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Have you adopted a non-Baltimore sports team? Why?

We tackled a sensitive subject Tuesday, looking at the legacy of Steve McNair. I applaud most of you for the way you handled it, even when waging criticism.

To those of you who were edited (and for the very few of you who were ushered out by the bouncers) I am not comfortable with speculation or name-calling. I hate drawing a line, so I try to do it in pencil. Most times I’ll let you say what you want to say.

It’s a free country here at Connolly’s, but watered down 7-and-7s will cost you $4.

As often is the case, we are using the previous day’s entry as a jumping off point to a new topic.

In Tuesday’s discussion, I mentioned that I adopted the Houston Oilers as a favorite team when I was a kid and the Colts were so terrible. And then I stuck with the Oilers when the Mayflower vans stole my childhood. I stuck with the Oilers all the way until I became a sportswriter in the mid-1990s and distanced myself from sports fandom.

Jack, one of our loyal regulars and welcomed voice of reason, suggested that we should knock around that concept as a daily question. And since I love when you guys do my work – and it only costs me a free imaginary drink chip to Jack – we’ll do it.

What I want to know is if you have adopted a non-Baltimore sports team over the years. If so, which team(s)? What do you do when your “other” team and the Baltimore one meet? And most important, why did you take on another?

I assume many of you did when the Colts left and you were left without a NFL club for more than a decade. And some of the younger bucks in here may have sought out another baseball club during the current orange-and-black’s blue period.

This could make some interesting reading. So tell your stories, people.

Daily Think Special: Have you adopted a non-Baltimore sports team? Who and why?

Comments can pass that drink chip over here. Jack still owes me for my Phillies prediction last fall......make it a Dos Equis.

When bullet Bob Irsay snuck out of town, I looked around and tried to latch on to another team. Redskins? Heck no even though Joe Gibbs was a class act. Steelers? Nah...too many painful memories from the '70's. So I latched on to the 4 time SB losing Buffalo Bills. They had Frank Reich (old Terp), Carlton Bailey (old Woodlawn Warrior) and a bunch of guys who played the game the right way (Tasker, Talley, etc.). Plus, Buffalo is not some prima donna town like Dallas NY.

Always been an O's fan, even the past 12 years.

When the Mayflower vans pulled away I was a Junior in High School. I hated the Irsays for taking them away. It was tough to latch on to another team but I ended up a Raiders fan. I liked the whole persona of those teams in the 70's and 80's. They were feared and always gave the assumed to be washed up star a second chance. The memories of John Madden being carried off the field and of course the killing of the Redskins in that Superbowl. My roommates in Laurel back in the 90,s insisted the Raiders cheated and I always told them that was Raider football, "Just win Baby".

What a shame that Al Davis has totally lost his mind!

Of course since the Ravens arrived I am a devoted die hard fan of Baltimore but the Raiders got me through the tough years.

Growing up in Columbia my family was mosly die-hard Redskins fans. However my father liked to root for the underdog when it wasn't Washington playing. Fast forward a few years and being the rebelious 10yr old child, I decided that the though I loved football, the Redskins were not going to be my team.

So I followed my Dad's lead and found the true underdag team in the NFL...the New Orleans Saints. They were going to be my team. To this day they still are. Even though they have never made it to the Super Bowl, I am excited every season to see if this will be their year. Geaux Saints!

I grew up in Baltimore. I was a teenager when the Colts left town. The Colts as I knew them (Johnny U. and Co,) are just good memories now; that team that plays in Indiana is no relation to them. For several years I didn't pay any attention to the NFL at all. When I moved to D.C. the Red Skins were having their glory days under the first Joe Gibbs administration and I rooted for them. Then I moved to York, PA. We got both Steelers and Eagles news there (the Ravens didn't yet exist) and I became a Steeler fan. Now I live just outside of Pittsburgh and still root for the Steelers. The Steelers have a great history and the city is more similar to the Baltimore I grew up in than you might imagine. The Ravens are just the Browns in purple uniformrs to me; I have no connection to them. Sure, had I lived there when they came to town, I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon. But as it is, I have no use for Ray-Ray (who purpsoely broke Mendenhall's arm), Art Modell (who ditched Cleveland like Irsay ditched Baltimore), and the gang. I still root for the Os though. One thing you can say for them: they're better than the Pirates (who I still haven't forgiven for "71 and "79.

Yes. I was a die hard Colts fan in the 60's but the day they traded Johnny Unitas was the day I became a Steelers fan. That was in 1972 and I have been a Steelers fan ever since. I still love the Orioles and I always will.

Man oh man, I've been waiting for the topic for years becuause the curiosity intrigues me. I even mentioned this on a post sometime last month but it was posted a couple of days late; I believe during the Kobe/Lebron debate. I'm 31yrs old and feel I am part of the lost generation of Baltimore Sports fans.

NFL - Since the mid 80's I've bounced around from the Bears; first team I remember seeing on T.V. 1985 (Walter Payton & The Fridge) Redskins (closet team plus Superbowls during the 80's, loved the WRs), Raiders (Super Tecmo Bowl; loved the Bo Jackson/Marcus Allen backfield), 49ers (Joe, Jerry, Roger Craigs long socks), Eagles (Randall Cuningham), Titans (loved McNair & Eddie George's toughness) and finally the Ravens during the 99 season. I knew we had a team that scored pts, but they were pretty bad and I finally took notice late in the 1999 season when they finished strong at 8-8 and Tony Banks looked like the real thing if memory serves me correctly. All teams mentioned above I no longer care for as witnessed by my Wife's creation of my Ravens Room.

Baseball, Orioles always. Starting with the "Why Not" season and no other sports team comes close to my love for my O's; although the Ravens have become a very close second. My Wife doesn't know how and why this love for the O's is possible and I'm starting to wonder myself. I guess it's the only team my "lost sports generation" can claim as their own and I've cheered for no other team longer or harder. Now the 12yrs of losing has taken it's toll on me but I keep coming back. They are Home.

NBA, big Laker Fan and adopted Bullets/Wizards fan because of close proximity. If Baltimore ever got an NBA franchise, I would probably cheer for them but not if they played the Lakers. The showtime Lakers have been ingraved into my mind like the first football game I remember seeing Walter Payton running, kicking his legs out, juking holding the ball like a loaf of bread.

So there it is and I can't wait to see the teams that us Maryland/Baltimore natives have adopted and still cheer for today. Fortunately I never had an ounce of affection for the yanks or steelers becuase having to remember something like that would make me physically sick.

The Toy Dept., What the @@%k! No wonder the Sunpaper only hardly been good for fish wrap all these years. Who makes this decision. Nobody wants to come to a toy dept. Are you crazy? Connelly Sports Bar. It sounded great. It fit so well. It's offensive to have to come to the - t o y d e p t. to talk sports. This is Baltimore, home of Brooks, Johnny, Lenny and all the rest. For god sakes Johnny is spinning like a lathe. Toy Dept? My apologies to you Dan you've always been cool, but your bosses are a$$&*^%$

Barkeep's Reply: Rich, good to have you back. Sorry we changed the place on you. Trust me, you won't know the difference, and it will make things a little easier on me when I get crushed with work. So, pipe down, grab a stool between Rob and the gumball machine and drink your beer.

Every A.L. East team. Because it pisses off the Kool-Aid drinkers. Until Angelos is no longer the owner, that's the way it's going to be.

I love baseball and the Orioles, always will, as hard as it is at times. But growing up I had a second team.....the Reds. They were awesome in the 70's. Pete Rose was my baseball idol. Even though as an adult I know that what made him an excellent player probably makes him a horrible person. And when I had no home town NFL team I still watched the Colts and wanted them to win, but the bears took their place for me until the Ravens saved the day.

I was a huge Colt fan up until they snuck out of town. After that for me the choice was easy...the Cleveland Browns. I always liked Brian Sipe and Ozzie was my favorite non-Colt player plus I hated no team more than I hated the Steelers so it was a no-brainer. I even became a Browns Backer. Funny how it all worked out and how special it made Superbowl XXXV for me. Being a Baltimore football fan and being denied football all those years along with seeing a team that I'd lived and died with since 1983 win it all was truly special.

When I moved to Maryland, I was here 1 year before the Ravens flocked in. Since my dad is a Cowboys' fan, I could not like the Redskins. So I just followed random teams such as the Dolphins, Patriots, Packers, Chargers, and eventually my dad let me like the Redskins, because we live just 2 minutes from DC. When the Ravens arrived I never warmed up to them until their Super Bowl victory. Now I put them as my #1 team tied with the DOlphins. Once I adopt a team, I like them.

Actually, I adopted Baltimore. Originally I was from the Scranton, PA area which is Philadelphia territory. I was never a Phillies or Eagles fan.

As a kid, I did not care for baseball though evnetually I supported Oakland A's for a while and my NFL was the Dolphins. Once I moved to DC for college, I got hooked on the Orioles and eventually the Ravens. I despise all sports in Washington including the BUGS.

I actually moved to Baltimore 1) because it is cheaper and 2) to be closer to my sports teams. Now I can walk to games in the city.

When the Colts left town I became a Broncos fan. I liked them because John Elway wouldn't play for Irsay and since I hated him, it worked out well. After his great career was over the Ravens started playing and the timing was perfect. Of course I always pulled for the team that was playing the Redskins.

For football, I gravitated to the Raiders after Irsay stole my team from me. I liked that the rest of the NFL hated them (as I was pissed at the NFL for allowing my team to leave, obviously at that time I didn't realize that Al Davis' lawsuits when they tried to block his leaving Oakland were the reason we had no legal leg to stand on while trying to keep / get back the Colts). The fact that they beat the Redskins in the Super Bowl (and my hatred of the Redskins is imprinted on me on the DNA level from my father and grandfather) helped my rooting for them. As I learned more about Davis (and once the Ravens got here), I dropped off that team and haven't looked back (and in fact took some extra pleasure out of the Ravens beating them in the AFC title game)

For baseball, when I was 8 I became a "latch key" kid (in the 'burbs in the 80's that was still safe). When we got cable the next year, I would come home and watch TBS, since they had Tom and Jerry and the Flintstones on in the afternoon, until I flipped around and found WGN sitting next to TBS, and found afternoon baseball, and more importantly Harry Carey. Ever since then I have been a Cubs fan (so I have not only 12 straight losing seasons, but also over a century since a championship hanging over my baseball fandom head.

Make it a double, and let me chase it with a double.

"I" is for morning imbibing, imaginary or not.

Dan, if in the end it makes things easier on you: I'm cool with that. The Sunpaper being only possibly good for fish wrap, and your bosses being as memtioned, still stands. How bout that game last night! Cold ones for everyone, please.

I wouldn't say I have adopted a non-Baltimore team, but I am one of those who grew up in Montgomery County as an O's fan and Redskins fan! No Colts memories to remember, and certainly no Senators memories (before I was born!). So naturally, it has always been the 'Skins and O's...and always will be!

Hey Peter, where ya from in the Scranton area? Up here they are all eagles fans :-( personally I hate the eagles, Growing up there was no nfl team in Baltimore I could associate with the Orioles, so I became a Steeler fan, moved to Pittsburgh for a few years and I just got hooked on he magic of being a Steeler fan in Pittsburgh. Now that I am back in the Scranton area, I still follow the Steelers every Sunday and the Orioles everyday!! I have never looked back, but I peer ahead always waiting for the O's to turn the corner......

I am and always have been a Baltimore fan first and foremost but I have adopted a few teams outside of Charm City for certain reasons. When I was growing up, I rooted for the Colts and the Cowboys (I was a big Tony Dorsett fan). When the Colts left and the Cowboys got rid of Dorsett and then Tom Landry, I adopted the Raiders and Bears because I was a fan of Marcus Allen and Walter Payton. When we got the Ravens, I stopped rooting for the other teams. I do root for the Eagles and Phillies as my two second favorite teams now. My in-laws are in Delaware and are fans of both clubs. I also started following the Phillies in college because my girlfriend was from Philly and we used to go up to Reading for minor league games. When either team plays Baltimore, I root for the home team. It is harder for me to root for the O's over the Phillies though since the O's have been mismanaged and abysmal for the past 12 years but at least they are on the right track (finally).

Great question! The 80's were really the pits for Baltimore sports. No football, the O's couldn't buy a win, and UM sports were first in the cellar, then on probation for basketball. I latched on to the NFL teams that had Maryland ties. Of course, that meant the Dolphins because of Don Shula. Also, the Lions during the Bobby Ross-era and the Bengals during the Boomer Esiason days. Later, I respected the Giants and Eagles whose owners were the only two who had the courage to support Baltimore for an expansion team in 1993, plus, the clobbered the Redskins year in and year out in the 90's.

When the Colts left I was 10 so I adopted the Pats as my football team since former Colt Raymond Berry was their coach. I have regretted that brief period of support for the Pats ever since the rise of Tom Brady and the invasion of the Red Sox morons every summer at Camden Yards.

When the Colts left I initially adopted the Bears mostly because of their coach and arguably the best defense in NFL history. But when my children grew older (5 and 10) I decided to share a NFL experience with them like I had with my father. Since I'd root for the Taliban before the Redskins, I looked north and decided on the Eagles. Years later both children are die hard Eagles nuts still often make the trip to the "City of Brotherly Love" . Unless you've watched a game at the "Vet" it's hard to explain the atmosphere. Truly electric. I'm now a Ravens fan but have very fond memories of the Sunday trips to Phillie with my kids.

Rich, you old horse, where the heck you been? Did I miss a phone call to bail you out or something?

Yeah, the place looks like a national chain now compared to the old joint but hey, he still waters down the drinks and over charges. Hey Big E, how do you figure Ray Ray "purposefully" broke Mendenhall's arm? If widdle Mendenhall can't handle a striaght on tackle from an NFL linebacker maybe he should go be one of those American Gladiators or something......and please don't compare Modell to Irsay. We've had this arguement in here too many times and it doesn't fly..a.t least not in here. I'll buy you an Iron City and I 'll get myself a Dos Equis.

Wow, Dan, you wasted no time putting my suggestion to use. As for Rob's claim to my reward, I had forgotten about the World Series prediction of his. But isn't there a statute of limitations on all baseball wagers that they have to be collected before Opening Day the next season?

For baseball, I have always been an Orioles fan. That goes back to the year 1BF (Before Frank). So it was really cool that the first year I really followed them on a daily basis as an 8 year old kid they won the Series and Frank got the Triple Crown. But Brooksie was always #1 in my heart.

As for football, my loyalty to the Colts was strained when the team traded Johnny U., but then Bert Jones came along to restore my hope. The up and down seasons that followed were always frustrating for losing in the playoffs, if they made it that far, but they were still my Colts. Then things started unravelling in the late 70's and into the 80's, a period of ineptitude that is most properly attributed to the ownership of the team by He Whose Name Will Not Be Spoken, may he rot in (a very hot place). By that final year, I had resolved not to root for the Colts until they made changes, so I needed another team to pull for while waiting for things to be righted in Baltimore.

Even though I was living and working in Montgomery County at that time, rooting for the Redskins just wasn't an option, no matter how much I respected Joe Gibbs. So I went with the Dolphins, which had always been my second team because they had Don Shula. (Yeah, I was too young at the time to realize how he had dumped the Colts to move to Miami in the first place.) They had been a good team through the years with Griese, Csonka, Kiick, Warfield, Morris, and their No-Name Defense and Killer B's. At the time of my swearing off the Colts they had just drafted this QB out of Pittsburgh who looked like he had some potential. So I became a Dolphin fan until the Browns returned to Cleveland (couldn't root for the Ravens right away because of how the team was acquired). Now, it's just Ravens, and the Dolphins are relegated to just another team for me.

For what it's worth, the bitterness over the Colts skipping town has subsided over the past quarter century. But those first fifteen years or so were particularly difficult. Torn between hating that which had been ripped away from us because of the owner and loving the blue and white uniforms and the horseshoe helmet. At least the NFL learned from the experience and the Browns are still the Cleveland NFL team.

I have adopted non-Baltimore teams in all 3 of the major sports.

1.) In baseball, I've followed the Sawx since I was 10. The reason was I always liked the look of the uniforms, I thought Fenway was a neat looking ballpark on TV (and it's awesome in real life, which I finally saw last year), and as a kid, I liked Clemens, Boggs, and Mike Greenwell. As I got older, those three gave way to Nomar, Youk, and Big Papi. I've continued to follow them to this day. As for NL teams, I've followed the Phillies since college (I went to Delaware, which is basically Philly south, and have a lot of college buds who are Phillie fans), and I have always followed the Cubs since as a kid, I liked their uniforms and thought Wrigley looked like a neat place (and it is). After having been to Chicago and Wrigley twice in the past 6 years, I love the Cubbies even more and Chicago has become my favorite city outside of B'more and would love to live there sometime in the future.

2.) Football- the only team I follow besides the Ravens is the Eagles. Again, because I went to college at Delaware, I have lots of friends who are Eagles fans and since Ravens games were never on TV up there, I was forced to watch Eagles games every Sunday. Since they're in the opposite conference, and since I hate the Redskins (a Eagles rival), I figure it's ok to root for them during football season. I used to like the 49ers, but after Steve Young retired and we got the Ravens, I really didn't care about them anymore.

3.) NBA- I don't really follow the NBA anymore, but I was always a Celtics fan. As a kid, I liked the uniforms, thought the parquet floor was charming, and most of all, Larry Bird was my favorite player. I loved that he had a killer jump shot that he could hit from anywhere and he didn't rely on dunking the ball to score. I pretty much only follow Terps bball nowadays, and that provides non stop entertainment and heartbreak for me.

As for who do I root for when the hometown team meets up with one of the other teams I root for? That's easy- I ALWAYS root for the Baltimore team.

Dallas Cowboys (before Ravens came to town). Now I live in Ashburn, VA, and still can't stand the Redskins, who just happen to have their camp here.

L.A. Lakers. Loved Magic and Kareem.

MLB - Orioles hands down. After obtaining the concept of baseball when I was 8 years from watching Orioles baseball, it would be blasphemous to pick another favorite baseball team outside of my Os!

NFL - Ravens all the way, before them any football team that came to Baltimore. The Stallions, Stars, whoever.

NBA - I like to keep an eye on the Wizards, but I just enjoy the NBA as a whole.

Colleges - Although as stated above with the Terps, since 1998 I've been a Texas Longhorns fan (and I have family ties in the Austin area). As for college b-ball, Terps baby, all the way. been watching those guys since Buck Williams and Dutch Morley used to run up and down the courts in the early 80s!

What happens when you have no local team. I grew up in central pennsylvania, 3 hours from NY, Philly, Baltimore and 4 hours from Pittsburgh and Washington. Where is my "local" team. We all had to adopt a team, or chose from the surrounding cities teams. Amazingly enough, I was an Oilers fan as well (sorry, i missed the post yesterday). Our area was strong in the Eagles and Steelers, who always argued. I snuck through though (was never a big football fan anyhow).

Now being in Baltimore, it is a relief to see a hometown team, and even better that people have allowed me to adopt them (O's/Ravens)

I am around the same age as you Dan, so for the NFL I never knew the Colts were good except for stories my Dad told. Much like RavenFran when Elway said he wouldn't play here (because of Kush and Irsay) I figured if he was good enough to not want to play for the Colts he was good enough to follow. I suffered with the 3 Broncos SB losses and loved the 2 SB wins and then after John retired I became a Ravens fan.

I have always been an O's fan, but recently I started rooting for the White Sox (free tickets for military, which I used when I was in Chicago) and San Diego (greatly reduced ticket prices for military in a beautiful stadium) Apparently my loyalties can be bought.

Since we never had an NBA team I can remember I have followed the SA Spurs since David Robinson was drafted by them. They play the game without flash and still play some defense.

HERESY! Just the thought. Although I must admit after the Colts were ripped from our hearts I did for some short time root for Shula. I soon discovered he was over rated and only had failure while coach of the Baltimore Colts. He had the best team while here and won nothing. Then in Miami had the best Q-B in the game for years and couldn't get it done. If it wasn't for the Baltimore Colt Marching Band I'd never made it through. The Baltimore Colt Marching Band were the true heros in a most difficult time. At parades or other affairs all of a sudden in the distance and marching forward you would here the Colt Fight Song. It always brought tears to my eyes.

Washington Capitals and Hershey Bears.

I have rooted for the Steelers since the Colts left. I was in the Avalon Hill "Football Stragtegy" league (a board game not a fantasy league) and my team there was the Steelers. My choice to switch was made easier by Art Rooney, a true gentleman, being the owner.
I do root for the Ravens, but since we got our current team the way we lost the old one, I won't change my allegiance until the Rooney's no longer own the Steelers.
On the other hand was born in Boston. He came to Baltimore with a job transfer and started rooting for the Colts from the get go and was also a big Orioles fan. His hockey heart however stayed with the Bruins.

When the colts left, i had no other team.. unless you consider technically the TERPS are out of town.. (live in Baltimore)..

COLTS FAN til their death in 84.
TERPS FAN Since the days of charlie wysocki

I ditched the O's for a few years and didn't watch MLB altogether for a while. For a brief period in 05 and 06 I latched onto the Red Sox because a) although I was raised in Baltimore I was born in Maine b) My Dad and his family live in Maine and c) I went to college in New Hampshire and my roomate was a die hard Red Sox fan from Mass. It felt too weird though and I decided if I was going to root for an MLB team it had to be the O's. I don't hate the Red Sox but I just felt weird rooting for them.

As for the NFL I didn't care about till I was 14, which was in 2000, and even then I was more of a casual fan then of the Ravens and Vikings, mainly because I thought Randy Moss was a FREAK!!! Times have changed and my loyalty is now STRICTLY to the Ravens!!!

The only other "non-Baltimore" team would be the Terps, which some consider to be D.C. but I love em, particularly the basketball team cause I love college basketball even though the team is a bit too up and down.

Yes, I have the WASHINGTON REDSKINS because I'm from the DC Area by way of P.G. County - Lewsidale and Lanham. The Baltimore Colts were never a consideration cause of the REDSKINS.

In fact, my very 1st NFL game was the Redskins (Billy Kilmer) vs Colts (Bert Jones) at Memorial Stadium thanks to a DC area car dealership that gave way free tickets to the game just by showing up.

I became an ORIOLES Fan after the Senators left DC in 1971. The Birds were the closest team to DC at the time I lived there.

The Senators broke my heart so I will never root for the Nationals.

Who do I cheer for whenever REDSKINS play the Ravens and the ORIOLES play the Nationals, well who do expect!

No. Orioles, Colts then Ravens and the Terps.

I grew up in Maryland, have lived in other parts of the country and now live outside of NYC. There is simply no other acceptable answer for a native Marylander (not counting DCers who are Marylanders by mailing address only) other than Birds, Colts-Ravens and Terps (maybe you can root for your own college too as long as you also root for the Terps).

Back in the early fifties, two of the worst teams in baseball moved to new cities. The A's moved to KC and the Browns to Balt. My father, a long time A's fan, said "we ain't rooting for the Yankees, we're going to Balt to watch the Browns". Thus was born my long time commitment to the O's. Needless to say, I had to root for the Phillies since all my South Philly buddies did as they avidly traded away Mickey Mantle cards for Richie Ashburn cards. Split affiliations. Little did my father and I know that the O's GM, a former military officer, Harry Dalton, would build a first class scouting department and thusly put together a ballclub that was a force in the AL for years to come. Thank goodness, because my Phillies' teams maintained their preeminent position as one of the worst NL teams. I'm still rooting for both teams fifty plus years later. A lifetime addiction. Living halfway between both clubs off I-95 makes it easy to get a fix.

Let me begin by saying that I have never lived in Baltimore, or Maryland, for that matter. My parents left Baltimore long before I was born. Having said this, my favorite teams, by sport, are...
Football- (tie) BALTIMORE Colts, Ravens
Baseball- Orioles
Basketball- BALTOMORE Bullets
Hockey- BALTIMORE Clippers
Soccer (outdoor) Bays
Soccer (indoor) Blast
Team Tennis- Banners
Dis I answer your question, and are you seeing a pattern here?

I was born in DC and raised in PG County. I recently relocated to Baltimore. My favorite teams are: Dallas Cowboys, Nationals (but I was an Os fan before the Nats came to town), Bullets...sorry I meant Wizards, and Terps. I know it would seem that I'm a home team girl and for the most part I am, but when I was a little girl, I adoed my grandmother and she is a Cowboys fan. So, for the love of her, I loved her team. By the time I was old enough to know the game, they were on the rise and when I graduated from high school and into college they were winning back-to-back Superbowls and what-not, which just solidified my love for the team. Living in a DC suburb is hella hard for a Cowboys fan and over the years that torment just caused me to stick by my team even more...even when we went 5-11 for consecutive seasons they were always champs to me! I actually like it better here in Charm City. No one gives me a hard time about my team (I suppose since we're not in the same conference no one gives a crap!)...and that's just fine by me. Go Dallas!

I am native Baltimorean and I feel good about it. I was always a Baltimore Colt fan and I like so many others cried the day they left. I was 19 years old and loyal to my hometown. I still have crazy civic pride. I remember not haveing a team and I could not bring myself around to cheering for Jack Kent Crook and the Deadskins. I remeber him blocking our chances of an expansion team. I became an Eagles fan. I played ball with Carlton Bailey at Woodlawn and Dirty Waters at Cheyney. So it was natural for me to cheer on the Bills and the Eagles. I lived in Atlanta for 10 years, but I hated the Falcons. When the Ravens arrived I was on the first thing smoking out of Atlanta. Honestly, the thought of Baltimore Football and my family was too much of an incentive. I also became a Sixers fan, because I still hate it that we don't have a NBA team. I could never root for the Washington teams. It's such a natural rivalry. I still think this city could support an NBA team. The Ravens and Baltimore has past everyone revenue expectations. The Ravens will soon be in the top 10 in Net Value. We really under-estimate the worth of the great City of Baltimore. I think the problem is local politians think to small and smaller counties like Montgomery push them around. We need reaffirm our spot as the big boy of the state. We could use a new arena and a NBA or NHL team until then we will always be a second-tier city. But for now black, purple, black and orange until I die. It's a Baltimore love thing.

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