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Prediction Friday: Write a headline for the Orioles' second half

It’s been a while, but we are returning an old feature to the bar today. One that is about as dusty as those near-beer bottles in the storage room. No one drinks that stuff.

Anyway, “Prediction Friday” is back. Cue the bands and cheerleaders. There will be much rejoicing. All is right with your cyberworld.

Usually reserved for Ravens’ games and major golf tournaments, I am dusting off “Prediction Friday” for the Orioles. It’s a one-day-only appearance.

Friday night the club begins the second half of the season in Chicago, and I’ll be there to chronicle exactly how it kicks off (that means you guys must behave yourselves at the bar with no supervision).

This could be an interesting 11 weeks because, frankly, the Orioles have stunk mightily in the second half over the last decade. There is a little more optimism this year since the organization’s minor league reinforcements are more talented than in the past.

Still, the schedule, as always, is brutal. And if the Orioles aren’t careful, their annual second-half debacle could begin this week with a rough road trip to Chicago, New York and Boston.

I want to know how you think the Orioles will do in the second half. There are 74 games remaining. My guess is they go 31-43 and end up 71-91.

But what I really want to know is what you think will be the biggest storyline of the second half. Will it be a trade or a call-up or a firing?

This is your chance to be a headline writer at The Baltimore Sun. And you get to do it on Prediction Friday. So predict a second-half headline. What could be cooler?

Here are some headline possibilities: “Sherrill Traded.” “Trembley Fired.” “Reimold Wins Rookie of the Year.” “Tillman Dominates in Debut.” “O’s Have Winning September.” Or simply, “Orioles Scuffle Again.” We love the word scuffle in journalism circles.

Daily Think Special: Predict a headline for the Orioles’ second half. And explain why that’s your choice.

Bonus Think Special: What will the Orioles’ second-half record (74 games) be?


“Wieters Golden Idol Nearing Completion”

“Reimold Homers; Bum Killed on S. Howard St.”

“Jones Floats Away After Bubble Incident”

“Huff’s Moustache Traded to Nationals”

“Roberts Pondering Finer Points of Sunflower Seed-Spitting”

1. Wieters Catches Fire in Second Half -- O's "Arson Squad" Bullpen Under Investigation

2. Luke Homers Again -- Both Fans in Bleachers Scuffle for Ball

3. Sherrill Perfect 1 for 1 in Save Opportunities in Entire Second Half

4. O's Make Trade With Cubs

5. Os Make Trade With Cubs Again

6. Os Make Trade with Cards -- Just Kidding, Os Make Another Trade With Cubs

7. Acta Turns Down Os Manager Job -- Says He Wants Major League Position

8. Pie Named Left Fielder For Life

9. Salazar Tops .400 -- May Get Another Start Next Week

10. Freel, Eaton, Walker Added As Roster Expands Sept. 1

11. Mora Hits Ground Rule Double -- Thrown Out Trying For Third

12. MacPhail Says Os Plan Right On Schdeule -- Also Says He Saw Elvis In A Box Seat

Okay, that was a little mean. Nothing personal, just having fun.

Go Os!

2nd half headline

Ravens Report to Camp in 9 Days

Prediction: 32-42, 72-90 overall. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

irsay buys orioles...moves team to indy

"O's edge ailing Yanks for wild card"
New York breaks down and discovers it has the same amount of minor league depth the Orioles have had for the last 11 seasons. On a strong second-half bounce from young studs such as Weiters, Tillman and Arrieta (as well as improved numbers from oldsters Mora, Huff and Roberts) Baltimore sneaks into the running for the wild-card slot.
OK, it's fantasy, but the great thing about baseball is "you never know . . ."

Headline: The kids are alright.

It's the only trend that matters -- rising tide of new O's. They should get another brace of talent for Sherrill and Huff. As Dan Rather would say: Courage

"Peter Angelos nixes Trade for Roy Halladay"

"Orioles fail to fail, play .500 ball down the stretch"

Headline = "Orioles Win Yet Another 4th Place Finish". They find ways to win this title every year and they will do whatever it takes to get there.

Record = 33-41

"Ravens Begin Season 3-0"

"Orioles finish 32 games out, optimistic about next year."

Dan...enjoy the windy city. Must be heaven for a writer to cover the human quote machine, Ozzie Guillen. We will behave, to an extent, but you know how Rich can get. CSB Jack is the only one who can keep that guy in check.

My 2nd Half headline is: "Wieters tops off a blistering August in style, finishing the month with 11 HR's".

My 2nd half record is 38-36 to finish 78-84.

I'm sorry but I haven't stopped drinking the orange kool-aid since Andy rode into town on that white horse and I ain't stopping now. Actually, it's been orange flavored Dos Equis but who cares. Pour me another.

O's trade Mora to White Sox. Huff and Sherrill stay put.

The greatest 2nd half of baseball-EVER!!

Orioles Look at Stats; Make Scott Everyday Starter

Orioles Pitchers' ERA 6.78;
Orioles Minors pitchers' ERA: 2.80

Umpires Held Accountable for Performance

(OK, #1 and #3 are fantasies)

Another sub-par finish

Headline: Trembley Run Outta Town

Poor baserunning by current Big Leaguers costs trembley his job.

Turn the light is dark in the basement!

Orioles Stand Pat At Deadline

Red Sox Win AL East


Orioles "Like What We've Got"

Red Sox Win AL East


Orioles Extend Veterans' Contracts

Red Sox Win AL East

2012 ...

Baltimore Throws Parade After O's Finish 4th

Roberts Pulls Hamstring After Finally Running Hard to 1st

Adam Jones Lands Cameo in "Iron Man 2" as Bubble Man

Huff Picked Off Base During Batting Practice

Luke Scott Files Restraining Order Against Felix Pie

Gutherie Gets Kink in Neck From Watching HRs Leave Park

Andino Sues Team Manager for Giving Him Crooked Cap

Mora Hits Homerun But Still Ends up With Double Due to Lack of Speed

Trembley, Markakis Yell "Jinx!" After Smiling at Same Time

Orioles Complete Historic Last to First Comeback - Look forward to Rangers in round one.

54-20 finish 94-68!

But I would take 42-32 for a decent 82-80.

Here's the one I DON'T want to see: "Connolly's Raided - Again". Pour Capt Jack a Captain & Coke - he'll need it when he realizes that finishing in fourth place would actually be an improvement this year over last. We used to be able to count on finishing ahead of the Devil Rays, but that all changed with their name change. Last year the Orioles were the only team in the division with a losing record, finishing 17.5 games behind Toronto in the standings. Another 33-41 finish will probably sew up last place, which is fifth in this division.

But I think he's actually right about the place they finish, just not the record. I think the headline will be "O's Reverse Course, Then Stay The Course; Trembley's Option Picked Up Following Strong Finish". And, "Future Bright For Orioles: Three Players Finish in Top Five For R-O-Y". I can't pick the same final record as Rob so I'm going with 38-35 and one rainout.

BREAKING NEWS: Huff, Guthrie and Pie Traded to Toronto for SP Roy Halladay.

FINALLY, Angelos sells Orioles to Cal Ripen Group.
Apologizes to city!

Melvin Mora on the Diabled List - Sprained Jaw while grimacing at called 3rd strike.......again!

Orioles to trade Brian Roberts for Bob Saverine and a 5pound box of sunflower seeds.

Amazing Arrieta baffles Bosox -
O's reach .500 &
Great Scott hits his 30th

Pitching Woes, Baserunning Miscues Continue to Haunt O's.

Trembley, MacPhail forsee huge turn around in 2010. (or 11...or 12...or 13...or 14....or 15).

Fewer than 500 fans watch O's lose September match-up.

O's invite Ray Lewis to deliver motivational talk.

Orioles and Nationals Neck and Neck For Draft Position

O's See Brighter Future as Owner Fails to Find Elixir of Youth

Mora Finishes Season With More Children Than Home Runs

Felix Pie Defies Laws of Physics and Makes Out Before Coming to Bat

Robert Andino Takes 1st Ball Four; Has to Ask Ump What to Do

Koji Uehara Pitches Complete Game - Now Out for Entire 2010 Season


Says Kim, "Base running mistakes will cost one finger for first mistake, two for second, etc."

Huff, Mora Submit Retirement Papers

Orioles Bid for .500 Falls Short After Freak Accident
(Team finishes 80-81-1)

The Orioles looked as though they were poised to break an eleven year losing streak as Adam Jones, representing the winning run, rounded third base in the 11th inning of a game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Mother nature had other plans though. Approximately 20 feet from scoring, Jones watched helplessly as a sinkhole opened its jaws (quite mockingly) and swallowed home plate, ending the game in a tie.
When asked for comment after the game, Jones (the Orioles lone All-Star representative) replied, "What the f---?"

O's Young arms stumble early but lead second-half resurgence to finish above .500!

Bergesen wins R.O.Y., Reimold 2nd.

35 - 39

Trembley Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Hits Cleanup, Blasts Walkoff Homer.

Bedard Rankles Mariners Fans, Pines for Charm City as Free Agent

Earl Weaver Answers Reporter's Call about Managing O's with Expletive, Thrown Golf Club and Rant about Don Stanhouse

Trembley Receives Contract Extension; O's Celebrate By Beating Texas 40-4, Then Blow 30-Run Lead Next Night.

Brian Roberts Says He's "Psyched to Play," Proves Point By Actually Bunting

Tillman, Matusz Take Spots in Rotation, There is Much Rejoicing

Jr. buys O's from Angelos!


After reading all of these comments lmao, it's good to see that although we have become accustomed to losing, we can still keep it funny and hope for the best. I enjoyed all the entries.

I consider myself a funny guy, but I can't top any of these posts but I'll predict a .500 finish next year w/Wieters becoming our modern day Ripken and Reimold our Pujols. Okay I may be reaching.

Peace From The Middle East!

"Youth Movement Pays Off Early for O's: Team Notches First Non-Losing Record in 12 Seasons" (no character limit, right?)

so I guess that leaves me w/ 41 - 33 in second half.

Angelos nixes Mora for Pujols trade with Cards; O's re-acquire Fernando Tatis for Wieters, Reimold and Bergesen. Angelos says Tatis will backup Mora to strengthen hot corner.

BREAKING NEWS: Huff, Guthrie and Pie Traded to Toronto for SP Roy Halladay.

Posted by: Oriolesfan9
Toronto Globe and Mail Headline:
Jays make worst trade in baseball history

How about: Websters Dictionary changes definition of mediocre to Orioles.

Flanagan and McPhail finally give Trembley decent pitching and the O's play above .500!!

After pair of trades, O's retool finish season strong and are primed for 2010.

-O's trade helpful veterans Aubrey Huff, Melvin Mora, Danys Baez and Joey Gathright to the Giants for youngsters Kevin Frandsen, Ryan Rohlinger, Travis Ishikawa and troubled starter Barry Zito.

-In another deal the O's trade Guthrie, Izturis, Hill and budding star Lou Montanez to the Brewers for Casey McGehee and J.J Hardy.

The Orioles finish the season at 76-86 after going 36-38 the rest of the way.

Trembley Longest-Running Interim Manager in Baseball History.

Wigginton finishes season with a major league-record 545 double plays

Huff pulls quad muscle running out ground ball, still on field in pain -- not that he pulled his quad, but the emotional pain of running out a grounder

Walker returns to give up 700-foot home run to Brandon Fahey, calls it an "uber-rocketship" in post-game interview

Adam Loewen hits five homers as O's lose, 46-3, to Jays in season finale

Garrett Olson pitches perfect game against O's, tells MacPhail to "suck it"

Rich Hill gives up nine runs in 2/3 innings, Orioles say Tillman "still isn't ready"

Wigginton still hasn't made it to second base against Florida

Orioles lose 28 straight games, Huff tells media that "it's just a rough stretch" and that's there's no need to worry

1-73. O's will win the one game at Fenway after being down 14 runs. Will lose all 73 of the other games even though they were up by four runs or more in each of them.

"Os eye Cowan High School RHP Justin O'Connor with 3rd overall pick"
"Os trade Guthrie to Cubs for minor league player to be named"
"Os allow Huff and Mora to walk at season's end for supplementary draft picks"
"Rick Porcello beats out Reimold for rookie of the year-Reimold 3rd in voting"

BREAKING NEWS: Huff, Guthrie and Pie Traded to Toronto for SP Roy Halladay.

Posted by: Oriolesfan9

Toronto Gloce and Mail headline:

Blue Jays make worst trade in history

"Os go 27-47 to end the season for another last place finish"
"Team's offensive hopes rest on the learning curve of Reimold, Weiters, & Jones' revival in 2010"
"O's unable to sign free agent 1B or 3B-team settles for more has-beens"

Wieters hits 54th home run; Orioles blow 14 run lead in the ninth

BREAKING NEWS: Davey Johnson seen having dinner with Andy McPhail

Of 4th is a 4th of course of course and no one can talk to a 4th of course...

I'm hoping for:

"O's Go Fa Since Trade For Cla!"

Hope and Change? No, more of the same.

Best. Thread. Ever.

you guys are awesome...

O's hammer Yanks, Wieter homers 3 staff blanks Yanks to 3 hits. Oh to dream.

Angelos Pukes Watching Orioles Run pen new book, "Secondary Leads". All coaches fired...Trembley to stay...for now. Angelos will become first owner in modern era to coach 3rd. base...will wear hit brim ala George Sherrill. Samuel sent back to Binghamton for 5lbs. of chicken spiedies...TBone Shelby offered job renting dinosar boats in harbor.

Tillman shines in Major League debut, goes 8-0 for the season with an ERA of 2.05 or somewhere around that.

Matusz gets promoted to Triple-A, continues to dominate hitters with an ERA around 1.30. O' s decide to promote him at the start of next season.

Arritea gets promoted to the O's after his last few dominating starts in Norfolk in which he went 5-0 with an 1.35 ERA. Mr. Jake Arritea also gives the struggling O's a pep talk that they need to start winning games with a winning attitude.

Bergy wins ROY, and is also the MLB Rookie Starter of the Year.

Nolan Reimold wins a Sliver Slugger award, and finishes 2nd in ROY honors behind Bergy.

Matt Weiters finishes the year strong with an .425 BA, 15 HR, and 45 RBI with 20 Walks.

O's continue to grow up!

Angelos to McPhail time is now:

The O's will look to free agency for the first time in several years. I believe they have a descent outlook on what the farm system has and will have to contribute for 2010 ansd 2011. I can see the O's parting ways with Mora, Huff, Zaun, Pie, Baez. There payroll will be reduced dramatically. They sign Jones to 5-6 year 60 mil and will get a true ace to lead the young staff. They will also be in need to get a high profile free agent or two to raise the level of the young guns. Bringing in a true ace will give the young guys a sigh of releif and a mentor to go to when struggling. Same for the young non pitching prospects. Bringing in a high profile free agent or two , first and third base will give the young guys a sigh of relief and take pressure off of them as they do not have to do all by themselves. Its time they start spending the money Masn is making them. Having a few big names and a few of the prospects (Matusz and Arieta) Make the team next year will send the fans into a frenzy. Just like the days of alomar bonilla and palmeiro. Could not get a seat at the yard. Yanks will fade. Boston will slow our turn is around the corner.

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