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What's the most annoying cheer/act in sports?

This week, I’ve been at Tropicana Field, home of the inspiring Tampa Bay Rays and the annoying cowbell.

That’s what these fans in St. Pete do when they want their boys to rally. They shake their cowbells.

Who would have thought there would be such a thing as too much cowbell?

It’s not the most annoying cheer (or cheering apparatus) in baseball, however. The tomahawk chop in Atlanta is pretty irritating, and it didn’t even start with the Braves. So it’s stolen and annoying.

I actually think the rally monkey in Anaheim is somewhat entertaining. And I guess I can deal with the “Let’s Go Red Sox” and “Let’s Go Yankees” chants, even when they are in Camden Yards.

The wave, however, I can absolutely do without. I’d rather take a Justin Verlander fastball in the noggin than participate in the wave. If the Orioles want me out of the press box, all they have to do is institute a mandatory wave, and I am history.

The wave, to me, is the worst fan act/cheer in all of sports. Hate it.

There I’ve gotten that off my chest.

Now, more cowbell.

Daily Think Special: What is the most annoying fan cheer/act in sports?


I've always hated the wave. I remember 1st seeing it on TV when the Detroit Tigers had their big season back in 1984. Then I saw it go around Memorial Stadium and it's not even a cheer so I found it to be plain stupid. Just a total waste of motion and absolute stupidity. Never liked it never will. But I guess as a baseball product plummets and we look for other attractions at the stadiums, the wave probably becomes more important.

Yankee fans' Hip Hip Jorge is pretty lame. Let's Go O's is dumb and unoriginal just like Boston and NY etc., need to hear more O-R-I-O-L-E-S

I'd have to say that there is nothing more irritating.......and downright stupid to say....than when some total "I wanna hear myself on TV later" moron screams "Get in the hole!" whenever Tiger Woods tees off on either a par-four, or, worse yet, a par-5.

And I can do without the "O" cheer during the National Anthem.

The most annoying cheer? The na na na na hey hey you suck by the morons at College Park. Then again, we are talking about a school with the lowest graduation rate in men's basketball in the entire ACC. And also the ubiquitous "fire trembley" left on these blogs by the same lame person using different names.

the wave

Yelling "get in the hole" at a golf tournament.


Absolutely positively the worst and most annoying is the (Atlanta Braves/FSU Seminoles) tomahawk chop.

It bothers me just you mentioning it.
Thanks pal.

The Wave is harmless. The kids like it. Throw them a bone every once in awhile.

Anything involving the red sox

I'm totally with you on the tomahawk chop being most annoying. It's not just the motion, but the bored, mechanical, ritualistic way they do it in Atlanta - just what you'd expect in a city where nearly everyone is from somewhere else. I also recall being extremely annoyed with Pirates fans and their stupid whistles during the world series; was that '79?

As much as I love the Ravens, the "Chain Gang" is the worst in all of sports. Those idiots w/ the orange gloves and hats are bad enough, but the fans looking over there waiting for their cue are even worse. If I owned the team, the chain gang would be kicked out of the stadium and never allowed to return.

No question: it's the wave. Only bored spectators (not fans) participate in it. Fortunately, no one would dare do it at Ravens games, or they would be ejected!

got to agree. the wave is awful. I love the rally monkey. I don't like how every team has one player where they make a booing sound saying that players name (for us it's luuuuuuuke).

I can't stand it when O's fans pull the "EFF the Yankees/Red Sox" chants at Camden Yards. Don't get me wrong, I hate when their fans pack our yard. I also hate their team, coaches, players, owners, etc. But when we are losing, it's just a dumb chant. And if we are winning, it just shows that fans are more worried about messing with the other fans, than winning the game.

It's got to be that stupid piss yellow towel from the steelers fans. Yes, I know it's for charity by your beloved Myron Cope (That's how annoying they are about it - I know the stupid inventor of the darn thing) and I agree it's effective in being annoying. but neither one of those things makes it one less iota ANNOYING!!!! When I'm in the stadium I tell anyone around me - wave it if you must. But hit me with it and I take it and throw it as far as I can!! They're usually pretty respectful though - or at least have been in our section.

Dan - you forgot to mention how the cowbell reverberates off all those empty seats and the roof of that hideous stadium in St Pete, making it even more annoying. The wave was pretty cool - thirty years ago. And the scene of the three guys in Indian gear doing the wave in Major League was entertaining. But it has long since reached the point of needing to be retired.

I got pretty tired of hearing Rocky Top after about the sixth time Tennessee scored in the 2005 Cotton Bowl, since I was there to support the other team. I know plenty of non-OU fans who don't care for Boomer Schooner. The Texas Tech fans and their tortilla throwing is incomprehensible. Yankee fans throwing stuff at visiting outfielders is pretty low class and annoying. Oh - I know what annoys me the most: Hail To The Redskins. Especially since I live in MoCo and the area is filled with 'Skins fans and the radio stations in the area seem to think everyone here loves the Deadskins.

I am season tix Ravens holder and Orioles fan, but unfortunately you don’t have to look any further than our very own backyard for pitiful and annoying chants. “Move those chains, move those chains, move those chains, whoa” and “O” during the Anthem are terrible.

Actually, the year Ravens we won Super Bowl during the 2000 regular season, this dude would get on the mega screen and say “get crazy, get crazy”, I thought that was cool but obviously I was in minority because it did not last another season.

The Terrible Towel. Fortunately those snot rags are becoming items you see less and less of when the Steelers play in Baltimore.

I think the wave is great at oriole games because that is the only thing now a days that gets people excited and into the game, but ravens games definitly not. I dis like the toma hawk chop because they stole it from fl st. The worst to me is that freakin horn they play at steelers games where it goes "HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO" I guess that is because i totally dislike them.

Just to name a few others i can't stand how about the E.A.G.L.E.S. EAGLES or the J.E.T.S Jets Jets Jets. I just think they are over used!

Oh yea and another one that gets on my nerves is the LETS GO O's i mean im an Orioles fan till i die but i wish the fans were a little more creative and i think that will come as we get better.

I would disagree with Eric. The chain gang is awsome and the whole stadium does it. I like the idea that if pittsburg has the Yellow terrible towel then we should all have Bright Orange gloves and do the "Moves Those Chains" together. The chain gang has been there from the start so its original.

I dislike the "Red" screamed at a caps game during the national anthem. The "O" is much better and washington oonly wants to be like us, i love the caps but its very unoriginal.

Not a soccer (i refuse to call it football) fan - but I do occasionally watch part of a match. The horns Brazillian fans use constantly are really annoying.

I HATE when teams just spell out their team name for a chant. It's SO lame and unoriginal! Come up with something BETTER!

Tie between Hip Hip Jorge, and anything a Steelers' fan does, and E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES

Without a doubt, THOSE fans of THAT team who wave THEM yellow THINGS. They are cony and pathetic!

Bonus: if you did a post on the most annoying phrase, hands down it would be: "at the end of the day." Uugggh!

The wave. Not even close. Hard to knock the grin off my face when some lame-o tries to get it started and it doesn't catch.

Without a doubt it has to be the "Here we go Steelers, Here we go". Not only does if have to do with me hating the Steelers, but it is the most mindless and obnoxious chant they can do.

The single most annoying thing in all of sports is ANYTHING that comes out of the "Black Hole" at Raiders games. I'd like to know what planet those people(?) spend most of thier time on. How about throwing octopusses (octopi ?) onto the ice at Red Wings games? Tha's at least moderately disgusting.

I don't get all the wave bashing. When I was a kid, I always thought it was really cool to see the wave in a packed stadium. Now it's nostalgic, so I still think it's pretty cool. And I've yet to meet a kid at their first ballgame who doesn't think it's neat.

The worst chant for me is the Cincinatti Bengals' "Who Dey?!" First of all, didn't no one ever learn them to talk English good? Second, it comes across to me as a very arrogant chant that suggests they don't need to worry about any other teams because they are all wrapped up in how good their team is. But it's the Bengals!!! Who Dey? "Dey" are usually one of the teams that kick the snot out of you. "Dey" are the teams you should try to emulate so that you might win half a dozen games once in a while. Ugh. So annoying!

Not really a chant but the year after Rex Barney died the O's continued to do the "Give that fan a contract" phrase. It was disrespectful to Rex and just another thing the O's tried to hang on to for too long besides of course losing games in mass quantities.

clap your hands . . ."

I like "Move Those Chains!" It is distinctly Baltimore, is relevant to football and unlike the wave and the tomahawk chop, cannot not be done at random times by bored fans.

It has been a few years since I have been to a Ravens game, but by far the saddest display of team support is Script Ravens. I really wish somebody would go to Indy and steal the Colt's Fight Song Back in the middle of the night.

I'd have to go with the Cameron Crazies on this one, specifically the "Not Our Rival" chant that has grown in popularity in recent years whenever they play Maryland.

It speaks to the arrogance of the fan base that they think they get to decide who is and isn't a rival. Heck, UNC fans could chant the same thing about Duke given the recent history of that rivalry.

Then again, maybe we can't blame these kids. After all, they're just reading their cheer sheets and following orders.


Worst. And it's usually coming from an obnoxious fan.

"Get in the hole!"

Every. Single. Shot.

Par 5, Par 4, From the sand. Every shot. Worst cheer ever.

Bugle "CHARGE."
While were at it, get rid of all indoor stadiums and astro turf.

The Terrible Towel.

mike preston

SO funny, Dan! You would "rather take a Verlander pitch in the noggin than participate in the wave"- funny stuff!

Here are some on my list that are both stupid and hated:

- "Hip-hip- Jorge" for Posada! So annoying!
- "YOUUK" for Youkilis makes me sick as well.
- The Eagles gotta have like to stupidest fight song EVER! "Fly Eagles, fly...then, E-A-G-L-E-S- EAGLES at the end!
- Florida gators fans have some pretty annoying ones- like Gator bait chant.
- LSU fans also have some of the worst- like bowing over and over for defensive plays.

However, the ones I really hate the most are the Steelers, Yankees, Red Sox cheers- probably make me the most angry when I'm at my home teams game and opposing fans are cheering!

These are just a handful!

The most annoying has got to be the Duke basketball fans with their goofy chants, and jumping up and down, and "putting the hex" on an opposing player waiting to inbound the ball. Some of their ridiculous outfits are...well...ridiculous.

The other thing I hate is the "you suck" chant at Maryland sporting events. Even when the administration stopped the band from playing the song, the students decided to "nah nah nah" it themselves. It's really embarassing to hear that.

Sweet Caroline: (so bad, so bad, so bad).

Anything played over the Yankee Stadium PA system (that slow, progressive Latin horn sound effect comes to mind).

The Pittsburgh Penguins' over bearing fog horn that goes off whenever those morons score a goal.

Most NBA arenas that have a sound effect over the PA system giving the impression the crowd is chanting "De-FENCE!"

The best cheer is..... How bout them Cowboys?!

I gotta go with the J-E-T-S cheer. Although I have to admit, it is fun to insert my own 4-letter words when I hear Jets fans doing it. The "Terrible Towel" (and by "towel", I mean "yaz rag") is annoying, but it's only visual. Besides, I have realized that Steelers fans are merely strengthening their wrists so that they can dole-out HJs in the parking lot after the game.

I, for one, do not have aa problem with the wave. I don't usually do it, but that's only because it's never done right. The UW Badger student section would always start waves, and then they would throw in different variations: The Split, Reverse, Hi-Speed, and my personal favorite Slow Mo. The only waves I do not like are of the half-a$$ed variety.

The wave, it belongs in college football. I just wanna see some knucklehead get hit it the stomach with a line drive once. The "O" in the national anthem is annoying and unpatriotic.

It has to be the "role call" at Yankee was cool the first time I heard it but god it's annoying!!!

Also, it's very annoying that after every Yankees game, "Start spreading the news" comes on immediately after the last out. Also, at Fenway when they play that song after every game- don't know the name of it, but it talks about "Down by the River"- annoying!

I couldn't agree more. I HATE the wave. If you're doing the wave, you're clearly not interested in the game. I won't perpetuate or participate in the wave. Beach balls at the ball park run a close second. If you're not there to watch the game and support your team - STAY HOME! You just ruin the experience for the rest of us.

I have to agree with everyone that the wave is the most annoying. I also hate it when Red Sox fans try to sing "Sweet Caroline" in Camden Yards. I look forward to getting our stadium back in the near future - hopefully.

However, two of my favorite fan chants in the last decade are both from the hated Yankees (don't shoot me fellow O's fans). I loved the pre-2004 chant of 1918. The Yankees could be beating or losing to the Red Sox, and it was a chant that Sox fans had no response to.

My other favorite is the Yankee Stadium outfield doing roll call in the top of the first.

However, if I ever had to endure either chant in Camden Yards, it was automatically go to the top of the list with the wave, and the Sox fans singing.

The worst is always the one orchestrated by the home team scoreboard or sound system -- especially when it's done a few dozen times like at the Greek Ruins at Camden Yards.

Give me the Section 34 crowd and a taxi driver with a sloping front porch anyday over a furry mascot and jumbotron rally cartoons. Let the mascot pat little kids holding $6 sodas on the head, and adults watch the stinking game.

Working the field for the Chelsea/AC Milan game. The Chelsea fans pelting the field with Celery was pretty annoying

Terrible Towel- hands down!

For me, its the "If you're happy and you know it" tune/clap response they play CONSTANTLY in Oriole Park.

I can speak for the players, but the crowd clapping like 8 year old children at summer camp wouldn't get me fired up.

Also, the wave is a welcome occurrence to fidgety fans when a ball game has gone cold (we have all sat through multiple inning stints where very little, if anything is happening). I like to watch how home and away fans alike will participate together in a celebration of community when the teams on the field fail to entertain. People from all corners of the globe know how to perform this social phenomenon and enjoy the camaraderie no matter their allegiance.

I gotta go with the "O" during the National Anthem. Yes, it's clever how well it fits in there, but I think it disrespects our Anthem.

I also disagree with your comments on the Wave. As someone else said, it's harmless and the kids like it. And anytime you can get 40K people working in unison to accomplish a single goal- well you must be doing something right.

How can you all say the "O" during the national athem is a bad cheer?! What other city does something like that? You know there are baltimore fans in a stadium when you hear that.

If there were no cheers like "let's go O's" or yankees, red sox, etc., what cheers would their be? I don't understand why people are hating on the basic chants for different teams.

The problem is for the Orioles you can't repeat your past. There is not going to be another cab driver. There needs to be a group of guys that all trust each other to start another section going again. the thing with WIld Bill Hagy was there was general admission. There is no general admission at oriole parks so you can't sit where ever you want! Or can you?

The 'terrible towell' and yelling 'O' in the middle of the national anthem!!

The problem is for the Orioles you can't repeat your past. There is not going to be another cab driver. There needs to be a group of guys that all trust each other to start cheers and to get another going again.A great crowd to target would be the STUDENTS ON STUDENT NIGHT because you know there will be people ready to get rowdy and you know where they will be. the thing with WIld Bill Hagy was there was general admission. There is no general admission at oriole parks so you can't sit where ever you want! Or can you?

Rah Rah Ree
Kick him in the knee
Rah Rah Rass
Kick him in the other knee

Oh yeah, and the wave. We used to do the "back wash" in right field of Memorial Stadium. Stand up while the wave goes around and sit down as it hits in hopes it blows up...

I'm an O's (& Rays) fan in St Pete. I don't mind the cowbells, but fans need to use cowbell etiquette and only ring when there's two strikes or after a run is scored. I agree it can be annoying if a kid behind you keeps ringing them.

What I really hate here is the TAMPA - BAY cheer. Some people yell out "TAMPA" and other yell out "BAY". That is completely lame! (They do that at Bucs and Rays games.)

How I miss the energy from Wild Bill Hagy's O-R-I-O-L-E-S chant.

racist mascots like the Redskins and the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo.

The "you suck" chant in College Park, which by the way was adopted by Redskin's fans, b/c they do it at Fed Ex field as well.

The most annoying to me is anything coming from the mouths of Yankees, Red Sox or Steelers fans.

That damn stupid chop by Atlanta fans is at the top. What a bunch of maroons!
I love the 'O' in the anthem. I was in the White House more than a few times when I heard it escape from the crowd. And those who weren't local looked around in confusion and those of us who knew all smiled.

"We got gumption, we got guts.
We got (rival here) by the nuts.
Pull, team. PULL!"

CSB Jack,

I refuse to let you mock the Redskins fight song as long as you have that asinine "MOVE THOSE CHAINS, WHOA!" chant. High school football fans have more creative chants than this moronic drivel.

MCG - I almost missed your comment. That's why I don't like it when Dan goes on vacation. But it brightened my Sunday morning to at least see a new post.

So you are a fan of Snyder's Scalpers, eh? As team fight songs go, HTTR is effective - instantly recognizable, has actual lyrics, gets the fans revved up - and I don't know that most pro teams even have one, so that's a positive for the team. The song has a long and distinguished history. But it's still annoying in its ubiquitousness especially in the last third of the year to those who are not fan's of Danny's Drumbeaters.

The "Move Those Chains" thing - they do that at Ravens games too, don't they? I've only been once and was surprised to hear it. I think it's entertaining at Terp games, especially with the large round guy leading them in the next section over from me. But it would be nice if the first downs came so frequently that it would become an aerobic workout instead of an occasional celebration of positive movement short of a score.

At a pro game? I agree that it's not the most impressive cheer because of its association with lower levels of the sport.

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