thier teams to take even the best pitching staff in baseball out of the yard. We can get what we want through trades but sooner or later we are going to have to spend that money.

I think it is common sense deal for the Orioles. While I have grown to like Huff including his offensive production which has lagged, he is hardly a role model for young players. He emits "slackerness" as hit gets fairly good production without working at his. He has totally blown off, off season conditioning, hardly the right direction for young players who need to a devotion to conditioning and improving skills.
I am happy for Aubrey in that he has paid large dues and will probably work harder being on a contender, something he has never done. Getting a high draft pick who has lingered in A ball and who throws 96 mph but "cannot remain there for long," also sounds like someone who has not embraced off season conditioning.

I guess we can argue about whether we should've traded him last year (when his value peaked), but it makes sense to get what you can for him this year. It saves 2.5 mil this year and we can certainly get the same production next year for less that 8 mil (which is what it would cost to go to arbitration with him), plus we get a mid-level prospect.

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