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Melvin, sit down and shut up

Melvin Mora, you gotta be kidding me.


You’re saying Dave Trembley disrespected you because you’re not playing as much lately? Wish I could trade paychecks with you and get that kind of disrespect.


Look in the mirror, pal. And check out the stat sheet, too.


You’re batting .256. You have three homers. You’ve driven in 27 runs. Not exactly Babe Ruth, huh? And the team is reeling, dropping 16 games under .500 like a car pushed over a cliff.


No, the Orioles need their best players on the field right now if they’re going to come out of this tailspin. They need to see what the young guys can do, too. Trembley, their manager, knows that.


You sound like a cry-baby right now, Melvin Mora. You sound like every spoiled-jock stereotype there is.


Time to suck it up and take one for the team. If you play, you play.


If not, the best thing you can do for the Orioles is shut up.



-- Kevin Cowherd



This is not the first time Mora has complained if the situation hasn't suited him. We son't need this in the clubhouse with all the youngsters their. Get rid of his butt!!

Melvin, you have got to be kidding. Stop your crying and start hitting when you're in the lineup and then you might get more playing time.
Where else can you go doing your job (your job hitting) only 25% of the time and still get paid millions?
No disrespect from the Orioles, however, if this is the way you're going to act, maybe you should move on and play elsewhere. We don't need this type of attitude on the team.

GROW UP....How old are you?

Thank you Kevin. He's been annoying for two years - It is time for him to just go away.

Thank you, Kevin! This guy got a huge contract 4 years ago basically as a reward for being the only player to show up at Elrod Hendricks's funeral. Now he has the chutzpah to complain about being disrespected. Just another in a long line of self-indulgent, ungrateful louts to disgrace the once-proud Oriole uniform.

Mora has been a very good ball player for Baltimore and his contact with the ball has been very hard, just not getting hits. Trembley needs to show the younger players that he can stick with the players that have done well in the past. The lesson that we take care of veteran players will go a long way as it comes time to sign players after the first contract. In my mind Trembly does not know how to manage in the big leagues.

I like Mora, but I agree totally!!!

Agreed, couldnt have said it better myself

What a selfish, whining jerk. He's probably hoping the O's do release him so he can collect the rest of his salary without having to continue embarrassing himself on the field. He and Daniel Cabrara can spend the rest of the season sleeping on their couches and laughing about MLB's guaranteed contracts.

Amen Kevin! Hell, Greg Zaun has more HR's than Melvin Moron. Team player? Oh, that's's NEVER the player when he goes bad, it's always something or someone else.

Take responsibility for your stats Melvin, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

My complaint with Mora is his demeanor. Not to be picky; but Melvin looks like he detests playing baseball. My husband defends him by saying 'he is concentrating'. OK, but can we smile just occasionally while 'concentrating'.

I think Melvin is mad at himself and taking his dissapointment in his performance out on his boss just like we would when you get called on the carpet for not doing a good job. Only difference is he signed an $8,000,000 contract for his job! He has not shown any on field leadership that I have seen yet this year. He certinaly won't be a leader now. Nick and Brian must step up! Thanks for writing what most of us are thinking!

Mora is a clubhouse monster because of the ridicules $27 million dollar, no trade contract Angoles gave him. look how the leauge is pitching him because he refuses to hit ti right field and he still continues to try and pull all those outside pitches. sit down Mora, you stink.

I have lost a lot of respect for Mora. I say that he should be released immediately. His attitude and poor performance is like a virus in the clubhouse. Wigginton should be the starter at 3rd and should have been since about 3 months ago when Melvin had about the same HR and RBI numbers

Are you kidding me? What's this guy got, less than 25 extra base hits and it's August? I have no idea what happened to his power, but for some reason it just ain't there. 3rd base is a power/rbi position. Melvin is doing neither. It has gotten to the point for me now that whenever Melvin comes up with men on base I have come to EXPECT a double play. Typical of the "I'm used to losing, so what/ laissez faire" attitude of some of the "veteran" Orioles. Mr. McPhail, get him out of that clubhouse now, even if you have to release him. It IS TIME to send a message!

As I remember the first World Games when he refused to represent his home country becuase they wanted him to play a different position, it has proved to be a precursor to the current situation. You either want to help the team win anyway you can, particularly in regards to the young guys, or you need to find a new situation. I think Melvin needs a new situation somewhere else. We will always appreciate what he has done, but the time comes for every athlete to either retire or move on. Its obviously Melvin's time.

I like Melvin a lot ... BUT given his poor play (especially on the he is bad) I agree that he should take a step back and do what is right for the team. Trembly is right here... and honestly he has been doing a great job with the team... given everything he is dealing with (but thats a whole different topic).

But at the same time, he is in a contract year (assuming the Os do not pick up his option) and he personally needs some playing time to prove he is worth something once free agency rolls around. So, this is his job and career... he just wants to make himself more marketable for his future and that of his family. And please no one go off about being a "team player" and all that... Melvin has been a GREAT team player while in Baltimore... no doubt about it! And honestly, think again of baseball as Melvins career and the Orioles as his company... are YOU always a "team player" at work?!?!?!?!

I wish him all the best but its just time to move on... quietly!!!

He should be designated for assignment when Waters and Matusz are called up. Better then having to put up with a whining little *#&$@ for the final two months!

What is it about Mora and "respect?" Did his father tell him that the most important thing in life is respect? How many times have we read his quotes that he's happy with the respect or not happy with lack of same? Maybe it's a cultural thing. If someone were paying me $8M/year, I'd happily clean their toilets. Best of luck, Melvin.

Mora sucks, plain and simple. If he doesn't get that baseball is about performance, then he really has had his head in the clouds for the last few years. Every team has veterans that start to fail. Most teams have no qualms about releasing veterans when they can't perform anymore. If anything the O's gave him too much respect by not cutting his butt at the end of May like any other team would have. Plus, it's not like we have all of these good winning memories to make us feel nostalgic about keeping him. Only 9 years of losing to remember him by. I hope he is proud of his 9 years here. He contributed as much to the losing with sloppy defense and poor clutch hitting as any player over that 9 year span. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

Let me know if you need a ride to the airport, Mel Mora. I get off at 6, and drive an SUV. Got plenty of room...

Melvin: You sign the contract to perform in the future at the levels you were performing when you signed the deal. You are the one NOT holding up to your end of the bargain. You are still getting a paycheck for stinking up the joint. Most of us fans would be FIRED if we stunk at our jobs the way you stink up the joint now.

Gee, I thought he had been sitting because he was tired. He seemed to take a long time running to first base on infield grounders

Good riddance! An overpaid player, with below average skills who got his no trade clause and big bucks. Another Angelos mistake. Thank god he is gone at the end of the season. He never has been a great player and he has no credibility to say he is disrespected when he can't perform on the field.

I think it is just Melvin's frustration with his present situation.
We have to give respect where respect it is due for both Dave Trembley and Melvin Mora.
They both play and manage their hearts out for the team and the city of Baltimore.
Melvin Mora is and always will be in Orioles Hearts, as an Oriole.
Dave Trembley is our manager and will be here for a few more years.
It is just Human Nature.
Evolution is taking place in the City of Baltimore.
The younger player, who is better to equipped to adapt to the changing environment is starting to come to the forefront, pushing the Veteran Player to the back. That is life and it happens to all of us.
Thank you for listening....

My question is: Who do the orioles think they have to replace him??? Wigginton is garbage and he sucks enough hole to get into a lineup he has no business being in. The stupidity within this organization is overwhelming to say the least!!!

To bad the orioles did not have something important to do like finding ways to win ball games. Instead they waste time with garbage like this. UNBLIEVABLE!!!

Thanks Melvin. Really proud of all you did while with the orioles.

Melvin has been one of my favorite players for as long as he's been here - and over the course of his Oriole career he's had a lot of clutch hits and homers.

But - I agree with all of the posts here. If he can't see the obvious reasons for being benched, then there's something terribly wrong. Maybe it is a cultural issue that those of us raised here just can't comprehend.

But, the bottom line is either shut up or go away.


I think the tone of your article is as unprofessional as Melvin's comments, talk about the angry fan perspective.

I think people should cut him some slack. He is no doubt frustrated not only with his PT but also his play and made a mistake lashing out. It happens to everyone. Melvin has been a great Oriole and I think that he and Trembley will work everything out.


I like Mora for past nine years as O's player , he is also good father to his kids , he also lives here in Baltimore area.
Mora seems equate everyone and everything about RESPECT . He has clashed with Trembley and before him , Perlozzo , because they either (a) did not wrote his name in lineup or.....(b) Mora gets upset when no one informed beforehand that he was not playing in that particular game .
Furthermore , Mora is either blind or cannot read his own stats lines .
Apparently , he has grown spoiled and expected royalty treatment from everyone .
If Mora really believes he is being disrespected by Trembley or O's or us O's fans. Maybe he will learn something this coming Offseason/Spring Training , when his phone is not ringing anymore .

I think we should give him steroids. To me it is a win-win situation. A) He isnt caught, he starts hitting for average and power (something he hasn't done yet this year) or B) he gets caught and we get him out of the lineup for 50 games.

I would like to note that I had been a Mora supporter until his latest remarks.

Melvin; If you want some respect try displaying some, for the manager who has supported and played you while you struggled, for the team who gave you a big contract because they appreciated what you did for them, and for the fans who stuck with you and the team through a lot of losing.

Mora has been a whiner since Tejeda was on the team; his personality seemed to change once Tejeda arrived and hasn't changed since T departed. Mora was much more of a team player in the past; his tools are deteriorating rapidly at his age; he knows this is his last year and is frustrated; but Trembley is the manager; I doubt that Melvin's big contract contains any clause that guarantees respect from anyone; my guess is he still accepts that paycheck.

If Melvin doesn't believe he is being shown enough respect, he needs to take it up directly with his manager. If that doesn't work, he should take it up with the O's management. If he's done these things, fine - but there's still no excuse to go whining to the press.

The O's need to release him, now. If they don't have Trembley's back on this one, there's no hope of him (or the manager that follows him) having the respect of the rookies, much less the veteran players. Mazzilli and Perlozzo stunk up the joint as managers, but management didn't help them by letting players like Mora, Tejada and Roberts whine to the press with no repercussions. This crap has got to stop.

Thank you stated what 99% of us feel. Could be time for old Melvin to make a call to Dr. Tejada for a shot of B-12.

Melvin, thanks a lot for setting such a lousy example for Riemold, Wieters, Bergesen, Tillman, et al. It's bad enough to drag down this promising bunch of guys between the white lines, without doing it in the clubhouse and the media. I hope you've played your last game for this club, or anyplace else in MLB.

Mora, shut up...! You get respect every two weeks when you cash those a professional and stop whining...check your stats...I wouldn't put your butt in the line up either...!

Kevin, exactly when did Mora say he was mad because of lack of playing time? If you read his quotes its about the way DT has handled the situation. I can see where Mora is coming from. If you want to go with another guy, than just say "hey Melvin, you're sucking it up, we're going with someone else." Don't give bs excuses like match-ups vs certain pitchers. What everyone is failing to mention is the defense you lose when Melvin isn't out there. Wiggy is not in Melvins league.

Another thing to consider is how poorly Huff is playing. His contract is up at the end of the year as well. Has he been benched 4 out of the last 5 games? What about Scott? He's done nothing since June. Why do they garner more playing time than Mora? Wiggy can play 1st base too. Mora's been here longer, is better defensively, and can hit into DP just as effectively as Scott and Huff. So why do they play why he sits?

Melvin needs to be shown the door. This organization needs to put it's foot down, and this is the perfect time to do it.

Respect? How about showing some respect for your team and manager and just ...

You all are incredible. Melvin is arguably the Oriole of the Decade and your thanks is to call him names as you boot him out the door. I understand that no one is above the team but I don't know if there is a player that deserves more love gratitude and understanding than Melvin. You are all typical American sports fans. You love him when everything is great but when he is no longer perfect you throw him to the dogs. I think that Trembley's biggest flaw is not his managerial skills regarding baseball (I do not watch close enough or know enough about that to judge) but his pride and insistence on always doing things the "right way." These are people, not just employees or players. If Trembley does not learn the "personal" side of managing and how do deal with people and egos and not just performance and discipline, he will never last as a major league manager.

Chances are this is just the start this year of the annual total collapse of this pathetic excuse for a team.

I wonder who is next in line to whine?

I agree Mora should go, but saying he is a bad defensive third baseman and does not try hard because he does not smile on the field is just wrong. I think overall he is an above average defensive player, and did you ever see Cal smile while on the field? No one ever said he didn't care because he didn't smile, But if Mora is coing to complain the O's have to cut him. He will be a problem that they just don't need.

c'mon guys. How many of you read about your job performance daily in the newspaper?
The guy is embarrassed. Let him be. let him heal and move on. He handled it poorly. yes. We don't have to. and he has put in a lot of time for a lot of bad teams.

I agree with Bill. Mora has been the most loyal Oriole to stay here and put up with the crap that he has. He was the only person to show up for Elrod's funeral. He has been active and a member of the Baltimore community. There are others on the Orioles who are playing poorly and stay in the line-up. This organization, city and media has a history of disrespect to Oriole players of color while others are getting a free pass. Just look at the Gibbons situation. Mora is a monster defensively. Scott can't catch much of anything, but he is cheered every game. Markakis does not always pull his weight but he is given the excuse of being in slump. Go figure

I've been saying this since the Detroit series. Review of the film from that home Detroit series shows a player whose best days have passed - most importantly though you can see that he now lacks the ability to drive the ball. He is continually overmatched against pitchers throwing 92 and above and should be dropped immediately, or traded for nothing, to create a roster spot for someone else... don't let him ride the pine, let him ride the MTA and give someone else a chance to play, and APPRECIATE, being a major league baseball player.

Bill Bocchino - I admire your intelligent post. You show appreciation for both men who care deeply about what they do.

Mora's thinking is look what I have given the team for the last nine years. You have been paid millions of dollars for the last nine years to play a game you love. We owe you for this? Now you want to play a little longer even though your not playing well. All because you had the privalege (sic?) of playing ball for millions. Does this really make sense Melvin?

The only thing that surprises me is that more guys aren't complaining too. There's a lot of frustration on this team, but it's mostly below the surface. Trembley is supposed to manage that frustration and keep the team together and focused. He failed with Melvin and he's failing with some of the pitchers. BTW Kevin: If the goal is to put the best players on the field, why is Wigginton on the field? If he is answer for 3rd base, we're in bigger trouble.

The only thing sad about the entire situation is that Mora is keeping the money he hasn't earned all season on top of behaving like a spoiled brat.

Playing hurt? Why? Maybe it's time for a trip to the DL. The only thing that playing hurt helps is Melvin Mora's ego, because it's been quite apparent for some time now that it isn't doing anything for the team. You remember the team...don't you, Melvin?

The only thing sad about the entire situation is that Mora is keeping the money he hasn't earned all season on top of behaving like a spoiled brat.

Playing hurt? Why? Maybe it's time for a trip to the DL. The only thing that playing hurt helps is Melvin Mora's ego, because it's been quite apparent for some time now that it isn't doing anything for the team. You remember the team...don't you, Melvin?

By suggesting Trembley isn't playing him because of some personal grudge is an enormous slap in the face to Trembley as a manager and as a man. By all accounts, Trembley is a classy man and true professional, and for Mora to suggest that the lineup is being made up based on a personal conflict between the two is a massive insult to Trembley, his staff and the organization.

Don't trade him — cut him, and explain publicly about his sour, introverted, backstabbing ways. It would be interesting to see if another team — especially a team in a playoff race, which certainly must be what he wants — would even sniff the guy. My guess is the answer would be a resounding "no."

Either pick up his team option solely for the purpose of benching him for the entire season (or better yet, demoting him to the minors), or cut him.

Either way, get him out of Baltimore. With the young talent on the way, Mora would be nothing but a detriment, even if he suddenly remembered how to hit. There's loads of young talent in Baltimore and on the way, and the last thing McPhail and Trembley need is to have their young studs learn any habits from Mora.

Gooooteam, you said it all when you annointed Melvin Mora Oriole of the Decade. He embodies the spoiled, me-first attitude that has permeated the franchise during this decade-plus of futility.

y'know it's really a shame---the guy has been a lot better than advertised since we got him from the Mets...and a damned good defensive 3rd baseman---prior to settling in at 3rd, he played just about everywhere in the field. And just as importantly, he's been a wonderful member of the community---exceeding the efforts of a lot of more "popular" players. And he's played for a LOT of crummy teams, and done very well. So, even though he is suffering from a little diarhea of the mouth lately, (although, that showed passion---which is a commodity that's missing in most of our starters, excluding Izturis and Wigginton)--- give him a break--he's exhibiting the beginnings of old man's disease---sayin' brutally honest stuff. This time though, it's stupid stuff... so take it easy, Mel---it's time to take a long look in the mirror. And be aware---that's strike one.

Great blog Kevin! Its about time somebody has gotten straight to the facts and less of the bs. Aside from his defense which has gotten better, Mora's been terrible at the plate as compared to previous years.

On a larger scale, I'm interestingly noticing a lot of declining offensive stats in baseball right now. I know Mora's getting old, but I really think performance enhancing testing has a lot to do with this all.

I don't question that Melvin has been a good citizen of Baltimore, but "Oriole of the Decade" is a bit much. Melvin's idea of respect is his butt being kissed. He feels "disrespected" because his manager doesn't ask him if its OK first before sitting him out. He probably feels disrespected when he gets called out for putting his stats over his team when running the basepaths, too...

Yes, he's better than Wigginton defensively. But call out the manager and you're going to sit. I'd have no problem playing him more otherwise.

Why aren't Huff, Markakis and Scott being sat more? Because they're not trying to do an end around on their manager like the "solid citizen" Mora. Roberts on the other hand has pulled the same stunt with the press before and should have been sat down then, too.

"Sit down and shut up?" That's a little harsh don't you think? I'm with gooooteam and emjay. Mora had a lot of good years and has been a great representative for the O's on and off the field. Even if he has grown frustrated with his lack of playing time, he doesn't derseve the torches and pitchforks treatment. I agree it's best for he and the O's to part ways at the end of the season but damn don't forget all the good years and run him out of town like trash!

I've always liked Melvin Mora. He arrived in Baltimore in 2000 as a shortstop/left fielder/3rd baseman. If you remember, he even played several games at 2nd base.

In 2004 he became the full time 3rd baseman and responded with 104 rbi and hit .340. As recently as last season he hit .285 with 104 rbi.

There's no getting around the fact that Mora is having an off year. I believe that Melvin is frustrated with the constant losing. Also, he made a tactical error in calling out Trembley.

However, the O's don't have anyone better to play the 'hot corner.' Ty Wigginton is basically a guy that is used to plug the corner infield spots. Ty is adequate at third and can cover second, if needed. Mora, by comparison, is the best defensive third baseman the Orioles have had since Brooks Robinson.

As some others have commented, Luke Scott and Aubrey Huff have had some horrible stretches this season and they were allowed to play through their slumps. Give Melvin the same opportunity.

If he's gone at the end of the year, so be it. His contract is guaranteed through 2009 and the Orioles are destined for last place no matter who plays third base.

I somewhat agree with your comments about Melvin Mora. Yes, he came across as being a whiner and did not help himself when Dave Trembley took the high road and refused to comment.

At the same time, Melvin makes some good points. I doubt that Melvin would disagree that he is not performing and that has contributed to his lack of playing time, but be open and honest about it. Both Mora and Trembley are grown men and can handle the truth. But Melvin shouldn't be standing up there whining the way he does because he makes himself look bad, especially for being one of the highest, if not the highest, paid player on the team.

I agree that it is time for Mora to go. What is ashamed is that the Orioles did not trade him, so they are either going to have to deal with the clubhouse distraction for the rest of the season or release him and get no compensation for him. At least if they would have traded him, they would have gotten something in return. He had a few good years, but he did not deserve to be rewarded with the huge contract especially at the end of his career. But of course that is Angelos overpaying for talent that is past its prime/peak. Angelos is just like Dan Snyder. When he bought the team back in the mid-90s, he overpaid for guys like Rafael Palmeiro, Sid Fernandez, and Albert Belle and he continues that trend today. Mora is at best a mid-level player who is making All-Star money. Something is wrong with this picture.

Someone mentioned in an above post that Mora refused to play for Venezuela at the WBC because he did not want to change positions. That make Mora a hypocrite. When he came up he was a utility player that moved around. If I remember correctly, he even played outfield for a few years with the team. And although he established himself as our third baseman, he shouldn't be above the team and say he won't play another position because he did in the past. I guess playing another position is beneath him. It shows me that he doesn't love the game. How many athletes have said they will do whatever and play whatever position to help the team? Not Melvin.

Time for Melvin to go.

I agree with most - Melvin: STFU and sit down. And dont expect to play anytime soon. You're in my doghouse. I've watched too many times this season Melvin fail to produce when needed. I've watched young untested rookies do better. Trembley's given Melvin more than his share of opportunities. I guess Melvin didnt like Dave's method of delivering the bad news. Tough Noogies. Man up and be a TEAM player, Melvin, when we need you. Work to get better and earn another chance.

Melvin's been "disrespected" by the O's for almost nine years for a total of over $32m. ($3.5m avg per - not too shabby for a lifetime .278 hitter who was added to the All Star roster twice.
$8mil this year for 3 HRs and 27 RBIs.) Please, if youre listening boss, disresepct me!

Todays ballplayers want it both ways.
Paid for potential and treated like a baby when they dont perform.
Sorry Melvin, but respect is EARNED and while you've generally been a hard working contributor, now is not the time to become a whiny little biatch. Its not all about you.

If we have disgruntled veteran players in the clubhouse then my feeling is "See you later". This clubs future and success lies in its youth and we dont need veteran players - who should be relied upon to teach the kids about TEAM first - being self-centered and divisive. What we need are a few solid veterans (like Rick Sutcliffe - remember?) who can produce and lead this young talent.

I'd rather lose with exuberant youth and the veterans who want to be here than some of the disgruntled loser veterans we've had to suffer through the past 10 years.

Goodbye Melvin. Nothing personal. No disrespect intended but dont let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out of Baltimore.

I am not surprised by what i am reading...Baltimore fans are SOOOO predictable...the minute someone speaks out and says something that you do not like, you TURN ON HIM...

Mora is 37, his skills are declining, and he may not be able to turn it on like he did last year, but he has been a very good third baseman for us for a long time, and before that, he played wherever the Orioles told him to play...on top of that, he has been a solid citizen who has brought no shame to the Orioles on the field or off...

He is frustrated, and TRUE BASEBALL FANS should be able to understand that, even as they understand that it's Trembley's right as a manager to do what he thinks is best for the team...

Don't get me wrong...for 8 million dollars a year, i will carry slop buckets, make no mistake about it...but i'm like all of you, an average Joe who will never ever get that opportunity...UNLIKE YOU, though, i do not throw Mora under the bus, because he has a moment of verbal insanity...

You fans need to check yourselves...

gooooteam---------Oriole of the decade?? Thats not saying much. Have you checked all the .500 years they had in that decade?

Hey Rod, so it's okay for Mora, an overpaid old player whose skills have deteriorated to throw Trembley under the bus in public? Spare me. You don't go talking about disrespect via the media. There's a manager's office and you do it behind closed doors. And you especially don't go whining about disrespect about a team that pays you far more than you deserve and because you're no longer earning your money, you whine to the media about playing time. Bottom line - shut up and play, or sit, and collect your enormous overpaid salary. It's called a TEAM not Mora and the Orioles. There's no I in team but there sure is one in Melvin.

Next to Brian Roberts and Nick Markaikas, Melvin Mora has been the most visable Oriole in charitable work and in the community. For 9 seasons, he's been their MVP. Not most valuable player, but most valuable person. He's been an ambassador, a mediator (remember the Miguel Tejada debacle?) a recruiter, (especially with latin players), and the longest-tenured Oriole. He came to Baltimore as a utility player and settled in nicely in left field before being asked by the organization to switch to third, which he did seemlessly, and without complaint. More than once, he was the Orioles' lone representative in the All-Star game. He batted 2nd or 3rd in the order because of his production at the plate and developed into a fine defensive third baseman. On Sunday, a reporter asked him a direct and honest question, and he gave her a direct and honest answer. Since when did being honest land anyone in such hot water? Ironically, it's the lack of open and honest communication between he and the manager that Mora claims has him upset to begin with. And sure, there are those who would have preferred that Mora responded with more of a "company line" i.e. "it's skip's decision", or "I'll play wherever, whenever", or "whatever's best for the team." But Mora, speaking in broken english with a broken heart, and clearly on several levels, in his most frustrated moment, made the fatal mistake of saying exactly what he was thinking. Certainly, an agrument could be made for Mora handling things differently, but he didn't. The real question here, is: does 9 years of being one of the organization's three best players, a loyal soldier, and a guy who truly wants to play and live in Baltimore go out the window because of one 30-second interview? It just strikes me as odd that everyone is entitled to an opinion about Melvin how Mora feels, and is allowed to express it publically. That is everyone, except Melvin Mora.

Truth Be Told:

Your points are completely valid, and let me clear about this, too: i would have definitely preferred that if Mora had a problem, he pull Trembley aside, and talk man-to-man, and OFF THE RECORD...

I did say that he had a moment of verbal insanity...

My frustration is with the fans who seem to have forgotten that this man has played hard for the Orioles, and given us many of the few good memories we have had over the last 9 years...

Seriously, what a baby. Zip it Mora. If i don't produce at work, I get fired, I don't get to keep my paycheck and just sit there and do nothing.

Mora needs to go ASAP.

I recall a few years ago when he pulled this 'disrespect' BS because the manager didnt sit down with him and explain why he was moving him from the #2 spot in the batting order.

As someone else pointed out, he came up as a UTILITY player. I really wish right now that we had a better defensive option at 3B right now (regardless of if he hit .150) because I'd love to see Melvin blow a gasket if the manager had the gall to 'disrespect' him by asking him to play another position for a game or two. You KNOW he would.

I like Mora, but I can't agree with you more. Well said. I hope Mora reads that. It sounds to me like he needs a few heaping spoonfuls of humility.

Not only does he complain to the Press, he has a reason his production
is down; he has played hurt when others would have opted to sit. Silence would be appropriate durin gthe
O;s annual swoon time.

Time to let Mora go. He shows no respect to the manager or the fans when he complains to the media, yet he thinks he is not shown respect.

Some of the people prevoius reponding state Mora is an above average third baseman. One called him the best since Brooks. Please!!! Ever heard of Decinces or Ripken. Mora is not a good defensive player. Watch him. He will make a diving stop, but he refuses to play in which make any slow roller a hit. He plays shallow left field, not third base. He still throws straight overhand, like an outfielder. Even when he has to charge a ball and make a quick throw, he stands up to throw overhand instead of sidearmed. Watch!!.

Maybe the REAL reason the Orioles have to call up rookies is because the vets on the team are lacking LEADERSHIP.

Hear that Mora.

Shut your mega-million $$$$$ crybaby mouth and show the team what a REAL LEADER is - one who does NOT complain but tries to figure how to win a game for a change.

If I were the manager and you disrespected me, you might wind up in Bluefield for a attitude rehab. Remember what happened to Garrett Olsen? He went bye bye - to Chicago.

I think that Mora is not the only player who is irritated with Trembley's one dimensional managerial style. I see him congratulate players after a home run or a win as though he is responsible for what they did, like he is their father or something. Doing things the "right way" is only part of the puzzle. If you have a buzzsaw personality you will miss out on opportunities of using players who need guidance, not punishment and the team will suffer for it. It is about team, isn't it?

Hey Melvin:

You can come work my horrendous job and you'll get all of the respect you want. I'll take your job, make millions, and happily sit on the bench. Grow up you over rated baby! You want respect, start hitting the ball. Mark Belanger hit better than you have this season. If I owned the team, you would have been gone at the trading deadline for three palyers to be named later.


We should have kept Salazar and traded Mora.

who is the longest tenured player on the O's?


Mike Mussina and Albert Belle played their final seasons in Baltimore when who came?


Whose the best player that came to the O's in the 2000 fire sale?

Melvin Mora, thanks for the memories during your tenure with the O's from 2000 through maybe the end of this season, I've loved watching you play shortstop, the outfield, and third base from when I was 10 through now being 19. I got a about getting a contract with the O's as a veteran role player like B.J Surhoff from 2003-2005. Return into a utility player you used to be, and I'd love to see you win in Baltimore. If they win without you, it's a shame.

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