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Which Oriole most deserves to be a 2009 All-Star?

The Boston Red Sox have left town. I saw the bandwagon lights heading up I-95.

We can joke all we want, but even after that incredible comeback Tuesday, the Orioles are just 1-6 against the Red Sox this season. And so it goes in this Groundhog’s Day at Camden Yards.

At least I can try to serve you a little spirit-lifter today.

Let’s talk about the Orioles who have played well this first half.

On Sunday, the All-Star rosters will be announced. The Orioles will get one representative, like they have in seven of the last eight years. It likely will be either center fielder Adam Jones or closer George Sherrill.

Both are fine choices – despite Sherrill’s rough outing Wednesday. Don’t forget the guy had only allowed one run in his past 21 innings before his Red Sox meltdown.

Given how tough it is to juggle All-Star rosters, outfield and the pitching staff are logical spots that need to be filled.  So that’s probably where Tampa’s Joe Maddon will go.

But is that who you would select? What about setup man Jim Johnson or DH Luke Scott or right fielder Nick Markakis?

Remember, this is regardless of position. Choose the Oriole who is most deserving.

Daily Think Special: Which Oriole most deserves to be an All-Star?


It would be easier to vote for Georgie had he been 2 for 2 in save opportunities this past series. But as you say, he's been pretty solid for a long stretch leading up to it. And even Papelbon saw his perfect streak against the Orioles come to a screeching halt this week.

But overall my answer is the same as it was last week on Schmuck's blog. I'm going with the guy cool enough to blow a bubble while making a great running catch, the guy who can make Gary Thorne think it's a home run when he calmly tracked it to the wall and went up to snag the ball and return to the ground with it securely in his glove, the guy who's the only regular on the team currently hitting over .300, and is also slugging over .500. That would of course be the fabulous young Mr. Jones.

Though if the game were being played in an AL park and a DH were being selected, you could make a strong argument for Luke Scott in that role. Though I think the managers usually just select a player off their roster to DH and don't necessarily pick a DH specifically - is that right?

If they did like the NBA and had a rookies game, Reimold would be starting in LF, and Bergesen would be one of the pitchers. (That's my bonus selection, even though you didn't ask.)

I hate to say it...but we have no All Stars on the team. Sherrill would be the closest the team has to a player of that quality, but even he falls just short when there are other closers more deserving. I hate those "we're obligated to take somebody from your team" type picks. All of our players need to rest and prepare to give it everything they have to push for a .500 record in the 2nd half.

Adam Jones deserves to be the Orioles All Star representative. He is having a great season offesively and defensively.

Adam Jones.

It's Adam Jones. He's batting .300+ and playing a terrific CF.

P.S-. as bad as the O's are against the Sawx how 'bout dem Yankees?

My pick would be luke scott he deserves to be on the All star Team .

Adam Jones.

Until yesterday my nominee would have been George Sherrill. The O's really don't have an All=Star player on the team. There are just too many outstanding players at every position in the American League. George is about as close to All-Star as it gets on the O's.

Nick the Stick....batting .300, 52 ribbies...he gets my vote.

Brad Bergeson has been our best pitcher, hands down. Sherril is a good option but he pitches maybe one inning. Starters jobs are more difficult.

Any of our outfielders including our ROY candidate Reimold would be excellent choices.

But I favor Bergeson. What a great job he's done!

You know, I don't really think it would be a pity gesture by picking Bergesen to the all-star team. As I write this, he is legitimately having a solid season, even relative to starting pitchers everyone would agree are having all-star seasons. He's 8th in the AL in WHIP, and 13th in ERA. I have a feeling we'll see guys like Verlander and Beckett making the team, despite the fact that Bergesen's WHIP/ERA are lower than BOTH of these guys.

I'm afraid of even hitting post, for fear of completely jinxing this guy. With all the press Adam Jones got for his breakout season, I personally am inclined to call Bergesen the brightest spot of this Orioles season thus far. Jones has slipped considerably from where he started this season. Bergesen has not, and is getting stronger as the season goes along.

Brad gets my vote.

no one is deserving. Sherrill wins by default . Luke Scott having best offensive year by far. If he bangs out a few more next week, perhaps he gets the nod. But not a lot of dh's chosen usually.

frankly none of them do.


Miguel Tejada?

none, and no one brings up the fact that Mr. Jones avg dropped over 40 points over last 2 months

My vote goes for Sherrill. Jones and Markakis have both cooled off in the past 2 months. None of our rookies are having an overwhelming enough of a year where they should be on the all star team. Scott is having a career year for himself, but I don't think it's enough to get him onto the team. So, by process of elimination it is Sherrill.

Carlton hjkhk

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