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When did you believe the Orioles actually had a chance to win Tuesday night?

This is when a bar owner gets into trouble.

This is when you have to worry that the liquor license might get revoked.

Can you imagine how loud it was in the bar Tuesday night when the Orioles rallied for the greatest comeback in their 55-year history?

You people woke up the Sleeping Baby Sallys in the Toy Department.

The cops came twice, and eventually gave up crowd control after the eighth.

I now have to suspend the backup bartenders for letting you all stay well past 2.

Heck, maybe it was worth it.

To be honest, I had another entry prepared for today. It wasn’t particularly positive, either. But I tossed it away. Sort of like the Red Sox bullpen Tuesday night.

So this one will be short and sweet – for you Orioles fans anyway.

This is primarily for those of you who stayed up to watch the Orioles rally from a 10-1 deficit in the seventh to beat Boston 11-10. But we won’t ignore the rest of you who went to sleep either. Some people have real jobs.

For those that stuck it out:

Daily Think Special: When did you believe the Orioles actually had a chance?

And for the rest of you:

Bonus Think Special: Where does Tuesday night rank among the best regular season wins in Orioles’ history?


No...I did not think that even the slightest of chances...I decided to go to bed when it was 8 - 1...all the while cursing Rich Hill...let me tell was the best way to wake up in the morning though!!! They just need some belief in themselves and I think this team can get better (well and starting pitching)

As soon as those "over-confident" Sox left the field when there were only 2 outs; that's when I knew the O's were gonna come back- that must have lit a little fire under the birds- How DARE they come off after only 2 outs and just chuckle about it?!! TOTAL disrespect! Sorry Smoltzsy- valiant effort, but we had to get you guys back after the Mother's Day Miracle!!

I was there and I believed that they could come back and make a game of it in the 2nd inning.
However, I didnt believe they had a chance to win the game until the bottom of the 7th.
When Pie got the runner at the plate to end the inning in the 8th I knew we still had enough momentum to pull it out.

I actually believed the Orioles would win when the game started. I am not a fair-weather fan - I always believe the O's will win. I'm retired, so staying up for the game wasn't a problem - and unlike other games where I stay up to watch them lose. this was definitely worth seeing midnight.

when roberts sliced that single up the third base line. (although salazar's homer was straight out of weaver's handbook)

shades of '79? or maybe '89? think again! THIS IS '09 BABY!!

I think the only moment I thought the Orioles had a chance was when the scoreboard blinked 11-10, Final.

Come on now, Dan - look at the calendar. This is JULY 1st, not APRIL 1st. There's no such thing as "July Fools Day". So stop this nonsense immediately. I don't know how you got the rest of the Sun website to play along with it. But enough's enough.

What? Seriously?? You mean that REALLY happened??? Holy crap!! Ummm... since I was one of those who retired early and did not check the scores this morning until just now, I will have to say that I never expected it. I expected the final score to be something in the neighborhood of 11-1, or 12-3 maybe. So obviously I never believed they had a chance in this one.

Where it ranks - certainly as one of the most impressive individual game comebacks, but let's not get carried away. I'd say the games that led to clinching the AL pennant in 1966, any of the no-hitters, individual or combined, and any of a number of others probably rank ahead of a single (incredibly dramatic and improbable) win by a last place team against a first place team. But I'll take it. Certainly makes the rest of the day look a little brighter.


I'd been busy all evening, working out in the yard, came in, and saw the 9-1 score...switched channels, ate dinner, finished watching a movie, and flipped back to the O's (post)game I thought at the time--it was 10pm or so...saw they were still down 9-1, and told myself that they were going to win---you ever just KNOW that?? --it's a weird ,eerie, calm feeling I had. Of course, no one believes you when you say that after the fact...but, this morning, I don't care--- what a cool finish. It could'nt happened to a better bunch, and their obnoxious fans...

I was at the Norfolk-Lehigh Valley game last night and when I got home and saw the score 10-1 I figured that was all she wrote. When I checked my fantasy team it gave the score as 10-2 so I brought up the MLB.TV just in time to see Salazar's bomb make it 10-5. I thought the O's were going to win when Francona put Papelbon in with 5 outs to go. I just had a feeling because he doesn't do that very often and the O's were long overdue to get to Papelbon. I got a little worried when Georgie hit Youkaliptus to put 2 on. It has to rank in the top 5 of Orioles wins, being their biggest comeback ever.

That win was the SECOND best comeback win that I have ever witnessed. The first still has to be Hoiles Grand Salami in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and full count, and down 12-9 against the Mariners. I think it was 1996(?). Observation...Mora was seething for being taken out. Watch him closely the next few days. He has quite a big pride issue. Might work for the good if it gets him going, although in the past, when he pouts, it's never good.

When Reimhold led off the 8th with a base hit.

No lie and in all seriousness. I texted my friend when it was 10-1 and told him for some reason I feel the Os are gonna come back. Now I need to go buy a lotto ticket.

Of course, I started believing it WOULD happen with the Salazar 3 run bomb . When I started really wanting it to happen was whan they removed the tarp in a downpour to obviously try to complete the 5th and give the Sox the game. I said then I hope it clears up and we get all 9 innings in so we can come back to ruin the little plan. HAHAHAHAHA

I was at a bar in Bethesda last night, distracted between suprisingly-decent karaoke singers, watching Florida Marlins come back against the Nats, and feeling disgusted as Rich Hill walked off the mound. It was weird, though - I got back into the game at 10-2, and I told my friends "if they can make this close, this will be a good moral victory for tomorrow." Then, at 10-6, I went "you watch them sneak this out."

Fun game to watch.

Honestly, I thought they would blow it like they had in extra innings against Florida. I guess one gets cynical after a bad decade with a team. However, I did stay up to watch it and felt a twinge of Oriole magic sneak back into my veins. So, I would have to rate it as the top comeback ever (but there is always tonight)!

I didn't. I turned it off when they went up 10-1.

I live in Pigtown and was walking the dog during the 8th inning when they got the go-ahead rund... the noise was just echoing off the houses in the neighbourhood and it sounded wonderful. I went home and turned on the radio and listened to the rest of the game. I want so much for this team and see glimpses from time to time.

I watched the game last night. I had this gut feeling after the three run homer that they were going to pull it out. Or at least make it very close. It was great.

I believed it when I confirmed the Sun's story and confirmed it by checking a few other sites. At first I thought: has April 1 been moved to July 1?

As Yogi Berra has said time and time again; the game ain't over till it's over.

Since the game of baseball is 9 innings,
both teams have 9 chances to win the game.

when I turned the game back on after doing grad school homework... i saw the score online was 10-6, turned the game back on and it was 10-6, bases loaded no outs in the eight. Thats when I thought, "So you're sayin' there's a chance!"

I couldn't fall asleep until 1, my heart was still racing.

I knew the Sox were going to blow it after every single bounce started going the Orioles way. Markakis got jammed with a great 2 strike pitch and it landed in the gap of the outfield. The Orioles were hitting everything. I knew the game was doomed in the middle of the 7th when it was 10 to 4. It was destiny and the Sox were doomed. When Kottaras got thrown own at home by the no name center fielder I knew the Sox would lose 11 to 10. These are the premonitions a lifelong Sox fan has.

When I turned back on after the rain delay and it was 10-5 I thought they had a chance. Since the win over the Mets (and the Phillies and Marlins comebacks) you can not put anything past this team. They have great bats on the bench that can pinch hit and come up with big bats which really helps during these rallies. NOW BACK IT UP WITH A WIN TODAY!!

When Wieters came up with the bases loaded

I did stick it out and like Trembley once Salazar hit the 3 run HR to cut it in half I started to think...ok wish and hope....that they had a chance!! But you could sense the snowball was rolling downhill over Boston(even on the last day of June!!) and gaining momentum so I felt inclined to stick it out and was rewarded for my late night support!

I DVRed the game because I went to see the Tides game in Allentown. (I live in the Lehigh Valley.) By the 5th inning I started fast forwarding through the top of the innings, but I just couldn't do that when the Orioles were up. I wanted to see if there were any good at bats and just in case the impossible happened. I started thinking the impossible might happen in the 7th, but when Pedroia nabbed that liner I thought we were done. But when we started again in the 8th I knew we would take the lead. But since this is the Red Sox I wasn't sure if we would hold the lead. I guess I should never have doubted Georgia. By the way, I finished the game at 3AM.

It was absolutely incredible, wasn't it?! And so true about above comment- referring to the "Mother's Day Miracle/Massacre"...feels SO GOOD to get them back- even better than that! Also, I was there at Fenway earlier in the year when we blew the 7-0 lead. That was sick as well!

So, I'm one of those dudes who is notorious for NEVER leaving games early...NEVER! My wife knows, my friends know, everyone knows- I am an eternal optimist! I was there last night and after the hour + rain delay and end of 5th, down 9-1, I did the unthinkable- went home. However, the main reason was b/c my wife and son were at home and I thought getting back to them earlier was best. In my single years I would have definitely stayed. But even when I was leaving, I didn't think we had a snowballs chance in Hades to come back. After taking the light rail, I eventually got into my car as the top of the 7th was ending- now down 10-1. When we started our rally- especially Salazar's HR- I started having the crazy thoughts of "wonder if", but still didn't think we would. I think I actually started thinking we had a CHANCE after Wieters hit the bases loaded single to cut the deficit to 3, but somehow I still thought we would painfully fall short. I got back home and turned on the TV just as Wiggy hit the sac fly. After B-Rob's hit I really got excited, and then Nick's triple! At that point, I thought we would win, but still knew "Mr. Excitement"- who by the way has been absolutely incredible, and may even deserve another All-Star appearance- was due to finally blow a save, and hoped this wouldn't be the night! My wife was up w/me while I watched end, and now says she knows there is no way we are EVER leaving a game early again, and was laughing w/me that this is our "fever pitch" game moment! For those of you who have seen it, she's referring to that time in movie that Ben didn't go to the game- against the Yanks- and Sox came back from like 8 down and won in bottom of ninth and he was sick about it and went crazy. I can honestly say I laughed, and am still laughing about it! My wife as well. Then this morning, she says she wants to go today...and take our son- which will be his first game!!

I had stopped watching and didn't think we had a chance until the ESPN Baseball Tonight guys commented that the Orioles are threatening to tie the Red Sox. I quickly switched back and somewhat enjoyed the remainder of the game. I say "somewhat" because I've seen our hopes dashed too many times and my biggest fear was that we would get the lead and then blow it in the 9th like so many other Yankee/Red Sox losses. And Sherrill did not make it easy. But I'll definitely take it and it was nice to hear the O's fans being louder than the Sox fans at the end.

Right now.....went to bed when it was 10-1, wondering if Rich Hillwould ever win another game. Still can't b'lieve it. Heck, gimme a Dos Equis and pass a few around to the regulars, on me.

I still do not believe it. I think they sold their souls or something.

When Sherrill struck out Jason bay

lol really, i got a flicker of hope after the 7th. I wasn't confident we would hang on until the last Sawx batter was retired. The Os have teased me too many times in recent memory. This Os team seems to be a bit different than teams in years past. They have some serious fight/heart in them

When Pie ripped that triple. You gotta get the first run first. said yogi i think. And then when Salazar go boom! what a shot. first pitch, right? Anyway, Melvin did look peeved rather than congratulatory - hard to say though with just a quick camera shot of course. I've always been a Melvin fan but its time to play Salazar. Just like Reimold forced his way into the daily lineup, Salazar absolutely deserves some extended playing time now. I don't know how; exactly; release Mora when Izturis comes back perhaps???

I'd say I believed the comeback would happen at the beginning of the 8th inning when they started putting baserunners on one after another and hitting everything Okajima had to offer. I was at the game last night and can definitely attest to it being a late night....

I confess I stopped paying attention after 7 innings and just found out (12:35 PM Tuesday) about the win.

Is this the type victory that can turn a last place team into a champion? Probably not, but it's fun to fantasize.

I am still in shock. We actually turned the game off after they fell behind 10-1. Never again! Believe!

In that unforgettable bottom of the 8th, the loudest cheering from the stands was when Papelbon struck out Felix Pie. In the midst of the comeback, there was a buzz but you could tell the crowd didn't really believe the O's could do it. Or maybe there weren't enough O's fans there to make themselves heard over the Red Sox Nation.

It's been tough to be an O's fan the last 12 years. For me, the worst part of watching the team slide into decline was the perception that the players weren't as upset about the losses as us fans were. Not surprising, given the cast of aging, often roided mercentaries that rolled through here to get a couple more years of paychecks before hanging 'em up.

Then, about 5 years ago, the fans got sick of being the only ones who cared. Sometimes we watched the games on TV, but we stopped coming to the ballpark as much. More importantly, we stopped believing. Every Spring we hoped, but we no longer believed.

This year there have been a lot of encouraging signs. Youth. Hustle. Talent. Fundamentals (well, they are still working on those). The sweep of the the World Champ Phillies in their park. For the first time in ages, a roster full of guys you could actually like, with no bad apples.

Last night, we saw real Orioles Magic again. It was thrilling. I think the team has finally earned the right for us to believe in them again.

Let's RE-BELIEVE!!!!

Go O's!!!!

On second thought....

Dan--I believe I speak for all die-hard Baltimore Oriole fans when I say--Couldn't we have enjoyed the bliss of this greatest Bird comeback victory for at least another day?

Bergy pitched his heart out...and the Red Sox--like any team I have known from playing ball and coaching it still--were delighted...DELIGHTED! to see him gone in the 9th, providing Boston a fresh start.

It's good to have a manager who knows how to plan. But to win, you had better have a manager who has instincts, who knows how to ride with the dynamic of a game, and improvise. A manager who shows his players, each and every game, we are here guys to win--today.


I enjoyed your game story for Wednesday's game. Good job.

hey elias--markakis was hardly "jammed"...and the ball "landed" in the gap in the outfield? you make it sound like a butterfly calmly alighting in between the outfielders---he turned Papelbon's crap around---that ball was stroked...

is there something about Tuesday night games?

last Tuesday, i thought positively that the O's would win. rather, thinking back now, i guess i was just thinking positively and very much hopeful that the O's would win it, but then weren't they up by a couple of runs? well as i was getting home during 7th inning, i was too happy that they picked up 5 runs. i came to the door and ran to the TV to see the stats myself. heck! 5 runs in 7th inning!!!

last night though, i stopped watching at 3rd inning. i was pretty tired at 11pm, but moreso, i was cringing at the sight of Guthrie not being the usual him. and as i said, my guy Roberts wasn't there. =D but i didnt get to sleep right away, instead i reloaded the whole time the O's site to get the updates, up to the final minute, and the knowing that they won made my heart flutter though.

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