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What's your take on the Oscar Salazar deal?

I am flying back to the bar Monday afternoon, and I am hoping I recognize the place.

I’m sure the “In Oscar We Trust” banner is no longer hanging over the bar.

I’m curious to get your thoughts on Sunday’s Oscar Salazar trade to the San Diego Padres for reliever Cla Meredith.

Basically, this is my take on the minor deal: Salazar is a tremendous guy, perhaps one of the nicest in the Orioles’ 2009 clubhouse (and there is a bunch of good guys in there).

He is a great story. He played in Italy, Mexico, etc., and never gave up his big-league dream. And he can flat-out hit.

But a 31-year-old pinch hitter/DH with limited defensive skills is not a good fit for a rebuilding club that’s jammed at the corners.

It’s possible he goes to San Diego – or somewhere else – gets a full-time chance and succeeds. I couldn’t be happier for the guy if that happens.

He just didn’t have a spot here. Like it or not, Melvin Mora is the Orioles’ third baseman for now. He has a no-trade clause and is still owed millions for this season. Cutting him outright with two months on his contract to find a spot for Salazar, who may not be able to play third effectively, seems like a harsh end for your most tenured Oriole.

Cutting Felix Pie, who is just 24 --younger than Nolan Reimold, for instance – also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

So dealing Salazar – a guy who anyone could have had for free this winter – for a 26-year-old major-league reliever with a minor-league option was about as good as the Orioles could have done.

Meredith’s presence in the bullpen also makes it a little easier to deal Danys Baez or even George Sherrill this month. Think of Meredith as a poor (and young) man’s version of Chad Bradford.

Yes, it’s a very minor deal. But if Meredith ends up being a solid member of the bullpen for a couple years, it will be a solid, understated move. I wish Salazar luck, and I give Andy MacPhail credit for getting some value for Salazar.

Daily Think Special: What’s your take on the Oscar Salazar deal?


It stinks! He could and should have been our F/T right handed DH. The O's just came off a string of 8 straight LH pitchers against them. Did Salazar even start a game in that streak? This franchise remains dysfunctional and why we continue to draft in the top 5 every year.
Good luck Oscar!

We should have released/or sent down Pie but I knew that won't happen because for some reason, he's McPhail's 'golden boy'. Salazar didn't really have a spot with us but from all indications, the man can hit and I hope he gets a chance somewhere(although without the DH ) I can't see that happening with SD.

The more I look at the trade the better I like it. I am sorry to see Oscar go and wish him great success with the Padres. Look at how durable Cla has been. He is only 26. Now we will not have a hole when Sherril and or Baez are dealt. Even if they are not dealt, Baez will not be resigned. It is always good to add bullpen depth. Everything is about 2010 or 2011.


Well, since I haven't heard the trade discussed on TV or radio, only read about it online, the first thing I want to know is how do you pronounce Meredith's first name? Is it like "clay", rhymes with "do you think he'll stay?" Or like "clah", rhymes with "blah", which is what I hope we don't say when he comes into a game. Or maybe like "claw", rhymes with "he throws a good sinker ball." Or something else entirely. I mean, I never understood how "Favre" was pronounced "Farve".

After that, I'm just glad the O's got a potentially useful, established major league player in exchange for Oscar. I hope he does well in SD or wherever his travels take him in the rest of his career. It's not like he was going to bring in our third baseman of the future, so if he gets the team a little backup for the bullpen for the rest of the year, then that's fine.

Now if Oscar ends up being named NL Player of the Month for August and Meredith turns out to be a poor man's Jamie Walker, then I reserve the right to revise my opinion. But it's still a minor deal for the team.

Have you seen Meredith's pathetic numbers. Just more of the same.

It was a no brainer. He didn't fit in the long range plans here so he ahd to go. We get something in return (youthful reliever) that we really need, help in the pen.

I don't disagree with anything you said. Looking long term, dealing Salazar for a prospect is the right move on paper. But, for the rest of this summer, this move stinks. The Os have proven that they have a near impossible time beating lefty pitching this season. Salazar is a righty who just keeps getting hits every time he is put in the lineup.

For the rest of this summer, I would rather the Os outright cut Pie and kept Salazar. I understand the age math.....but (1) it would have made this year enjoyable as Salazar could DH vs lefties/pinch hit and (2) I dont think Pie is going to develop, ever - apparently no other team does either as I am sure the Os tried to deal him and there were no takers.

Sorry to see Salazar go. He was one of the few bats I actually felt excited about when I saw him in the on-deck circle when the game was on the line.

They got rid of the wrong guy. The O's struggle against LH pitching and Salazar batted .545 against it. He was inexpensive and could have helped this club for 3-4 more years.

As talented as Pie is, he'll never play because there are 4 outfielders in front of him.They don't need him.

Not a good move, Salazar is a very good hitter and team player, should have let Pie go (he has so much to learn yet and should be learning in the minors). We have our outfield set and Pie will just be a bench player when you compare Pie and Salazar as bench players there is no comparison. Salazar is a confident hitter and Pie will never get to that stage.

I was hoping we could keep Oscar, but I glad we got some value for him. I was hoping that he would be next year's version of Ty Wiggington. I figured that next year Huff & Mora would be gone, with Luke Scott at first, Wiggy at third, Oscar as super-sub, but, alas, not to be!

Who knows? The real question is whether Meredith will become the wide receiver we need so much. Too bad about Oscar. Lots of heart. Time will tell.

....but we can't look at this trade as "what's best for this summer." We need to look at 2010 and more importantly, 2011. Where the h would Salazar fit into our 2010/2011 lineup? Certainly nothing more than a part-time DH. We seem to have the starting pitching of the future in our grasp so let's try and solve the bull pen. I'm hoping this is trade 1 of 3 or 4 before the end of the month.

I'm surprised we got anything for him honestly. It's a good trade for a 31 year old career minor leaguer, despite his hot bat for us this year.

Pie is the youngest outfielder on the team and it seems most people are not paying attention. His first 50 at bats or so were a struggle, but in his last 50 at bats he has an OPS over .800 and an average over .300. And that is with very sporadic playing time! I give him major props. To say he won't develop is absurd. He's the knid of guy we should be acquiring, not releasing.

I really liked this guy Salazar - I dont agree with Andy on this one! - I'll be the first one to admit he has done a great job but Pie hasn't shown any indication that he is the player they were looking for! Time will tell if he was right on this but the past submarine pitchers have never stuck around here long! They should let the young guys on the farm throw a few games when the rosters expand - I'd like to see them give McDonough's Brandon Erbe a chance he's had less than a run an inning era down at Bowie.

What i can't figure out is why Pie is such a MacPhail pet or I can't believe how much Andy likes Pie! Salazar brings a great presences to the club house and could hit EVEN left handed hitters. The relief pitcher they received in return may work out or just be another middle of the road reliever. Personally i hated to see Salazar go as he was the type of hitting bench player that champion teams are built with. All JMHO!

I don't like the deal. But, I am not the GM. Given Andy history the last couple of years. I think we need to take a wait and see how it turns out. Not exactly like this team is in the middle of a playoff run.

Connolly, why doesn't releasing Pie, regardless of his age, not make a whole lot of sense? This is his second stint as an underproductive outfielder who has fallen below every expectation of him. I would have released him or traded him for less than what we got for Sal, instead of trading Sal.

You were talking about the fact that Sal probably wouldn't be able to play third this season b/c of Mora. What about first? If we trade Huff like everyone says we will, we could have slid Sal in that spot. He would be a great, cheap, placeholder until Brandon Snyder got up here or a better free agent came along.

Everything aside, being that we did in fact trade Sal, I think Cla Meredith seems like a good get. I'm also glad that Sal won't come back to haunt in our own least yet.

Barkeep's Reply: Hey Drew, Pie shows enough glimpses to warrant a roster spot right now at age 24, imo. Plus, the club has no other insurance policy (Joey Gathright?) in center if Jones gets hurt. And Jones plays so hard that an unrelenting meeting with an outfield wall is always a fly ball away. As for Salazar, I have seen him in pre-game at first. He's not an everyday solution there. Trust me. But I really liked the guy and would have liked to have seen him stick around if it were possible.

Andy McPhail continues to make all of the right moves, he is without a doubt a great GM. The Orioles will be in the race next year, because all of the pieces are falling in place nicely.

If I remember correctly, Meredith was lights-out a couple of years ago with the Padres. He had a stretch of scoreless innings that went for quite a while, and was a part of a rock-solid bullpen. If he can bring that winning attitude to our bullpen, then it's a great trade.

Great move!! There was no room for Oscar and we got a 26 y.o. releiver who can be effective, add depth, get better, and allow us more flexibility to trade another reliever. NO BRAINER.

I liked Oscar as much as the next guy, but lets get real, people - He is 31 yrs old (yeah right) and has NO long term value to this ballclub. While he can play all the corner positions, he is a defense liability compared to the guys in front of him. If the O's were a National League team, I would be in support of keeping him, but since Trembley just Xerox's the lineup everyday day, they don't need him. I have seen some people talking about how he can hit lefties so well, then why didn't DT have him in the lineup more over the past 10 days when all we saw we lefties? He got 1 start in 9 games.

I think this is a GREAT deal, the O's get want they have always liked, a submarine pitcher (Bradford, Frowirth, et al.) who they can run out to the mound everyday until his arm falls off. In the past, the O's would have been lucky to get a sack of baseballs for a guy like Salazar.

There is no worry of him coming back to haunt us in our own division because he wouldn't even make the rosters of the other teams in our division, why do you think we had him in the first place?

Good deal. We got younger with Cla Meredith, and we didn't need Salazar's bat in the future anyway. Salazar's bat will be taken over by a current Oriole when we decide to "buy the bat" in later years.
And Cla Meredith is no slouch. He has periods where he dominates batters. Salazar doesn't have a chance to be on the team in the coming years, Cla Meredith does.

Good trade. (and no, you can't send down Pie because he's out of options... that's why he got traded to the Orioles in the first place from the Cubs, just like Salazar got traded to the Padres)

Oscar Salazar is a professional hitter. It was a joy to see him come to bat. If the O's were contending, it would be a no-brainer to keep him. Here's hoping that Oscar can get 300 to 400 at bats each year with San Diego. He would never have gotten that many in Baltimore.

Felix Pie is only 24 years old. The man has only had 367 at bats in the majors and he's still adjusting to the American League.

Trembley should get Felix as many at bats as possible for the remainder of the season and then make a judgement regarding his future with the team. In a year or two I believe that he could become a .280 average/15 home run/85 rbi guy as a fourth outfielder.

Brillant move when you consider how all the other teams are loading up against the Orioles with left handed pitching. Who would need a right handed bat in that situation? Certainly not a last place team. Now for the next brillant move. Theywill be sending Mickolio, who is a power arm and has three great relief appearances in a row, back down and keep running Baez out there with an ERA approaching 5 runs per game. This organization doesn't want to put the best team on the field that's why they are always in last place. Its all about contracts, money, and kissing the veterans rear ends.

This was a lousy move. I would´ve traded Mora. Mora is a good third baseman, however he´s not getting any younger and his bat it´s not what it used to be. Salazar can hit, he has proven that, and we could´ve resign him cheap. We could save some money by dealing Mora and using that extra cash for a potential free-agent in this coming winter. Best wishes for Salazar in SD.

The Orioles have always cherished players who could field but not hit. Especially at shortstop. Oscar was the opposite. He should have been the O's top DH against leftys but for some reason was forgotten. This is a very minor move and will have little effect on the rebuild under MacP. It is just disappointing that the O's really didn't give someone who hit like like Harold Baines a chance.

i just was blogging with Padres fans and they said he's decent...until he faces more then 5 batters.

BTW, according to, Meredith's full name is "Olise Claiborne Meredith", so I'm guessing "Cla" is pronounced like Clay.

A minor deal.It shows that the GM thinks anyone would be an improvement over what we have in the bullpen. The suggestion that this new guy could make Sherrill redundant is ludicrous. We have to deal position players because we have to carry too many pitchers --and in a league with the DH!

Pie will never amount to much (he really has had opportunity), and for the past few weeks Oscar was hitting the ball well. He probably would've been a been 1st basemen than Huff and anyone is much better than Wigginton.

I think we need a firesale of these older guys, especially Wiggy, Huff and Roberts. They do not contribute, except in the "E" column. The base-running mistakes are dispicable. And I have no idea what happened to Mora. Maybe he, like Roberts, is just finally sick of this organization's perpetual slump. Hell, aren't we all?

I gues for now it's "In Andy We Must Trust"...

If your league allows for a DH, you really ought to use one. Look at the guys who've played that position for the O's over the last few years... Any strike fear in an opposing pitcher's heart? No... we've had DH's batting 8th for cryin' out loud.

If you have the position, take advantage of it with a power hitter who's also a defensive liability. Like Salazar.

pie= kyle boller, salazar= Matt cassel. I think this is a super de duper dumb move. lets look at the history of our bull pen. yea i have a feeling this trend of having no bodies who are horrible in our pen will continue

Sorry to see Salazar go, but I think Pie will pan out ok if he gets more playing time, but they should have traded Ty instead. O's need to get their house in order if they are going to compete next year. O's need more of a solid manager who knows how to handle a pitching staff. Seems to me every year they pick the wrong guys for the rotation (i.e. Eaton, Hendrickson, Hill, etc.) get on with it and bring up the young guns. What are they waiting for?

Meredith was lights out in his 2006 rookie season, with an ERA of 1.07, WHIP of 0.71, and opponents only batted .170 against him.

Unfortunately, from 2007 to this year, these stats have worsened each season. He's been playing in a pitchers' park, and opponents are batting .361 against him on the road this season. That's not very promising...

However, he's proven to be a much better 2nd half pitcher, with career ERA splits of 4.42 / 2.39, and career WHIP splits of 1.52 / 1.12. This offers reason for hope the rest of 2009.

We can only hope he'll find a way to recapture his rookie brilliance...

I know it's nice and easy to bag on Pie (trust me, I was doing the same earlier in the year), but if you check out the numbers, since his disastrous March/April, he's batting .304 in very limited action.

As Connolly said above, he's a good outfielder, and Jones needs a backup. Plus, if he is indeed out of options, he's a guy that could get through waivers in order to trade him past the trade deadline.

Salazar was solid. But his value was in a trade, not on the field for two years. Someone said this is the type of bench guy championship teams are built with. Are you high? MAYBE, if the Orioles were in contention (which they're not, and probably won't be next year either). Even then, I don't consider a 31-year-old career minor leaguer to be a piece of a championship puzzle.

Frankly, this is a minor deal unless Meredith provides bullpen value. Otherwise, the Orioles got what they needed to.

Minor deal. No more, no less.

IT WAS NOT A NO BRAINER!!!!!!! Whoever is posting that does not know baseball. Salazar will win a batting title in the next few years or come close if he gets the playing time.... He is a pure hitter..Mora is the one that needs to be moved or let go.. He is 37 and on the down swing of his career...

Like I said before, I hate to see Oscar go and I wish him all the best in San Diego. I hope he gets elected to the All Star team next year at age 32 and plays until he's 40. That said, the trade was in the long term best interest of the Os. You have to go with the younger, more versatile guys on a rebuilding team. And I give AM tons of credit for getting a servicable reliever for him. I thought we'd be lucky to just get a human being with a pulse for either Pie or Salazar, given that one of them would have been DFA if not traded. Cla is a major leaguer, only 26, and with some upside. He'll take Danys place when he gets traded later this month.

Are the people that said this was a horrible trade nuts? What is wrong with Oriole fans?

Before this year no one ever and I mean ever mentioned Salazar. Not even after he got called up last year did we hear cries for Salazar to be promoted fulltime. If Salazar is so great why has it taken him 13 years to make it to the majors?

Here is a guy that in his career was released 2 times, claimed off of waivers 2 times, played in the mexican league in '05 and didnt even play baseball at all in '06. In 2002 the Tigers put him on waivers and they lost 106 games that year!! How bad are you if a team that loses 106 games puts you on waivers?!!

Salazar played 17 games for us this year and only 7 he started. He had 31 at bats and 11 of those were pinch hits. Did he do well when pinch hitting? Absolutley. Which means seeing that he has been a career minor leaguer with his current stats his value is as high right now as it ever will be, ever!

So for McPhail to get anything in return for a 31 year old career minor leaguer who if not for being in the Orioles system wouldnt get a sniff of the majors, is amazing.

Hey Dan - Schmucker says you are monitoring a hearing of the Sarasota County Commissioners to keep tabs on how they are voting on a measure that will affect the Orioles' spring training home. Man, that's gotta be more brutal than watching the Orioles play ball these days. You gotta be sorry you had that duty instead of tending bar back here. And you know how dangerous it can be not to keep a close eye on things in this place. Pour yourself a cold one once you get back and tell us some tales of the Windy City.

Barkeep's Repy: Jack, words can't describe how much it stinks watching 10 hours of a commissioners' meeting. I'm pouring for myself today.

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