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Which Red Sox player would you steal for the Orioles?

I am writing this from Fenway Park at Camden Yards, where 36,000 Red Sox fans and 548 Orioles fans converged for a baseball game.

You have to give credit to the Red Sox for traveling so well. But goodness gracious is this getting out of hand.

It seemed like there were more Red Sox fans watching batting practice than there were Orioles fans attending the game.

So, I figured it’s time for you guys to strike back. Even in a fictional way.

If you could steal one Red Sox player and put him on the Orioles, who would it be?

That has to be hard for many of you, since Boston stars like Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon and Dustin Pedroia aren’t exactly loved by opposing fans (many of you have voiced that opinion before).

The catch is it has to be someone that fits on the Orioles team. So it probably wouldn’t make sense to grab a center fielder, right fielder or catcher.

Lefty Jon Lester is a solid choice, since he is young and absolutely destroys the Orioles. Papelbon, Beckett and Youkilis are excellent ones as well. Especially Youkilis, who could play either first or third next year for the Birds and bat third or fourth.

I’ll go with left fielder Jason Bay, but that means finding playing time for Nolan Reimold or Luke Scott. It’s worth it to get Bay’s bat – and attitude -- I think.

Daily Think Special: Which Red Sox player would you steal for the Orioles?


Dude you can have Egg Roll #1 Dice K - for a ball bag and some soft shell crab.

You'd have to take the entire 25 man roster of the Red Sox to do the Orioles much good.

This is an easy one. Ellsbury, Pedroia, Youkilis, and Bay are all strong hitters that are in or approaching their prime. But none with the exception of Youkilis (at third) would be a significant upgrade over what we have. That said, this team has enough hitting to contend when they get a couple front of the rotation pitchers. For my money, the best that Boston has to offer is Josh Beckett. He'd look great in orange!

You can have JD Drew for Weiters.

What do you think about Julio Lugo??? We could probably be convinced to part with him.

The easy answer for me is Lester for the simple fact he wouldn't be able to pitch against us. Let the Red Sox fans have Camden for another season before we evict some point in the very near future, a ticket to Camden Yards will, hopefully, be hard to get.

Can I take the manager? Overall I have been a supporter of DT, and think he has done well enough with the ragtag squads he has had to work with. But maybe someone who has had success at the highest level could make a difference now that there is a little bit of talent on the roster and in the pipeline.

If it's gotta be a player, I'll take Lester. At least he won't be able to pitch against the O's three or four times a year and do his Cy Young imitation.

Hate to say it, but the way our pitching is it would definitely be Beckett. I still dislike him and all of the Red Sox fans that crowd OPACY. To me they have officially surpassed Yankee fans in annoyingness because before 2004 none of these people showed their faces.

aubrey huff..with his bat would make a nice replacement ,just in case Mike Lowell is out for an extended period of time.

It's got to be Lester for the reasons you indicated. He DESTROYS the O's. He's young and could be an anchor for the O's rotation for 10 years. How could it not be him?

I'll take Youkilis, love his intensity and he sure puts up numbers. He seems to rub off on the rest of the team as well.

Lester would certainly help also.

None. Seriously, none.

Anyone who has put on that uniform has been in the presence of evil and I don't want them.

Before he went to Chowdahheadville, I would have taken Jason Bay. The rest of them can cram it.

The Orioles need one thing to contend--
pitching. The Sox have pitching up the wazoo and some of the Sox' second line pitchers like Bard, Bowden, Buchholz and Masterson could move Baltimore up a couple of notches in the standings.


Jon Lester hands down. He's a LH starter who is a future Cy Young winner. Plus the O's need to stop facing this guy (8-0 lifetime).

As far as the attendance this is what Peter Angelos has wrought. For it's first several years of existence it was sell out after sell out of O's fans. But his wretched mismanagement of the franchise coupled with his long running feud with the Baltimore fans (i.e. refusing to put Baltimore on the road unis until finally this year) has left the best ballpark in America empty. Except when Boston, either New York team, or Philly come and bring 30,000 of their own fans. I don't live in Maryland anymore, but whenever I see Camden Yards on tv it's just sad.

None. Seriously, none.

Anyone who has put on that uniform has been in the presence of evil and I don't want them.

Before he went to Chowdahheadville, I would have taken Jason Bay. The rest of them can cram it.

Cock Crows Three Times.......

Peter - Why has thoust forsaken us?


Red Sox Nation. HA!!

You can have Lugo and Dice-K for a song.You should have asked last year, I would have thrown Manny in as a bonus!

None. I'll keep what we got!!! As for the Red Sox fans invading our place it's our own fault. Of course where were these fans before 2004??? Nowhere to be found. I'm sure about 10,000 of them are from Bmore and jumping on the bandwagon. I HATE THE REDSOX!!!!

Gee...I don't know. How about Jon Lester?

Where's the love, Peter? We win two World Series in 91 years and all of a sudden people can't tell the difference between the Great and Powerful Red Sox and the true minions of darkness. We are successful now, but there were many years in the wilderness. There was Bucky Dent. There was Bill Buckner. May we never hire Buck Martinez. Bucks are bad luck for us.

On to the "O" perspective: For pitchers, I'd flip a coin: heads Lester, tails Beckett. Position player: Youkilis. Varitek-for-Zaun straight up has its appeal.

The person who could have made a difference in the Orioles results isn't a player. What if Larry Lucchino, current Red Sox President/CEO and former Orioles President/CEO, hadn't lost the battle for Orioles ownership to Peter Angelos?

This argument starts and ends with Jon Lester.

The guy is an absolute beast. He had a rocky start to the season, but over his last 40 innings, he's posted a 1.88 ERA and a 0.88 WHIP to go along with 52 strikeouts and just 9 walks.

Oh, and he's left-handed. And he's only 25 years old. And he's proved his physical and mental strength by fighting and winning a battle against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

No more posts after this one, Dan. The answer is Jon Lester.

Lester or Youklis. Probably Lester, since we do have some bats but if we are to lose Huff then Youklis would fit for the next few years since hopefully (as it appears) we have some arms coming along.

@The Doctor: If soft shell is out of season the O's get screwed on that deal.

The O's above anything else need starting pitching. Beckett or Lester would be great.

Side note regarding Boston fans on the road ... True fans of Boston have always been around. Fenway sells out every game even when they have records like the Nationals do this year. Road fans, yeah so there are tons more. Some Boston fans are willing to travel to an away game but others are simply bandwagon hoppers from the Baltimore area. Sorry if having fans of another club is "annoying" (as posted above) but if Baltimore fans would buy the tickets, your stands wouldnt be filled with Boston fans. Baltimore fans, try getting tickets at fenway next year and reverse the roll.

Dice K. He fits the Orioles roster perfectly. Under producer, over paid and often injured.

As a transplanted New Englander (and Sox fan) who's gone to Orioles games (both Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards) for years (and thanks for all the comments about my Sox hat!), I have a lot of respect for Baltimore from both an organizational and historical standpoint. Quite frankly, I think the O's would be better served by being sold than getting players from the Sox. Peter Angelos is a cancer (pun intentional) that has destroyed a classy organization. Say what you will about the Sox but their owners care about the team, the stadium, history, and winning. Angelos cares about his wallet.

Wait a minute - I just thought of something I forgot to clarify before making my choice. If we take Lester, does he come with the same strike zone he has now? Or would he have to be fitted for the new, smaller Baltimore zone?

Dan, do you still have that surcharge on the tab for anyone wearing Sox gear in here? At least they spend their money when they come here, so we'll take that. But it was so much nicer when they were just Lovable Losers instead of obnoxious frontrunners.

I would take either Papelbon or Youk. Between the 2, Papelbon is arguably the most dominant closer in the game now, plus he's younger than Youk. Take Papelbon and our bullpen is really sick!

And like Rob K says, this Sox fan invasion- as they so arrogantly like to say, "fenway south" garbage- is going to end soon!

Let's take back the Yard!!

As a Red Sox fan (for more than 50 years) I visited Orioles Park at Camden Yards last year for the first time and got to see Manny hit his 500th home run. I was impressed by the beauty of the ballpark and the graciousness of the Baltimore fans. The crowd was about half Red Sox fans that day, and I was made to feel welcome by both the staff at OPACY and by the Orioles fans (unlike my visits to Yankee Stadium). I love OPACY and the Baltimore fans and would go back any time!

I'd say either Youk, since he would be an all around upgrade over Mora and/or Huff, or Beckett to mentor the young arms that are apparently the future.

As for Sox fans coming to the games ever since 2004, I have news for you- they were here long before that. I've gone to at least one O's-Sox game every year since 2000, and they've always been here. This not a post-2004 phenomenon. Since it's cheaper for them to see their team here, than at home in Boston, you can't really blame them. I would do the same thing if I were in their shoes.

I'll take Youklis' bat any day -- and it'd be nice to make him shave that ugly goatee.

before 2004 we were able to get tix to own own park now we needs to go outside of boston if we want to see a game

Since you only stated "If you could steal one Red Sox player" and did not distinguish between past or present, give me Ted Williams and his bat in his prime. Current Sox, I would have to go with Lester just so he couldn't pitch against us. Of course, this would lead to the eventual "Bicep Tendinitis" or some pitching arm strain that would land Lester on the DL shortly after joining the Bad News Birds...

How about developing your own talent and not playing pretend? Baltimore has one of the best ballparks, and the worst ownership. You guys are doomed until that team gets sold

Keith- Been To Fenway. It was a pit. Even though they fixed it up, it prolly still is.
We have pitching on the way so I'll resist the urge to choose one of their overpaid superstars. While their line-up is more impressive as a group right now, the only flip I would be willing to make is at third. Youkalis brings some leadership to the clubhouse that we'll never see from Mora. Other than that I'll take my chances with the guys we have.

I'm a Sox fan. You want Theo guys.

I'd rather have John Henry,Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein

"How about developing your own talent and not playing pretend? Baltimore has one of the best ballparks, and the worst ownership. You guys are doomed until that team gets sold"

How about you going to your own websites and stop trolling the Sun?

Without a doubt, I'd take Youkilis. He could take over 1st or 3rd. What he brings is great ABs. He makes the pitcher work for an out. That's something you aren't seeing on a consistent basis from any of the O's. Right now Nolan is the best at it, but he's no where near Youilis and no one is looking to a rookie for advice. Youkilis is a guy who makes everyone on the team a better hitter. Once he retires, the O's should throw the house at him to get him as the batting coach. Then you wouldn't see starting pitchers consistently going 7 and 8 innings against us.

and while i'm at it, i wouldn't take youk for a bag of beans. Yes, he would be an upgrade over Huff or Mora, but he's easily my least favorite player in the bigs. Give me one of the pitchers (probably Lester).

These alleged red sox fans are crap. It's nothing but a bunch of front runners. I've been going to O's games for 40 years and it's only since the BlowSox FINALLY won the world series that all of a sudden there's all these fans all over the country.Just watch when ever the Cubs win you'll see the same then. Hate to say it but the Yankees fans have a reason to gloat and be obnoxious. They have 26 World Championships. The BlowSox have two in over 90 years. Even the Orioles have three in 55 years. What other team would have the audacity to have a career .250 hitter wear a "C" on his jersey for captain?

Dustin Pedrioa. A smart player to lead off and set a positive and winning attitude for the young Oriole players.

How about we get all you bandwagon fans?

I'm tired of Red Sox fans that trace their lineage to the Mayflower, yet live in the immediate area that all of the sudden have come out of the wood-work in the past 5 years.

I would never want any Red Sox on the team because I forever associate the player with the stain that is Red Sux Nation including Kevin MILLLLLAR!

I root for the Yankees against you guys because you are so insufferable.

CSB Jack,

Agree with you on both counts, but Terry turned us down for Sox. :( a Sox fan I'll make a time warp to you Bill Buckner for Cal Ripken Jr. -- straight up.

Sound like a deal?

take lugo and bucholz

Papelbon, hands down. A young lights out closer with four pitches. Enough said. Easy choice.

please take Julio Lugo...i am a Red Sox fan and i think he would make a fine addition to your team..please .don't throw any eggs at me for wanting to wish him on you.

Lester. Then trade Roberts and Huff for some more pitching. Pitching, pitching, and more pitching. The
Red Sox are doing it with pitching and a lineup that's getting long in the tooth (with the exception of 2B and CF). This Red Sox lineup does not impress. Their pitching depth does. I understand their minors are loaded with talented arms, too. I'm envious of a team that can keep guys in the minors who'd be mainstays on the O's.

I agree with David. The O's have great players, however Peter the O's owner is money hungry. I am a transplanted BoSox fan, however if Baltimore gets a owner who craves nothing less than success all the fans will come back in happiness. I respect the O's and I have a Nick Markakis shirt at home.

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