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Will you miss George Sherrill? Do you like the move?

In less than 24 hours, we’ve seen the Chris Tillman Era start and the George Sherrill Era end.

Sherrill was dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers for third base prospect Josh Bell, 22, and pitcher Steve Johnson, 21.

Both are headed to Double-A Bowie.

Bell was the must-have in the trade. The Orioles view him as a potential third baseman of the future – and that’s sort of important since the third baseman of the present, Melvin Mora, can be a free agent at season’s end and almost surely won’t be back.

Johnson’s a good story. A local kid from St. Paul’s that excelled in high school and grew up around the game with his father, former Oriole pitcher and current MASN broadcaster Dave Johnson.

It’s way too early to determine whether this was a good deal by the Orioles. There are several factors, including whether set-up man Jim Johnson can close and whether the big-bodied Bell, (6-foot-3, 235 pounds) can adequately play third in the future.

So the best question for today should be about Sherrill and whether you’ll miss him.

I’ve got to be honest. Sherrill and I clashed at first. But over time I learned to appreciate Sherrill and his stand-up demeanor when he blew a save.

Eventually, I learned to like Sherrill the guy. He was very approachable and had a sly sense of humor.

As far as a pitcher, he has -- and I’ll say this in a polite way -- serious guts. The guy didn’t get rattled. And, though his stuff was a tick above ordinary, he never doubted his ability to get hitters out. He was made for the late innings – regardless of role.

I was at the 2008 all star game when he became belle of the ball when he threw 2 1/3 shutout innings. Let me tell you, he loved being there, too. A former independent leaguer, you could tell how excited he was to be on that stage. And it was cool to see.

Daily Think Special: Will you miss George Sherrill? What’s your take on the move?


How can you not miss a guy with 20 saves and a 2.40 something ERA. I just hope this Bell amounts to more than the last Bell that the Orioles traded for from the Dodgers. That was Juan Bell in the Murray trade.

Sure, I'll miss ol' Flat Breezy. He was actually pretty effective most of the time. Though that stint in the All-Star game last year probably hurt his performance all second half. But he had the right mindset for a closer, or a situational lefty, or wherever you want to put him.

As for the deal, although you didn't ask, I feel like they got the minimum for him. Elsewhere there were naysayers being critical that MacPhail was asking for too much and that he wouldn't get a deal done. I felt that if there wasn't enough return there was no reason to make the deal. We got the required minimum of a legitimate corner infielder prospect plus one other player, in this case a pitcher who has more value to this franchise due to the sentimental factor than to pretty much any other one. And that's it. With neither one likely to be helping the team much in 2010, if at all.

I'm betting that if Huff isn't traded by 4:00 tomorrow (and I don't think he will be) that he'll be offered arbitration in the offseason. If he accepts, he and Wiggy will split the majority of the time next season at 1st and 3rd, unless and until Snyder shows he's ready for the big time. If he declines, the Orioles will gladly take the draft picks that I understand they would be getting. Then the hope would be that by the end of 2010 that Bell is ready for a taste of The Show, and ready for being a regular at 3rd in 2011.

Though I wouldn't rule out a run at a veteran third sacker in the offseason. I just don't see them picking up Mora's option. What they might do is pay him his buyout and then resign him for about a quarter of the option value if he doesn't get any other offers, and I'm betting he doesn't.

Josh Bell. Already has 17 errors. Need i say more

Yes I will definitely miss Sherrill, especially since we had him under contract for another couple of years. Did we not need a closer when the team suddenly starts contending? All we could get is 2 AA minor leaguers? I hope they pan out.

I will definitely miss Sherrill, but this move was so beyond necessary its ridiculous. You are trading a "closer" (more of a LOOGY or a Setup Man) for 2 solid prospects.

I'll do this trade today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

Yes, I will miss George. This trade was a joke. Two so-so prospects. What a joke! I hope Johnson Jr can pitcher better than his father. Maybe we'll see them sometime in 2011??? If at all? At least George gets a shot at going to the playoffs. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens here. Yes, I am a very disillusioned and disgruntled fan who has had enough.

Set him up, Bar Keep, Have a few Adult Frostys in bidding Ol' Flat Brim adieu. Really, the team and the fans are going to miss George, he is a real ballplayer. All The Best George!!!!!!! Hope to see you next year,hint,hint,

Everyone in "Birdland" should be disappointed to see Sherrill go. We need to be on board with McPhail and his "process". I was hoping that Mora, Huff, Pie and Baez were dealt first.

It's a business, and the O's are a work in progress. That is what everyone needs to keep in mind. Hopefully the bullpen can recover.

If the two prospects become good major players and help turn the team around. Then I can say it was a good deal. I was hoping for higher prospects then two AA players for an all-star closer.

Just when you think the Birds are building a better team, they take a step backwards...the O's need better starting pitching and defense. Their bullpen is pretty good and could be better if they weren't so overworked.

I don't like this trade not one bit! What happened to "getting some big chips" for the Sherriff?? Two prospects?? If they would've gotten 4, ok. If they would've gotten 3 and a decent vet, ok. But just 2?? Bad trade. And who is going to close?? Jim Johnson? If he does, he needs to bring the heat and cut the nonsense. I guess Hendrickson will be the setup. I hope this trade will work out, but for now it'll suck not seeing Sherrill gun down the side to end the game.

Backwards? This is a great trade for the O's. I will miss Sherrill, but to take a shot at a legitimate third baseman for 2011 is the right move.

And Steve Johnson has a good shot at a permanent bullpen spot, assuming all those hotshot starters work out.

Sherrill is 32, and has been used a lot the last couple of years.

Let MacPhail do his thing.

bad, bad, bad. no way would have moved George

I think this trade sucks. We trade a quality pitcher who wants to play here and is affordible and under contractual control for a couple of prospects. And not even real good ones. Sherril should have brought in a decent major league quality player and a couple of prospects. Instead it brought two guys to watch at double A. For a team that's major problem is pitching, why would you do this? I hate GM's that make a deal, just to make a deal. I guess 10 more losing seasons are on the way.

I really liked sherrill as a member of the orioles and a lefty but realize where andy is going.. Personally I would have prefered Wood from the angels as a little closer to being ready but it sounds like two real prospects which we can use..

Great trade. McPhail is prepping for life w/o Melvin Mora...which appears now that will be sooner rather than later. I expect the O's not to sign the Mora option at the end of the year . This will allow Josh Bell join in the fun next season.

I'm not so sure about the return, but Rivera aside, closers tend to have a short shelf life. I wasn't happy about getting rid of BJ Ryan either but that seems to have worked out for us. It's a crap shoot.

I love MacPhail, but I'm stratching my head over this one. Sherrill is an All-Star, and you get 2 Double A prospects who both are a bit iffey.

Don't like this trade.

Terrible move. A guy who can't hit lefties at AA ball .212 and this is the answer at 3B. Brandon Waring has a higher OPS than this guy. Bell has weight problems and that ain't going to help him defensively or on the base paths. what a steal for the dodgers.

I think macphail was wrong when he said we're not a farm team for the contenders. That's exacty what we are.

I can;t beleive Sherill, an All Star last year, a great ERA and save record this year for a losing team, AND we can't even get a frigging AAA player?


Why not sign Andy Marte for cheap at the end of the year. He's a minor league free agent. This is just a mess.

Fans have to realize that George was not going to make us competitive this year and next year at 33 he was going to ask for the bank and fairly so. Let's just hope Bell learns to field ground balls and Davy's boy makes it to the Bigs. Is the slow path to the majors for young prospects tied to finances?

Anyone who is angry at this trade does not know baseball and needs to admit it. A true Orioles fan should love this trade, and what Macphail has been doing with this team, honestly some of you are absolutely crazy and clearly know nothing about the situation

Don't like it

yeah lets keep trading our good players, year after year, its obvious Mr Angelos could care less about the fans, or even his team..lets keep raking in the dough at the cost of the fans, and the team, they are pathetic..The last good team we had was 98 when we had a great team, and manager with davey johnson..I guess first place, and a playoff berth each year was not what we want..we would rather finish in last every year..I have 1 wish..please Mr loser sell the we all O's fans can have a chance again..what do we have a curse..have not even sniffed but 1 great year since 1983 when we won a world series..I was 13 then, now I am 38..with our current owner, and gm..we will be no better than last place...I dont watch as much, dont go to games, and wont waste my time til changes occur..

Seriously. We just traded a 32 year old reliever. He is a closer for the O's, but probably not on many contending teams. For what he is, I think we got good value. A top infield prospect that we can hope will come up next year or the year after. I would bet next year. When you think about all we have gotten for Bedard, an above average pitcher when he is on the mound, but overall a dud....just AWESOME!

Part of the reason for the deal - Sherrill would have wound up with around 30 saves in Baltimore and commanded maybe $6M in arbitration. That's a lot for a guy with "tick above ordinary" stuff. Now he'll end up with 20 saves and $4-5M. I'm not sure the Warehouse was confident that he'll continue to perform as he has this year. Anyway, his replacement, JJ, will earn much less.

I feel sad to see him go. A closer with personality is always fun. It was nice having one of the spots on the team filled by someone who deserved to be there. But in truth this was the time to cash in on him. I just hope the players we got are worthy. Good Luck George!
Can't wait to see a flat Dodgers hat!

No Elbert? No Withrow? No James McDonald? No Lambo? No Baez? No Silverio? No DeJesus? No Bladimir Franco?

The Dodgers pulled a fast one on MacFail.........

it seems that whenever the Orioles have a position set with a consistent player, they go out and trade them for prospects. Sherrill was the best pitcher in the bullpen. who is going to step up and fill the closer role succesfully now? Andy Macphail, I think you hurt us on this deal. I guess next season we will be aiming for a 100 loss season, i am sooooo tired of the Orioles having losing seasons.

This trade was a yawner. No winners and no losers. Bell's defense worries me and he'll probably just be a mediocre MLB hitter at best. Johnson may be a mediocre middle inning MLB pitcher at best. Despite the decent numbers, Sherrill provides way too much drama for my liking but he should fit in well with a Dodger offense that generates big cushion.

Some of us were hoping the O's would put an improved team on the field next year, and maybe even a competitive one in 2011. Trading an All-Star who would have been part of those teams for two AA-level guys pretty clearly says that management is not thinking in those terms, but is looking several years down the road.

I will miss Sherrill, Trembley won't. Every time he put Sherrill in for a save, you could see Dave reach for the Malox.

Steve Johnson has a lot of potential. Josh Bell was coveted by the Jays as they are working up a deal for Halladay. He seems like he can be something if the Jays wanted him in a package for Halladay.

Geez oh whiz, cut Diane off and all the other naysayers. Yes, George is a great guy but getting two prospects for a journeyman pitcher who caught lightning in a bottle ain't so bad. Did you really thing we would get 4 for 1 like the Bedard or Tejada trades?

C'mon folks.....let's raise our glass to old George, wish him all the best on the left coast, and keep on lookinf to the future. Give Mickilo the ball as the closer and see what happens. Let Andy run the show.

How do you clash with an athlete you're covering? Teammates clash with each other, not writers with their subjects. I think you're just saying "He wasn't nice to me" in more artful terms.

Barkeep's Reply: Let's just say he didn't like something I wrote at one point and he didn't handle it in the most professional of ways. But it got resolved and we moved on and got along well after that. I included that line to be honest and upfront with people, to admit that I may not have always trumpeted him as a good guy. But writers' opinions are allowed to change too. Enough said.

I'll miss him, and his trademark cap brim!
Plus we had him until 2011... does this mean the orioles aren't planning on winning until 2011? It seems like we just gave away the next 2 seasons... Again!
...theres always next DECADE

The trade was a no brainer. Most teams view Sherrill as a setup man, not a closer. Plus closers are probably one of the least important roles for a team that is not contending. By the time the O's are contending, Johnson or someone else will be more than ready for the role.

You really need to read this blog on ESPN...

they get great pitchers and let them go ,they got garbage for eddie murray and nothing for sherrill you made the dodgers a better team . at least the ravens will be 6-10. g

This team is in permanent rebuilding mode. You can never win in you never have any core veterans on your team. Over the last 10 years, every single trade line we list which players we are will to purge at the prospect of bringing on some young talent in hopes that we eventually will be good. I think Brian Roberts is the last Oriole to actually be voted into an All-Star game. What a joke.

For all the nay-sayers:

I will only point out that Rob Neyer, never bashful when it comes to criticism (and still one of my favorite writers at ESPN) thinks the O's FLEECED (I'm paraphrasing) the Dodgers in this deal.

Two solid prospects for a 32 year old RELIEF Pitcher who probably wouldn't close on ANY contending team?

Enough said.

I'm disappointed that Bell appears to be a defensive liability. He sounds like a future DH, not a third baseman. He doesn't sound like a solution to the O's third base deficit.

I will miss Sherill for his play, but more so for his attitude. Each time he was interviewed he displayed his favor for playing here and how he believed in McPhails system. And who could forget that great flat brim!

I suspect that Sherrill will prove, over time, to be only a so-so reliever, and will not have sustained success as a closer. If he is successful in the NL West, it'll be largely because the competition there isn't as keen.

With the Birds, he struck me as always shaky. Even when he succeeded, which, I concede, was frequently, he was scary to watch.

i think the orioles got just about all they were going to get in the sharrell trade. i wish george good luck with the dodgers

Remember, they are just prospects. Should have gotten another proven player in return. Maybe the trade will work out.

Hate to see Sherrill go but it was the right move to make. Can't really evaluate these two peospects yet but the potential is there for them to eventually make it to the show. Time will tell but for now all I can say is Thanks to George for his time with the Birds. He was fun to watch pitch.

"Will you miss George Sherrill? Do you like the move?"

DUH and NO

Bad trade Dan. I'll miss Georgie - gutsy guy late in the game. I agree that a "trade" made sense - but we didn't get nearly enough in return. 2 AA guys aren't enough - Andy should have held out for a AAA corner infielder ready for a shot in the bigs.

If Bell can't play 3rd then we'll put him at 1st. No big deal.

Nice trade! Bout time we started addressing the future at the corners.

I'll miss seeing the other players flattening out the visors on their hats after a Sherrill save mimmicking him. That was true Oriole fun. George may not pan out for the Dodgers. If they use him as a set-up man his lack of control may hurt him. I would like to wish him well. Everybodys gonna miss him.

Being from Jersey and living in a den of yankee fans, I must say that some of the attitude from bronx bums must be rubbing off from their yearly invasions. I ask the question, why is a closer so important to a last place team? McPhail has been good so far in rating talent so if we are fans and love the O's we have to keep trusting his judgement. Do all the naysayers really want Mora back next year? McPhails not waiting around for Moore or Costanzo to mature, he brought in another body for the competition and force one to the top. Its called rebuilding and I think we actually have it now. Keep the faith.

Get over it. Sherrill was a throw in from the Bedard trade. How many save opportunities are there with a 400 winning percentage team. We already have a zillion pitchers to choose from. Someone should be able to get 3 outs in the ninth inning.
I like the trade.

We will all miss the Brim Reaper, but this will most likely end up in the plus column for the Birds. Bell is the third baseman that we didn't have in the system...he should be the O's third baseman for many seasons. Yes, he needs to work on his D, but Wade Boggs made 27 errors as a rookie and still managed 4 gold gloves in his career. Johnson is gravy.

I think I would have more faith in this trade if I could see real improvements in prior trades for prospects. I live in Indiana so, admittedly I don't get a chance to see many O's games on tv, but I've been a fan since 1966. Haven't we kind of been in a rebuiding mode for the last 10 years? And haven't we had like 10 straight losing seasons? I mean,cmon, at some point we should be starting to turn things around. When I look around the league and see the quick turnarounds of some of the other teams...well its got to make you wonder. This team has been so bad for so long, I doubt we could get any decent free agents so the rebuilding with youth mind set was probably the only viable alternative. Does the ownership just not want to spend money anymore? Man I can remember that 98 team, Angelos just kept going out and spending and getting players and that was about the most exciting team I can remember. Now we just keep getting prospects. Its going to remain to be seen if this trade turns out to be a good one for the orioles, but I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I'm starting to run out of patience.

I'm going to miss Sherrill- he was straightforward and he actually wanted to be here. He wreaked havoc on my stomach every time he was on the mound, but overall a great guy and good luck to him out west.

With that said, I think this is a great deal for the O's. They get 2 of LA's top 20 prospects for a guy who is essentially a situational lefty who was thrown into the closer's role and flourished. He probably has only a couple of good years left anyway. MacPhail bought low and sold high (I still think he would've gotten more at this time last year though) and now has acquired 6 young guys for Bedard, who's done nothing for Seattle. Way to go Andy and keep up the good work!

No doubt the ones who bemoan the Sherrill trade are the same ones who still wish Tejada and Bedard were on the O's roster. This is Andy MacPhail dealing; not Beattie/Flanagan or Syd Thrift. Trust in MacPhail.

My heart beat went up when I heard last night; but now I am hopeful that Bell and Johnson will produce eventually.I didn't like the Adam Jones deal at first either: but look at things now!
I am happy for george. Hope he gets a play-off opportunity.

All the people who are complaining that we traded George Sherrill are the sames people who were asking "Who is George Sherrill" when he was included in the Bedard trade. He is one year away from being the next Jamie Walker. How much sense does it make to keep a guy who only gets to work 2 times a week?

You have to trade players while their stock is high. It just seems that too many of the O's fans have over-valued Sherrill's.

Even if neither prospect works out, it's still a good trade, as there'd be little room for a George Sherill in a contender's staff. Also, 1998 was most definitely not a good year; 1997 is the year the posters meant, and even that offered only disappointment after the Mariners' series.

I love how the pundits who post on this blog are ready to consign Bell and Johnson to the scrapheap which is baseball mediocrity when they are both still in their early 20s, still learning and really have barely begun their professional careers. Thing about Sherrill is, great guy, loved'em, but let's face it, is his fastball going to get any faster? Is he going to be another Jesse Orosco, i.e. pitching til he's almost 50? Probably not. Scouts seem to think this was a good deal, MacPhail always seems to get good value in the trades, so let's all tip our flat bills to the Brim Reaper and wish him well in LA-LA land and feel good that we continue to move forward in rebuilding this franchise. To borrow from Donald Sutherland's "Oddball" from KELLY'S HEROES, let's quit the "negative waves" and start thinking positively! Go O's, beat the RedSux!

It's not that Sherill was so over-valued, but that what we got in exchange for him seems so little. maybe Bell can also pitch? we don't need a lousy fielding 3d baseman. young Johnson may work out nicely later on but his realistic value at this point is miniscule.

Sherrill is a good big league situation pitcher, with several teams now looking for that. There's too much Andy worship around here--the Os (like the Cubs did) still take at least one step backwards for everyone going forward.

If you're against this deal, you're just stupid. I'd like to couch that more politely, but it's true. You have to trade a guy who is currently way overvalued (saves are a vastly overrated stat and, if you know anything about sabermetrics, you realize that Sherrill's been worth just +0.9 WAR this season) for prospects, especially one with a decent shot at becoming a major-league CI.

Seriously, if you think that the O's would be better off keeping Sherrill, you don't know jack about baseball.

I am just thankful that AP is our GM and not the bloggers on this post. Sell high, buy low...I'll definetly miss George, but to pick up a switch hitting 3B/1B that hits for power and is 21 y/o playing at AA is perfect. Yes he HAD a weight problem, yes he makes a lot of errors...throwing errors, so he has something to learn. So what? Come on people...let AP do his thing and stick to armchair GM'ing.

I liked Sherrill a lot. Will really miss him, especially when he really wanted to stay here.

I do not like the trade, but when they made the Beddard trade I did not like that either. So what do I know.

Now we have 5 players for Beddard. But really this guy does not sound like much of a third baseman. They may have to move him to first or DH, but time will tell. I do not like defensive liabilities in the field.

Actually you trade where you have strength, the Orioles must see something I do not. Maybe Johnson is the big save guy of the future.

Just a quick story...a few weeks back after a game George did not do too well in, as our daughter was waiting for the players to sign autographs George was driving out & stopped to sign. He asked my daughter & the group of kids all standing there if they saw the end of the game. When the group all said 'yes" he then asked if they still liked the "guy who just messed up" & one little guy yelled "anyone can have a bad mom says I have alot of them". George had a good laugh with the kids, signed about 50 autographs & asked the kids to hang in there.
So there is my one very positive image of George Sherrill...the player & the person. By the way...on that very same evening, our "star" infielder...the now & future face of the Orioles couldn't have been bothered to sign...just drove right through the kids & fans with not even a moment to stop & say thanks. So yea...I'll miss George not only for what he usually accomplished on the mound...but, also for what he did for a bunch of innocent forgiving kids after one of his not so good games.

Bell is a future majorleaguer. Most of the naysayers here have never seen him play, or even just seen him. It's very obvious at times that he's one of the best athletes on the field in a AA game. It may "feel" like we let Sherrill go for relatively nothing, but, that's only because we will sense his absence in the majors. We received Sherrill as almost a throw-in, and eventually flipped him for a quality players, one of which could man 3B in the future for years.

That's very good.


Here's my problem with the trade. Bell is a switch-hitter who is batting .212-0-7 this year in 104 AB's vs. LHP &.335-11-45 in 230 AB's vs. RHP. The O's have had trouble against LHP for several yrs.

According to Keith Law "His platoon split became more pronounced this year..."

Also, Bell is a 3rd baseman who's not much of a 3rd baseman in addition to being a switch-hitter who can't hit LHP.

Other than that "How did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?"

AP is doing a fantastic job of rebuilding the Orioles, and they needed it. Every trade or acquisition he has made has proven to be positio=ve. As he said, "we had 3 different scouts over the last 6 weeks evaluating Bell and all 3 thought he was a future major league 3b." Stop reading wickopedia and making evaluations. Let the pros do their jobs.

This is the first time I've been disappointed in MacPhail. And no, I'm not one of the ones who wish Bedard and Tejada were still here. When I heard Elbert and Bell, I was happy. When I saw Bell and Johnson, I thought, "why?" I went to high school with Steve, and he seems like a good kid and I wish him the best, but he's now been in Single-A ball for four years and shown marginal improvement at best. Someone said he "dominated" at high-A ball this year. A 3.82 ERA is not exactly dominant at any level, least of all A ball. And two starts at AA ball is too soon to make any judgment. Plus, with Bell's defensive problems, it just seems like we could have gotten a higher return. Obviously if there was a better deal on the table we would have taken it, but I would have sooner kept Sherrill than trade him for two lower level guys that have glaring flaws. Plus, what's the deal with the O's keeping it in the family, so to speak. I realize they were later round picks, but Bumbry and Flacco? And now Steve Johnson? Is this some twisted way of appeasing the fan base? Because the fans will come back with a winning product, not mediocre prospects who have some connection to the area. I hear Jim Palmer has a couple of daughters, maybe they can pitch for us.

Ron @ 12:06,

I give you an "A" for objectivity for remarks about players with local connections. When i heard "SJ", i thought for sentimental reasons, too. Third player...maybe; second player nyet.

For the first time in two years I think we've taken a step back instead of a step forward.

No matter how much we may have liked him, Sherrill had limited value for the long-haul. It's a good trade and Bell seems worth it.

1. MacPhail has now traded Bedard for Jones, Tillman, Mickolio, Butler, Bell and Johnson -- Brilliant -- average age -- well under 25. Jones, Tillman and Mickolio have already cracked the Major League roster and Butler is a 6-7, 210 pound left hander that throws in the low to mid 90s and is only 21. Sherril was a throw in on the original trade -- we now have two more young prospects for our push into 2010 and 2011.
2. "All-Star Closer"? -- only because by league rules someone from every team must make the All Star team.
3. Sherrill was a set-up man/Left Bullpen guy before he got here. He did a great job but late in the season he was not as effective as he pitched many more innings than normal.
4. Someone mentioned Brandon Wood -- i too would have rather seen him -- but maybe the Angels were not ready to give up Wood for a Set-up guy -- just because Sherrill was a closer for us does not mean he is a closer for someone else. We got what we could and it is better than having a "closer" for a 70 win team.
5. A closer should be the last piece of the puzzle -- not the first -- there is no sense in having a closer if there is not a win to close. Sure he put up good numbers while doing it but closing 35 of our 70 wins is not good enough. We need someone to close 35 of our 90 wins. For now, we need to continue working on offense and starting pitching and youth...the last several trades have addressed all three -- Keep up the good work Andy MacPhail and good luck to Sherrill. He is a fine pitcher -- just not the right fit for our youth movement and focus on 80 wins in 2010 and 90 wins in 2011.

George was the O's only really marketable player at this stage, so you knew he would be dealt. Perhaps that's why we got so little for him. Sure, I'll miss George, and no, we didn't be enough for him.

I dont think anyone will know which team got the better of the deal for atleast 2 years. I think it is a better off-season than mid-season deal. Sherrill was an important part of the team. He contributed significantly to a large portion of Oriole wins this and last season.

Fact is, Sherrill was the only ineresting player for me to watch on the team. And isn't that an important ingredient here? If there is no interest in your team, well....

The bullpen has shown it can't handle the load. We lost two series with KC and Boston. Cal is some cut! Bell is not even ready. What the he!! is MacPhail doing? He needs to go. Trembley needs to go. Angelos needs to bury himself somewhere where he can't be found. I know there are others who are equally frustrating, but as we get better, so will the NYY and the BRS. Fans need to show their anger at this management team and stop coddling them. Why in the world would you put Trembley's job on the line, and then send your closer 3000 miles away for 2 prospects who can't help you now -- with his job hanging in the balance??? That is RIDICULOUSLY STUPID! Now, in effect, they are saying Trembley is staying by getting rid of Sherrill because Sherrill was the equalizer for closing games. With no real closer (and Johnson sucks), they can't hold Trembley accountable. GEEZ!!!

I liked George Sherrill and was sad to see him go. I am a baseball fan definitely but I don't get into all the 'stats' stuff. I just thought Sherrill looked like a Balto O's kind of guy. Unassuming but capable. Good Luck, George!

The move as it stands was a giveaway and makes no sense, almost like Flanagan did the negotiations.

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