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What roster move do you make when Izturis is activated?

OK, it’s time to replace your beer-drinking hat with your GM-thinking hat.

(Sure, you may wear both if you really want).

Shortstop Cesar Izturis is expected to come off the disabled list Friday, and the Orioles don’t want to get rid of a pitcher.

So they have a tough roster move to make.

They likely will have to move either outfielder Felix Pie or infielder Oscar Salazar. They’ll either trade one or designate one, meaning they will then have 10 days to trade or ask waivers on that player.

Pie, 24, has much more upside and has been hitting well of late. But he lost any chance of starting full-time when Nolan Reimold came up from Triple-A.

Salazar, 31, has shown an ability to pinch-hit and can play several infield positions, but he isn’t considered part of the future. And a pinch-hit specialist isn’t crucial for a last-place team.

Neither one will bring you much in the trade front; both likely will be claimed if waived.

The other option is designating/releasing/demoting a pitcher. But with such a young rotation that doesn’t go deep into games, the club needs as many relief arms as possible. So I don’t think that will be heavily considered.

My guess is Salazar will be traded for a low-level prospect. But this isn’t about me. You are the one wearing the GM hat.

Daily Think Special: What roster move do you make when Cesar Izturis is activated?


Trade Pie if at all possible. A healthy bat boy would do. A team mascot maybe? How about one of the Presidents from the Nationals, the one that's never won anything would work.

Andy Mac will not release Pie. Look for someone to go on the's a shame Salazar didn't come over from the Cubs...he wouldn't be considered to be traded or released....I would let Oscar pinch hit for Mora or Wigginton anytime there were men on, unless Trembley is letting them go for the hitting into double-play record...

Option 1: trade either one. Salazar/Pie....Pie/Salazar. Doesn't matter.

Option 2: Waive Salazar.

Option 3: Keep both and waive George, peanut vendor (sometimes hot dogs), left field upper reserve section.

David Hernandez will be sent down since his turn in the rotation doesn't come up again till probably July 21 and he will have been in the minors for atleast 10 days before being recalled again. That gives them more time to trade Pie/Salazar unless they have something already.

I agree with you Dan, I think Oscar will be the one to be DFA, and they'll try to trade him for a prospect. He has certainly earned some playing time with somebody the way he has been hitting since being called up. I wish him luck if that's what happens.

Pie has been solid as the 4th OF. If they end up trading him, they'd probably have to call up Gathright, because they wouldn't have a very good backup option for Jones. And that defeats the purpose of getting rid of Pie.

However if Huff's groin injury is bad enough for the DL, they won't have to make this decision for 2 more weeks. 15 days would only be 10 games or so.

It's nice to see these kind of problems, shows that our overall talent level is rising, which is exactly what AM set out to do.

I hate, hate, hate to see Oscar go, but, for all the reasons you said, trading him for a prospect makes the most sense. Doing the logical thing doesn't always feel good. AM should talk to the Pirates. They give away stars for "has beens," wannabes," and "4As."

i would let salazar go and hope a nl team picks him up and plays him on a regular basis. this is the toughest decision yet, but have we eliminated Aubrey Huff going on the dl?

Trade Brian Bass.

I think you are worng in that any contending team needs a pinch hit specialist. We should pacakge Salazar and one of our pitching prospects such as Troy Petton and send them to the Yankees for a starter like Jaba Camberland.

I think it is unlikely the Orioles will get any value from either Pie or Salazar, and both are decent role players. I could see the Orioles sending Kam Mickolio back down.

Personally I would like to see Mora moved (easier said then done). I think both Pie and Salazar play a role that cannot be replaced if one of them leaves. Granted Mora has made some great defensive plays but all he does is play third. There are a lot of guys who can do more than just one thing on the team so I like that flexibility. Maybe Huff goes on the DL and they can delay making a move. Who knows either way it will be tough and if Pie or Salazar leaves I hope it's at least via a trade and not just for nothing.

Trade or release Melvin Mora.

Trading Salazar seems to be the de facto move. It's going to be painful though - the guy has produced amazingly in his part-time role and could really be something special when another team gives him more at-bats (I'm thinking of Jack Cust).

A once great franchise is reduced to
a debate about basically 2 meaningless players . How disappointing? The more cogent topic
would be a discussion about how MLB
is now realizing the O's dont play hard. That style of play influences the
umpires . MLB commentators were aghast that the Mariners let the O's come from behind. You can have your own opinion but Trembly's adage of playing the game right is just lip service. The O's loaf on the bases and consequently dont get the calls.

I would use the Huff groin strain, and the all star break as a way to get some extra time. Put Huff on the DL, bring back Izturis. You would have the 4 days (retroactive to the last game) before the All Star game, the 4 days or so for the break, and then only 7 more days for Huff to get to 100%. All the while shopping both players.

Put Guthrie on the DL retroactive to July 5th. He'll miss 2 starts, get his mechanics worked out (if indeed he really is not hurt) or get some needed rest for an obvious tired arm....or trade Salazar but that's too boring.

It's simple math. Salazar is 32 and Pie is 24. Salazar goes. If you can trade him do it. He is not a part of the future plans.

Trade Salazar for a minor league pitching prospect. Pitching wins baseball games. Hitters you can buy!

Designate Melvin Mora

He is definately not part of the future.

Unless Huff goes on the dl I would send Hernandez down to buy time for a trade that would open a spot. I hope Guthrie throws a great game next outing as he may bring a better return now than in the future and he doesn't appear to have a place in the rotation as the young guys all come up. How far behind Robin Roberts is Guthrie for all time home runs given up?

Does it really matter? The team is full of losers like this. Fringe players like this won't push us over .500. Who cares who stays and who goes at this point?

What about Huff? He isn't exactly performing the way a power 1B needs to. Why not give Salazar a shot at playing first on a regular basis? Is his defense that bad or just average?

Get a young pitcher for Mora. He's clearly going downhill. We don't know the upside on Qscar, but he seems to have that intangible ability to come through in the clutch.

Barkeep's Reply: Mora has a no-trade clause. If you are going to get rid of him, it likely will have to be a release. It's doubtful he'd waive his clause, because if he were cut, he'd be able to choose his own team.

As Much as i like Mora,It,s tme to say good bye. Let him go.

let mora go!

Well the Orioles are not going to be trading any of their young players any time soon since that would admitt they can't cut it but I tell you up front if Markakis, Jones, and Reimold continue to show me nothing at the plate( I think the 3 combined are hitting about .180 their last 250 to 300 bats combined with no power to drive in runs) in the off season I would be looking around just in case.

The Orioles have been playing with a 24-man roster all season. Pie has to go. I don't care how young he is; he has no place on this team, and Salazar has been terrific. We don't need any more left-handed hitting outfielders, especially ones who don't play very often or well. If they want to keep both, then send down a pitcher back to Norfolk. Let the starters actually finish games and give the bullpen a rest.

Bass goes, put Hernandez in the 'pen

Some interesting ideas coming from the house today, Dan. Some are pretty crazy, but entertaining nonetheless. Though I can't tell whether Donald is just kidding or banged his head on the door on his last trip to the men's room.

If a rookie starting pitcher is going down for a brief spell to stall for time it's gotta be Berken and not Hernandez. Not sure how well Huff would take going on the DL unless he really is hurt that bad. That could kill any chance of re-signing him after the season if the team was interested in doing so. Pulling that trick with Freel was one thing; with Huff it could really negatively affect the team for the rest of the year and beyond.

I'm thinking that if they don't want to stall by moving down a pitcher with options for a short stretch that it will be Oscar who gets DFA'd unless they can pull off a trade outright before they have to activate Izturis. They won't be able to get a lot back, but he should have some value to the right club(s) due to his versatility and the hitting he has done off the bench this year. Not to mention that he's basically the same as Wigginton, with less MLB experience. And a bit better hitting record this year.

I'd try to trade Pie and get whatever you can for him. He hasn't done much for us but if he's starting to turn things around, now might be the time to get a low level prospect for him (strike while the iron is hot). We have Scott who can back up Reimold, and Guthrie is being used as a pinch runner so we wouldn't miss Pie's pinchrunning. If Salazar can play a bunch of infield positions, that could prove to be very useful for us.

What are the prospects of trading Izturis for some minor leaguers?

I think they will continue trade talks with the White Sox and trade Pie and Mora for Josh Phelps during the all-star break. Then Izturis gets called up. Mora would accept a trade to the White Sox to play for his fellow countryman Ozzie Guillen.

Trade Wigginton to the Reds for minor league infielder Drew Sutton + 1...too bad MacPhail doesn't work that fast :/

DFA Melvin Mora,,,,bah bye

Salazar is a pure hitter.. You dont get rid of guys like that. Pie has a decent upside... Just demote a pitcher... Its not like we are going to win anything this year.. I really think salazar could compete for a batting title if given a chance to play every day... call me crazy, but the guy can hit.. why dump him for a low level prospect???? Thats just stupid!!

Trade Izturis. He is only under contract thru next year and Andino will be here for several years. Not that much difference between Izzy and Andino and then we get to keep both Pie and Salazar.

I would hate to lose Salad Bar or Pie, so....Sorry Melvin Mora but if it was up to me you would go. That's baseball....

Salazar may be 31, but he can hit and Mora's 35, and seems to have lost his hitting stroke. Mora's ok, not great in the field, but I don't know about Salazar's defense. If he's serviceable, then you gotta start playing him. Third base is supposed to give you run production, and Melvin's just not delivering any more.

This roster issue needs to be sorted out via trade, but if no adequate trade is in place, the best bet is to option Hernandez. With the way he's pitched, I don't think his options are all that valuable to the team anymore. He's not the sort of guy that's going to be spending much more time in the minor leagues, so you burn an option until you get this roster problem sorted out. When he comes back, I think he comes back for good.

MacPhail does has a tricky situation here, in that everybody in the Pie/Salazar/Wigginton/Mora/Huff cluster has definite value and a questionable place in the future plans of the Orioles. Of these, I would be the least inclined to move Salazar, who looks to me like the late-bloomer type in the general mold of Melvin Mora. I don't remember the last time we've had this superior of a pinch hitter on our team.

It makes no sense to get rid of Pie before Salazar. Pie is younger and could potentially bring something decent back in a trade and we cannot afford to carrt Andino, Wigginton, and Salazar as backup infielders. My question is, why didn't we bring up someone more expendable a few weeks ago knowing Izturis would be back soon, like the much older Jolbert Cabrera?

I want to keep Salazar. He can hit and the Orioles have been below average in runs scored. Salazar was leading the Intermatnional league (AAA) in hitting with a .372 average and was one of the leaders in home runs with 10 when called up. He has hit over .400 in limited chances with Balitmore and also hit well last year with Baltimore. He also has a lot of clutch hits. Giving him away is a waste. I want to see how he can hit with an extended opportunity. Players who lead their triple A league in hitting by 30 points over a 2 month period and demonstrate power don't grow on trees.

While Salazar's fielding is not his strength it appears to me that he is not the dud he is being made out to be. In 50 games at Norfolk this year at 1st base and the outfield he made 2 errors. Last year in 92 games, primarly at 1B he made 7 errors. I know errors aren't the whole story with fielding, but they give you at least some basis to judge his fielding. I doubt whether he is a good enough fielder to handle 3B on a regular basis but could play there occasionally. (He made 16 errors in 79 games at 3B in 07, the last time he played the position except for a few games in 08.). Its also tough to judge Salazar's fielding based on a couple of games in the majors at 3B and SS when he hasn't been playing those positions in the minors for several years.

I see Salazar playing 1B, DH, an occasional 3B, and pinch hitting. If Huff is traded this year or is not resigned for next year, Salazar could get alot of time at 1B. It is not clear at all that Brandon Snyder will be ready to make the jump from AAA to the majors next year. So far, he is struggling at AAA.

Send Andino down if anyone gets hurt he is recalled, he continues getting regular playng time helpos out Norfolk and gets the first available call up. This should be the last option first is trade Wigginton or another duplicate player like Huff. I perfer to keep Huff but Wiggy and Scott can do the job. I love Reimold but as a DH. Salazar is to me is a Benny Ayala with more defensive skills and ablity to help this team now. I know it is a lot to ask of Andino but he will be getting paid and to play once or twice a week is not helping the current situation.

There are a myriad of options that don't require us to lose Pie or Salazar.

Hernandez to AAA - he's not starting this weekend anyway. He gets a start in down there, and comes back up in 10 days.

Mickolio to AAA - we can deal with one less bullpen arm for 3 days.

Or, why don't we just wait - why the rush to crunch the roster when we're about to have 4 days off? Can we really not make it thru the weekend without Cesar?

To be honest, we don't need both Cesar and Andino, so trading Cesar might be the way to go, but we know that would never happen.

Just send down Hernandez.

OK, so I was wrong about the pitcher being sent down. Those who paid more attention to the order of the rotation than who was pitching how well got it right. But at some point the same decision on a position player still has to be made. Unless the team feels it can go with 11 pitchers instead of 12 until the first of September. That would of course require that the starters start going longer in the games on a regular basis.

Claim Rich Hill injured and place him on the DL for 14 days . By that time a trade can be made for Oscar Salizar . I'd preferr that they get rid of the one that was just brought up , Michalio the 6' 9' relief pitcher which they can do without . We have too many people in that role already . What is needed are good subs on the bench . Mora shouldn't have to play but so many games a week . And while we're at it Wietters should be benched for Zaun who is hot . Reimholt is another one who should get some bench time as he's not hitting .

You could not get a bag of baseballs for either one. Especially since the teams that may be interested know the O's will have to waive one of them if they do not trade them. They may have to just assign to minors and hope they clear waivers. Really does not matter that much. Pie has two advantages, youth and can back up left and center. So that means trade Salazar or assign and hope he clears waivers, unless someone gets hurt.

Send Pie down. Who would claim him on waivers? They would have to keep him on their ML roster or expose him to waivers again. I don't think guys who have trouble staying on the O's roster are going to do it on somebody else's.

I wish I could have sent gutherie down since he isnt an ace and he doesnt have it at all this year as a wake up call but pie would have been good not hernandez we need all the pitching we can get

Glad to see killer Ray was at the McCheeter funeral. What 2 great role models. I"ve prayed for his wife and kids. Play with fire. I'm no angel but!!!

Can we trade Peter A. for a owner to be named later Good job coaches and GM But in reality trading Salazar might be a mistake with Huff becoming a free agent and Mora well becoming old I do like Mora but times are changing and we need a hitter at 3rd and there is always room for Pie

I realize I'm a little late on this one; I'm also going to go against the grain and suggest that the Orioles trade Luke Scott. I love the guy but does anyone really think he is this good? And he is a one-dimensional player that is easy to replace. Salazar could potentially do almost the same job as Scott. And we are likely to get a very good return for him since he is playing better than he ever has. Most players eventually go back to their career averages and he probably will too. Why not trade him for more than he is worth, get a couple of building blocks for the future and solve the roster crunch? If you can't get what you want for Scott, then put Pie on waivers. I like Pie, also, but he isn't worth much to this team, right now.

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