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Which Oriole finishes highest in AL Rookie of the Year voting?


I had a great weekend, or at least an incredibly strong Saturday.

Went to my favorite annual book sale on Saturday afternoon and picked up about 30 titles for roughly $40. Nice haul.

I got some novels I had been eyeing and a few sports books, including compilations by Red Smith and Shirley Povich.

Then, in the evening, my wife and several of my journalism buddies saw my favorite band, the Old 97s, at the Recher Theatre. Love those guys (the Old 97s, not my journalism buddies).

Sunday, though, it was back to work at the old ballpark. And let’s just say my Saturday was a whole lot better than Orioles catcher Matt Wieters' Sunday.

The phenom went hitless in three at-bats, made his third throwing error in four games and dropped a ball to wipe out what would have been a sure out at the plate.

Afterward, Wieters was typically calm -- saying he’s working on his defense, and he’s not worried about a bad game.

This kid really is the whole package.

But, here’s the funny thing: The way things are going right now, Wieters (.234 average, two homers, six RBIs) is not the Orioles’ best candidate for Rookie of the Year. Outfielder Nolan Reimold (.286, 9 homers, 20 RBIs) is, with pitcher Brad Bergesen (5-2, 3.76 ERA) also ahead of the backstop.

The BBWAA doesn’t vote until the end of the season, however, and Wieters will eventually catch fire at the plate. Count on that.

So here is my question: When the dust settles on 2009, who will be the Orioles’ leading Rookie of the Year votegetter?

Will Wieters make a surge? Will Reimold or Bergesen falter?

Get your prognostication caps on people.

Daily Think Special: Which Oriole will finish highest in AL Rookie of the Year voting?

Bonus Think Special: Will an Oriole win the award?


I think its going to be Reimold. He ranks in the top 1 or 2 in every offensive category and has played well in the field too. I do think that Wieters will undoubtably improve behind the plate and will eventually begin to hit well, but by that time Reimold might have already put his stats out of reach. The thing that works most in Reimold's favor is the amount of pressure on Wieters. People expect Wieters to perform like the rookie of the year and no one is talking about Reimold. I think in the end this will work in Reimold's favor because he will be able to go out and play without trying to live up to expectations. I think Reimold will win the AL Rookie of the Year award and when it is announced many people will have never heard of him because of all the national attention given to Wieters. Regardless of what happens, the fact that the Birds may have 2 or 3 candidates for the award is a testament to our system and hopefully a good sign for our future.

Reimold - he's the real deal. Then Bergey - he's for real too. Then Wieters - he's real, but nobody could be as good as he was advertised to be. Though Longoria last year lived up to his hype.

Wieters will continue to improve his stats, and it will be his offense that gets the attention of voters, not his defense. But that will come around also. At the end of the year he will have had a good rookie season. But Reimold will have had a better one, in part because of getting started sooner and getting off to a better start.

Nice "problem" to have though, more than one potential ROY candidate. Not since Bumbry and Coggins has that been the case for the O's.

Reimold will be the top Oriole vote getter but may not win the ROY award unless the O's do better or he gets hot near the end of the year. All JMHO!

I don't think an Oriole will be a significant ROY candidate. Reimold will probably get the most votes of any Oriole, even though I think Bergesen is the most deserving. If he finishes the year in the 160-180 IP range with an ERA around 3.50, then his numbers would be comparable to Justin Verlander's ROY season except that Verlander had more K's and won 15 games that year. For some reason, the standard for pitching is much higher.

While I love Reimold and hope he is a fixture in left and in the 5/6 spot in the Orioles lineup for years to come I'm rooting for Bergerson for RotY. In order for Bergerson to take it it will mean he will have to continue to put up numbers around what he has done so far despite being seen by some tough AL East lineups several times. The book will be out on what Bergerson likes to do and if he keeps performing at the level he has been than hopefully he will take the Award. There is no doubt he's been the pitcher of the first half for the O's, going deep into a lot of his starts and being a stopper of several of the O's losing streaks.

I'm really impressed by Bergeson, in my opinion, it's much more difficult to pitch in the major leagues than it is to hit (not saying that either task is a cakewalk), but considering the kind of opposition pitchers face these days, and how easy it is to get completely lit up if your head or your stuff isn't in the game (see: Hayden Penn); I think that Bergeson should get more credit than Reimold.

That said, chicks dig the long ball, so Reimold will probably finish ahead of Bergeson... but if this thinking man had a vote, he'd vote for Bergeson. Wieters will have his numbers by the end of the year, and I'm sure he will be lauded for his all-around game, but this is a popularity contest, not the gold glove (oh wait... how did Barry Bonds and Andruw Jones get their last gold gloves...?)

Speaking of sports books, I know this is about the O's but I'm about to read Blindside: Evolution of the Game, the book that's about Michael Oher, looking forward to reading about the Ravens new OT.

As for AL ROY, I think it's gotta be Reimold unless he gets hurt. He's had more time up here than Wieters and as the sports blog said he doesn't have the pressure that Wieters has on him. Wieters has got off to a somewhat shaky start but I don't doubt he'll improve throughout the season, just not enough to overtake Reimold. BB will give it a run too but I'm sure he may have a few more rough games so I'm gonna go with the safer pick in Reimold.

Barkeep's Reply: Hold that thought, Marcus. We'll be getting to books this week. BTW, haven't read Blindside yet, but it is on the to-do list.

Daily Think Special: Which Oriole will finish highest in AL Rookie of the Year voting? Nolan Reimold

Bonus Think Special: Will an Oriole win the award? No.

I'm just glad we're having this conversation. One Orioles being considered is almost a win. I think Weiters may have the best shot because of his name. However, I think Reimold could be in contention if he keeps up his numbers. Brad Bergesen is the dark horse because he plays on the Orioles which is a team in last place and because Matt Weiters is an Oriole. I also realize that Bergesen would have to win about 10 more games to even be considered. I'm sort of rooting for Bergesen because of how hard it is for a pitcher and God knows we need good pitching. Winning 15 games as a rookie in the AL East certainly won't be easy.

I think Weiters came up too soon and for this reason will not be a serious ROY candidate. He should've stayed in minors until next year. His problems at plate and in field are proof of this. Reimold gets my vote, not that I have one mind you.

I gotta say Reimold, as long as he continues his steady play and avoids a prolonged slump. If he puts up .275/20/75 he will get the most votes. Then Bergy and then Wieters. This of course, unless Wieters gets on a roll in the 2nd hald and puts up some sick numbers.....

I had a great weekend too Dan. My son's baseball team was the first of 16 teams from around the world to qualify for the Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen in August.....drinks on me today!

Barkeep's Reply: Awesome, Rob. Awesome. Open tab.

i think Rick Porcello from Detroit will win. i think reimold reminds me of a john lowenstein and bergensen a young scott erickson. Go O's

No only is Nolan Reimold going to lead for the 3 O's rookies, but he is going to win ROTY. I discuss baseball everyday on the ESPN boards and most people seem to think it's going to be our boy Nolan. Hitting gets seen more than pitching. While, I think it could be Rick Porcello from Detroit, or maybe even Bergesen if he keeps pitching like he has been, ultimately, the power bat, and about 25 HRs is going to win the ROTY for Nolan. Hopefully Wieters starts to surge and lights a fire up under Nolan. He CAN handle the pressure, we saw that in his 2nd week when he hit an extra innings walk off shot!!!!

Reimold reminds you of John Lowenstein??? You can't be serious!

Anyway, Reimold and Bergeson will finish in the top 5 in the ROY voting. Weiters, too, if he gets hot in the 2nd half.

As much as I hate to say it, Rick Porcello should win the award in the American League as the Tigers look to continue hitting and giving him run support. At 8-4 with a decent ERA before the All Star break, he could end up with 15 wins on a highly competitive team. Sportswriters love to vote for players on winning teams. However the sportswriters are also just beginning to become enthralled with what is going on with the Oriole youth movement. Heads are turning in dugouts and press boxes alike around the league. If Wieters gets ultra-hot the attention will REALLY turn to the O's and Reimold could be the ultimate benefactor. Bergeson will have a real opportunity to garner some well deserved attention if he puts on a good show versus the Red Sox this week.
My final vote:
1. Porcello - Det
2. Reimold - O's
3. Wieters - O's
4. Price - TB
5. Bergeson - O's
6. Andrus - Tex
7. Bailey - Oak
8. Uehara - O's
9. Richmond - Tor
10. Gardner - NYY
11. D. Huff - Cle
12. Cahill - Oak
13. Beckham - CWS
14. C. Richard - CWS

This is only based on stats up to this point, and some prognostication on my part. The O's strong showing this season for the award as well as the expectation that they will be in the running with several more players next year (Tillman, Matusz, Arrieta, Snyder???) should leave O's fans with much to be excited about. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the tragic loss of Maryland talent, Nick Adenhart, leaves us with a hole at the top of this list where he would most definitely be in contention for the end of year award. Go O's!

It's going to be Wieters. He's going to have a second half to remember.

I think Reimold will be the Oriole with the highest number of ROY votes at the end of the year.
I don't think he, or any other Oriole will win the award this year though.


Nolan most likely Oriole and also, will win it.

re: chicks and bbwaa digging the long ball -- remember when poor Rodgrigo got scr34wed out of the '02 ROY by Hinske? All he did was win 15 games for a 67 win team, only to have the award stolen by Hinske's 24 HRs.

So Rob's drinks are on the house today, and he's buying for everyone else? Then I'll have one of his Dos Equis for starters.

Rob, when your son gets drafted by the hometown Orioles I hope he doesn't sign with Boras as his agent, even if it costs him a few mil down the road. And if he ever becomes a free agent I don't want to be hearing about how as a kid he grew up as a fan of Teixeira or Youkilis if he's a first baseman, or Jeter or Pedroia if he's a middle infielder, or Clemens, Beckett, or Pettitte if he's a pitcher, and as a result he's happy that he's now a Yankee or Red Sox.

Other than that, thanks for the drinks, congrats on the son's achievement and your being there to support him.

Gotta go with Nolan. He is on pace for 25-27 homeruns and if he can keep his average above 280 he will probably win it.

As for Bergy, I am not sure, even if he can keep up his current pace that he can make his stats sexy enough for the award.

Weiters is a long shot. Not sure he can make up the statistics gap between him and Nolan. Even if he did, that would mean Nolan is slumping and therefore neither will win the ROY.

Reimold unless things unfold differently in the second half. He seems very consistent and has been since day one.

Nolan Reimold will be the top Oriole rookie this year. Matt Weiters will be playing better at years end though.

Reimold without question.He's the real deal and will only get better by Aug/Sept. Only thing that may stop him is the tedium associated with continuous losses based on poor play. I gave Jeff Kudos the other day for writing the truth about the O's play recently and will extend the same to you for today's column. I stopped watching tonight's game in the 4th because I don't like any pro ball team being made fun of. Back, way back, in my sandlot days when players were on their on, with made up teams and no coaches, we used to watch the catcher during pre-game warm-ups to see what kind of arm he had. You'd be surprised how many threw rainbows down to 2nd. We'd decide then that we would start the game taking pitches to get walks (Most 12-15 year old pitchers couldn't throw three strikes before they threw four balls anyway). Once on base we'd take off for second on the 2nd or 3rd pitch and steal with ease. Then when the next batter walked we'd pull off a double steal, almost always successfully. That's what Boston was doing tonight. Only difference is that, after a while we'd feel guilty showing the catcher up that way and we'd go back to regular baseball. I don't think Pro players in the American League are going to let the O's off that easy. We (Baltomorons) put the Nats down for their obvious lack of ability but at least they can play basic baseball. In my view the O's coaching staff is most to blame (remember I said we lacked coaches in my sandlot days).Trembley thinks it is still his responsibility to keep the player's psyches from being damaged as if he was still in the minors nurturing. Looking back through my time with the O's (and that stretches back to 1939 as a member of the Int. League O's fandom) the O's Memorable Managers started with Paul Richards, a strong disciplinarian, Hank Bauer, an ex-Marine, Earl Weaver, who was on everyone's back except possibly Frank Robinson, and only then because he thought Frank still carried a gun, (ask Palmer). Those MGRs were assisted by tough coaches, namely Billy Hunter whom the players called "Hitler" and Cal SR. whose motto could have been "The proper baseball way or the highway". The players responded by winning league championships and World Series through the 60's, 70's and 80's. No coincidence. We now have coaches, pitching, batting, etc who, apparently, put up with the daily ineptness exhibited by the O's. Weaver must be tearing his hair out. Kranitz last year, after working all season with his staff of pitchers, had to watch his pitchers, in September no less, fail to throw a stike in 14 (I believe) tries in one innining. How much does that say about his coaching. This year, although handicapped greatly by the poor job McPhail did in assembling a staff in the off-season, he has, to this point, less to show in the way of improvement than last year. Pitchers have been jettisoned left and right and minor leaguers brought up (even though McPhail said that that wasn't going to happen2 until late in the season, if at all) to no avail. The two B's and Hernandez should have been left down on the farm to learn with the idea being to bring up "some of them" in September. As far as the position players go they leave much to be desired. I'm not nit-picking but have you ever seen Jones run out a 3rd strike in the dirt? (except one of those curves that pitchers love to throw him at strike 2 that are so wide that the catcher has to run back to retrieve it) On those that are within the catcher's reach Jones either walks to the dugout, if there are less that two outs, or he calmly takes off his batting helmut and batting gloves all the while that the catcher is scrambling for the ball and rushing to tag him out. How can he be so sure that running down to first would be a waste of his effort. Weaver's biggest gripe was Professional Baseball players not running all out for that 90 feet to first. Roberts, if you ever notice, almost always half-heartedly trots to first on any ball not hit hard to the right side. Trembley, when he came here, said that his players would play all out all the time. That statement has come back to mock him this year. I could go on and on since I attend or watch just about every game but you see all of this yourself, day in and day out. I see guys, in the late innings and trailing by 5 or more runs, swinging at the 1st pitch one after the other. Don't the Mgr and coaches talk to these guys?

To close on another subject with the Red Sox in town, way back, even before my time, the Red Sox had a really good pitcher who was also a really good hitter. They kept him as a pitcher most of his time with the team then traded him to the Yankees. He almost NEVER pitched again but boy did he hit! Could Hobgood be better used as a hitter? Pitchers are not as reliable, over the years, as hitters. Even though baseball teams are split fifty-fifty between pitchers and hitters on the 25 man roster, hitters as a whole are paid more and last longer, in general. They therefore must be more valuable. Let's not get swept up with the idea Hobgood is another Palmer. Remember Palmer missed time on the DL and didn't, for all his ability, come close to that magic 300 wins. And he was on some pretty powerful teams too. Frank and Eddie, however, did become pretty prolific hitters for which the owners paid them more than Palmer ever got. Not to denigrate Palmer but that's the way baseball views its players. I'd go so far as to say that, the year the O's had 4 twenty-game winners, the first 4 men in the regular lineup were paid, collectively, more.
Well thanks for listening. I used to jokingly reply, when people said "Stick with those Birds!", "We're stuck with them!" Now more than ever.

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