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What will the Nationals' final record be?

Just watched the Orioles play the Washington Nationals on Friday night.

And know this Orioles fans: You don’t have it the worst. Not even close.

Puff out your chests and feel good about your old ballclub for a moment.

The Nats really do look as bad as advertised. Heading into Saturday, they are 21-50, that’s a .296 winning percentage. That’s under .300 ball, people.

The Nats are no longer on pace to challenge the 1962 New York Mets, who finished 40-120. But they are still within striking distance.

Some of you may not like Washington DC – you’ve mentioned that on occasion -- but you have to feel a little bad for the Nats’ fan base. I know I feel terrible for Manny Acta, the Nationals manager and one of the classiest men in a baseball uniform. He just doesn’t have a chance with this roster.

Empathy aside, we can still speculate on just how bad the Nats will be come September. I say they end up losing 112. Putting their record at a clean 50-112.

What’s your call?

Daily Think Special: What will the Nationals’ final record be this season?


Think its a silly topic. This team is playing hard. They come in to Baltimore and have to read this kind of nonsense.
Have you read of a concept called personal shame. Try it.

If they didn't get rid of Soriano maybe they would've build a winning team around him. Turns out that came back to haunt them.

Dan: I say the Nats are better than you think -- by one whole game! My prediction: 51-111.

I'll second your 50 win season bet for the Nats.

I don't really understand the Nats vs. O's thing. I'd love to have two teams in the region playing competitive ball. And I really enjoy the National League base-to-base style with the wildcard strategy of pitchers bunting runners over and sometimes even hitting.

But right now I get to choose between two last place teams. At least the O's look like they have a plan - and play in a beautiful park.

Yes, I hate Washington. I lived there for 10+ years and hate everything about that city and all their sports teams, which includes these BUGS and the Redfaces too.

Acta may be a nice guy but he took that job. They are the worst franchise in sports and will never amount to anything. Snotty DC is not a baseball city and never will be. MLB was stupid to put a franchise there to begin with. Nashville would have been better place for Expos.

My final prediciton is that they will win 42-43 games. But I would love to see them only win 35. Stupid BUGS and the 15 fans who follow them. Hope they have many more seasons of misery.

48 -114......but at the end of September, Congress and Obama decide to offer them a bailout. They flip their record and get a bye to the world series.

The Nats stink.

Wow, the hate. I'm an Orioles fan, but I don't see any reason to hate the worst team in all of baseball. Now maybe if they came here and won the world series in their first few years, stealing tons of bandwagon fans and only leaving the diehards... maybe then you'd have more reason to hate, mainly against all those worthless wagon jumpers. By the way, I'm a Redskins fan.

Yes, empathize. I'll go one less, 49 wins. Outside a miracle name Joe Gibbs the city's only other championship since WW2 was the Baltimore Bullets move with the players on board from this city.

DC is not a legit sports city and after all of that fuss to get this baseball team, the tears flow all sports for all time...

21-141 hahaha

I was afraid you weren't going to be open again, Dan. Gotta admit, this is pretty much a who cares topic. But hey, it's the weekend so that's fine.

tuck - dude, where's the disrespect in what the barkeep said? It's a matter of indisputable fact that the Nats have the worst record in the majors, 7 games worse than any other team. I thought it was a very gracious acknowlegement of the quality of the manager. In fact, he acknowledges that the Orioles are also in last place. Just not with as bad a record as the Nats, by 11 games. Have a cold beer and try not to take offense where none is intended. As for the rest of the patrons in here, well, plenty of those will more than make up for it with their disdain for all things Washington.

Personally, I'd be happy to see a Battle of the Beltways or BW Parkway World Series. But it may take a while. Particularly since I don't see the Nats winning more than 52 games this year. But I do see them making some progress as their young pitchers gain more experience. At least they changed their GM, so there may be a chance of some long term progress, that I did not expect to see with Bowden.

Ah,Washington baseball.It used to be 1st in war,1st in peace and last in the American League.Now it's always at war,never at peace and last in all of baseball.

As a general rule most O's fans don't hate the Nationals. We're indifferent to them. Lord knows those Washingtonians who went Nat hate us, and boy do they hate us, but I understand and don't really judge them for it. It's not completely unlike the Raven hatred of the Redskins for the first decade, but that's dying down too, due to our success. Now the Skins fans are beginning to hate us while we're becoming indifferent to them. Ha! Being a hated fan of a hated team is a good thing. It means your team is doing something right.

And here is to hoping they have us even more in the years to come, whatever their name is.

And here is to hoping they hate us even more in the years to come, whatever their name is.

@tuck321- you have an easy choice. don't read the blog. bottom line - the Gnats shouldn't be playing baseball. their reason for existence is that a bunch of senators want a place for the owners of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Countrywide to take them to games on the Sundays they are in town. Your fanbase is made up of 25% of the people who used to attend OPACY. Instead of one strong financial team, MLB has opted for two mediocre teams. It would be like Burger King allowing another franchise 2 blocks away from a thriving one. Stupid business decision. Don't like the hate? Stay out of "The Sun."

I think they will have a better second half and come up with 58 wins.

I think a better topic would be how many wins the O's will come up with? It would be interesting to see how optimistic my fellow O's fans are.

I think better pitching depth will keep the O's from another miserable September. I think the youngsters will rally the troops and come up with 82 wins and 80 losses. This assumes few or no waves are made during July trading. If they do more house cleaning, all bets are off, we could lose 100 or more.

Don't look now, but...

Nats have won five in a row and nine of 13, after sweeping the wildcard-hopeful Marlins. Playing very well under new skipper Jim Riggleman.

O's are 5-15 since the break.

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