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What's your take on promoting Chris Tillman?

The day you have waited for is approaching, Orioles fans.

Or at least the second day you have waited for.

The first was in May, when catcher Matt Wieters made his big-league debut. I’m not sure that can be topped from an anticipation standpoint.

But now it looks as if 21-year-old pitching prospect Chris Tillman will make his big-league debut Wednesday at home against Kansas City.

Tillman has been pretty good in the minors, going 8-6 with a 2.70 ERA. With Rich Hill and Jason Berken both struggling in the big leagues, promoting Tillman seemed inevitable.

It should make the Orioles better right now, but is it best for Tillman in the long run?

He is only 21. He was supposed to stay in the minors all season. The Orioles feel that because of what he has done at Triple-A, it’s time to keep challenging their top pitching prospect.

But there is a camp out there that believes the Orioles should stick with the original plan and keep Tillman at Triple-A Norfolk all year. Let him have success and continue to work on the little things, like mixing his pitches and fielding his position. The feeling is that the Orioles aren’t winning this year anyway, so don’t rush him.

So what’s your take?

Daily Think Special: What’s your take on promoting Chris Tillman?


Personally I think that Andy MacPhail has done an amazing job handling our young talent the way he has over the course of his tenure here and if he thinks that Tillman warrants a call-up then I'm all for it.

I look at it like this. So far, with the exception of Berken, each time a young talent gets called up to the O's they do fairly well. Bergesen, Hernandez, Wieters, Reimold. All doing pretty decent to pretty good up to this point. And even Berken is doing alright considering so I'm okay with the move. Worse case scenario is he gets taken back down to Triple-A if he looks too over matched, which I highly doubt he will be.

It's about time (didn't i win the pool?). Let him get acclimated to the bigs in 2009. Starting rotation in 2010: Bergesen-Tillman-Guthrie-Matusz-Hernandez. I don't think this will negatively effect Tillman. If he's that good, he's that good.

Gimme a Dos Equis.

I am in favor of it. This season is about giving the future a chance. Tillman deserves it. I would rather watch games with guys like Tillman than Hill....

Here's my take: every time the Orioles get on a terrible roll and the fans are ready to turn away, the O's promote a much-anticipated future star (Reimhold, Wieters, now Tillman) to try to recapture some excitement. It's worked twice, at least for a while. Let's see if Tillman's debut is exciting enough to compete with the start of Ravens training camp... and if the young prospects thrive or wilt under that extra pressure.

Jim Palmer was just 21 when he shut out the LA Dodgers and Sandy Koufax in the 1966 World Series. I'm not saying that Tillman is or ever will be another Jim Palmer, but a 21 year old
with talent can pitch with success in the major leagues. If you have that kind of ability, you pitch and win while you learn the finer points of your craft at the big league level. If he shows he's not ready, he can always go back down to the minors before his self-esteem gets shattered and come back again later. Some very good pitchers have done that. But who knows, there's just a chance he'll catch lightening in a bottle and actually give the Os fans something to cheer the last two months of the season...and, more importantly, hope for the future. Guthrie, Bergesen, Hernandez, Tillman and Arrieta sounds like a winning rotation to me.

Barring any injuries, it is inevitable that Tillman, Arietta, Matusz, and Patton will get their call ups within the next year or so. Tillman is the closest. I wish management would leave him down AAA for the remainder of the season, maybe make him a September call up, but that seems very unlikely. If we call up these boys and they pitch well, but our bullpen blows the lead that they inherit, these boys will get dejected. I believe that because of this reason that shoring up our bullpen becomes top priority. The Salazar deal is a step in the right direction. Chris Tillman being called up right now means that we are making a statement that we are competing for fourth place this year. Why???

I think I'd prefer to leave him at AAA for the rest of the season so that he doesn't end up like Daniel Cabrera, but that hasn't stopped me from buying tickets to Wednesday's game.

Not since the Baby Birds of the mid-60's (look em up), have the Orioles had such an abundance of promising rookies and prospects. Assume these players are going to pan out as solid big leaguers. Of course, it's not likely that they'll all make it due to injuries if no other reason. It's a bad business move to bring Tillman up this year. Before this season, the Orioles took a big step in the right direction by extending Markakis and Roberts to contracts that will cover the best years of Nick's career and the rest of Brian's. They're probably planning the same thing with Adam Jones after next season or the year after that. This year, they have already started the clock ticking on Bergesen, Hernandez, Reimold, and Weiters. In about three years, they may be looking to extend some or all of those guys. If they start Tillman's clock ticking this year, he represents yet another player that they're going to be figuring out how to keep. They're not winning this year anyway. Why not delay Tillman's clock until next year? Give him and Arrieta a taste of it in September and then bring them both up in May of next year and get a 7th year out of them like they did with Weiters this year.

The only way he's going to become our ace is to get him up here and let him face the best competition. It's good that his first start is in a winnable game, although I think he does have to go against Greinke. But it would be great if he can get about 10-15 starts at the bigs under his belt and come into spring training next year confident knowing that he has a spot in the rotation, and hopefully he is ready to get that damn Jeter out.

Too young to start the free agent clock.

The time is right for Tillman to take the plunge. The only pitch that he could stand to improve while still in the minors would be his changeup, but it has progressed very nicely and it something that he could certainly get by with and keep working on in the majors, similar to how Hernandez has to develop his splitter and changeup.

His last start notwithstanding, he has mowed down Triple A hitters.

And lastly, we can't keep trotting out Rich Hill and Jason Berken as 40% of our rotation. Replace Hill with Tillman and give Berken another month or so before promoting Arrieta in September.

Sure, we are a team trying to build towards the future, but the organization also has to understand that the here and now matters too. The more successful we are now, the more we have to build on for 2010 and 2011. Tillman has nothing left to accomplish in the minor leagues and gives us the best chance to win at the major league level.

Tillman is ready.

Can't the Orioles "[l]et him have success and continue to work on the little things, like mixing his pitches and fielding his position" at the Major League level?

And the argument that the team isn't in a position to win this season would suggest to me that you bring Tillman, Arieta and Matusz up and let them get acclimated to the majors.

It's about time! If the Orioles had a competent staff they could wait to bring him up. With Hill getting worse each appearance and Berken needing more time in the minors to straighten himself out, now is time for Tillman.

It will only give him major league experience to build on. Our expectations should be realistic and he will have good games and bad.

We also need Arietta to join the Orioles in mid August for the same reasons. Mateus needs to be in AAA now as well.

It's the new talent that will prevent another year end meltdown. September should see a bunch of new talent that will replace the old guard next year. Hopefully the next few days will provide some of these roster spots. Have a good week Andy!

They have to give him a look. If he's shakey and falters, they can always send him back down. At least he'll have a game or two under his belt when he comes to spring training. Hill doesn't seem to have what we hoped and Berken has to get past that "ONE" inning that hopefully isn't gnawing at his confidence. Trembly is not the manager for Berken stock type pitchers. He lets the kid get pounded before taking him out .. do we have a manager in the minors we can promote?

I'd rather have him learn the ropes this year..........and be ready to deal out some pain in 2010............then have him learn the ropes in 2010.

O's should have kept Weiters at AAA for the entire year and should keep Tillman at AAA also. It is well known around MLB that the O's consistently destroy prospects by rushing them. It's not like Weiters and Tillman will help the O's make the playoffs this, why rush them?

While I think he would probably see some success if he does get called up for the Wednesday game, I think they should hold off for a little while longer. I think that there are more viable options to call up and see how they do without rushing our top prospect arms. I feel like the O's should have planned to bring up Waters or maybe even Troy Patton. Both have major league experience and if they called up Patton it would be his Orioles debut since being involved in the Tejada trade. Patton threw yesterday though so it obviously won't be him. While I believe that Tillman will be the one who's called up, I think it might be better for him to spend a little more time in AAA. Call him up in the middle of August, allow him to make a few starts, and then shut him down. Give him a spot in the rotation next year for him to lose and then we can do this all over again with Arrieta and Matusz.

Send out Hill and Berkman to get pummeled some more. Why not do the free fall again? The final third of the season is always such a joy in Bally-Who..

It's about time.

"But there is a camp out there that believes the Orioles should stick with the original plan and keep Tillman at Triple-A Norfolk all year. Let him have success and continue to work on the little things, like mixing his pitches and fielding his position. The feeling is that the Orioles aren’t winning this year anyway, so don’t rush him."

You said it all right there Dan.

There is a mental level of maturity that I`m sure is required, that I assume is evaluated along with his pitching talent. If the coaches and FO think he`s ready, then I`m OK with it. However, I wonder if it might be better to put him in the bullpen and let him get his feet wet first. Many years ago that was the normal way to introduce youg pitchers into the majors.....if it was good enough for Jim Palmer, I would think it might be OK for Tillman.

I say bring him up. Jason Berken wasn't supposed to be here at all this year and he's been up most of the year. He's the one who needs to fine-tune in the minors.

Palmer, McNally, and others all got hit initially in the majors. Let Tillman learn that now while we are buired in the basement.

Tillman, Arrieta, Matusz, Bergeson, Hernandez, Guthrie. Lets go. We will be much better with a bunch of solid starters. Keep Sherrill in the bullpen and dont trade him.

I can go back and forth on this one. I've said before and will say it again- decisions like this: when to promote prospects vs. holding them back in minors, is arguably the most essential instinct needed of a successful GM. There is no exact formula to discerning this and probably never will be. On one hand, why not leave Tillman at Norfolk for the rest of the year and all the more assure his readiness for next year? But on the other hand, when a player is dominating AAA, it would seem best to promote him, even though Tillman is only 21. It seems like "the plan" all along has wanted Tillman up this year- at least by September. I only hope this promotion isn't also driven by internal organizational pressure to rush things and appease the fan base. If this is not an impulsive rush move, but rather driven by Tillman's obvious accelerated progression, then comon! My ultimate confidence in our organization pulling the trigger on this move is MacPhail calling the shots. I am quite confident this move would not be happening unless MacPhail was confident about it. And the upside is that Tillman will have more experience sooner to better position ourselves for a winning season next year, leading to our run of success in the years to come! I am stoked to see this kid pitch!!

After the experiment with the recent call-ups, it is apparant that the only starters worthy of staying are Bergesen and Hernandez. Berken probably needs more seasoning down on the farm to see if he can turn his ML experience into a real career, and Hill is nothing more than a journeyman. Guthrie has earned the right to stay, but even his spot is not guaranteed.

It's time to move up Tillman and see what the kid has got. It's important to remember that these guys are new to the big leagues - progress will come slowly, but there must be progress. With Tillman up here, we'll have three homegrown guys getting the experience they need if they are to be effective, and all at different intervals (Bergesen, Hernandez, and Tillman are all in varying stages of their development.) I can't help thinking that the time is right to go out and sign someone more experienced, and someone that will have a better chance at efffectiveness, to fill one of the starting slots. Yes, it will cost more to do this, but it will take some pressure off these guys and keep the 2010 O's in more of their games.

With a 90+ losing season upon us once again, it's time to keep pressing on making this team better - all personnel should be evaluated on this basis. This year has been fun to watch in that watching these younger players develop means we're building towards something. We have a stability that we haven't had in years.

Why not? He could get hit hard and have something to work on based on his experience or he could do well and contribute. Either way it is a win situation, if he is too shaken by doing poorly to recover then he probably isn't top flight taletn to start with. The goal for the O's should be finish .500...

I don't think e has much more to learn in the minors this time around. I expect him to stay and do well the reainder of the year.

Can Matuz be far behind? Hill has to go.

We have another inmate to the Baltimore Institute of Losing- Reimhold, Wieters, Berken, Bergeson, Hernandez and now Tillman.

I was hoping these guys would spend the year winning in Norfolk. They would enter the big leagues next year en masse next spring fresh from a season of winning the International League championship and participating in the AAA World Series.

It is not to be. Instead, these guys are indoctrinated to the culture of losing. By next spring, the process of breaking their winning spirit will already be underway. Soon, they will learn to accept the losing that comes with being a Baltimore Oriole.

Sorry for my part indirectly in the topic that was so slow over the weekend. I guess folks would rather just go to a bar than talk about why they like a particular one. At least now we are back to the Orioles and the cash registers are humming again.

I am surprised at the number of people saying to keep Tillman in Norfolk all year, or at least until September. Nice to see that there is still a segment of the fan base that can see the value in long term planning. But I happen to be with the camp that says if he's ready now, then bring him up. I don't see him as being "rushed" at this point.

And I don't buy the argument about saving his service time. It's okay to have that awareness of service time, options, and the like, but you can't run your organization based solely on those concerns. It will be six years before free agency becomes an issue and there has to be an expectation that the team will continue to improve and be competing for the playoffs every year by then. With that will come increased revenues to pay the salaries needed to keep the talent on the roster and attract new talent.

Though we do have to get away from "when Palmer came up...." and "back in the sixties they did..." I know, I was there, for at least some of it, and I've said it myself in the past. But I try not to do that anymore. It's a different era now. Not to mention that when Palmer started in the pen the rotation was Pappas, McNally, Barber, and Bunker, with occasional spot starts by Robin Roberts and John Miller, before Palmer got moved to the rotation. The place for Tillman right now is in the rotation. If the team had five good starters and Tillman was MLB-ready, then perhaps he could start in the pen. Not as things stand now. We need him starting and going deep to save the guys we have in the pen now.

MacPhail has done an excellent job with the kids so far. I'll stick with him, and his decisions.

Many great comments and opinions up there. I won't be too verbose as I ad mine. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

It's about time. C'mon, Matusz, Arrieta and Patton.

I tell you what Tillman is dominating Triple-A give him a chance but the question is if he has a hard time in the majors and is not cutting it they'll put him back in Triple-A but will he be able to recover when young guys mess up there comfidence gets down then they just lose it but best of luck to Tillman and Andy MacPhail keep up the great work with our young pitching

I really hope he isn't Hayden Penn Jr.

Its really a no brainer. Tillman is ready. Wieters was ready. Reimold was ready.
Bergeson was ready. Hernandez was ready.

Matusz should move up to AAA now that Tillman is being promoted.He's done all he can do at AA.

Like some have mentioned...if the kid is good, it wont matter. Ive never subscribe to that nonsense that bringing a kid up to early will ruin them....rubbish. If hes a gamer, hes a gamer. Period.

I totally disagree with this "why bring him up since we're not winning anyway?" philosophy.

What if they're a losing team next year.... or the year after? Hell we've had like a dozen straight losing seasons in a row now, are we supposed to keep all of the prospects in the minors until the team has a chance to win?

The guy is DOMINATING AAA hitters... he has nothing more to prove in Norfolk.

Bring him up. If he looks overmatched after 3 starts, send him back down. Palmer was in the bigs at 19. I agree this is the best group of pitchers since the baby Birds (Estrada, Barber, etc.) Most of them blew out their arms early. Hopefully the 100 pitch count will give them longer careers.

Bring him up. It will make a huge difference for both this year and next.

We need someone to root for. Does anyone really root for Rich Hill? Does anyone want to pay to watch him?

Let's generate some excitement for guys who are going to be here for a while, like Tillman and anyone else they want/need to bring up. Let's have some fun out there!

We don't expect Tillman to set the world on fire, but what have we got to lose? It should be a tune-up for next year when the O's had better be competitive!! And I mean COMPETITIVE !!

i have not read any reason to keep tillman down in triple a , the old saying hinesight is 20 20 , the pressure on wieters who was and will be the greatest catcher in our history was more then any past orioles player that i can remember.ive watched the orioles for forty five years and its a no brainer these are the best group of farm talent ive ever seen .the olsons and penns and lizs were flpos from the begining , none of those guys can even touch the talents of these guys now . hernadez has not rattled a little in seven starts and tough starts in ny and boston , bergensen has thrown more quality starts then the other three flops combined. i watched till up in triple a game a few weeks age in allentown phillys triple a team and no hit them for 5and a half , so what good is keeping him down in tjhe minors for more time going to do , nothing!if any of there arms get hurt theres just as much chance in the minors as the majors . what do people think they throw underhand down there , please . next it will be jakes turn and next year matus and patton . iam more worried about the manager up her and i use the word manager with fear. lets bring bowa or valeintine who is leaving japan to manage the young flamethrowes , not trebly he is the one who belongs in the minors.

Personally I think they're rushing him to the majors. There's a huge chasm between AAA hitters and facing the Yankees and Red Sox.

What's the hurry here? He's only 21 and getting rocked by major league hitters can damage a young player's confidence. I'm more in favor of seeing how he does next year in spring training.

If Tillman comes up and throws seven scoreless innings, then I'm proven wrong.

Let him have a couple months to adjust while we are in the basement. There isn't any pressure on him to keep us in a playoff race every 5th day, right? Let the kid learn in the bigs. He has mastered AAA. Bring 'em up! Bring Matusz up end of next year. Compete in 2011.

Dan, In no way do I think it's rushing him. There are no challenges at Norfolk for him and what you rightly call the little things are just that, things he can just as easily work on with the Orioles.

As has already been noted, Jim Palmer was promoted at 21 and he did pretty well in the majors from what I've heard. If Tillman is as good as he's being touted to be, then now is the time.

And when I say now, I mean Wednesday, not after rosters are expanded. I think it's a very important distinction. A September call-up isn't going to do as much to prepare him for next season as having the extra month.

And it's imporant for not just Tillman, but for the Orioles as a whole, because if they're to make real strides next year toward being a contender, they need to have as many starters as possible settled into their spots in the rotation.

The extra month will help him do just that. Waiting until September simply doesn't give him that opportunity.

Neither Tillman nor Arieta is on the major League roster. That means they weren't in the original plans for this year. If Tillman comes up then someone has to be released or traded.

Its time !! Bring all the young kids up and let them learn how to win NOW !! Guthrie needs to be traded for more youth as it seems he has lost all convidence.

The question can't be answered until Berken and Tillman pitch. If Berken contunues to have early inning problems and Tillman has similiar problems in tommorrow's start. I myself wonder what the Orioles will do.

This is really great, fantastic news. Lets just hope that PA allows MacPhail continue to do his job. I will no longer be a "Lifetime" Baltimore Orioles fan if PA steps in the way again. Indications are is that he isnt involved much anymore. Lets just hope it stays that way!

Next, why in the world is Dave Trembley still the manager of this ball-club? I would've fired Trembley at the All-Star break, and let Juan Samuel or John Shelby run the club the rest of the way.

Fire Trembley, Kranitz, and "THE CROW" who should have been fired 5 years ago.

After this season, I know this is a long shot, but....Try and hire RAY MILLER as PITCHING COACH, yes, AGAIN!

And Get a very well experienced Manager in here...Tom Kelly, Bobby Valentine, Gene LaMont....And the guy I really think would be a great manager, JOEY CORA, coach with the CHI SOX

Somebody's got to pitch the Orioles to a win. No one else is.

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